Certo Drug Test Hack: Does This Really Works In 2024?

Suvrat Singh
Certo Drug Test

You often come across a sea of options for passing a drug test. Some might have felt right, while some not. Amongst the massive range, certo drug tests would have shone the brightest. 

But what exactly is a certo drug test? Does it actually help you pass drug tests?

This ultimate guide will address all your worries, with each section targeting every question.

Therefore, you can decide if it is something you want to try or if you would rather opt for other solutions that we would also highlight for passing a drug test. 

Test Clear Urine

Test Negative

Test Negative Quick Luck

What Is The Certo Detox Process?

First and foremost, you first need to know what Certo is. 

Certo is a popular name brand for liquid fruit pectin. The brand is also quite popular for its other fruit pectin product, Sure Jell. It is the same thing as Certo, but it is differently packaged. 

Now that you have a simple idea about Certo, you further need to understand the process. 

The Certo Detox method facilitates the absorption of naturally released toxins from the body via feces, urine, and other bodily fluids. 

How Does Certo Detox Method Works?

The science behind the certo drug detox method is simply that the product is made of fruit pectin rich with digestible fiber and mostly found in sweet fruits such as apples, berries, pears, and peaches. 

Therefore, by drinking this liquid fruit pectin, your body can produce more bile and also helps you to absorb more fat-containing THC traces allowing you to expel the metabolites through feces. 

When preparing the liquid fruit pectin, you must dilute it with water. The water also comes in handy to help the body expel the remaining toxins through urine by drinking a lot of water.

To give a flow track, understand the process this way: 

When you smoke cannabis, some traces of the drug metabolites are usually stored in the body’s fat cells. 

Knowing how hard it can be to eliminate unwanted fat means these metabolites are usually stored longer than necessary. 

According to scientific research, it can take up to 4 months, or longer, to eliminate THC traces in your body, especially if you are a heavy smoker. 

Because these metabolites attach to fat cells, most toxins are usually excreted through bowel movement – about 60% of the metabolites. 

The rest 40% is excreted through urine. Therefore, if you can increase your bowel movement, you can get rid of all traces of THC quicker. 

It is here that the certo method comes to play. 

To summarize it all in simple terms:

  • THC traces are stored in fat cells found in the body.
  • More metabolites are excreted through bowel movement than in urine
  • Fruit pectin is rich in fiber that helps to enhance bowel movement by producing more bile. 
  • The liquid also comes in handy in eliminating toxins through urine.
  • Certo Detox can be used with any type of fruit pectin.

Do You Have To Use Certo Or Sure Jell?

Certo and Sure-Jell are just brands of liquid fruit pectin. These are the two famous brands of liquid pectin, so the process is commonly known as the Certo Drug Test or the Sure Jell drug test method. 

That being said, it, therefore, means that you can use any type of fruit pectin for this detox plan, provided it is rich in fiber.

The two brand products are relatively more expensive than other similar products. Therefore, most people prefer using any other brand they can find at their nearest store at a cheaper price. 

In all honesty, these products all work the same, provided they are fibrous to help with binding stool. 

Step-by-Step Instructions On How To Use Certo To Pass A Drug Test

  • Certo has theoretically been proven to be a great way of eliminating traces of THC from the body, allowing you to pass a urine drug test.

    The whole Certo Detox process can take 60 minutes to 5 hours to complete depending on various factors such as the number of toxins present in the body, weight, frequency of use, age, rate of metabolism, fitness level, etc. 

    Once the process is done, all traces of THC will have been eliminated through bowel movements or urine. 

    There are many instructions online on how to go about a Certo Detox process. We dare say you ignore them all when you know about a drug test coming in the near future.

    Here is a complete list of the ingredients you will need to complete the Certo Drug Test Hack:

    • Two sachets of Certo, Sure-Jell, or any other liquid fruit pectin you might like.
    • Two bottles of an energy drink, preferably Gatorade
    • 10g Creatine
    • Multivitamin
    • Aspirin

    Step-by-Step Instructions

    • Step 1

    On the night before the drug test, mix one sachet of certo mixture with a bottle of energy drink (Gatorade). Drink this as quickly as possible, within five minutes. 

    Once you are done, down it with at least 8 ounces of water, before you sleep, make sure you visit the washroom a couple of times to pass urine. 

    Cannabis users prefer Gatorade because it contains a lot of sugar and dextrose, which are quickly absorbed into the body. It comes in handy in stopping the breakdown of fat and slowing down the elimination of THC in urine. 

    • Step 2

    Repeat the above step at least 6 hours before you go in for your drug test. 

    Mix up another sachet of fruit pectin with a bottle of sports drink like Gatorade. 

    Drink it as quickly as possible, probably within 5 minutes, then down it with about 8 ounces of water. After this, make sure you urinate as frequently as possible. 

    • Step 3

    Immediately after you have taken the second dose of Certo, take an aspirin to help mask drug toxins.

    • Step 4

    4 hours before your drug test, remember to take another aspirin plus a multivitamin and 10g of creatine. This is to help your urine appear to have the right balance rather than appearing too diluted, which can raise suspicion. 

    • Step 5

    30 minutes before going in for a drug test, you can do a simple home drug test to ensure your urine tests are negative for drugs. 

Does The Certo Detox Process Work?

When doing our research, we came across a bunch of people who have tried this method to hack their drug tests. We were pleased to discover that a good number have positive remarks about this method.

The Certo drug test method works even for heavy and frequent smokers. If you follow the instructions of use to the letter, this method effectively eliminates all traces of THC from your body through urine and feces.

Therefore, we highly recommend this method to anyone who is afraid they might not pass an impending drug test. 

A fair warning, however, would be to let you know that this method is not long–term or permanent. Sure, you will pass the drug test, but it does not guarantee that you will pass the next test, as it would depend on how long the drugs stay in one’s system.

Also, this method only works for cannabis toxins. Therefore, if they were to test for the presence of other drug metabolites, you might test positive if you have used any illegal drugs in the recent past. 

The only way you can be sure of completely detoxing all traces of drug toxins is by choosing a more elaborate detox plan and refraining from smoking cannabis or using any other type of drugs. 

Do Any Home Remedies Work For Certo Detox

Home remedies for passing a drug test are ideal for when you are looking for a pocket-friendly detox plan to help you pass a drug test. 

Unlike other complex options, home remedies are usually simple, and they use readily available. Also, you can get cheap ingredients at your nearest store. 

Home remedies such as the Certo drug test method usually work but are not as sustainable as other powerful detox methods. 

They are also not very reliable in the present day since drug testing has experienced major advances with technological innovations. 

A simple lab test today can detect even the slightest change in urine. It can easily tell when a urine sample has been adulterated. 

What Works To Pass A Urine Drug Test?

A urine drug test is the most common type of drug test requested in most organizations. For simple reasons, it is pocket-friendly, quick to carry out, and 100% efficient at detecting the presence of a wide range of drugs.

To pass a urine drug test, there are usually several strategies available including:

  • Get clean naturally – by quitting drug use, eating a healthy balanced diet, and exercising regularly
  • Use a detox drink 
  • Submit a fake urine sample

Unlike the other two strategies, the first one is pretty much straightforward and might need some planning. 

Below we will look into these two alternative strategies to determine how they can work for you.

Synthetic Urine

Synthetic Urine is fake pee you can purchase and prepare to submit for a drug test in place of your real pee. 

Synthetic pee is curated in such a way that it resembles real pee in color, odor, PH, etc. hence it cannot easily be detected as fake in a drug test, but only if you prepare it correctly. 

For this, we will recommend two legit products. These are:

Test Clear is a highly reputable company known for manufacturing the best and most reliable synthetic urine test kits, such as the Urine stimulation with powdered urine kit. 

What sets this product apart from the rest is that it is not synthetic urine but real human urine that has been dehydrated. 

It, therefore, contains all the chemical composition of real human urine including:

  • Urea 
  • Uric Acid
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Sodium Phosphate
  • Potassium Chloride
  • Distilled Water 

Therefore, if you prepare this urine sample correctly, there is no way it can be detected as fake during a urine drug test to avoid suspicion.

When you purchase this kit, you can expect to find the following in the package:

  • One plastic container of powdered Urine
  • One 50ml transportation container
  • Instruction manual on how to prepare the sample
  • A temperature stripe
  • A pair of activated heat pads
  • Distilled Water

The preparation process is straightforward. You just have to rehydrate the urine sample with lukewarm distilled water and then stir it until it completely dissolves. 

Before handing over the sample, ensure it is in the right temperature range, usually about 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The Incognito Belt Pre-mixed Synthetic urine kit is a very reliable product from Clear Choice Company. 

The company has done a great job with this product by ensuring their urine sample resembles real human urine in smell, gravity, PH balance, color, and the composition of ingredients. It, therefore, cannot be easily detected on drug tests as a fake urine sample. 

When you purchase the Incognito Belt Pre-mixed synthetic urine kit, you can expect to find the following in the product package:

  • An adjustable Velcro belt
  • Two heating pads
  • A bladder bag with 3.5 ounces of premixed synthetic Urine.
  • A detailed user manual
  • A temperature stripe
  • An instruction manual

The Incognito belt is also very easy to use, even if it is your first time. You simply need to tightly wrap the belt around your waist and under your clothes for discretion. 

The belt has a peeking rubber tube nozzle from where you will pass out the urine sample. As such, it is ideal for use for both supervised and unsupervised drug tests. 

The purpose of having the belt tied around your body is to ensure you can use it discreetly and to ensure the urine sample maintains the right body temperature until it is ready for use. 

At only $125, you can get this product by simply purchasing it via the company’s official website. 

Quick Luck is one of the most popular brands of synthetic urine on the market from Clear Choice Company. 

The pre-mixed synthetic urine kit is one of this company’s many drug test kits to help marijuana users pass a wide range of drug tests, including blood, urine, saliva, and hair follicle drug tests

As the name suggests, this urine sample comes in liquid form; hence it comes in handy when you have an impromptu drug test since it does not need much preparation. 

You must ensure the sample is at the right temperature before handing it in for a drug test.  

When you buy the quick luck urine kit, you can expect to find the following items in the package:

  • 3 ounces of the pre-mixed synthetic urine sample
  • Heat activator powder
  • A heating pad
  • A temperature stripe 
  • A transfer container 

Detox Drinks

When drug tests are impromptu, the ideal and fast-acting strategy you can use is a detox drink such as Mega Clean Cleansing Drink. 

During our research, we came across a bunch of detox drinks, each claiming to produce the best results. But after carefully analyzing each of them, we can confidently state that Mega Clean Detox drink is one of the best and most effective detox drinks on the market. 

There are a lot of positive reviews about Detoxify mega clean from previous clients about this product – the majority of them claim the detox drink helped them pass their drug test. 

The Mega Clean Detox Drink is known to flush out all traces of THC from the body. It is also enriched with essential minerals, vitamins, and herbs, which help to restore the nutrients that might be lost during the detox process to ensure your body is working at an optimal state even during detox. 

How to use this detox drink to clean your system is pretty much straightforward. All you need to do is to make sure you properly dilute the detox drink with enough distilled water. 

Shake the content of the bottles to allow them to mix, then drink it all up. In about 20- 30 minutes, the drink will start taking effect, but you need to refrain from smoking marijuana until you are done with the drug test and have your results with you. 

The downside to using this detox drink is that it cannot be used as a long-term solution since some of its components can cause adverse side effects if used for a long time.

Detox Pills

Detox Pills are the go-to solutions for when you want to completely clean your system by getting rid of all traces of toxins. 

The process of detoxing using pills is a lengthy one hence why you need to have adequate time to allow you to go through the entire process for the best results. Needless to say, they are not ideal for an impromptu drug test.

The 7-day detox pill is a very effective detox method. However, you need at least a 7- 15 days window before your drug test. 

These detox pills work by increasing the body’s rate of metabolism, which consequently causes the body to burn down excess fat. As you might be consuming some of the best Delta 8 products, THC will be getting stored in your body afterall. Once this fat is broken down, then THC traces can be eliminated from the body. 

Another thing we like about these pills is that they are made from a blend of highly potent, natural, and organic ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, and herbs, effectively eliminating all traces of toxins from the body. 

As such, it is improbable that you will experience any negative side effects; unless, of course you are allergic to any of the ingredients used to make the product.

The most commonly reported side effects of using these detox pills include; mild vomiting and diarrhea. These effects usually die down in a few hours after using the pills. 

If you are looking to go through a complete detox process, we would highly recommend the 7-day detox pills. It works wonders regardless of whether you are a light or heavy marijuana user. 

The recommended dose is to take three pills all at once after every 4 to 5 hours every day – up until the last day, the 7th day. Afterward, you should remember to drink the detox liquid in the package. 

You need to take half the bottle’s contents for the detox liquid after taking the last set of pills. Wait about 2 hours after this; then you can take the other half and drink enough water, at least 8 ounces, after the detox. 

Final Thoughts: Does The Certo Drug Test Hack Really Work?

Having obtained clear and concise information about Certo Drug Test, you can make an informed decision. Failing drug tests can be avoided with a wide range of options available. 

Optimize your chances of success by selecting a method that aligns with your needs and preferences for passing drug tests. The aforementioned strategies, including Certo Drug Test, are excellent choices. 

Take advantage of our recommendations like the certo drug test hack to increase the probability of passing the drug test.

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