Best Online Tarot Reading Sites: Top 4 Tarot Card Readers In 2024

Nikhil Goswami

Tarot readers help in giving a fresh perspective to life and help people to take a lot of decisions that are difficult to come down to.

These reading sites can help you with decision-making that can help you have less anxiety about your future. So we looked for the best online tarot card reading sites out of numerous available online. 

We did our own research by trying them all and found 4 legitimate sites with good customer reviews. 

4 Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites

These are some of the best tarot reading sites readily available in the market for your convenience. Take a look at the most accurate tarot reading sites:

  1. Purple Garden : Overall Best Online Tarot Reading Site (3 Minutes Free)
  2. Keen : Best Site For Online Tarot Card Reading ( 10 Minutes For $1.99)
  3. Kasamba : Highly Recommended For Love Tarot Reading (70% Off)
  4. Mysticsense : Most Popular Site For Free Tarot Reading (Free 5 Minutes)

#1. Purple Garden: Overall Best Online Tarot Reading Site (3 Minutes Free)

purple garden tarot reading the island now

Brand Overview

Purple Garden, in our opinion, is one of the most affordable and accurate sites for online tarot reading. The positive customer response on the official website says that the brand is working towards building better futures and relationships for people and helping them with their life decisions. 

Now, you might be wondering why we picked a purple garden among the sea of online reading sites? Purple garden is the best website in a unique way. With instant counseling on their website, they are the best that there is. There are many distinct categories that are available on the online purple garden. 

We discovered this great online reading site after putting in a lot of work looking for a profound website that delivers genuine & best psychic readings.


  • Free access to website
  • Accurate tarot readers
  • Best noted for love and relationship


  • Not all readers are available online

Customer Experience

Though some users had a mixed experience with the site, the majority of them were able to find what they were looking for. Customers who hired readers with a high rating on the site say they received thorough responses to their questions. Experienced psychic readers are more expensive, but they provide more accurate readings and don’t try to avoid answering your questions. 

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#2. Keen: Best Site For Online Tarot Card Reading ( 10 Minutes For $1.99)

keen tarot reading the island now

Brand Overview

We discovered Keen while looking for a website with lower rates despite the high number of authentic reviews. turned out to be a simple tarot reading with a few readers, but those with impressive reviews and ratings. Readers on this site can offer reading through chat, call, or email.

So, why did we pick Keen from among the vast number of psychic reading sites? It stood out in certain aspects and has a unique way of offering advice to those in need. The site classifies its services into many distinct categories. Also read our Keen review.

This can be a more meaningful site for those looking for a solution in great detail or are seeking a connection with their loved ones in spirit. After putting a lot of effort into searching for a profound website that offers real psychic reading, we came across this wonderful online reading site.


  • Low rates with first 3 minutes free
  • Both tarot and intuitive reading options available
  • Great site for love and relationship reading
  • Call and chat options available


  • The website is relatively new

Customer Experience 

Though some people have had a mixed experience on the site, most of them got what they were looking for. Customers who hired readers with a high rating on the site report getting detailed answers to their questions. Experienced psychic readers are pricier, but they offer more accurate readings without trying to dodge your question.

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#3.Kasamba : Highly Recommended For Love Tarot Reading (70% Off)

kasamba tarot reading the island now

Brand Overview

When we started researching Kasamba, we noticed some sharp differences it has with other sites. We found that the site had its domain registered 30 years ago and had more experienced readers with respect to other sites.

You will easily find psychics with thousands of reviews, though you must be willing to pay a higher price. However, do check the reviews so can get a really accurate reading even at a lower price.

You can also view the list of psychics that specialize in a particular area like marital life, parent-child relation, gay-lesbian relation, etc. It’s really easy to navigate through the website to find what you are looking for. It does offer 3 minutes of free reading as well.


  • Oldest and most trusted reading site
  • Plenty of experienced readers
  • A separate category for career and financial reading
  • Easy to find readers with special skills


  • Some might find it a bit expensive

Customer Experience

Kasamba has a very loyal customer base since they have been offering readings for a long time now. But new customers often find the pricing a bit high. We also hear from customers that the readings are more straightforward and blunt.

That’s probably because the readers are very experienced and rarely sugarcoat the message. If you want to hear the truth about your situation, Kasamba is most certainly the best site.

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#4. Mysticsense: Most Popular Site For Free Tarot Reading (Free 5 Minutes)

mysticsense tarot reading the island now

Brand Overview

Mysticsense looks like any other reading site at first. But several key things set it apart from other tarot sites. It has a vast range of psychic readers with different specializations. Most of their readers have several reviews, most being overall positive.

The website is clean and easy to use even if you are new to readings. The pricing is transparent, and it’s really easy to get in touch with their readers. The site also offers 5 minutes of free reading. Their site has plenty of psychic readers so you can easily find one that fits your budget.


  • Low rates and a free 5-minute reading
  • Audio-video call and chat options are available
  • Most readers have 10+ years of experience
  • User-friendly website


  • The website is relatively new

Customer Experience

We hear a lot of good things about this website, even though it’s only a decade old. Many users claim to have had the best experience on this website.

The positive reviews have a lot to do with the reading accuracy and the polite behavior of readers and the support team. Most customers like the detailed answers that came from the tarot readers. The site also has great customer support if you need help regarding their services or payment.

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What Are Tarot Cards?

These are a set of 78 special cards. Each card has a unique image, symbolism, and meaning. When you pick a random card from this deck, the energy of your question determines which card pops out. Out of the 78 cards in a standard tarot deck, 22 of these cards are called Major Arcana and 56 cards are called Minor Arcana. 

A card that belongs to Major Arcana represents the major theme or life lesson in your life. It gives you a broader perspective on a life situation. These cards often set the scene for the entire reading. The 56 Minor Arcana cards reflect the daily struggles or challenges we experience.

What Is A Tarot Card Reading?

These readings can help bring you clarity on the subjects that currently matter to you the most. Whether you need a relationship issue to resolve, are looking for better financial or career opportunities, or are experiencing a negative pattern in life, these readings help shed light on the root cause of the problem as well as the best solution.

The role of a psychic reader is to help interpret these cards for you. There are different types of tarot spreads that a reader may use to answer your question and get clarity on your current situation. 

How We Ranked The Best Sites For Online Tarot Readings?

An authentic Tarot reader provides detailed and meaningful information about certain aspects of your life like career, relationship, or health. Any exaggeration, whether good or bad, doesn’t make for a genuine reading. Here is what to look for to find the best online tarot reading sites.

  1. Do They Have Experienced Psychic Readers?

An experienced psychic reader knows how not to get in the way of reading. The reader needs to completely set her own emotions aside while giving a tarot reading. It’s something that only comes with experience. An experienced reader connects easily with you and is better at interpreting the cards to answer your questions.

  1. Do They Offer Elaborate Readings?

Sometimes you have specific queries regarding your life, and what you need is a precise answer. A good reader won’t try to evade or get around the real question. The best site should help you make important decisions and not confuse you with unrelated information.

  1. Discounted Price For The First Reading

It’s hard to be absolutely sure if a reader is genuine. Most sites with expert readers offer discounts when you book your reading on their website. Well, this might not be the best way to determine if a site is reliable, but it saves your money if the reading doesn’t work out for you.

  1. Free Minutes

The time limitation with a paid reading can be inconvenient. What you expect from a reading is to give a complete answer to your question or counter-questions. Free minutes really do help by allowing you a few extra minutes to seek the clarification that you so desperately need! 

  1. Skill Specialization 

It’s rare that one tarot reader could satisfactorily answer questions related to all areas of your life. Tarot readers who have more experience in a certain domain offer more meaningful readings than others. You will find that the readers with specialization can give you more in-depth reading on the desired subject than others who do not specialize in that area. 

  1. Positive Reviews

The best way to identify the authenticity of a psychic reader is to read the reviews offered by their genuine customers. Don’t just consider the star rating but also look for the total number of reviews for a reader. Well, even on the best site, you will still find a few negative reviews. If they are all super positive, the reviews might be fake and unreliable. 

Different Online Readings

Tarot reading is just one type of reading for those seeking spiritual advice. Besides, you can get a psychic reading, mediumship reading, Vedic or Chinese astrology reading, crystal reading, rune casting, aura reading, and so on.

These are all ancient tools used to receive signs and messages of guidance from the spiritual world.

The tarot reading itself is offered in many forms. Each reader chooses a different type of spread based on your question and the situation that you are dealing with. A reader might use a different deck of oracle cards than the standard Tarot deck.

How To Tell If Your Tarot Reader Is Legit?

A genuine reader won’t always say what you want to hear. Most reading sites offer some kind of discount or free minutes when you first use their services. Now, when you are getting a reading, have an open mind about it. Your doubts can really get in the way of a good Tarot reading. Ask your question without hesitation.

A real psychic reader would bring more clarity to you and answer every question with as much detail as possible. The future is believed to be a work in progress. Most readers will give you the general direction you are heading in, but they do not always predict a definite outcome.

Online Tarot Reading Vs. Offline Reading

When it comes to tarot or psychic readings, distance doesn’t matter as much. There are several advantages of getting an online reading than in-person tarot reading.

  • You can choose readers from around the world

This is perhaps the major advantage of choosing readers online. You are not limited to clairvoyants or psychics located near you. You can find ones with high ratings from any nationality or tradition. Also, the online sites are transparent about reviews that a reader has received.  With in-person psychics, you can’t be sure how authentic they are and what their previous clients think about them. 

  • 24/7 availability

In case you need an urgent reading, you can connect with a tarot reader or a psychic at any time of the day. With online readings, you can find help whenever you need it.  It’s also quite convenient if you are a working person and can’t take time off from work for a tarot reading. When there is a pressing life question or an urgent decision you need to make, you don’t have to wait to meet a reader in person. You can instantly get a psychic reading online. 

  • Different types of psychic support on a single platform

Most of these online tarot reading sites offer an extensive list of services to help you deal with life challenges. These include holistic healing, past life readings, mediumship, and so on. You will find a wide range of options to choose from. On some of these sites, you can even find experienced readers at very affordable rates. 

  • Find readers with different rates

There are so many new and experienced readers to choose from that you can find one that fits your budget. You don’t need to pay more than what you are comfortable with. 

How Tarot Sites Hire Their Readers?

When you look for the best sites, it all boils down to how accurate readings they offer. Some of the best reading websites have successfully retained the most experienced and gifted psychic readers for a long time.

We realized that the best reading sites focus on an effective screening process to select readers for their websites. It is because of the best few psychics that people return to those sites for another reading. We think that the most reliable sites are the ones with seasoned readers that offer pretty accurate readings.

Know Your Online Tarot Reader 

For a productive reading, it’s important that you connect with your reader. The best way to do so is to check their profile and read the reviews. Most websites provide plenty of information about their readers. You can take a look at their profile picture and see how you feel about them.

Reading reviews can also give you a certain idea about what kind of readers they are. Some other details to check are: how long have they been in business? What do they specialize in? Are they naturally gifted?

Even if you find the best site, you will only be fully satisfied if you find a reader that you are comfortable with. So just checking the ratings and the pricing is not enough for a truly exceptional experience.

FAQs About Online Tarot Card Reading

Is psychic reading different from tarot reading?

Psychic reading is purely intuitive and doesn’t require a tarot deck. But most psychic readers would use both; tarot cards and clairvoyance or clairaudience to deliver a more detailed and meaningful reading to you. You can call it a tarot reading as long as cards are used.

A psychic reader could have the ability to hear messages for you or see them. These abilities are called clairaudience and clairvoyance. You can discuss this with the reader before you proceed with the reading. Psychic reading requires a lot of experience and practice before a reader can get accurate and insightful messages for you.

How accurate is Tarot reading?

The accuracy of a Tarot reading totally depends on the psychic reader and their experience. Those who have been doing this for quite a long time usually are very accurate. But it also depends on how open you are and also the connection between the reader and the client.

It’s always best that you take part in the reading with an open mind and ask open-ended questions. It takes a while for the reader to connect with you. It’s best to ask questions that allow the answers to naturally flow to the reader as they interpret cards.

The answers are not always in the form of ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. A Tarot reading doesn’t always bring the answers we want to hear. A genuine reading can be a lot more than just knowing what the future holds for you.

Can a Tarot reader predict my future?

Though it’s possible for a tarot reader to predict a future event in your life with some accuracy, the future is not carved in stone. There may be a high probability of something happening in your life that a reader might pick up on, but the future is always subject to change. Your actions and commitment can change the outcome.

When your current actions are leading you to an undesirable future event, then a future prediction or forecast might help you make different choices in life. A tarot spread might shed light on your past, present, and future to give a complete perspective on a situation or theme in life.

What information should I share with my Tarot reader?

You certainly don’t want to tell them everything about you. They are supposed to find information about your life and bring in a spiritual and more enlightened perspective on issues you are dealing with. Telling them too much before the start of reading can affect the reading in a negative way.

You want the reading to be completely original and not be influenced by your own thoughts. Once the reader has shared their message with you, then you can speak in further detail about your issues and what the reader thinks or feels about your situation.

What is a mediumship reading?

Some psychics have the ability to connect with people who have passed and are present in the spirit form. It is a way to reconnect with your lost loved ones in spirit. These readings do not involve reading tarot or any other form of cards. It is totally based on a reader’s special ability to see, hear, or feel the spirits.

Unlike a regular reading, mediumship aims to receive messages from a known spirit, a deceased member of your family for instance. In some of these readings, the medium would begin by stating the cause of death or describing the personality of the person so you can be sure that they have connected with the right person.

You can ask questions that you have for the spirit of the deceased relative or friend.

Can I ask any questions to a Tarot reader?

There is no limitation to what you can ask a reader. You can ask questions related to any subject when getting a read. But it’s always best to find a reader who specializes in the subject you need more clarity and guidance on.

If you have a wide variety of questions, you can even connect with tarot readers that offer reading on all topics. A tarot reader can typically answer all sorts of questions related to your life.

Conclusion: Can I Get A Tarot Reading Online?

We hope that this helps you identify authentic tarot reading sites and understand how a reading works. There are various types of readings available online. You can seek spiritual advice without having to go out!

Once you find a website that works for you, you can look for answers and guidance that will bring clarity to a situation and help resolve matters.

The best online tarot reading sites know what a customer might need to deal with life challenges or to make critical decisions. They have real psychics or tarot readers with plenty of experience in specific domains to offer effective advice to every customer. However, we think Purple Garden is the most accurate.

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