Best Mass Gainers: Top 5 That Actually Work

Nikhil Goswami

The easiest way to get a chiseled body is to spend plenty of time in the gym. But you’ll need more than hefty weights and a lifetime gym membership to make worthwhile gains. The best mass gaining results come from a combination of proper diet and functional workouts.

Workouts get your muscles moving while pumping iron. If you’re eating correctly, your body will not only repair the damage, but you’ll get bigger and stronger. And as you progress with your workouts, you’ll need heavier weights to challenge your body.

Our guide will explore several brands with different ingredients tailored for post-workout recovery. Also, you’ll find out how you can select the best mass gainers the next time you are out diet shopping.

Our Top Picks For The Best Mass Gainers

  1. Transparent Labs Mass Gainer – Overall Best Mass Gainer, Editor’s Choice
  2. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass – Best Mass Gainer Protein Powder
  3. Naked Mass Weight Gainer – Best Mass Gainer For Bodybuilding
  4. Muscle Feast Ultimate Mass Gainer – Best Cheap Mass Gainer
  5. Muscle Feast Whole Oat Powder – Best Digesting Mass Gainer

#1. Transparent Labs Mass Gainer – Overall Best Mass Gainer, Editor’s Choice

Again, gaining lean muscle mass is no rocket science. You only need to eat right, pump solid iron, get plenty of rest and watch as your body responds to the strain. Transparent Labs Mass Gainer is a proven recipe that gives you substantial long-term gains.

This supplement has many high-quality ingredients to help you achieve your fitness goals. There’s also a substantial load of energy and calories. These help to power your biceps and all the major muscles as you switch to beast-mode at the gym.

Protein is pure gold for any serious weightlifter. It is the fuel that drives best legal steroids for muscle growth. Thankfully, Transparent Labs Mass Gainer has several ounces of this precious nutrient.

Standout Features

An impressive lineup of amino acids: Granted, proteins are the primary building blocks. However, amino acids are critical for breaking down and synthesizing protein compounds. Transparent Labs’ Mass Gainer boasts a combination of essential amino acids plus branch-chain amino acids.

There is 53g of protein ready to be broken down in Transparent Labs’ mass gainer. Whey protein isolate, an animal protein, makes up the bulk of Transparent Labs’ muscle-building formula.

Multiple Gourmet flavors: Let’s face it, most protein supplements do not have a world-class taste. But if you’re taking nutrient-dense supplements, you’ll have to make them palatable to an extent. This mass gainer has some delectable flavors that you’ll love in a pre-workout drink.

Whole food carb sources: The last thing you want while working out is low energy levels. Simple carbs have empty calories. While they give you a ton of energy instantly, you’ll quickly run through this fuel before you’re done with your first set. As a result, you’ll experience an overwhelming dip.

Fortunately, Transparent Labs Mass Gainer has 109g of high-quality complex carbs that have a broad powerband. Sweet potato, organic tapioca, and rolled oats are the standout ingredients that will slowly fuel your workouts until the last set.

Practical mass gaining formula: There are 750 calories in each serving of Transparent Labs’ mass gainer. 109g of carbs and 12g of fat round up the supplement’s energy reserves and ensure you never run out of steam while pumping iron. Also, there’s coconut milk powder and triglycerides. These complement your workouts and provide additional vitamins.

Since you don’t need empty calories, this pack uses zero artificial sweeteners. Instead, you’ll enjoy the all-natural stevia and monk fruit essence.


  • Delicious flavors to choose from
  • Reduced sugar content
  • Complex carbs
  • Sufficient calories


  • Requires relatively more refills
  • Unsuitable for vegetarians

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#2. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass – Best Mass Gainer Protein Powder

The best mass gainer isn’t necessarily the most expensive product on the shelf. Optimum Nutrition’s Serious Mass demonstrates that you can have all the essential muscle gaining elements in a bargain.

Optimum Nutrition’s mass gainer has 1250 calories per serving. With that much energy, you’ll remain fully charged throughout your workout session. There’s also between 252g and 254g of carbs in every portion, complementing your calorie count.

One package overflows with all the critical proteins, vitamins, and minerals you need to achieve your fitness goals. There aren’t many mass gainers that offer immune support. Optimum Nutrition’s tub will keep your metabolic functions in check besides helping you realize your gains.

Standout Features

Plenty of calories: Optimum Nutrition’s Serious Mass gainer has an impressive 1250 calories per serving. Furthermore, you’ll find over 252 grams of carbs loaded in each serving. Get ready to hit those weights because Serious Mass packs enough power to run a nuclear reactor. 

Adequate proteins: With all the energy loaded in Optimum Nutrition’s mass gainer, you’ll need all the protein you can get. Fortunately, each serving has 50g – enough for your post-workout recovery.

Creatine (3g), l-glutamine (500mg), and inositol (250mg) also sustain CBD muscle balm healing and growth. The supplement has very little fat, a maximum of 4g in every two scoops. So all your gains will purely be lean muscle.

Added minerals and vitamins: You won’t find many mass gainers with a vitamin profile like Optimum Nutrition. There are 25 different minerals and vitamins that are essential for various metabolic activities. Serious Mass also includes a host of electrolytes for optimum activity.

Versatile use: This is not just a post-workout supplement. Quickly blend your portions and drink up before hitting the gym. You can also take your supplement before bed and ensure your body has plenty of time to synthesize the protein into lean muscle mass.

The chocolate flavor in particular goes well with nuts, fruits, and additional complex carbs to increase your calorie count.

Best bang for the buck: Optimum Nutrition has been a globally recognized supplement brand for over three decades. And they’ve offered the best supplement deals all this time. Besides all the calories included, you’ll get a healthy dose of protein and carbs. Also, you can expect a rich combination of essential vitamins and minerals that preserve your body’s immune system.


  • Best budget mass gainer
  • Includes valuable micronutrients
  • Provides serious energy
  • Delicious flavors


  • Artificial flavors
  • Contains wheat-based carbs

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#3. Naked Mass Weight Gainer – Best Mass Gainer For Bodybuilding


The best protein comes from animal sources. For example, popular dairy proteins include whey and casein, which are standout ingredients in the Naked Mass Weight Gainer Protein Supplement from Naked Nutrition.

The Naked Mass Weight Gainer Protein Supplement is rich in high-quality dairy protein with 50g per serving. Each serving is 1250 calories that can give you the energy you need to pump iron. In addition, it includes enough BCAAs to ensure the breakdown and synthesis of protein into substantial mass gainer.

The experts behind Naked Mass wanted to create a product that utilized no artificial additives or banned substances but would bring you the best results through the most healthy ingredients. This is way more than we can say about other cheap knockoffs. The carbohydrates are high quality for adequate power throughout your workout.

Product Highlights

Premium dairy-sourced proteins: Each serving has 50 grams of protein made up by micellar casein, whey protein concentrate, and organic tapioca maltodextrin. Additionally, the supplement is rich in the BCAAs leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These are critical for breaking down protein, a precursor to muscle recovery and growth.

Delicious mass gainer: Most times, you will struggle to take in any nutrient-dense combo because of the taste. However, the Naked Mass weight gainer protein supplement comes in classic chocolate and vanilla flavors to make getting your protein a tasty experience. There is also an unflavored option available for those who would like to customize their protein shake flavor.

Quality quality, natural ingredients: While the unflavored variety includes only the sources of protein, the chocolate and vanilla flavors of this weight gainer also include organic coconut sugar for a natural source of sweetness. Additionally, the chocolate includes organic cacao powder and the vanilla includes natural vanilla flavoring. The ingredients of their products once again underscores that Naked Nutrition is dedicated to only bringing its users a natural and powerful protein supplement.

Instant mixing: It doesn’t matter whether you are at the gym or at home, you only need to pour in cold water or milk into your container, add the supplement powder, and shake. It disintegrates quickly and gives a smooth consistency with no lumps.

Loads of energy: Naked Mass Weight Gainer includes high-quality complex carbs that give you long-lasting fuel while hitting those weights. Each serving includes approximately 250g of carbs. Besides the carbs, you’ll also find fats that increase its energy profile.


  • High-quality dairy protein
  • Top-notch essential fat sources
  • Complex carbs
  • Excellent texture for easy mixing
  • Zero banned substances
  • No empty calories
  • Several delicious flavors to choose from
  • Gluten-free


  • Maltodextrin might be a dealbreaker for some athletes
  • Not suitable for vegans

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#4. Muscle Feast Ultimate Weight Gainer – Best Cheap Mass Gainer

The best way to gain substantial lean muscle is to go hard on that iron while consuming the highest quality protein to repair your sore arms. Once you do, the protein grows your muscles so that you’ll quickly overcome your previous maximum weight limit.

Now, if you want an all-natural remedy to act as an excellent source of protein for your sore muscles, you should get Muscle Feast’s Ultimate Weight Gainer. It has high-quality ingredients with an organic background.

Muscle Feast is sourced from cattle that have had no contact with artificial hormones. Also, the protein comes from dairy products that benefit from all-natural nutrition. There are no empty calories, and every bit of energy goes a long way in your workout.

Product Highlights

All-natural ingredients: To gain some lean muscle mass, you need the highest quality protein to fuel tissue growth. Muscle Feast draws from a rich blend of ingredients.

The major proteins are whey and micellar casein derived from grass-fed sources that feature zero antibiotics and growth hormones. You don’t want to pump additives into your muscles while chasing legitimate gains.

Fast and slow-digesting protein combo: The fast-acting whey allows quick recovery after workouts. During intense sessions, your muscles must take the strain of sustained pressure to realize those gains.

On the other hand, micellar casein provides sustained fuel long after you’ve left the gym. It allows optimum repair and growth, which enables you to improve your max PR in the gym. With 600 calories per serving, you’ll be a beast handling those iron weights.

Minimal portions: Granted, Muscle Feast doesn’t have as many calories or carbs as most of the mass gainers on this list. However, these minimal portions allow you to supplement your diet with protein from the food you eat.

You can have dinner within an hour after taking your supplement. Muscle Feast is not a full-course meal. You can use it as a pre-workout drink, after which you can sit down for a proper meal. This way, you can deliver added protein and calories to further fuel your growth.


  • Organic grass-fed protein
  • Small servings
  • Fast and slow breakdown protein combination
  • Certified vegetarian
  • Gluten-free
  • No empty calories
  • Natural flavors


  • Dairy-based protein is not suitable for vegans
  • Users must cover return shipping

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#5. Muscle Feast Whole Oat Powder – Best Digesting Mass Gainer

Despite animal protein receiving a lot of acclaim among athletes, plant-based foods are equally potent. Muscle Feast provides some of the best protein supplements from both animal-based and plant-based sources. Their Whole Oat Powder is a vegan-friendly nutrient bundle suitable for avid fitness enthusiasts.

Any all-natural food must also be safe from chemicals and antibiotics. Muscle Feast uses non-GMO ingredients in this supplement blend. The oat carbs included are gluten-free and undergo high-quality farm practices. You will find zero pesticide and herbicide residues.

Whole grain oats provide the primary source of plant proteins in this supplement. They constitute the building blocks for protein synthesis and the eventual growth of muscles. Moreover, this powder carries a wealth of BCAAs that accompany the breakdown of protein inside your body.

Product Highlights

Plant-sourced ingredients: Whole Oat Powder is the best mass gainer for people who are conscious of what they’re eating. Plant-based nutrients, especially proteins, are equally as dependable as animal sources. This supplement uses oat grains as the primary protein source.

The supplement delivers an excellent boost to keep you going while in the gym with an abundant supply of calories. Say goodbye to sore muscles. There’s more than enough high-quality plant protein to repair and grow your muscles for the next assault.

High-quality carbs: Carbohydrates are pretty key for muscle building. These nutrients provide much of the energy you need to drive your muscles. This supplement packs oat carbs that are rich in dietary fiber.

The complex carbs used originate from richly grown oats. Moreover, this product doesn’t use wheat-sourced carbs – it is gluten-free.

Essential amino acids included: The best protein supplements will always prize BCAAs in their formula. These are essential for protein synthesis and consequently its utilization in muscle repair and development. Oat grain contains protein compounds. Also, you’ll find the necessary calorie and carbohydrate amounts that your body requires to synthesize amino acids and kickstart recovery.

Zero artificial ingredients: Muscle Feast Whole Oat Powder is plant-sourced and doesn’t include artificial ingredients during processing.

There are no hormones, gluten, or dairy products in this mass gainer. Since there aren’t any artificial flavors, Muscle Feast’s Whole Oat powder is an excellent base supplement. Easily blend it with a wide range of fruits to lend some jazz to your protein shake. You can boost the calories you get with this supplement by adding high-calorie foods to your shake, like nuts, seeds, or other healthy fats.

Fine Texture: The supplement is the powdered form of whole oats. The dried seeds are ground and packed for shipping. It isn’t coarse or flaky and dissolves well in water and milk.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Gluten-free
  • Best for vegan athletes
  • Excellent texture


  • Has a slight nutty flavor and may be bland without adding other ingredients

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How We Decided Our Picks For The Best Mass Gainers

When the coronavirus hit global communities, many people did not realize how important it was to lead a healthy lifestyle. This led to a couple of unintended consequences, including the loss of muscle mass and unwanted weight gain for most. Thankfully, maintaining a balanced diet and regularly exercising can keep these and other issues at bay.

Currently, there are a ton of muscle building supplements available online. But if you’re not sure what to buy, you may end up with the wrong product, lose money and derail your fitness goals.

This article explores only the top supplement brands available. Reputation is king in this niche as newer entrants do not have a tried-and-tested approach to realizing those gains. We selected these winners after heeding the advice of pro athletes, nutritionists, and everyday enthusiasts who use them while working out.

What We Looked For?

While there are standout brands with an all-round edge, there are a couple of critical factors that all mass gainers on this list satisfy:

  • Flavor – Let’s face it, if you want to gain muscle mass, you must take in protein-rich foods while you’re working out. Most of the time, you’ll need to eat even if you don’t feel like it. That’s why the best mass gainers have a delicious taste. It makes it a lot more pleasurable to chug in all those essential nutrients.
  • Formulation – Even if a mass gainer supplement tastes like candy, it’s practically worthless if the formula is substandard. Remember, you need protein to build muscle and plenty of calories to keep you going while in the gym. You’ll get these from various organic sources in the form of carbohydrates, fat, and sugar. PS: The ingredients must be all-natural.
  • Positive reviews and top ratings – A product backed by a reputable athlete has to be the real deal. We took reviews written on the company’s website with a pinch of salt. However, we still paid close attention to what customers of each brand were saying across the web. Positive reviews lend credibility to any mass gainer supplement.

What To Consider Before Buying Mass Gainers

There are hundreds of mass gainer brands online. Unfortunately, they are not equal, and if you aren’t careful, you might get knockoffs instead. Here’s how you can pick out the best mass gainers for your fitness needs.

Protein Sources

Every mass gainer has a substantial amount of protein. This nutrient is responsible for muscle repair after a hard workout. You’ll quickly see some gains if you get enough protein. This is because your muscle fibers will grow in response to the strain of heavier weights.

Not all proteins are the same, depending on your fitness goals and the type of life you live. For example, if you are vegan, you don’t want animal protein in your mass gainer. Lactose-intolerant people also shouldn’t consume dairy products.

But isn’t animal protein the best? This belief is not necessarily true because you can still realize significant muscle gains on plant protein. Whey protein is the most common animal protein, and industry specialists harvest it from dairy products.

Watch out for whey, egg protein, and casein if you are strictly buying vegan products. Alternatively, soy and rice are equally dependable protein sources.

Carbohydrate Sources

Carbohydrates form the bulk of mass gainers and deliver a large percentage of the calories in mass gainers. These are energy-rich components that fuel your workouts, and you should be particular about where they originate.

A few years ago, most supplement brands used fast-digesting carbs like dextrose. It’s understandable that manufacturers want to give athletes a ton of energy as quickly as possible. However, these ingredients had and still have their drawbacks.

Cheap carbohydrates release all their energy at once. But after bumping your blood sugar levels, there is an instant drop where you’ll feel out of juice. Also, these ingredients spike insulin levels and lead to excess fat gains instead of lean muscle.

As an alternative to these fast-digesting carbs, only choose mass gainers with complex carbs when buying your supplement. Complex carbs are slow-releasing components that will fuel your gym excursions for longer.

Keep in mind that sugar is a simple carb. Some manufacturers include it to boost the calorie count and improve flavor. However, it is an empty calorie that won’t benefit your fitness goals.

Amount of Carbohydrates in the Supplement

While proteins are a vital ingredient in every mass gainer, they shouldn’t drive your workouts. There is a significant amount of carbohydrates per serving of this supplement. Every portion can include as much as 250 grams of carbs.

Working out is energy-intensive. The carbs provide most of the fuel your body needs to handle substantial weights. Also, carbs enable fast recovery and consequently better muscle development and gains. If you aren’t getting plenty of carbohydrates, your body will naturally switch to protein for energy. Your muscles primarily constitute protein, and you will effectively lose your hard-earned gains.

Carbohydrates lead to high-calorie counts in mass gainers. Remember to watch out for the kinds of carbs included in your supplement.


As a fitness enthusiast, fat might be the last type of food on your mind. After all, you want to gain lean muscle and not get fat. But did you know that fat is an essential macronutrient?

Your body needs fat to facilitate the production of hormones. Fats are also rich in calories and improve the taste and texture of your mass gainer.

But just like carbohydrates, there are good fats and other low-quality fats. The level of fat inclusion in a mass gainer should also inform your decision to buy a supplement or skip it altogether.

Trans-fats or partially hydrogenated oils are a no-go zone if you want to guarantee your health. The good kind, saturated fats, are critical for testosterone production. This hormone supports muscle building, repair, and post-workout recovery.

Coconut and flaxseed oils are excellent fat sources. You should also check out mass gainers. These include medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) and essential fatty acids (EFTs).


Fiber is necessary for a healthy diet. The nutrients slow down your food as it moves through the digestive tract. Doing so prevents your blood sugar level from spiking. Fiber also prevents constipation that comes around after taking high-calorie foods.

If you are taking a large carbohydrate dose, you need as much dietary fiber as you can get your hands on. Complex carbohydrates are like sweet potatoes and oats, and they are rich in fiber. So go for weight gainers that include these ingredients.

Look Out For Creatine

Creatine is a little-known component that’s crucial for muscle gain. Not a lot of manufacturers will explicitly state their presence.

Nevertheless, creatine creates phosphocreatine reserves in your muscle fibers. Phosphocreatine is a precursor to ATP energy, the driving force inside your cells. If you are getting adequate creatine, your muscle cells will have loads of energy. This will be useful for sustaining a workout and achieving workout goals with ease.

Creatine not only provides energy for workouts. The compound also encourages cellular growth and further muscular development. As long as you are stressing your muscle fibers, the creatine in your diet is necessary to heal and regrow your significant muscles.

Watch Out for Processed Ingredients

When you’re in the market for the best mass gainer, it is critical that you look out for and avoid processed ingredients. Believe us when we say that that is genuinely good advice. Now, it might be a little dicey for a couple of reasons. For starters, processed/artificial ingredients tend to give a better taste, faster results, and other pleasurable things of that sort. As such, it’s only normal that you crave some of it.

However, the problem with processed foods is that they’re unnatural. Manufacturers use chemicals to create them, and your body isn’t exactly an artificial system. It’s organic, and it requires organic material for digestion and energy creation. There’s only so much chemical content that it can handle. Once you begin consuming too many artificial ingredients, you’ll be overstuffing yourself unfairly with potentially harmful components. As such, it’s always best that you go for natural ingredients. You can hardly go wrong with them.


All mass gainers focus on energy and body-building nutrients. That’s why they have a rich combo of carbs and proteins. However, vitamins are equally essential micronutrients for your growth and development.

Riboflavin is critical for breaking down nutrients during an intense workout session. The vitamin disintegrates fast and converts the molecules into ATP energy. ATP is fuel for your cells and, consequently, your muscles.

Thiamin also metabolizes energy inside your body cells. However, Thiamin is present primarily in natural ingredients. Also, you need a constant intake to realize the benefits associated with the vitamin.

Fortunately, some mass gainers deliver vast amounts of Thiamin—up to 4.8mg per serving.


Most essential nutrients are far from savory. That’s why we crave junk food, processed carbs, and desserts because they ignite our taste buds. Even if you’re hell-bent on realizing your gains, you’ll need more than willpower to drown in whey grams of protein or oat powder.

While they aren’t revolting per se, you’ll need to combine most supplements with flavoring components. The extras make people who are accustomed to eating tasty snacks enjoy a healthier option.

There are artificial flavors and sweeteners like sucralose, which improve the taste of your mass gainer. Sugar is a common sweetener that also increases the calorie count in the supplement.

If you are eschewing the artificial stuff, look out for mass gainers with stevia and monk fruit. These are natural flavors that will complement your healthy lifestyle.

Moreover, you can always use natural ingredients to spice up your supplement. Fruits and nuts are excellent sources of vitamins and added grams of protein. They also improve the texture and overall flavor of your protein shake.

FAQs Related To Mass Gainer Supplements

What is the difference between mass gainer and whey protein?

A mass gainer is a collection of nutrients that is available mainly as a protein powder supplement. The primary ingredient is carbohydrates, followed by a healthy dose of protein and some fats. Other weight gainers will also include vitamins and minerals to fortify your diet.

Since they are a bodybuilder’s best friend, all mass gainers have an impressive calorie count. You will also need all the energy you can get to complete your workouts and for muscle recovery.

What is the difference between mass gainer and whey protein?

Most mass gainers have a wide variety of ingredients, including carbs, fats, vitamins, and minerals. On the other hand, whey protein concentrate has a singular composition of whey. They often consist of minimal fats and carbs as energy sources.

Who should use a mass gainer?

Mass gainer supplements are the powdered form of various types of food. They have a higher concentration of critical nutrients like protein and pack many more calories per serving. Therefore, anyone who can’t access these regular food sources should consider mass gainers.

People have different body types and metabolism rates. That’s why we cannot all be content gaining lean muscle from the usual eggs, meat, and milk.

If you are accustomed to the following situations, you should include a mass gaining supplement in your diet:

  • You can only access two meals a day which you usually take several hours apart. In this case, when you aren’t eating, bring along your supplement and take it as a snack during those intervals.
  • If you cannot bring packed lunch and at the same time access healthy meals at work or school. The last thing you need after deciding to live healthily is to keep up unhealthy eating habits.

Yes, you must ditch junk foods and most snacks. And if that’s the only kind available, bring along your mass gainer as a replacement.

  • Suppose you are underweight and have a terrible appetite. Mass gainers have a rich nutrient profile. The supplement packs a mean punch with extra calories. Naturally, if you’re underweight, it means that you’re having trouble getting those nutrients flowing in your body. That’s why you need a rich supplement to deliver all the necessary components your body needs to grow.

In a nutshell, if you are a busy bee who doesn’t have the time to prepare a full-course meal, get a mass gainer.

Is a mass gainer good for skinny guys?

Skinny guys have a more challenging time gaining additional lean muscles. However, you can use the best weight gainer to boost your protein and calorie intake. Besides going hard at the gym, your diet is crucial if you want to gain weight. Eating a calorie surplus is a great way to ensure you put on weight.

What is the best mass gainer brand for beginners?

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass is the best bang-for-buck weight gainer. The supplement is affordable and provides a wide range of nutrients. You’ll get a ton of carbs, enough high-quality protein, and various vitamins and minerals to fuel your growth at the gym.

Do mass gainers make you fat?

Weight gainers have a lot of calories per serving. So, if you are not sticking to a strict workout regimen, reconsider. This is because there are high chances of getting fat after consuming mass gainers. However, if you can go hard at the gym, take your weight gainer religiously, and eventually gain some lean muscle.

What is the optimal time to consume a mass gainer supplement?

There is no best time to drink a weight gainer. The supplement provides your body with the necessary nutrients and calories for growth. Therefore, you can take it in the morning, evening or afternoon.

If you are struggling to put on some mass, you are better off taking a mass gainer as frequently as possible. You can drink your supplement first thing in the morning before heading off to the gym.

Drinking your supplement in the morning means that you can get in those essential nutrients whether you are feeling hungry or not.

Can you use a mass gainer without working out?

Manufacturers design different mass gainers with different goals in mind. The same applies to people who take them.

If you are a hardcore gym rat, a mass gainer will give you plenty of juice to go hard in the gym. While hitting maximum reps, your body responds by laying lean muscle to make you stronger.

But if you aren’t working out and still take a mass gainer, your body won’t use all the available nutrients and calories. You risk gaining fat from the excess carbs.

On the other hand, it is perfectly okay to take a mass gainer without hitting the gym for skinny guys and people who have a high metabolism. The supplement allows you to achieve your daily calorie target. It also provides essential nutrients that drive your growth.

Can you stop using a mass gainer?

Yes, once you’ve achieved your body weight goals, you’ll no longer need the supplement.

A mass gainer provides the calories to meet your body’s growth requirements. After achieving your fitness goals, your body will begin converting most of the mass gainer’s components to fat. It’s simply a way of storing extra calories.

Therefore, watch your body as you grow. Once you notice some fat lining your muscles or abdominal region, then it’s time to call it quits on the high-carb diet.

Nevertheless, you can still use a mass gainer if you are big on fitness. They have lots of calories that bodybuilders and high-performance athletes require to push their bodies to the limit.

Final Thoughts: Which Mass Gainer Is Best?

If you struggle to put on muscle even if you are eating everything in sight, you’re probably a hard weight gainer. Naturally, you’ll have a higher metabolism. Your body will tend to quickly exhaust nutrients before there’s anything left to build lean mass.

For some, this is an unexpected blessing because losing weight is as easy as skipping a meal. However, you’ll have to contend with a skinny frame. But if you want to look and feel strong, you’re in luck. The best protein powder allows you to put on a reasonable amount of lean mass as you work out. In this article, we’ve recommended five of them for you.

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