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One of the high-ly cultivated seeds- Cannabis Seeds, is a journey that requires time and a bit of expertise. To kickstart this adventure, your first step is securing high-quality cannabis seeds.

Without them, you might be left with lackluster results or even nothing to harvest. Not much fun, right?


But here’s the good news: discovering premium marijuana seeds is a breeze. The secret? Check out different brands’ offerings and read what fellow users have to say.

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you! Below, you’ll find a handpicked selection of the 5 best seed banks that ship to the U.S., along with all the information you need. Let’s get growing!

Top 5 Seed Banks That Ship To The USA

This review aims to iron out all details about the best seed banks online. The more you know before you put your money into any seed bank selling cannabis seeds online, the higher the chances of getting what you want. So, let’s get started!


Overall Best Seed Bank, Editor’s Choice

Homegrown Cannabis. Co

Affordable Marijuana Seed Banks


Most Popular Seed Bank

Highly Recommended Cannabis Seed Bank

The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store

Overall Best Seed Bank, Editor’s Choice

Brand Overview

If you want to buy weed seeds, go for this quality cannabis seed bank. Known for being a 100% safe and organic seed bank, ILGM is popular among customers for its quality and wide range of selections of strains.

The brand also has excellent customer service, including a popular forum where customer complaints and queries get troubleshot within short periods.

ILGM seeds do not get branded because every seed gets thoroughly inspected. You can expect top-grade quality no matter how many times you place an order. They have a top-notch facility with equipment for preserving cannabis seeds to keep the freshness and vitality from seeping out.

ILGM also has a team of experts who handpick each seed before selling cannabis seeds online. Talk about expertise!

ILGM also stands out because of its germination guarantee. If the cannabis seeds received don’t sprout, you can claim your money back! Unlike most brands, ILGM provides a warranty on its product.


ILGM’s strain stock stacks up to 80 different strains. For beginners, they have a whole section of products you can check out! No matter the type of grower you are, there is something for everyone at ILGM.


The brand offers seeds not just for different types of growers but also for different kinds of weather, indoor or outdoor settings, different yields, and much more! You can also look through feminized seeds, auto-flowering varieties, and the fast-flowering type. Given the sophistication and category of cannabis seeds users, ILGM has benefitted from product differentiation to a great extent.


ILGM also has a mix pack of cannabis seeds, acting as a major choice for beginners who are still determining what strains will work for them. Mix packs have three strains categorized in different ways: name, bud color, growing conditions, and flavor are one example. Experimenting to see what works for you is an excellent place to learn about your preferences. Two points to ILGM!


You can check out I Love Growing Marijuana’s website for complete information on the products you want to learn about or purchase. Besides selling products, the brand also provides tips and tricks to fellow growers everywhere.


You can benefit from free delivery throughout the United States on your orders. ILGM also offers VIP membership to its customers, where one can access exclusive strains.


Thinking about their customers, the company gladly presents the offer- Buy 10, Get 10. 


Some of you might still be worried about delivery issues when it comes to marijuana products such as CBD flowers. ILGM offers quick delivery and has smartly designed packaging, which will keep your products from sticking out like a sore thumb while being delivered. This packaging also ensures that you get your products on time.


In sporadic cases, if your product is late, the reason may be confiscation or the loss of your package. Even if so, fret not! ILGM will deliver your seeds to you for free.


ILGM provides multiple payment options such as Bitcoin, credit card, bank transfers, or cash on delivery.

Customer Reviews

Each strain bifurcates the comment section on TrustPilot, so users of that particular strain can learn from other people’s experiences. 


People particularly love the quick delivery and quality of seeds that set ILGM apart from the competition.

Affordable Marijuana Seed Bank

Brand Overview

For genuine peace of mind AND confidence in quality, look no further than the Homegrown Cannabis Co. They guarantee delivery and germination, which is easier for them than many other brands because they supply and ship from within the United States (San Diego, to be exact). This means no long journeys across the Atlantic, no epic waits (and risks) in customs, and seeds as fresh as you could ever hope for.


This supreme level of quality of best CBD strains has attracted a host of collaborators, contributors, partners, and friends. Their indoor expert and advisor is none other than 13-time Cannabis Cup winner Kyle Kushman.

Their outdoor experts? Nikki Lastreto and Swami Chaitanya – best flower judges at the Emerald Cup and the talent behind the well-renowned, regenerative cannabis farm, Swami Select. And we can go on… they also have hash expert- The Dank Duchess: Oaksterdam University’s greenhouse expert, Eric Brandstad.


Most excitingly, they’ve recently struck up a partnership with Subcool, so we can expect some awesome new collaborative cultivars to hit the market in 2023. If that’s not enough to convince you, they’ve also got former NFL star Ricky Williams on the team. He worked with Homegrown’s breeders to create 3 awesome sativa strains that are PERFECT for beginners.


So, what about the seeds? The range tops 400 strains and includes high-THC, heavy-yield, high-CBD, beginner-friendly, indoor and outdoor seeds. They sell mostly fems and autos, but their regular seeds are of the highest quality, and their 20 different Fast Version seeds are second to none. And what about content? Spearheaded by their team of experts and collaborators, you can find tailored content from so many influential growers and 420 celebrities your mind will boggle.


Their Kushman tutorials are super-popular, but hundreds of instructional videos, podcasts, articles, and free-to-use platforms like their forum and grow diaries exist. FYI: Nikki and Swami’s Outdoor Guide recently premiered at the California State Festival, where it was watched and adored by thousands of grateful fans.


There’s a reason Homegrown has just topped 124K YouTube subscribers. Can you trust them? With many seedbanks, this would seem like a valid question. But with Homegrown, it seems somewhere between preposterous and insulting. You don’t attract these guys’ partnerships by being underhand and untrustworthy.


Their class is obvious from the moment you start exploring the site, and they back up everything they do with delivery guarantees, germination guarantees, and a sympathetic, hard-working customer support crew. They pride themselves on their customer service, consistently slashing response times and pushing themselves to make every customer feel cared for and respected. Decision made; how do you pay? 


Numerous payment methods and currencies are available at the Homegrown Cannabis Co. Money orders, bank transfers, Bitcoin, and other payment methods are all accepted for orders.

Customer Reviews

Homegrown has achieved the level of EXCELLENT on Yotpo. With a score like that, you wouldn’t be wrong to assume their reviews are mostly positive, but we’ll highlight some negatives, if only for balance.

Most Popular Seed Bank

Brand Overview

Get ready to be spoilt for choice with Seedsman’s variety of cannabis seeds. Based in the UK, this seed bank has become a trusted online store for the purchase of seeds since its inception in 2003. The company is known for its quality and variety.


Seedsman sells seeds on behalf of other sources. They do not produce cannabis seeds themselves, but that does not limit them from choosing only top-quality products for their brand. This difference in sourcing and selling strategies is what truly sets them apart from most of their competitors.


Seedsman has a variety of over 3,000 specialty seeds. That is a lot compared to the industry average! They collect seeds from 65 different sperm banks worldwide, allowing you to experience quality and variety from different growers around the world. For this very reason, their prices are a little on the higher side.

Seedsman offers a range of payment options and currencies. You can pay for your order through Bitcoin, bank transfers, money orders, and credit card payments.


You can check out the most popular products with their audience on their website. Seedsman also has a stock of award-winning strains tailored for specific growing conditions. For instance, they carry strains suitable for high altitudes, mold resistance, and even fast-flowering seeds, et cetera. However, Seedman’s seeds’ germination guarantee is limited compared to competitors.


With Seedsman, you can always be sure to find something that works for you. The company offers marijuana strains for insomnia and seeds for both medicinal and recreational uses. Before you purchase, you can check out their website to view various seeds, flowering-type seeds, cultivation seeds, and strain types.


Medicinal seeds that the brand carries offer cures for inflammation, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. For full disclosure on their medicinal seeds section, check out their website! You can find reviews of each product at the bottom of the page with the product listing.


Seedsman offers free seeds with every order you place. And as if you needed any other reason to choose Seedsman, you will also receive a 15% off on your total bill if you pay with Bitcoin with a 25% off on your first order.


Seedsman also offers a Loyalty Program for its regular customers. Just sign up and collect points with every order you place. Not just with placing an order, you can also collect points by writing reviews and subscribing to the newsletter.


The brand delivers products in discreet packaging to maintain the customer’s privacy. You can also track your shipment to see the status of your order.


The customer support service system of the brand is pretty average. You can help by reading and writing reviews for the products you have used/want to use. You can feel free to reach out to the technical Seedsman’s team through email or telephonic means.


You can also contact the company for any queries and complaints within 90 days of the shipping date of your order. In case of wanting to return goods, you can get in touch with the company. You can return unused, newly packaged goods within 14 days of order receipt.


The only flip side to the brand is that shipping your order carries additional charges. You will have to pay a delivery insurance fee as well as a delivery charge to get your order delivered to your doorstep.

Customer Reviews

Customers seem to be very pleased to receive extra seeds with their orders. Additionally, healthy and quick plant growth has people leaving positive reviews about the brand.

Some users are also happy with receiving the exact product that they ordered, while others are highly dissatisfied with the time it takes to deliver their orders. Reviews also show that people are not entirely happy with extra shipping charges.

Highly Recommended Cannabis Seed Bank

Brand Overview

The Vault was founded in 2012 and is recognized as a trusted name in the industry providing premium seeds, discreet packaging, and excellent customer service. They also provide good prices for their products that will not cost you an arm and a leg.


The Vault offers thousands of strains to growers looking for quality and variety outsourced from various breeders worldwide. They have featured Cannabis Cup Winner products available on their website. They have strains concentrated in THC and CBD to give you the results you are looking for. They offer a large variety of seeds, from feminized seeds and regular seeds to auto-flowering seeds.


If you are a marijuana user and proud, the brand offers related merchandise on their website. No matter what type of grower you are, The Vault has a little something for everyone! The company even offers free seeds with every order.

The website displays multiple featured products and breeders so you can know the high-quality products to expect from the brand. You can also check out various offers that help you save up during your purchases. Additionally, benefit from free delivery offered by the brand on all orders in the UK.


The Vault also offers Royal Mail delivery that guarantees delivery within 3-5 days. The brand also offers a guaranteed delivery, which means that you will get your package again free of cost in case of a package loss! The company also delivers your order in discreet packaging, keeping in mind the sensitivity of the product.


Stealth shipping by the brand is another guarantee to deliver your package in the best way possible. This way, you can put your mind at rest regarding any doubt about receiving your order. You can make payments for your order through your credit/debit card, online bank transfers, postal orders, or even Bitcoin.


You can return your products in case of dissatisfaction with the seeds. Orders could get returned only within 30 days of dispatch. Ensure that the package is unopened and in the exact condition you received it at the time of return.


Considered as one of the best cannabis seed banks, The Valut has the best customer support service as far as user reviews go. You can reach out to the brand via email or their UK and USA phone numbers. They offer excellent support to their customers, be it pre- or post-purchase.

Customer Reviews

Customers are generally happy with the quick service and brand quality. They also seem to love the discreet packaging of the brand that allows swift delivery without being caught at customs.


People also like The Vault’s customer service and have mentioned the team being prompt and responsive to their issues. The brand also offers free seeds to customers who may have had to face inconvenience while placing an order or otherwise.

Best Known For Its Cannabis Seeds

Brand Overview

Are you searching to purchase marijuana seeds with your friends? Well, some friends who are very similar to you are selling! Herbies to make seeds accessible and legally available. 


Since its inception, this has come a long way while developing reliable connections with other cannabis seed growers and consumers. But why is Herbies so unique? Learn more by continuing to read! A geneticist created Herbies, which offers premium seeds that are freshly delivered to your door. People identify with the brand due to, among other things, its respected position in the market, guaranteed standard, and numerous strain collections.


As of now, Herbies still offers reliable, high-quality seeds. Like no other, their products are renowned for being viable. Currently, Herbies has a huge variety totaling more than 200 strains. The company sells seeds for both therapeutic and recreational uses. 


They have three main categories: ordinary seeds, feminized seeds, and auto-flowering seeds. For those who are still learning about the products in this category, Herbies also has something to offer. The firm provides value-pack mixes with several strains for newcomers to try out until they find their preferred flavor. To find out which seeds work the best, you can choose the quiz on their website.

Customer Reviews

Customers have shared positive reviews reflecting their satisfaction with the brand. People enjoy the freshness and aroma of the strains and the overall experience with Herbies.


Others were very happy with the information on the website, helping them use the seeds correctly. Many other people also pointed out the brilliant customer support they got through the FAQs on the website and their direct phone line for international and local users.

One of the highly recommended cannabis seed banks

Brand Overview

You will be mulling over quality with handpicked varieties by the Ministry of Cannabis (MoC). The Ministry of Cannabis is based in Spain and has a wide range of strains for you along with their personal hybridized varieties. Having been in the market for over a decade and a half, this cannabis seeds brand will leave you feeling royally relaxed.


The owners of MoC have a history of being involved with the world’s top cannabis seed banks and growers to identify the needs of their audience. This information allows them to produce seeds they know their audience is bound to order from them.


However, the brand did not just stop there.


After gaining knowledge of the market, the founders also created hybrid strains for their customers. This knowledge sets them apart from the competition and speaks of the mastery of the brand and the people behind the scenes. It does not matter what you are used to; you can always count on MoC to have something for you.

They offer mixed packages at a great value which contain six seeds per package. With these packages, they aim to expose their users to feminized and auto-flowering varieties. Like most brands online, MoC has a wide variety of Cannabis seeds that they sell.


The MoC website offers vast information for regular seed growers or be it starters. If you have any queries, you can be almost always sure to find the answer. Each seed strain has information on yields, CBD and THC content, and so much more.


MoC’s website also provides information for new growers. They also have blogs and articles you might find useful if you find yourself looking for help.


In addition to this, the brand offers good value for money and deals on purchases from time to time. You can also benefit from free delivery on charges worth € 75. Additionally, be it for personal uses or wholesale purposes, they offer discreet packaging to ensure the maintenance of customer confidentiality.


This reputable seed bank offer excellent customer service, from comprehensive FAQs on their website to guidance through the entire process of seed germination. No matter the purpose of your use – medicinal or recreational – or your level of expertise, they have got your back!


Delivery is offered worldwide by the brand. After reading the short terms and conditions e-manual on the website, you can place your order safely and securely online. Be sure to know the legal status of cannabis seeds in your region before doing so. Weed seeds are either illegal or controversial in most countries.


Stealth shipping guarantees back all deliveries and can be tracked if you have a tracking number. Delivery and payment are 100% safe, and the company will not display or share your order details on your credit card statement. This reputable seed bank offers multiple payment methods such as Bitcoin, bank cards, and online bank transfers.

Customer Reviews

People who have tried out the brand are really satisfied with the consistency of services offered by the Ministry of Cannabis. Additionally, people also seem to be loving their international shipping option.


Users also love the quality and instant feeling of relaxation after using the final product – there are many who also enjoy the strong flavors in the seeds.

Buyer’s Guide: Factors To Consider Before Choosing the Best Seed Bank

There are a lot of seed banks in the market offering multiple options, which is why choosing which brand works for you can get confusing.

It is natural to think about the risks of ordering marijuana seeds online and receiving them in your mail. Laws differ from state to state in the US and everywhere else in the world.

To be safe, you should always check the laws of controversial products in your state/country before proceeding to place your order.

Have you finally decided to buy those seeds for yourself? Make sure to tick a few boxes as stated below beforehand.

Even if Cannabis is legal in some US states, the problem lies not with usage but with germination. Always check if your state will let you grow Cannabis to keep yourself from violating any laws. 


The interpretation of legal laws guarding the sale and growth of marijuana seeds has changed over the years. You can buy or sell Cannabis seeds, but the germination process is key to remember. So, even if you own marijuana seeds, technically, you will not be in trouble even in the states where Marijuana is illegal. You can’t do much with them.

Safeguard your invested money by choosing a reliable and trusted seed bank. Mediocre sources will take no responsibility in the case that your order gets lost in the process.


You can conduct informal research by reading online reviews and checking out company policies and conditions. Ensure that the company offers guarantees on delivery and makes up for packages lost or confiscated during delivery. 


Minimize your risk by making sure you pick a seed bank that is trusted, reliable, and has a long-standing in the market.

Indeed, a good company looks after its customers and their needs. Good customer service results in good customer experiences. 


Like the previous tip, researching seed banks before making a purchase will save you time and the hassle of being caught up with a brand that delivers poorly on its claims.

A common problem with some seed banks is that they do not offer germination guarantees. This process is the most important part and pretty much the reason you are buying marijuana seeds in the first place. If germination fails, all else fails. 

But why is a germination guarantee important? Even though companies claim 100% germination guarantees, things may not always turn out that way.

Companies often offer free replacement seeds in case of failed germination cases making up for the lost opportunity. This compensation also helps you redeem your expense which would otherwise not be possible with a company that offers no such guarantees.

Stealth shipping is a shipping guarantee companies offer their customers. This guarantee means that no matter what happens to your product before you receive it, the company takes full responsibility to send/resend the package to you. Stealth shipping is usually free of cost. 


This guarantee extends to issues involving factors out of your control, such as confiscating your seeds at customs or losing the package. They will hold you responsible if you provide an incorrect delivery address or issues of the like.

No matter the actual size of your need, it is always wise to try out the product before buying it in excess amounts. Thoroughly review customer reviews and feedback to ensure you get your bang for the buck. 


Unless you are 100% sure of what to expect, you usually recommend that you test the company for their claims first. You can always go back and place a bulk order once you are completely satisfied.

Every company’s website has a Terms and Conditions section where they mention all the technicalities you need to know when making your purchase decision. Sometimes, not understanding the company policies will lose your money and your product because your concerns become invalid.

Cannabis seed banks give you multiple payment options for your purchase. The most popular method of delivery accepted by most banks is credit cards. 


Cryptocurrency is also often accepted by most banks because of its convenience. PayPal is also commonly used by many people as a payment method worldwide because of secure payments. However, the issue that lies with PayPal is that it may suspend or ban your account for controversial products. 

FAQs About Seed Banks

Each state in the US has its laws concerning the growth and use of Marijuana. As long as the seeds have not germinated, the company can ship them to you as bird food/fish bait or a souvenir.

Often people worry about what will happen to them if their package gets intercepted. The truth is, placing an order with online seed banks usually involves minimal risk. 


Most seed banks offer stealth shipping to customers, which means that the order will be delivered even in the rare case of getting confiscated. The company shipping the seeds hides them in objects such as DVD cases to avoid suspicion.

Seed banks get chosen given they have been in the market for at least four years. 


The brand’s credibility and its products are extremely important to see what other users have to say about them. Most seed banks have forums and blogs where people have open conversations about their experiences with the brand. 


Quick research will help you get many things out in the open before you make your purchase. If you are a beginner, most brands also offer special value packs and some tips on their websites you can benefit from.

You will want to get your cannabis seeds from online seed banks with the best genetics. It will help you make the most out of your plant and make the purchase worth your money. The best way to ensure this is to look into the bank’s reputation as good quality seeds seem to have a proportional effect on customer satisfaction. Our list of the best seed banks ensures good quality seeds.

Conclusion: What Is The Most Popular Seed Bank?

For those of you looking for the best seed bank out there, we would recommend I Love Growing Marijuana. The brand’s quality products, reputation in the industry, good customer service support, and multiple offers make it the optimal brand for you to associate yourself with.


Although not all the brands mentioned are based in the US, delivery to the country is possible. All the best seed banks offer guaranteed shipping and a variety of payment options for your convenience. Most seed banks also offer product returns in case the product is not up to your expectations.


It is important to remember to investigate as many aspects of your brands of interest as possible to make an informed choice. However, the list of the seed banks in this article has been thoroughly reviewed and is guaranteed to give you a pleasurable shopping experience. And out of these, we have chosen ILGM and Ministry of Cannabis as the top two seed banks of 2022.

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