Modere Trim Reviews 2024: Does This Weight Loss Supplement Work?

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Sometimes we can’t lose stubborn fat even after trying every weight loss method because our body doesn’t burn enough fat. For several people, Modere Trim has become a lifesaver. Modere Trim reviews unfold more about what it is.

Modere Trim has been hailed as the best weight loss supplement among fitness enthusiasts. But is this weight loss pill worth the hype? Or is it just a scam?

In this post, we will find out whether these claims are genuine. Plus, we’ll discuss the top fat-burning alternatives like PhenQ, Trimtone, and PhenGold available for Modere Trim. So, instead of envying those well-toned bodies on social media, get healthier by trying one of these fat burner supplements. Let’s dive in.

What Is Modere Trim?

Modere Trim is a weight loss supplement manufactured by Modere. It is available as a liquid and taken orally, one teaspoon daily. Modere is a U.S.-based company that has introduced several health and wellness products, and Modere Trim is top-of-the-line. This award-winning supplement has helped hundreds of people achieve their weight loss goals.

The liquid supplement contains the manufacturer’s patented collagen HA matrix technology that helps weight loss and improves muscle tone for a complete body composition. 

The supplement helps with weight loss and improves skin health and aging as it contains collagen. Collagen reduces wrinkles, lines, cellulite, and other aging signs, and its compounds restore youthful skin.

According to the manufacturer, the Modere Trim weight loss supplement offers a full body transformation. It not only helps lose belly fat but also prevents more cellular fat storage. It also supports firm muscles and helps the body feel toned with lean muscle mass. 

If you’re looking for something that can help you lose weight, tone your muscles, and give you glowing skin, Modere Trim is the answer.

Ingredients of Modere Trim

Modere Trim supports a lot of healthy functions and healthily promotes weight loss. But how does it do all this? The supplement is packed with numerous ingredients, and we discuss some of them below:

CLA, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid, is the main ingredient responsible for weight loss. According to numerous studies, the compound helps reduce body fat deposits. These studies state that CLA supports weight loss, and its ingredients accelerate fat reduction. CLA promotes lipolysis, which reduces the production of fatty acids. 

However, the effect of CLA varies from person to person, as some people might react to this compound while others may not. CLA is also present in vegetable oils and meat. However, further studies are needed to back these claims.

Liquid Biocell is an extract of hydrolyzed chicken sternal cartilage. This extract contains several compounds, including hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, and collagen type II peptides. These ingredients provide elasticity to the skin so that it appears more youthful and fresh.

A study on mice showed that liquid bio cells helped reduce photo-aging by improving skin moisturization and overall texture. Besides that, research on humans evaluated the use of Biocell Collagen (BCC) and found that the ingredient reduced wrinkles in women. The study also states that this ingredient increases blood flow and gives a youthful glow to the skin.

Modere Trim also contains turmeric, which has numerous health benefits. Because of its health benefits, turmeric is popularly used in Asian cuisine. It offers lots of benefits and gives flavor and color to the food. Turmeric is known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

However, its healing benefits will be more dominant if used in high doses. Small doses of turmeric won’t have any big impact on your health. Modere Trim contains the right ingredients, including turmeric, to help you reap the benefits.

Mixed tocopherols combine multiple sources of Vitamin E, such as sunflower and olive oil. These organic fat-soluble antioxidants contain Vitamin E. It also contains vegetable glycerin.

These ingredients help remove the clogging in the arteries and improve heart health. Besides that, they fight the free radicals in the body to destroy them and prevent the body from various diseases.

Potential Health Benefits of Modere Trim

Modere Trim is the company’s flagship product, and it has proposed many claims regarding the effectiveness of the product. 

Here are some benefits that the company claims:

Metabolism is one of the most important factors that contribute to weight loss. The process is responsible for burning food and producing energy for daily activities. However, some people have slow metabolic rates, which means that their bodies take time to convert food into energy and, in some cases, convert only a small portion of it.

In these situations, the excess food is stored as fats, increasing the overall weight. Modere Trim supports healthy fat metabolism through thermogenesis. Thermogenesis means producing heat, which helps convert food into energy quickly to increase metabolism.

Another important claim the company makes about this supplement is that it prevents further accumulation of fats in the body. This dietary supplement helps burn fat deposits and will make the body efficient enough so that no fat deposits accumulate again.

Taking Modere Trim can speed up the metabolism so that food is always converted into energy and no excess food is stored in the body as fats. Thus, while consuming the supplement, you won’t be fearful of excess fat deposits in the body.

There are numerous ways in which a person can lose fat, and reduction in fat cells is one of them. The supplement also targets to burn fat cells in the body to break them down and release energy.

This means that while taking the supplement, you’ll feel more energetic as the body continuously works on the fat cells to break them down. The supplement breaks down the body’s excess fat deposits and prevents new fat cells from forming.

Modere Trim claims to support the formation of lean muscle mass. You might have seen many celebrities that are not only slim but have beautiful, well-toned bodies. Their bodies are not too thin nor too fat. This is the exact look that many people look forward to, and Modere Trim helps achieve it.

The supplement burns excess fat and simultaneously works on improving the formation of lean muscle mass. Preserving muscle mass is an important function that many other weight loss supplements fail to support. Once you start losing fats, you must also improve muscle tone to look and feel healthy.

Who Is Modere Trim For?

Modere Trim is suitable for individuals seeking additional support in their weight loss efforts. It can assist in boosting metabolism, resulting in increased calorie burning, which facilitates achieving a caloric deficit—a necessary component for weight loss. 

Modere Trim can make it easier for individuals to reach their weight loss goals by providing this assistance.

Modere Trim Reviews: What Users Have To Say?

Customer opinions regarding Modere Trim are diverse, with positive and negative reviews. One aspect appreciated by customers is the variety of flavors and methods of consumption, which are considered convenient and enjoyable. 

While some customers claim to have experienced weight loss while using Modere Trim, this outcome is inconsistent for everyone. Several one and 2-star reviews indicate that the product had no effect, despite following the instructions diligently. 

Therefore, the effectiveness of Modere Trim in delivering desired results among customers remains uncertain and inconsistent, with varying opinions about its efficacy.

Cost of Modere Trim

Modere Trim cost sums up to $99.99, which is quite expensive. Besides, there is insufficient scientific evidence proving its effectiveness in weight loss. 


The good thing is that you can save a few bucks if you subscribe to the official website. However, the price is still too high, especially when the evidence for its effectiveness is lacking.

Where to Buy Modere Trim?

Modere Trim can be purchased from the official Modere website or reliable sellers on Amazon. Buying directly from the Modere website is recommended for the convenience of their shipping and returns policy, ensuring the authenticity and quality of the product.

Is Modere Trim Safe To Use As Weight Loss Supplements?

Well, yes, the supplement is safe but not very effective for weight loss. We have carefully evaluated the benefits of Modere Trim and analyzed the company’s claims for its weight loss effects. However, after thorough analysis and a comprehensive Modere Trim review, we realized that the supplement has no strong evidence to support its weight loss claims.

Is Modere Trim FDA Approved?

No, Modere Trim is not FDA-approved. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates and approves drugs and medical products in the United States. 

Since Modere Trim is a dietary supplement, it falls under different regulations and is not subject to FDA approval. However, it is important to note that dietary supplements must comply with certain manufacturing and labeling regulations set by the FDA.

Does Modere Trim Work?

Modere Trim may have some potential for weight loss, but it may not be as potent as other supplements like PhenQ. The weight loss formula of Modere Trim is limited to just two ingredients, and there is insufficient evidence to support the weight loss claims of one of these ingredients. This raises doubts about its effectiveness for the majority of individuals.

While some reviews suggest that Modere Trim can aid in weight loss and fat burning, it is important to remember that results may vary for each person. In the following section, we will examine various Modere Trim reviews to gain insights from actual customers.

Side Effects Of Modere Trim

Although the Modere Trim supplement includes ingredients considered safe for consumption, it is important to note that it can potentially lead to certain side effects. Like many other supplements, some individuals may experience nausea, diarrhea, or headaches when taking this product.

Moreover, studies suggest that consuming excessive amounts of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a key ingredient in Modere Trim, exceeding 6 grams, may pose a risk of developing a fatty liver. This condition can contribute to the likelihood of metabolic syndrome, potentially increasing the risks of insulin resistance, heart disease, and diabetes.

Best Alternatives for Modere Trim

phenq - theislandnow

PhenQ is a powerful thermogenic supplement. It promotes weight loss by burning excess fats in the body. The supplement contains ingredients that are clinically proven for fat-burning. Wolfson Brands, a well-reputed company manufacturing health and wellness supplements, manufactures it. PhenQ reduces appetite and cravings, promotes thermogenesis, and improves energy during workouts.

Modere Trim vs. PhenQ Ingredients

PhenQ comprises all-natural ingredients which support your weight loss plan. Unlike Modere Trim, the supplement helps in boosting fat metabolism and improving energy levels. It also suppresses your appetite so that you have a reduced calorie intake. It is better than Modere Trim as the manufacturer has clinical proof for all the ingredients. Following are some of its effective ingredients:

Alpha Lacys reset is a mix of alpha-lipoic acid, cysteine, and magnesium. The compound helps fight the body’s free radicals and helps keep the body healthy and rejuvenated. Alpha Lipoic Acid is a powerful antioxidant that helps in weight loss. A group of studies indicates that people who took alpha-lipoic acid consistently had significant weight loss. Besides reducing body fats, the supplement also helps build lean muscle mass. An animal study also proved the effectiveness of L-cysteine for weight loss.

Capsimax powder blends various healthy ingredients, including piperine, capsaicin, and vitamin B3. The compound is a popular ingredient of many weight loss supplements because of its anti-obesity characteristics. Capsaicinoids are also found in pepper extracts and are good for weight loss because of their metabolism-boosting characteristics. Capsimax is also known to kickstart thermogenesis so that fat-burning is initiated quickly. The compound further prevents your body from creating fat deposits. It does so by increasing the internal heat, which promotes fat burning. This study successfully evaluates the effects of capsaicin.

Caffeine anhydrous is a dehydrated form of caffeine, and it is known to promote thermogenesis. A study on the effect of caffeine indicates that the ingredient helps with weight loss as it promotes fat-burning. Also, the ingredient keeps your mind active and energized and helps fight lethargy and dizziness. Besides, a few randomized controlled trials prove caffeine is a powerful fat burner.

Nopal is a source of dietary fiber in many dietary supplements. It is a cactus that treats diabetes by regulating blood sugar. Regular and long-term use of this ingredient prevents fluid retention, reduces appetite, and breaks down excess fats in the body. Nopal is the main ingredient in PhenQ that helps it suppress appetite. A randomized-controlled placebo study evaluated the effects of Nopal and found a reduction in body fats due to regular use.

How Much Does PhenQ Cost?

PhenQ costs $69.99 for one bottle, which is one month’s supply. Though it is more expensive than PhenGold and Trimtone, it is still cheaper than Modere Trim. Furthermore, you can save a lot by buying the supplement in bulk. The company offers discounts and offers; for instance, you can get a three-month supply of this supplement at a reduced price.

Why Is PhenQ a Better Choice Than Modere Trim?

PhenQ is worth it if you’re looking for a powerful fat burner to help quickly reduce weight. It contains all-natural ingredients that work together to burn fats and suppress appetite. According to this review, PhenQ supplement can also help you eliminate stubborn fat, but you must consume it regularly for the best results.


Trimtone is known as one of the best fat loss supplements for women in the industry. Its all-natural formula stands out among its competitors. Unlike contemporary supplements that only work during the day, Trimtone has a unique formula that ensures your body keeps shedding those kilos 24/7. This fat burner for women follows a multi-step approach, boosting your metabolism while reducing cravings and burning fat.

Modere Trim vs. Lenbean’s Ingredients

Modere Trim formula contains a long list of ingredients like Liquid Biocell, Chondroitin Sulfate, and Hyaluronic Acid that have no business being in a diet pill. It also misses out on some major ingredients like green tea extracts or other herbs that are great for fat loss. On the other hand, Trimtone contains researched ingredients that have proven effective for weight loss.

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant known for its ability to increase alertness and reduce fatigue. It also plays a major role in weight loss by boosting thermogenesis- the process by which your body burns calories to produce heat. This can increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation, making it easier to maintain a calorie deficit.

Green coffee beans are coffee seeds that haven’t been roasted. They contain a larger amount of chlorogenic acid compared to regular, roasted coffee beans. Chlorogenic acid may affect how the body handles blood sugar and metabolism, potentially reducing the absorption of carbs and lowering insulin levels, which can help you decrease body fat and weight.

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants, particularly catechins, which have been shown to enhance fat-burning and boost metabolism, particularly during exercise. It may also increase the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel, improving body composition and reducing harmful belly fat.

Grains of Paradise is a spice similar to ginger that has been shown to activate brown adipose tissue (BAT), which increases body heat and energy use. This can lead to a much better calorie burn throughout the day. Additionally, it might help regulate blood sugar levels, reduce cravings, and potentially lead to weight loss.

Glucomannan is a natural, water-soluble dietary fiber extracted from the roots of the elephant yam, also known as konjac. It’s highly effective at absorbing water, turning it into a gel-like substance in your stomach, promoting feelings of fullness. This can help decrease your calorie intake by naturally reducing hunger and appetite.

How much does Trimtone cost?

One bottle of Trimtone containing 30 capsules costs $59.99. Bundle packs of 3 and 5 can also be bought at a considerable discount. Compared to Modere Trim, Trimtone is more affordable and provides better value for money, especially with its scientifically backed combination of ingredients.

Why is Trimtone a better choice than Modere Trim?

Modere Trim has received multiple mixed reviews from its customers over the years, with most users complaining about losing their money but not the weight. Trimtone, on the other hand, has received 500+ positive reviews on 5+ review forums and sites from satisfied customers across the country. 

PhenGold is a weight loss supplement manufactured by Swiss Research Labs. The supplement is manufactured in FDA-approved facilities and is safe for consumption. It contains ingredients that boost fat metabolism, promote fat-burning, suppress appetite, and increase energy.

According to the manufacturer, the supplement makes weight loss easier by suppressing your diet and helping eliminate body fat. The supplement believes in a healthy lifestyle; it keeps you energized, improves your mood and focus, and supports weight loss.

Modere Trim vs. PhenGold’s Ingredients

Since we evaluated the performance of Modere Trim according to scientific evidence, we’ll also evaluate PhenGold’s science-backed claims. PhenGold consists of powerful and effective ingredients scientifically proven for weight loss. Following are the ingredients in this supplement that support weight loss according to scientific studies:

PhenGold contains chlorogenic acids and catechins, known for promoting weight loss. A study states that these powerful ingredients have numerous benefits, including weight loss. The compound helps in absorbing nutrients from the gut and helps in metabolism. This way, the blood sugar also remains balanced, and the amount of cellular fat storage in the body is reduced. Catechins increase the fat-burning process as it is a thermogenic compounds.

Cayenne pepper works with another thermogenic compound, L-tyrosine, for weight loss. These two ingredients are effective for weight loss, according to various studies. A study investigates the anti-obesity effects of cayenne pepper and finds out that the ingredient has potential benefits for weight loss. On the other hand, L-tyrosine breaks down the body fat deposits to release energy. This improves metabolism and also provides energy to fuel daily activities.

Besides weight loss, the supplement improves your mood. B-Vitamins and DMAE are two ingredients in this supplement that help improve mood by increasing the production of serotonin in the body. Serotonin is a supplement that helps regulate mood and improve memory, and DMAE increases the level of acetylcholine, another neurotransmitter for improving mood. According to a study, these compounds allow the brain to function more properly.

PhenGold contains 250 mg Rhodiola Rosea. This ingredient helps reduce mental and physical fatigue. However, you might be wondering whether this feature is helpful for weight loss or not. This is very beneficial for weight loss as it keeps you energized and active while you work out.

This means you can quickly exercise and work out longer without feeling tired. This can help you reduce weight by exercising more and burning more fat. A study on Rhodiola Rosea’s effects on rats indicates that the body weight of rats decreased after consuming this compound for three weeks.

L-Tyrosine is another important ingredient that burns body fat and improves mood and focus. It works as a neurotransmitter and improves communication between the cells in the body. This also keeps you motivated during your weight loss journey. This research proves that tyrosine increases exercise tolerance and helps support weight loss. The supplement has 350 mg of L-tyrosine and helps you consume fewer calories to reduce overall body weight.

How Much Does PhenGold Cost?

PhenGold costs $59.99 for one bottle, which is enough for a one-month supply. One bottle contains 60 capsules, and each capsule is packed with science-backed ingredients that are effective for weight loss. Besides that, the supplement is available with a money-back guarantee which helps you save more on the purchase.

Why Is PhenGold Better Choice Than Modere Trim?

PhenGold has many proven benefits compared to Modere Trim, and the supplement contains all the ingredients needed for weight loss. Besides, the supplement doesn’t contain harmful ingredients, making it a perfect option for long-term weight loss goals.

Conclusion: Does Modere Trim Help Lose Weight?

Modere Trim is a unique weight loss supplement available in liquid form, which makes it different from most weight loss supplements on the market. 

But the real question – is Modere Trim worth it? The manufacturer has many claims regarding its benefits for weight loss, but we couldn’t find any strong support or evidence for weight loss.

The ingredients in this supplement are beneficial, but they aren’t effective for weight loss. Thus, if you’re looking for powerful weight loss supplements with proven benefits, you must try PhenQ,Trimtone, or PhenGold. These supplements have ingredients backed by science and proven results for weight loss.

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