Can Tarot Cards Really Predict Future? How Accurate Are Tarot Readings?

Nikhil Goswami
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When you think of tarot, you probably imagine a woman in a shiny robe and heavy makeup making weird hand gestures to predict the future. You also imagine tarot cards laid in front of you.

This might raise a question in your mind, are tarot cards real? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one. Many people think tarot card readers are magicians of some sort. However, this is far from the truth.

Tarot card reading is an ancient practice with more than 500 years of history. The origin of the cards is unclear. However, the most likely places of origin are Egypt and ancient Europe.

The standard packs come with 78 cards divided into two groups, Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Readers sometimes combine two or more decks for more in-depth readings and interpretations. 

Types Of Tarot Cards In A Deck 

There are two types of Tarot cards in a standard deck. These are called Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. There are 22 Major Arcana cards in a deck. The main cards in tarot are from Major Arcana. Similarly, the minor arcana consists of 56 cards. Interestingly, these cards correlate to traditional playing cards.  There are several reviews on our website for these platforms such as Keen Psychic Review.

Major Arcana

These cards are of significant value and have a greater impact on tarot reading. The meaning of the cards depends on their position in the spread as well as the neighboring cards. The meanings of some of the most well-known Major Arcana are as below: 

The Fool: This card represents karma or fate. The card hints at new beginnings and personal development in the upright position. Also, this card indicates a personal path toward building a new life by applying your knowledge and wisdom. In the reversed position, it is a warning to avoid wrong decisions. 

The Empress: This card represents the power of nature in the deck. The upright position indicates plentiful rewards resulting from hard work. Similarly, the reversed position signals problems like conflicts and unsettling emotions. 

The Lovers: This card represents your romantic state. In the upright position, the card hints at a budding new romance or the growing affection of a partner. However, the reversed position indicates the possibility of conflicts and imbalance in your romantic life. 

Death: This card in an upright position represents the end of something precious rather than physical death. In the reversed position, the card signals change and transformation leading to the fulfillment of the higher self. 

The Devil: In the upright position, the devil card represents seduction and attachment to worldly things. Also, it indicates greed and the rejection of spiritual values. Furthermore, in the reversed position, this card represents the misuse of power and dark thoughts. 

Minor Arcana

Minor Arcana are cards that signal temporary effects on your life. In most cases, they indicate our daily life activities, hinting at your present situation. These cards can be more loosely interpreted than Major Arcana. Just like regular playing cards have four symbols, the minor cards have four tarot suits. However, every tarot suit has 14 cards, unlike the 12 in standard playing cards.

Suit of Cups: This set of cards represents the feelings and emotions of an individual. Also, they represent your relationship and connection with yourself. 

Suit of Pentacles: This set of cards shines light upon your finances and material belongings. So, they can uncover a lot of insight into your work-life balance and wealth.

Suit of Swords: The swords refer not to a literal weapon but to your actions. Furthermore, the words you use, decision making, communication, etc., are represented by this set. 

Suit of Wands: Last but not least, this set of cards represents your inner self. For example, your will to meet specific objectives, internal energy, and purpose in life.

Types Of Tarot Readings 

Question Reading

Question reading gives hints of probable events with a set of questionnaires. The reader narrows the topic down to a specific area by asking you questions. Most of these questions require you to answer yes or no.

Open Reading 

In open reading, you’ll receive open-ended guidance from the reader. The reading process is quite flexible and does not narrow down to specific topics. Open readings cover a broad spectrum of life events and growth opportunities. In addition, these readings often follow special occasions or crossroads in life like a birth, a new phase of life, major life and work decisions, the death of a close relative, and so on. 

Tarot reading is the process of guiding someone via divination practices based on card choices and layouts. However, tarot card reading is presented as fortune reading and fortune readers in popular media, which is inaccurate. In contrast, the readings obtained through tarot cards are a means to access your subconscious.

What information the cards do reveal about the future are possible alternatives meant to guide the seeker in their path forward. Furthermore, the readings reveal the truth within yourself and provide insight into your higher self. You can find out more about the best tarot reading sites online.  

FAQs Regarding Tarot Cards & Tarot Card Readers 

How To Find a Verified Tarot Card Reader Online?

If you want an accurate tarot reading with more answers to your questions, then look for an honest card reader. Also, they will provide you with advice and honest interpretation because they are qualified.

However, the hard part is to find an experienced and verified reader. You need to consider a few things while searching for legitimate tarot card readers online. 

How To Recognize Fake Readers?

When getting a tarot card reading, especially online, it’s natural to be anxious about whether the reader is fake or genuine. While most readers will ask you about your question, some leave it to the cards to guide the process. However, both types of readers can be genuine. All tarot card readers have their own styles and practices. So don’t be suspicious of the psychic who can’t read your mind. 

You can try and go through some of our existing articles such as Best Online Fortune Teller Sites That Are Free. However, a fake reader may try to acquire too much information from you. If you notice a reader fishing for personal information that they then incorporate into your reading, it may be a sign that the reader is not legitimate. 

Another thing to look out for is whether your reader relies on a textbook or digital material while performing the tarot reading. A reader should know the cards and their symbolic meanings by heart if they are experienced enough to perform readings professionally. Often, inexperienced readers can pose as experienced professionals relying on written materials.

Moreover, if you notice that a reader is drinking alcoholic beverages during or before a reading, or is visibly intoxicated, you may want to reconsider your choice of tarot reader. Tarot card readings require concentration and mindfulness, and a truly professional reader will be aware of that.  Similarly, a good tarot reader will steer you towards the right questions.

Questions like “What is my future?” or “What will I do in my life?” are often too vague. Yes or no questions are also discouraged in tarot practices because any answer that pops up will box you into a specific outcome. Rather, the tarot reader should focus on the influences present in your life, possible obstacles in your path, and the attitudes you need to overcome these obstacles.

Can Tarot Reading Improve My Professional Life? 

You may have a specific career goal in mind, or you may have no idea what direction to take. Either way, you can consult tarot with the help of a psychic for much-needed guidance.

You can ask specific questions about your profession, and they can guide you through symbols from tarot cards. You can also refer Cheap Psychics By Phone & Chat & Best Psychic Reading Sites.

Knowing your professional path: With a tarot reader, you’ll get an objective view of your professional journey. When you go in for a session, a tarot reader can immediately tell whether or not your current situation is serving your purpose. Then, your card reader can help clarify your current situation and the steps you need to take to reach the future you want.

Correct timing: You can ask for a tarot reading whenever you’re undecided about a career choice, like whether or not to quit your job or ask for a raise. In such cases, you can seek a trusted reader who will provide you with the guidance to take action if necessary. They can also help you determine whether it is the right time for your intended move.  

Disclosing opportunities: How many times have you unknowingly dismissed an important opportunity? Maybe you are unsure whether an opportunity is the right one or will only lead to a dead end. Tarot can reveal important information on just these subjects. 

Creative blocks: Maybe you feel disconnected from your creative self or unimaginative at work. However, the most genius ideas are born of your inner, intuitive realm. So, if you’re having a problem realizing or connecting to your instincts, a tarot reading can guide you towards the solution. 

Reveal your talents: You might be working in a field where your most significant strength is not addressed. Therefore, if you go for a tarot reading, you may discover hidden talents that will reshape the way you approach your work. You can also learn more about the existing qualities that help you in your career. The more you focus on your area of expertise, the better career you’ll have. 

Can Tarot Cards Help Me Find Love?

Certain tarot card spreads interpret a person’s love life. It’s always overwhelming when you first encounter tarot reading, especially about love, due to all the questions you want to ask. However, there are certain things you need to know before asking about your love life in tarot card readings. 

A tarot reading can indeed be fun when you’re searching to find answers regarding love. Also, there is a chance that you might get the answer. Or, you can get guidance and explore the romantic aspect of your life. Also, you can explore if you’re ready to take an important next step in your love life. 

The trick lies in how you phrase your questions about love. The best way to begin is by asking open-end questions. Try starting questions with “where,” “why,” “which,” “how,” or “what.” For example, ask, “How can I attract the right person into my life?” This will help you receive more meaningful interpretations from the cards. Also, you should avoid asking “yes” or “no” questions because that is not the goal of a tarot card. Instead, you’re looking for insights to take control of your love life. 

Moreover, the tarot cards can tell you how to work on yourself for a balanced relationship. Or can guide you not to be hesitant for new love to enter your life. Also, if you’re going through a break-up, the cards can help you learn the lessons from your past relationships. 

Starting a new relationship is always challenging. Tarot cards can also guide you in this respect. They may reveal certain challenges that may arise in your new romance. Additionally, tarot can provide insights into your partner’s intentions, attitudes to the relationship that will benefit you both, and potential outcomes for the match. 

Are Online Tarot Card Readings Reliable?

Yes! There are several online tarot card reading websites available on the web. Among these, there are certainly those that are reputable and reliable. However, you should be careful when choosing to receive a tarot reading online. There are many sites that are run by scammers claiming effective tarot reading. So, be sure to do some research before you make any sort of payment. 

Reliable online tarot card readers do exist. In fact, the web can help you access many of the best tarot readers around, even if they live far away. Also, websites like these offer interactive features like one-on-one video calls, emails, counseling, online tarot card briefings, informative articles, and more. In addition, you can verify their authenticity through reviews and trust scores on platforms like Trustpilot. Also, you can visit forums on tarot cards online to read about others’ experiences.

How To Get Free Tarot Readings Online?

An online tarot reading can tell you about your life’s story and guide you to live better. The only thing better than a good thing is getting the thing for free! However, a good tarot reader will charge what they are worth for their services. Be wary of anyone offering free tarot readings online. However, websites often provide free trial minutes before you must sign up for paid services.

For example, you might get the first ten minutes of love tarot reading free, or you might get a certain amount of credit for free when you sign up with the site.  In addition, on special occasions, readers might provide free tarot reading for a day. Also, you can earn a free subscription by promoting brand spotlight sponsored content. Furthermore, you can look for coupon codes over the internet that can provide free and accurate tarot readings within specified dates.

How Accurate Is Tarot Card Reading? 

A real tarot reader never guarantees any future outcome. Tarot cards are just a tool that guides you to a better path after deep analysis by the reader. Also, there are different readings like love readings, spiritual readings, and so on.

However, tarot readings must not be confused with psychic readings, fortune telling, past life readings, and numerology readings, as they are very different.  Another important thing is having the right mindset while going for a session. Your positive energy assists the reader in making accurate predictions. Also, the readers can give you valuable feedback through spiritual readings.

However, the predictions also depend upon your current state. Sometimes, a person is more receptive to tarot readings depending on their emotional, mental, spiritual and physical state. You won’t always get a reading at full efficiency. 

Are Tarot Card And Astrological Readings the Same?

Many people depend on tarot card readings or astrology readings to know about their potential future. These readings can provide you with both information and comfort. First, understand that even though tarot and astrology are linked, both use different tools for reading. However, readers of both rely on their intuitions along with certain rules and symbolism. 

Tarot is of western origin, whereas the origin of astrology is found in India. Also, tarot card reading is an individual approach, and the astrology predictions range from generic to individual effects. With tarot reading, you can get details about your question of interest, while astrology is more about your general path and the energies influencing it. 

However, this does not mean you won’t be getting detailed insights through astrology. You can get a clear understanding, but it takes a long process to go through the all of the extensive knowledge in your birth chart. 

Can You Use Tarot Cards To Manifest?

We all want to manifest something into our lives, and yes, you can do so by using tarot cards. While reading tarot, energy is everything. So, while reading a tarot card, you read your energy and connect to the energy of others that helps you both predict and attract the outcomes you desire.  

To manifest something without asking for predictions, just pick a card. The main thing is that you connect to this card and its meaning deeper in the context of the outcome you want to attract. Ideally, you will draw a card referencing your desire or signaling a positive outcome. If the card you pull has negative influences, however, don’t be discouraged. Your card may indicate hardships in your path, but will also usually provide information on how to overcome those obstacles. 

It might feel almost like magic to use the law of attraction in manifesting anything. As a beginner, it’s not as easy as you think. Like any skill, with practice, you will feel improvement in your manifestation abilities.  While manifesting, connect with your cards, focus on your manifestation, and visualize it.

Some people tape their tarot cards in their bedroom when they feel positive during the reading, making that card their focal point in manifestation. Whatever your method of manifesting is, never lose faith. If you want something in your life and know it’s right, then no force on this earth can stop you.  

Which Tarot Spread Should I Choose?

A tarot spread is a card layout that gives specific information to the readers. For example, you can get reading from the spread of one card, three cards, five cards, and ten cards. Different spreads are used according to the reading. For example, ten cards (Celtic Cross Spread) can give insights into various aspects of your situation. 

There are hundreds of tarot spreads that you can choose from. Also, expert readers are developing more varied spreads all the time. Sometimes, a reader will recommend a certain spread based on your questions. Other times, you might want to select a spread depending on factors like the level of details, types of questions, and familiarity.

Should I Fear The Readings?

It’s natural for human beings to fear the unknown. Additionally, people can find the whole process intimidating, or have certain suspicions. Many people are afraid of getting negative results that might ruin their life. 

Furthermore, tarot card readings have been stereotyped by popular media. For example, in horror movies, abnormal activities might occur after a tarot reading session. In addition, there is a misconception that tarot harnesses dark energy and is in any way associated with evil or the devil. All of these are hoaxes. 

Can Tarot Reading Help My Mental Health?

There are several positive impacts of tarot on an individual. Mental health and emotional support are one of them. You might be going through a bad phase of life and in need of help. Also, it might help you open up if you struggle to show your true nature. 

In addition, many people have claimed spiritual support through tarot readings. There is a widespread belief in the community that during anxiety and depression, the soul seeks nurturing. Furthermore, tarot readings bond with the soul and open the subconscious and unconscious mind. 

How To Find The Best Online Tarot Card Reading?

Whenever you’re looking for an answer through online tarot card readings, it’s essential to go with a trusted website. It’s better to get advice from qualified tarot reading experts to interpret the cards. Also, some websites provide reading through email. However, be wary of AI card readings as you will be missing that human element that is necessary in spiritual matters. 

When searching for the best online tarot card readings, choose a website with the best reviews. Reviews are the easiest way to find professional and experienced psychic services. Also, they offer phone calls, video calls, and live chat services for your convenience.

Can I Read Tarot For Myself? 

It’s possible to read tarot for yourself. Also, it can sometimes be more impactful if you are reading for yourself than having someone read it. If you ask why, it is because you get to connect with your intuitions deeply. Also, you don’t need to depend upon other people to guide you to do something because you’ll know what to do yourself.  Moreover, if you read tarot for yourself, you put your intuition on speed dial.

Tarot reading is like a mirror to yourself. So every time you read it for yourself, it’s like looking into the mirror. Therefore, you must learn to read tarot cards intuitively rather than by the book. Furthermore, reading tarot for yourself also gives you time to trust yourself more. Whenever you talk to a tarot reader, you find the answers you already knew. It’s not because the reader is not good at it. It’s because all the answers were already in you. Meaning, you could also theoretically do the same yourself, with some practice. Therefore, reading tarot for yourself means becoming mindful of those answers within you. 

However, if you need accurate answers to important life questions fast, seek help from a professional. Starting to read tarot involves a lot of experimentation, and beginners often misinterpret cards’ symbolism. In tarot, not everything is what it seems.  On the other hand, if you are just curious about learning more about reading tarot, then reading for yourself is the way to go.

This way, you can try different spreads, learn new techniques, and get a deeper interpretation of tarot card meanings. If you don’t read tarot for yourself, who will you practice on at the beginning? Therefore, reading tarot for yourself is a beneficial way to start your tarot reading journey. 

Conclusion: Is Tarot Card Reading True? 

We hope to have answered all your questions about tarot card readings and tarot interpreters. Also, we hope to have shone a light on online tarot card reading services. While the availability of online tarot services raises questions about their authenticity, there are several great options out there. Furthermore, it is always possible to perform a tarot reading for yourself. 

There are certain things you should know before consulting a psychic reading We advise not to hesitate to give tarot reading a chance. You never know what truths are waiting to be discovered inside yourself. It is not uncommon that a good tarot reading by an experienced professional changes someone’s life! So go ahead, try a tarot reading and see for yourself if tarot cards are real. Good luck! 

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