Best Protein Powders: Reviewed In 2024


Have you worked out hard at the gym and look forward to faster muscle growth? Or maybe worrying about choosing the wrong brand?Imagine your disappointment when you buy the most popular brand of whey protein, but it fails to deliver! If only there were a way for you to get professional advice about this.

The world of whey protein supplements is vast, and sometimes it can be difficult to choose. It’s not just a case of picking something cheap. This review will teach you everything you need to know about each brand – from the product and its flavor to its effectiveness and customer reviews.

It doesn’t matter if you want to bulk up for powerlifting, slim down for bodybuilding, or gain muscle for aesthetic purposes. We will lead you through the maze of options and give you the knowledge you need to ask the right questions when buying.

4 Best Whey Protein Powder In 2023

  1. Uplift Florae – Overall Best Protein Powder, Editor’s Choice 
  2. Garden of Life – Best Budget Friendly Option With Countless Flavors 
  3. Bulk Supplements – Most Reliable Brand For Organic Protein Powder
  4. Promix Nutrition – Highly Recommended Protein Powder Brand

#1. Uplift Florae –  Overall Best Protein Powder, Editor’s Choice

Get Uplifted with blends rich with adaptogens for soaring energy and post-workout recovery drinks. Uplift Florae is a company based in the United States that works to uplift its customers with the highest quality energy drinks.

Some like-minded individuals make up the backbone of this company. Per the brand’s official website, the team behind Uplift Florae has created its products to help people achieve their goals and feel good. Although the team does not comprise doctors or experts, the brand shares the same value and struggle as you.

Uplift Florae was founded to minimize the blurring of lines between fiction and reality. Since social media has evolved strongly, it has created an image-centric world and engraved a sense of comparison in people’s minds. Intending to encourage and inspire individuals, the brand manufactures energy-boosting and workout drinks.

Wellness is for everyone, and every goal is an awesome goal – the brand follows this idea to uplift, empower, and motivate people. Whether struggling with your leg workout or training for an ultramarathon, Uplift Florae has products to suit your needs.

What’s inside the product counts more than anything else. Therefore, Uplift Florae uses the highest-grade ingredients, adaptogens, and nootropics to formulate its products. So, choose from the Uplift Florae protein powder range if you want to mend yourself from a ballooned stratospheric weight to a fitness junkie.


Vegan Protein Supplements: The company has high aspirations for introducing the masses to vegan and plant-based supplements. In the words of Uplift Florae, they are enthusiastically working for a beneficial change for the planet by promoting a vegan diet. So people who prefer plant based protein powder can look for such brands. Since doing good enhances the levels of happy hormones in your body, the team adheres to its unique aim of making vegan protein powders.

Therefore, no matter which supplement you pick up from their aisle, you will notice nothing else than vegan ingredients in the blend. Their energy and workout drinks feature superfoods like antioxidants, specific minerals, and adaptogens. Adaptogens are great for deleting the side effects of daily stress from your body as they balance natural stress responses. All in all, their protein supplements contain organic, non-GMO, and ethically sourced ingredients.

Variety Of Powders: Presently, Uplift Floare offers protein powder in a single version – Plant Power Vegan Protein. It’s a plant-based superfood formula rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein content sourced from plants only. Also, the company offers the powder only in vanilla flavor. So, if countless options stress you out, you can have this go-to protein powder in classic vanilla flavor.

Plant-Based Lifestyle: Uplift Florae proves that following a plant-based diet is easy and fun. Perfection is not all needed to achieve the happiness that comes with good health. All you need to do is to take Uplift Florae plant-based steps in your diet.

The company offers a good range of protein powders that can be a vegan’s best bet. Whether you are a flexitarian enjoying occasional slip-ups or a meatless Monday aspirant, Uplift Florae protein drinks are what you need. What’s best is the brand opts for plastic-free packaging. All their products are covered in recyclable packaging materials and shipping bags.

Store Policies: Uplift Florae has flexible shipping and refund policies. The company uses a USPS shipping service to deliver your parcel within five days of order placement. As for refund policy, the brand accepts the items sent for a refund within 30 days of purchase.


  • Available in complete protein packages
  • Vanilla-flavored protein powder
  • The best option for vegans
  • All-natural, non-GMO and gluten-free
  • Top grade globally sourced ingredients
  • Tastes delicious on mixing with almond milk
  • 30 servings per container
  • Keto-friendly powder
  • 100% plant-based formula
  • No sugars or emulsifiers
  • No bulky plastic containers
  • Fast shipping
  • 30-day return and exchange policy
  • Full refunds on delivery of faulty or damaged products


  • The taste is great but available in one flavor only
  • No refund on damaged product during shipping

=> Click here to visit the official website of Uplift Florae

#2. Garden of Life –  Best Budget Friendly Option With Countless Flavors

A natural supplement company, Garden of Life is known for manufacturing several forms of supplements. Garden of Life produces almost all products using whole ingredients, from probiotics to vitamins and superfoods to prenatal supplements.

In 2000, Jordan Rubin laid the foundation of this company after defeating a chronic illness. When he was 19 years old, Rubin was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, and the severity of his disease demanded him to go through multiple rounds of treatments that bore no fruits.

Due to extreme weakness, he was bound to a wheelchair. That was when Rubin started consuming natural and whole foods, which gave him miraculous improvements. From then, his aim became to “Empower Extraordinary Health” with natural, highest-quality whole food supplements without additives.

Headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Garden of Life sources its ingredients worldwide. Primarily, the brand’s ingredients come from the United States, India, United Kingdom, Singapore, Iceland, and others.

If you have ever felt that the food you eat cannot keep up with your body’s demands, turn to Garden of Life. With a wide customer base, the brand caters to adults and kids who want to supplement their food platter with whole food elements.

Undoubtedly, Garden of Life has the potential to outdo any supplement brand in the industry with a large Instagram following of 194K followers. Their products contain a wholesome mix of minerals, vitamins, and proteins, all sourced from fruits, vegetables, probiotics, and fermented whole grains. The best part is that the blend has no added preservatives or sweeteners, which has yielded striking customer results.


Transparency: Garden of Life truly believes in traceability. Thus, it answers all sorts of questions that might appear in the mind of fitness enthusiasts. For instance, the company details its ingredients, source, and manufacturing methods.

Rather than limiting the source of the ingredients, Garden of Life has a picky team that does not compromise on the highest quality ingredients. Therefore, the ingredients in their protein supplements come from countries like Singapore, Iceland, and India.

Manufacturing And Certifications: The company manufactures all of its supplements, abiding by the current good manufacturing practices. Additionally, the unbiased nature of Garden of Life is evident from the fact that third parties audit all of the company’s products.

The golden feature of this company is it is a Certified B Corp which is undoubtedly pretty hard to achieve. Perhaps, Garden of Life is the first ever supplement company certified carbon-free by Foundation.

Protein Powders: Regarding the range of supplements, Garden of Life offers some wide varieties. Just type “protein powder” in the search bar on their official website, and you will be amazed by about 96 options on your screen.

Garden of Life is the best choice to discover premium options ranging from whey protein isolate, to whey protein concentrate, to pea protein powders. All the 96 protein products are categorized into organic fit, organic meal, organic protein, sports protein, grass-fed whey, and the Mediterranean diet.

You can choose from your choice and explore multiple options at once. All their protein powders generally include protein bars and make great post-workout supplements to boost muscle protein synthesis in your body. Also, Garden of Life caters well to its discerning customers.

Thus, you can choose from vanilla, chocolate cacao, spiced chai, strawberry, smooth coffee, smooth vanilla, peanut butter, slightly sweetened, or unflavored versions. Whether vegan or enjoying meat is your specialty, Garden of Life features enough options to enlighten your taste buds.

Brand Shipping And Return Policies: Garden of Life ships to all 50 US states. However, there is an exception for US territories or international deliveries. On the official website, the team provides you with a tool in the form of a flag.

By clicking on the USA flag in the footer, you can get to know the brand’s partners selling Garden of Life’s products in your country. Moreover, Garden of Life proudly backs its formulations and thus offers all its customers a 30-day money-back guarantee with confidence.


  • Science-backed products
  • Manufactured in cGMP facilities
  • Third-party lab-tested powders
  • Whole food and organic ingredients
  • No added sugars
  • Certified B Corp by Foundation
  • Available in a variety of flavors
  • A wide array of complete protein supplements
  • Purchase sachets and jars
  • Countless options to choose from
  • Both plant and animal protein sources
  • Formulae mixed with superfoods
  • Ships to all the 50 US states
  • Free shipping on orders above $25
  • 30-days refund policy


  • Not all products are vegan

=> Click here to visit the official website of Garden Of Life

#3. Bulk Supplements – Most Reliable Brand For Organic Protein Powder

Specializing in selling real, natural, and clean supplements in bulk, Bulk Supplements has a profound online presence. Launched in 2011, Bulk Supplements has the company’s headquarters in Henderson, Nevada.

Bulk Supplements is the industry’s leading supplement manufacturer, and it produces and supplies more than 500 clean nutritional supplement ingredients to customers and retailers worldwide. Using their user-friendly online store, one can buy Bulk Supplements products ranging from grams to metric tons.

Furthermore, the company owns FDA-registered cGMP manufacturing and distribution facilities. Not only that, but Bulk Supplements is also NSF Certified. In the words of the brand, Bulk Supplements’ team comprises 70-full time employees. The company prides itself on having a team of experts preserving the natural benefits of ingredients in its products.

The topmost priority of Bulk Supplement is improving the wellness of the community. Thus, the team is dedicated to abiding by all the health codes and government standards. Besides that, the brand lab tests all of its products in an in-house laboratory before they reach your doorstep. Not only is Bulk Supplements the best online channel for direct customers, but also large chain B2B distributors.

Since the brand is committed to rigorous lab testing, it pairs with renowned and reputable US-based independent laboratories. Thus, all their supplements are safe for consumption without fearing side effects.


Top-Quality Blends: Bulk Supplements offer a great line of protein powders to ensure your protein intake is up to mark. All their blends are pure from filler ingredients since the brand opts for clean sources for supplement manufacturing.

Because of that, most of their protein powders have amazing antimicrobial properties that help reinforce your body’s immune system. A handful of ingredients goes into their products as the experts at Bulk Supplements are wary of lengthy unfruitful ingredient lists. Thus, while on their website, you will have a chance to choose your favorite protein supplement according to your needs.

Protein Powders Selection: Besides producing and selling supplements in bulk quantities, Bulk Supplements is famous for its diverse selection. As all the protein supplements are efficiently categorized, you can sort them using filters like health goals, powders, capsules, or softgels.

The brand has several options to tend to both vegan and non-vegan protein supplements. Soy protein, beef bone broth protein, egg protein, hemp seed, pumpkin, whey protein, and horsetail protein are all available. Spirulina powder, alfalfa, and amino acid-containing protein supplements are also readily purchasable through the official website.

Strict Quality Control: Bulk Supplements comply with all the government regulations in keeping their ingredients selection and manufacturing process up to mark. Thus, if you buy any protein powder from this brand, you will get thoroughly lab-tested products.

Refund Policy: According to the refund policy, you can return unused and unopened supplements within 30 days of purchase. On approval, the brand will transfer you a refund after excluding shipping charges. Nevertheless, Bulk Supplements also accept open products, but the refund you receive will be a partial one.


  • Caters to both vegans and non-vegans
  • 100% pure and natural ingredients
  • Offers vitamins, minerals, and protein supplements
  • cGMP certified facilities
  • NSF certified supplements
  • Protein powders tested in in-house labs
  • All protein powders are highly reviewed
  • Offer supplements with essential amino acids
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Free US shipping on over $59
  • Offer international shipping


  • Buy in bulk (1kg+) to avail wholesale prices

=> Click here to visit the official website of Bulk Supplements

#4. ProMix Nutrition – Highly Recommended Protein Powder Brand

Established in 2011 by Albert Matheny, ProMix Nutrition is a private company housed in Gainesville, Florida. The founder, Albert Matheny, owns NYC’s SoHo Strength Lab. He laid the company’s foundation intending to design nutritional supplements with superfoods. Since Matheny is into health and fitness, all of the products he formulated help athletes achieve boosted effects of their training.

Throughout a decade, the founder and team of ProMix Nutrition have been inflexible for their commitment to quality. According to Matheny, he still formulates every single product in the catalog, not to mention the effort he puts in carefully sourcing the ingredients. Despite all the community work he is engaged in, Matheny has high standards, which are visible through the efficacy of ProMix Nutrition supplements.

Apart from owning a prospering brand and a famous lab, Albert Matheny is also a registered dietitian, elite athlete trainer, and exercise physiologist. Hence, whenever you intend to transform your chunky body into an athletic physique, feel free to trust Matheny’s products wholeheartedly.

Furthermore, ProMix Nutrition follows all the USA manufacturing standards for designing high-grade supplements. What’s more, the company has been featured in multiple high-esteem magazines. Men’s Health, GQ, Women’s Health, The New York Times, BuzzFeed, SoHo Strength Lab, and Cosmopolitan are some of the few publications spotlighting ProMix Nutrition.


Ingredients From North America: ProMix Nutrition sources top-quality ingredients directly from trustworthy farmers in North America. That’s why all their supplements, including protein powders, deliver the exact benefits the company claims.

In addition, ProMix Nutrition’s protein supplements do not contain artificial substances, soy, hormones, GMOs, antibiotics, fillers, gums, and gluten. Besides, the brand strictly regulates the entire manufacturing and packaging process in its cGMP-certified facilities. Also, every batch of supplements is lab tested in internal and third-party labs.

Athletic Testing: The athletic experience is a key factor in developing innovative and effective supplements at ProMix Nutrition. The brand has a team of registered ProMix athletes and has them use ProMix Nutrition’s formulas under intense conditions.

The company thoroughly ensures its protein powders’ quality, from lab testing to meeting athletic demands. In addition, all the ProMix Nutrition supplements feature an NSF Certified label that advocates their quality standards.

Tasty Protein Powders: Maintaining the eye-catching integrity of its website, ProMix Nutrition has productively assorted its product selection into different groups. The brand’s product catalog features a range of protein supplements, protein collagen, protein snacks, and pre-workout items.

You can choose whey protein, whey isolate, casein protein, recovery blends, vegan protein, and others in the protein supplements group. Additionally, each supplement section comes with several sub-sections to ensure you have easy scrolling. On that note, you can filter ProMix Nutrition protein powders using glutamine, creatine, hydration, endurance, bone marrow, liver, pre-workout, and BCCA filters.

90-day Guarantee: You can be confident in your purchase with ProMix Nutrition since all their supplements come with a reasonable 90-day money-back guarantee. ProMix Nutrition’s major 90-day refund policy is a green light for fitness enthusiasts compared to all other brands on our list.


  • Natural and science-backed ingredients
  • 94% of ingredients are sourced from North America
  • Have NSF Certification
  • GMP certified facilities
  • Grass-fed whey protein powder
  • Wide range of protein supplements
  • Avail 90-day money-back policy
  • Athletic and lab-tested powders
  • 97% green (plastic-free) packaging


  • Limited variety of flavors

=> Click here to visit the official website of ProMix Nutrition

How We Made This List Of The Best Protein Powder

Choosing the right supplementation for you can be difficult. There are so many brands, each promising a certain level of quality. Not everybody has time for hours upon hours of researching the best brand for their needs.

We research for you and make it easy to compare results so you can get a high-quality supplement quickly with as little stress as possible. It is difficult to know whether a whey protein powder works since many reviews come from ‘affiliates,’ not actual users.

We have researched extensively, looked at hundreds of reviews, and found four brands that passed our strict criteria (based on ingredients, taste, value, etc.).

Our reviews are helpful and honest, so you can make an informed choice when it is time to buy a new whey protein supplement. Dive into our unbiased reviews and get the information you need today to have a muscular figure!

What We Looked For? 

Before we guide you through the amazing features of all the protein powder supplements on our list, let’s find out how we chose them. Below, we have mentioned a few benchmarks that led us to assort each brand and product according to the manufacturer’s reputation and quality.

  • Protein Source: The type of benefits a protein supplement will offer primarily depends on its protein source. It is better to buy a whey protein powder according to your body’s needs, as health and fitness enthusiasts worldwide do. Therefore, we chose the brands that offer animal and plant-based protein powder supplements. Hence, we tried our best to accommodate our vegetarian readers since vegans have limited options in the supplement market.
  • Flavor: Flavor was the next factor we looked for after ensuring the protein source diversity of these supplements. Not everyone is okay with neglecting the flavor profile of whey protein powders for their benefits. Since there are buyers with picky palates, we decided to opt for the brands offering protein powders in a wide range of flavors.

Many protein powders come in vanilla and chocolate flavor, while there are people who prefer unflavored supplements. A handful of brands in the market are manufacturing their protein supplements in whole unique ranges. That’s why we tried to select companies with a good deal of powder flavors for tasty and nutritious smoothies.

  • Clean Ingredients: Whether you are choosing weight loss pills, wellness supplements, or protein powder products, it is best to look for clean ingredients. With that concern, we chose the brands whose products contain nothing other than high-quality and pure ingredients. Thus, we kept the brands at arm’s length whose protein powders have high levels of chemical additives and artificial sweeteners.
  • Product Testing: The brands you will read about next are highly strict in ensuring rigorous manufacturing criteria for all the supplements they produce. Besides, we did not choose any brand that sold its products without testing them against professional parameters.

Therefore, no matter which brand you select for your protein powder needs, our list is filled with the companies that prioritize their customers’ health and business reputation.

  • Certifications: Although protein powders are not FDA-regulated, we must ensure all the brands have earned equivalent certifications. That’s why we checked the websites of all the brands on our list to ensure they have certifications from trustworthy organizations.
  • Brand Reputation: Company’s trust and credibility play a great role in determining the quality of its products. Therefore, we only dared to pick the brands with insanely positive customer reviews on the internet with an overall worthwhile reputation. Hence, you will notice that all four brands on our top list are highly respectable and hold a prestigious and hard-working background.

Buying Guide: Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Protein Powder

Apart from ingredients quality, which seems to be the crucial factor, you should look for certain other factors before purchasing. You will notice high energy levels with the quick formation of lean muscle mass in your body, depending on your protein powder formula. Besides, the best protein powders help improve recovery time and boost your confidence, which supplements your fitness goal.

However, with hundreds of protein supplements on the market, choosing the best one without prior knowledge is tiring. We have created this beginner’s guide to help you make the right choice. You must not neglect the following primary aspects while searching for a good quality protein powder.

  • Find The Right Whey Protein

Whey protein is a broader term that covers whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and whey protein hydrolysate. All these types differ from one another depending on the nutrients they contain. Thus, consuming a type should be aligned with your body’s requirements; otherwise, you will miss out on many benefits.

Whey protein concentrate (WPC) is a concentrated version rich in nutrients. Generally, most non-isolate proteins are a part of this category.

Whey protein isolate (WPI) is like whey protein concentrate but lacks fat, carbohydrates, and fat-soluble vitamin content. Therefore, WPI’s protein content and percentage exceed that of WPC.

According to experts, whey protein isolates are great for individuals who have trouble digesting protein powders as their digestion span is short. Despite its pricey nature, registered dietitians recommend consuming WPI.

Another type is whey protein hydrolysate (WPH). The hydrolysate forms a predigested blend of proteins in the form of amino acids. Thus, your body does not have to metabolize the whole protein molecule. Instead, amino acids help in quicker absorption and faster muscle growth.

  • Protein Quality Precise

For many fitness freaks, the quality of protein is a deciding factor. When it comes to protein quality, one must know the difference between complete and incomplete proteins.

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and your body has 20 different amino acids, and only these 20 building blocks are arranged differently to produce different proteins.

Seven are non-essential, nine are essential, and four are conditionally essential amino acids. While your body can naturally produce non-essential ones, essential amino acids can only be a part of your diet to meet the body’s supply.

Regarding conditionally essential amino acids, these are the blocks that your body can make but does not. For instance, if you are ill or have hard athletic training, your body might refuse to build them.

Of all three forms, essential amino acids (EAAs) are the most vital ones as they help build and repair tissues, including muscles. Besides tissue maintenance, EAAs play a key role in synthesizing hormones, neurotransmitters, and enzymes.

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are the sub-category of EAAs and have a significant role in muscle protein synthesis. It is a process your body uses for muscle repair and building after hitting the gym.

Although muscle protein synthesis is not dependent solely on just one amino acid, leucine is the greatest player that triggers the process. Therefore, leucine is an important BCAA present in protein powders.

Besides, a complete protein has the right proportions of all nine essential amino acids, while incomplete protein is low in one or more EAAs. All you need is a protein powder tailored for your fitness goals, so choose wisely.

  • Intolerances And Sensitivities

If your body can develop food intolerance and sensitivity, you’ll want to avoid using protein powders containing triggering agents. For instance, if you have an egg or dairy allergy, you will be better off with a vegan protein powder.

Furthermore, if your digestive system is weaker, nicely processed options like hydrolysates and isolates will be good for you. However, you should note that using a new protein powder can upset your digestive system, which will last until your body gets used to the formula.

FAQS Related To Best Protein Powder

Why use protein powder?

The whole-food protein option is the best one, and however, not everyone can afford or get to eat meat or protein-rich grains daily. Therefore, it comes down to two factors that one might consider for starting to use a protein powder.

While the first is convenience, appetite is the second crucial reason that might compel you to buy a protein powder from our list of brands. Many of us don’t have enough time to sit down and enjoy a whole-food meal in today’s busy life. One might be busy with work or traveling.

In addition, people don’t feel hungry enough to consume the recommended amount of protein daily. For instance, one might be sick and lose their hunger. In both cases, protein powders come in handy; all you need to do is to mix a scoop in 8 to 10 oz. water, stir well, and enjoy.

When should you drink protein shakes?

The amount of protein you consume is more effective throughout the day than what you eat. Although it is true for most people, it does not reflect the falseness of nutrient timing.

You should not be worrying about when you consume your protein. However, the timing matters when you are an athlete or pursuing ultimate muscle gain or fat loss. Thus, you can add protein shakes to your routine as you see fit. For instance, you can consume it when you are short on time to enjoy a good breakfast.

How much is protein powder too much?

A reasonable amount of good protein powder ranges from one to two scoops, about 20-40 grams daily. Most people tend to digest up to 80 grams per (3 to 4 scoops) as their upper limit of protein intake through supplements.

Although it is not a general rule, one might perceive 80 grams to be a good upper limit. Beyond this limit, protein powders displace whole meals, and thus, it becomes an excessive amount you must avoid.

Conclusion: Which One Protein Powder Is Best?

The truth is that finding the correct weight loss supplement can take a lot of time and reading, which can be exhausting. We gave you the breakdown of the top four protein powder supplements of 2022. All of which are readily available to purchase through the official websites of the brands on our list.

We highly recommend Uplift Florae as the number one choice for many reasons. It offers an advanced formula with a clinically tested outcome. Moreover, it has no known harmful side effects and contains no banned substances.

Besides, we have researched all the brands extensively and provided in-depth reviews. So, you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out which one is best for you. Choose a brand from our top list, explore its best-tasting protein powder collection, and enjoy delicious smoothies after a hard gym session!


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