Exclusive 2-Day Sale at Exhale Wellness, Get 35% Off Everything + Double Rewards!

Suvrat Singh

California, 19th April 2024, Exhale Wellness, a premium hemp products online brand, is shaking the world of cannabis with its best 420 CBD deals for this year. 


The brand has launched a massive 35% discount on its complete range of high-quality THCA flowers and double rewards! The offer starts on 19th April 2024 and will stay active sitewide till 21st April 2024 (midnight).


Just use the coupon code “420” when buying to activate the Exhale Wellness promo code “420” and enjoy your THCA flower.

Exhale’s THCA Flower

THCA is preferred as it is non-psychoactive in its natural form. However, give it some heat and it will turn into potent Delta 9 THC. THCA flowers are legal in more than 50 states.

If you are in a region with strict weed regulations but want to enjoy the classic cannabis experience without any legal issues, Exhale Wellness has the best THCA flowers. 

Customers love them, and they’ve been featured in various prestigious publications. The brand offers 13 varieties of THCA flowers.

Here are the more popular ones:

  • Snow Caps- Skunk Candy Strain
  • Godfather OG THCA Flower
  • Sunday Gelato
  • Platinum Punch
  • Han Solo
  • Ice Cream Cookies

Moreover at Exhale Wellness, you can get a bundle pack for different THCA flower strains at a great discount.

The brand lab-tests every flower to make sure that they are 100% pure and potent. You can roll them up in joints or use them with your favorite bond or dab rig to enjoy Delta 9’s signature euphoric effects.

Exhale’s THC flowers are priced between $79.95 and $199.00. However, you can enjoy their 420 weed sale and avail of them for just $51.96 to $129.35 after a 35% flat discount!

This is your golden opportunity to give a try to new strains or get premium strains without even paying full price.

Other Products Where You Can Avail This Offer

More good news for all its customers, Exhale Wellness’s 420 cannabis sale offer doesn’t apply to THCA flowers only. You can get a great discount on a huge range of products this weekend such as:

Delta 8 Flower

If you have had a tough and exhausting day at the office and don’t want the overwhelming power of Delta 9, Exhale’s Delta 8 flower range is a must-try.


The brand has more than 12 varieties of Delta 8 flowers in strains like Cookies, Lifters, Gusher, Zkittles, Pink Runtz, Sour Diesel, Sour Space Candy, etc.


The effects of Delta 8 flowers are a controlled high, relaxation, and better sleep. Exhale’s Delta 8 flowers range between $39.95 and $84.95. However, you can get them for only $25.96 to $55.21 during the monthly 420 cannabis sale!


CBD Flower

CBD flower selections from Exhale Wellness are great for those who are looking for mild relaxation and wellness benefits instead of a euphoric high. The brand has 5 types of CBD flowers in strains like Northern Lights, Skywalker OG, and Sour Space Candy.


You can even get normal-sized and small buds for your favorite strains according to your preferences.


These hemp flowers don’t get you high but treat you with all the wellness benefits of the plant. The brand prices its flowers between $29.95 to $89.95. But you can currently get them at just $19.46 to $58.46!


HHC Flower

If you are looking for a balance between THCA and CBD flowers, checking the HHC flower range from Exhale Wellness is a must. HHC is present in quite small amounts in the cannabis plant. Thus, it is derived as a distillate from CBD flowers.


The distillate is then coated with hemp flowers to make pure HHC flowers. They are not as powerful as THC, so they give milder effects that wear out within 1-2 hours. You can expect better sleep, mood, and appetite, along with lower discomfort and anxiety.


Moreover, you can enjoy all the wellness benefits as they are derived from CBD. Exhale Wellness prices its HHC flowers at $34.95, but currently, you can avail them at just $22.71!


If you want to buy THCA flowers at discounted prices, Exhale Wellness is giving you the perfect opportunity with its regular 420 cannabis promotion. It’s also an awesome time for people who want to try new hemp strains or flowers without paying the original price.


Exhale Wellness is known for its huge variety of potent, pure, and effective hemp flowers from Delta 8, THCA, HHC, and CBD varieties. Their recurring 420 sale is one of the best offers for the biggest price slashes.


To avail the discount, just add your favorite weed flowers to your cart and apply the coupon code “420” However, the ongoing 420 sale event is valid till 21st April 2024 only (midnight). So hurry to Exhale Wellness now, order, and save every 20th with our 420 Cannabis Sale

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