What Is Synthetic Urine & How Fake Pee Increases Drug Test Abuse?

Nikhil Goswami

Employees have adapted their cheating tactics as advanced drug testing has become more commonplace in the workplace. Employers should prioritize implementing a drug testing policy that employs scientifically-validated methods, especially in industries where accidents are common. It’s expected that when workers don’t show up to work high or drunk, everyone is safe.

Furthermore, the accuracy of a drug test depends on the integrity of the specimen used. With greater detection of cocaine and methamphetamine, and new legislation allowing recreational or medical marijuana in numerous states, businesses are instituting tougher routines to counter the growing problem of employees submitting false positive drug tests.

People use this product to fake drug screenings since it looks and smells like human pee. Companies opt for urine tests to determine whether someone has ever taken drugs or is currently using them.

Fake urine is available for sale, modern technology has significantly improved its creation, and the close similarity to the human pee strengthens its credibility. To get clean results quickly, some individuals risk it all by utilizing synthetic urine instead of their urine to acquire clear results quickly.

What Is Synthetic Urine? 

It is necessary to provide some background on synthetic urine kits before delving into the specifics of the pee itself. Synthetic urine includes substances such as yellow coloring, creatinine, and, on occasion, uric acid to replicate the qualities of human pee.

Simply put, synthetic urine is an ordinary artificial pee created in a laboratory. This is done to simulate urine in its purest form. The required components are in synthetic urine, including creatinine, ammonia, urea, pH, uric acid, adequate sulfate concentrations, and specific gravity. If the concentrations are inaccurate, they will immediately appear in your sample. Therefore, at some point, you will need high-quality synthetic urine for your drug tests.

Historically, people used synthetic urine to evaluate the effect of urine on items such as diapers, beds, cleaning chemicals, and medical equipment.

Furthermore, they have used it to increase testing efficiency in alternative medicine, scientific investigations, and even drug testing.

With higher drug positive rates and more commonly accessible legally available substances, people often use fake pee to attempt to mislead drug tests.

Using synthetic urine is a dependable and successful method, although a risky one, to pass a drug test. You may easily pass a drug test using a fake urine kit. These items will improve your chances of passing a urine test, which is one of the most difficult drug screenings.

This is one of the most effective ways to trick a urine test since it allows you to create a synthetic urine sample. This urine sample looks to be a lot more authentic and indicative of genuine pee’s composition, and it is straightforward to use compared to liquid urine kits. In addition, the composition of this urine sample is more accurate.

Different Varieties Of Synthetic Urine

After understanding synthetic urine, the next step is to get familiar with the two variants that are accessible. You can use synthetic urine in either powder or liquid form, depending on your tastes and what you find to be the most effective for you.

Both approaches have particular strengths and weaknesses but achieve the same satisfactory results. When you use it following the right directions, both varieties of synthetic urine provide good results.

Synthetic Urine In Liquid Form

The first type of synthetic urine is liquid fake urine, and it does not call for any mixing until it is diluted. There is no need to add anything further; combine the ingredients, bring them to a simmer, and then utilize them.

Synthetic Urine In Powdered Form

You need to add distilled water to be “passed” as genuine pee for powdered urine, and this is because powdered synthetic urine is not adequately hydrated. The sample is available in a vial, which you have to transfer to a bigger container to mix the ingredients for the fake urine together and produce the urine.

In most cases, the vial contains enough ingredients to generate a whole bottle of fake urine; nonetheless, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when estimating your filtered water.

Why Do People Use Artificial Urine?

People use synthetic urine to pass mandatory drug tests at many workplaces and schools. Getting a job is a major motivation for individuals to use fake urine. Most companies conduct pre-employment drug tests on all prospective hires and periodically test existing workers to ensure they remain drug-free and can do their jobs. If the firm forbids the use of drugs, a worker who fails a drug test may lose his job.

Drug tests are also a standard component of the application procedure for universities. Students who use drugs like marijuana or opioid tablets sometimes try to fool drug tests by using fake pee.

Many athletes who pass a urine drug test before participating use fake pee to fool the authorities. They may do this to cover up the usage of both illicit drugs and legal medications that boost performance.

Additionally, many utilize synthetic urine to conceal a medical issue or to trick their insurance providers.

Synthetic Urine Main Features

There are some main factors developers must pay attention to when creating a synthetic urine kit.  First, developers have discovered a way to replicate the same color of the human pee, giving the synthetic urine a golden yellow color.

Further, they incorporate creatinine in synthetic pee to replicate human pee characteristics. Creatinine is essential in all successful synthetic urine kits, and testers always seek to find it since it is a byproduct of the metabolism of the muscles.

Another essential factor developers have considered is the temperature of the urine. That is why they created heating stripes to bring the sample to the right degree.

Developers determine the pH level of synthetic urine after specific components have been diluted to replicate the original urine combination. Then, they examine the fake pee and improve it accordingly.

Using fake urine to pass a pee test is the most reliable method. The use of a kit, on the other hand, requires skill. Moreover, you’ll need to conceal it throughout the examination and swap it out before the examiner notices.

Synthetic Urine Ingredients

The greatest synthetic urine contains non-toxic components. Synthetic urine has a high proportion of the same elements as human urine. Firms originally developed it to test their lab equipment to confirm that it was operating before examining authentic urine samples.

Some of the most probable elements include the acid uric, urea, Sodium phosphorus, pristine water, Chloride of potassium, Creatinine, and Chloride of sodium.

The finest synthetic urines include both urea and uric acid. All effective synthetic urines need creatinine, a byproduct of protein metabolism that testers look for to guarantee they’re dealing with genuine pee. A few testers will look for urine odor, and most will look for yellow coloring to ensure that the sample is not too dilute.

How To Choose The Most Effective Synthetic Urine?

There are a lot of fake urines out there, many of which are disappointments. Some can be caught on drug tests, and those that are ineffective. You must choose a reliable product and reputable manufacturer.

It might be difficult to choose the “perfect” synthetic urine kit since there are so many of them now available for sale. The following are some factors to consider to assist you in refining your search.

Reputable Brands

Due to the rise in demand for artificial urine kits, the number of imitation goods has expanded significantly in recent years. Hence, you must choose the most reputable brand to get your kit. In addition, look into customers’ comments to determine whether or not the product met other people’s needs.

Moreover, Since uric acid is present in healthy urine, most testing facilities look for it as part of their drug screening procedures. Check the ingredient list on the product to see whether it contains this key component.

Visual Appearance

Urine color varies from person to person and is influenced by several factors, including but not limited to medicine, nutrition, hydration, and other bodily substances. Urochrome is the chemical responsible for the range of colors seen in urine, from pale yellow to deeper shades of yellow and even amber.

Your synthetic urines, thus, should include either green or yellow undertones.


Temperature is an essential factor when looking for a synthetic urine kit. After a few seconds of being outside the body, the urine temperature drops. Urine outside the 90–98 degrees Fahrenheit range will raise red flags, increasing the likelihood of detection. The best-selling brands of synthetic pee all come with temperature-reading strips.

The most effective solutions come with a heating pad to maintain the urine at a comfortable temperature and a unique strip indicating the actual temperature.


Finally, you’ll need to consider the shelf life of your product. It’s not uncommon for drug tests to be very surprising. When it comes time for tests, you don’t want to discover that the synthetic urine kit has expired.

Be careful to select a durable kit; the leading manufacturers of synthetic urine guarantee that their products have a shelf life of at least two to three years when you store them properly.

Applications Of Synthetic Urine

In addition to its usage in helping people pass drug tests, synthetic urine also has the following applications:

Using synthetic urine to play pranks is by far the most amusing use of this substance for individuals with little spare time on their hands. Gardeners who are concerned about the health of their plants will use animal pesticides to keep rodents away from their plants. Synthetic urine, equally as effective as actual pee but less expensive overall, is becoming more popular among gardeners.

In the field of education, medical students practice using simulated urine. These training include urinalysis tests and clinical exercises.

When it comes to cleaning agent tests, fake urine is quite common among salespeople and marketers. They use it to demonstrate the effectiveness of various cleaning chemicals, notably for carpeting and furnishings that need urine stain cleaners and odor removers. In particular, they focus on the performance of these agents for removing pee stains.

The Dangers Of Synthetic Urine

People experimenting with drugs will frequently take considerable measures to conceal their addiction that includes THC detox methods and fake pee. Which is why fake urine usage is becoming increasingly common. While drug users enjoy the temporary high of these substances, most cannot face the penalties of being discovered. This is evident, especially if they attempt to preserve their profession or conceal their substance use from their family.

However, utilizing fake urine is not a perfect method. Many labs and testing facilities are increasingly adept at identifying fake urine, which is no longer as easy as filling a cup. The procedures presently in use also aim to identify fake pee. This implies that if you want to use synthetic urine, your chances of getting away with it are not 100% accurate.

Furthermore, if testers find out you’re using fake pee, you may face serious repercussions. You will have to pay a fine or lose your career, and people can exclude you from events and even be incarcerated for cheating on a drug test.

If you need a drug test, the easiest method is to stop using these hazardous drugs. However, we recognize that this is not a simple task.

Is It Legal To Use Synthetic Urine?

The subject of whether synthetic urine is allowed, particularly for pre-employment testing, is likely what brought you here. So, are you breaching the law if you provide a false urine sample?

This is a nebulous area of law, and the location and kind of examination both have a role. It is not wise to rely on important choices on speculation or the ramblings of strangers on the Internet.

Do your homework and investigate relevant legal topics, or consult an attorney, for guidance. But in most places, both selling and purchasing synthetic pee is perfectly legal.

Synthetic pee is yours to do with as you choose. It is not against the law to falsify a drug test result in the United States. However, it can be against the law in the state where you are located. If caught cheating, you risk losing your job.

Instructions For Using Kits To Create Synthetic Urine

There is no way to pass a urine drug test by diluting your pee or increasing the amount of water you drink. Urine drug tests are very difficult and stringent. If you make even one mistake, you might throw away a good career and face negative repercussions. Therefore, getting high-quality synthetic urine kits to pass a drug test is essential.

Utilization Of High-Quality Synthetic Urine

Both powdered and liquid forms of synthetic urine kits are available today to meet your needs. If it is in powder form, you will need to create the urine solution by combining the exact quantity of water. On the other hand, in contrast to its solid counterpart, liquid synthetic urine is both pre-mixed and concentrated.

Keeping The Temperature Of Urine Consistent

Urine from humans ranges from around 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Testers will certainly not accept anything that goes beyond this point. The temperature of the human body at rest is around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. We recommend maintaining the temperature of your samples at 96 degrees.

To maintain the temperature of the urine sample, most women choose a waistline pack equipped with a flexible hose that allows them to empty the pack between their legs while sitting on the toilet. On the other hand, males have a better chance of passing off their prosthetic penis than their own when it comes to passing off a sample of synthetic pee.

Tips For Storing The Synthetic Urine

Certain circumstances, such as high or low temperatures, humidity, and early exposure to dust and oxygen, might shorten the shelf life of the fake pee. All of these things destroy the chemical connections that are present in urine between the various compounds. Before you use anything, make sure you check the date of manufacture.

Read The Instructions Carefully

Do not even think about attempting to produce the sample pee solution until you have finished reading and comprehending the instructions. Be very cautious about heating your sample, following the manufacturer’s directions. You might damage the urine sample if you raise the temperature to an excessive level.

It is smart to get some practice with the phony kits in the time leading up to the real test to improve your chances of passing the drug test.

However, there is a good chance that you won’t be allowed to flush the toilet since the people in charge want to ensure that you aren’t trying to hide evidence of sample tampering.

FAQs Regarding Synthetic Urine/Fake Urine

Why Can’t I Get Some Clean Urine From A Friend?

You are not allowed to utilize or borrow clean urine from someone who does not use cannabis since there is a probability of being apprehended and the danger of pH, creatinine, and other chemical substances being damaged due to improper management. This act is precarious, and if you need to submit your urine sample immediately, the temperature of the sample will likely expose you.

Does Artificial Urine Have Any Effect?

Clearing a pee test using synthetic urine is a strategy with a high success rate. Assume that you get the kit from a reliable supplier, that you will adhere to the instructions, and that you will maintain the appropriate temperature for the urine before sending it in for testing. Under such circumstances, there is no question that you will get the desired result on the test.

If I Use Fake Urine For A Drug Test, Would It Also Be Effective For Another Test?

It is effective for drug tests, sports testing, and even diagnostic procedures if you need to complete any of those things.

How Can You Tell When Your Fake Pee Is Ready?

Suitable fake urine temperature should be between 32 and 38 degrees Celsius to avoid suspicion. If you have heat, your artificial pee temperature may be higher than usual, and you may fail your exam if it is too chilly or too heated.

Your synthetic pee should be yellow and smell like real urine. The hand warmers you have must maintain the temperature of your urine between 2 and 6 hours. Waiting any longer than this would be considered overly lengthy for a urine test.

Any synthetic urine worth its salt will come with a hand warmer that will keep your digits toasty for several hours. Put a rubber band around it and secure it to the top of your urine container. Wait at least half an hour.

Will Using Hand Warmers Cause Urine To Become Too Hot?

Hand warmers keep the urine temperature at the same level as the user’s body. This is because companies run the risk of being sued if the gadget becomes too hot and creates blisters on people’s hands.

Can You Freeze Pee For A Drug Test?

Certain synthetic urines you can freeze and then use later, while others do not need to be frozen. You can use them for up to 2 years without losing their potency. Make inquiries with your product’s maker.

Is It Safe To Use Powdered Synthetic Urine? 

Yes, powdered pee is effective. Regarded as unquestionable if it has every necessary component. Check to see that you have mixed it properly and is at the appropriate temperature before presenting it.

Is Artificial Urine Legal?

Cheating on a drug test is not unlawful under federal law, and many jurisdictions declare the procedure illegal, with penalties ranging from fines to jail. In South Carolina, for example, users and marketers of goods intended to deceive drug or alcohol tests face up to three years in jail.

Conclusion: How To Pass A Drug Test? 

In most workplaces, especially in the United States, employees take mandatory testing regularly. There are other methods for passing drug tests, such as going through detox teas and drinking a lot of water. However, using synthetic urine is unquestionably the most dependable and efficient method.

No assurance doing so would help you pass a drug test; at most, it will just increase your chances. Additionally, we must highlight the risks. If you are detected using synthetic urine, you will probably have your contract terminated. Moreover, depending on the state, you may even face legal action. As a result, you do so at your peril if you use synthetic urine.

While it’s possible to pass a drug test using synthetic urine, modern drug testing facilities have developed advanced tools to detect such fraud. The ability of modern laboratories to determine whether or not human pee is the source of the sample is a significant step forward in the fight against fake urine.

Therefore, you should get a sophisticated synthetic urine kit to be effective. Everything you want to know about synthetic pee is here in this post. It’s important to know how to choose the finest brands. You should also know how to identify low-quality items, and how laboratories can distinguish between synthetic and genuine pee. Lastly, if you opt to choose this method to pass your test, you might want to practice ahead using cheap kits.

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