What Is Pure THC And How Does It Compare To THC Products?

Nikhil Goswami

The cannabis industry has grown over the past decade. It is now common to find people enjoying different cannabis concentrates or forms.

Although most people love cannabis, newbies tend to mistake certain terms, like thinking THC crystals and other forms are the same since they come from the cannabis plant. However, a proper look says these high-quality cannabis seeds produce different products from the same cannabis plant.

Although natural buds produce full-spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes, they also produce THC, which is quite different. Terpenes and other cannabinoids allow weed lovers to enjoy the entourage effect of weed consumers.

There is a debate as to whether pure THC delivers more benefits than THC-rich flowers. Our article will determine what pure THC is and how it varies from other THC forms.

Pure THC: What Is It?

Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is one of the best things to happen to weed lovers. The compound is one of 100 cannabinoids in the weed plant. Over time, scientists have discovered how to create natural chemical compounds in the laboratory. Hence, THC is not left out. Scientists call lab-produced pure THC Dronabinol or Marinol. One interesting thing with lab-made pure THC is that you can package it into liquid or tablet forms for sale or consumption.

You can also extract THC from the cannabis plant. Companies obtain the compound from the cannabis plant in cannabis concentrate form. Also, these cannabis concentrates include shatter, cannabis oil, rosin, and many other forms of extracts. Whether you grow auto-flower or feminized seeds, the extracts and cannabis concentrate remain the same.

The extraction process for THC includes various techniques. The most common of these extraction processes is the CO2 extraction process. However, you could also use the pressure/heat extraction methods. Some of these natural plant extracts have over 80% THC but contain terpenes and other cannabinoids. Your cannabis product must contain a range of these terpenes and cannabinoids for a satisfying, all-around effect.

The Top 8 Pure THC Substances/Products

All pure THC usually comes in white crystalline form. Additionally, you can produce pure THC in well-equipped, modern laboratories under controlled license rules. Although it is still illegal to use THC products, medicine has used pure crystalline THC in healthcare since 1985 due to its legality in the field.

Most people consider pure THC safer than naturally-grown cannabis and see it as legal. Some medications made from pure THC crystals include Dronabinol and Marinol. These products have the approval of the federal government. Hence, medical cannabis concentrates from pure THC crystals help to boost appetite in individuals experiencing HIV/AIDS-induced loss of appetite.

You can also use pure THC crystals to help people undergoing chemotherapy. Pure THC crystals usually help with vomiting and nausea. Hence, pure cannabis is as important as any other product.

Pure THC Oil

One of the many forms of pure cannabis is pure THC oil. The cannabis oil distillate comes from the entire cannabis plant extract using CO2 or solvents. Brands usually remove these solvents during the oil’s distillate concentrate production process. The resultant oil has a golden/brown color and finds use in medicine. Additionally, you can use the products for serious recreational activities.

You can also add the oil to your food to produce THC distillate edibles. These cannabis edibles do not mess with the taste of your food. Interestingly, cannabis oil has similar effects to vaping or smoking. It is better to use THC oils because they do not carry the risk of lung damage like smoking or vaping. Hence, it is a safer way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. Although we usually refer to them as pure THC oils, they only contain about 70% of THC.

Pure 100 THC Crystals

You can find several pure THC crystals in pure syrup-like cannabis substances. These THC crystals, also called THC diamonds, form after the production of cannabis concentrates.

You can make 100% pure crystals (called THC isolates) from weed concentrates. However, you need several solvents and chemicals to pull this off. Many pharmaceutical companies use pure lab-synthesized THC crystals to make medications like Dronabinol and Marinol.

Pure THC Syringe

THC syringes are typically distillates, and this distillate comes from boiling weed concentrates. After boiling, you have to distill the vapor at certain temperatures. Consequently, you get maximum purity from this product. This process allows you to obtain products with extremely high purities with over 95 to 99 percent pure THC. Hence, a 100mg (95% pure) THC contains 950mg THC.

Although THC syringe has purity levels, cannabis connoisseurs say the purity is over the top. Since the product does not have other cannabinoids or terpenes, most people feel the overall enjoyment factor is no longer there. Hence, they prefer to go for products with pure THC terpenes and other cannabinoids.

Pure THC Wax

There are various methods of extracting cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. The solvent determines how clear/colorless a cannabis extract will be. A fast extraction often gives off a clear/colorless cannabis extract, while a slow extraction produces oily or darker extracts. Changing the extraction conditions only by a few points can give you different concentrations of extracts.

Other extracts will break off easily when you cut a piece off, while others will be wax-like consistency. Many people adore this waxy consistency and use it to turbocharge their bodies. A good THC wax should have a purity of around 80-90%, maintaining the high-quality expectations of cannabis extracts.

Pure THC Gummies

THC gummies are becoming increasingly popular daily. THC gummies are a fan favorite because it allows users to enjoy a specific dose of gummies with each gummy they ingest. Moreover, THC gummies are also simple to make if you prefer homemade gummies. You can leverage numerous online recipes to create your magic in your backyard. And what makes all this possible is the main ingredient, cannabis oil or hash oil, which you can get easily.

As you would expect, THC gummies vary in strength since they contain anything from a few milligrams to a couple of hundred milligrams. Despite numerous reports of widespread mislabelling, THC gummies are shaping the cannabis industry. In areas where THC gummies and cannabis is legal, THC products have become a ravaging profit maker.

Pure THC Terpenes

It may be hard to believe, but cannabis companies also offer their customers cannabis-based terpenes. They often extract terpenes from cannabis through distillation. Cannabis-based terpenes may not be mainstream, but that doesn’t stop people from enjoying their aroma. Fans of cannabis terpenes often consider using them as an extra flavor in their buds.

It is common for cannabis lovers to cherish cannabis strains that have rich terpene profiles. Terpenes are essential for some users to get the right level of high.

Pure THC Powder

Pure THC powder is rarely ever up for sale due to the difficulty in production. It takes quite some effort to extract and create pure THC powder and has few practical uses.

Hence, cannabis companies don’t go through the stress of producing them since they have very little demand. THCA is the non-psychoactive form of THC, while the decarboxylated version gets you high. When you vape, the heat converts the inactive THCA into THC, the psychoactive form.

Pure THC Disposables

A new cannabis concentrate has gained a following in the cannabis industry. THC disposables are becoming increasingly popular by the day. THC disposables happen when you combine cannabis oils with terpenes extracted from fresh, frozen cannabis.

The terpenes cannabis companies use for this process is called “live resin terpenes .” The mix between potent cannabis oils and terpenes produces this satisfying potent product. The taste of live cannabis is unbeatable and unmatchable. Please make some time to try out this product; it might become your new all-time favorite.

Pure THC Products Vs. THC-Rich Flowers Effects

The rise in popularity of cannabis concentrates isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Concentrates are so popular because they offer potent alternatives to joints.

Despite the rise in cannabis concentrates, some cannabis lovers prefer traditional consuming buds. However, it is hard to overlook the euphoria-rich terpene profile of cannabis concentrates—some lovers of the effects of THC-rich flower claim that it offers a more rounded, smoother experience.

Synthetic cannabis pharmaceuticals like Marinol and Dronabinol have powerful psychoactive effects and are both legal for medical use. However, some users claim these synthetic products are cold and not as warm as natural cannabis buds or cannabis concentrates.

Side Effects: Pure THC 

Cannabis concentrates contain very high quantities of pure THC. There are several side effects linked with the use of marijuana in any form. However, there is not enough research to know how the use of concentrates varies from smoking dried weed buds.

Solvent-based products like concentrates and cannabis syringes have higher potencies. It is understood that these solvent-based products have an average of 54-69% THC levels and may exceed 80% even. The level of THC you get in your product depends on the extraction method used.

Concentrates tend to deliver higher amounts of THC to the body than cannabis compounds from raw cannabis plants. The risk of addiction increases with an increase in concentration. Hence, it is important to know that concentrate from a mature cannabis plant has higher concentrations of THC and may cause paranoia, anxiety, and psychosis. Apart, from this THC Detox plan can help you to detoxify your body. 

Which Type Of Cannabis Distillate Should I Consume?

The type of cannabis you take depends on several factors. First, you must consider the cannabis distillate you want to consume. Note that thoroughly refining cannabis oil removes the chances of adverse effects. Hence, it would help if you went for thoroughly refined cannabis distillates. If you do not want the entourage effect, you must avoid cannabis distillates containing terpenes and some cannabinoids. You must ensure the products go through a thorough THC detox distillation process.

Such cannabis distillation processes remove terpenes and leave you with purely formulated cannabis products. Each consumable substance comes in its potent form and has several medical benefits.

FAQs On Pure THC

What Are the Benefits Of Using Pure THC?

Pure THC, in its potent form, has several medical benefits. You can use these products to manage cancer symptoms. Additionally, you can use the products to stimulate your appetite if you experience anorexia. The refinement process makes these products excellent items with potential medicinal benefits.

Unlike other cannabis concentrates, this form of cannabis does not have undesirable compounds, and you can use it to treat cancer symptoms. In their purest form, these pure THC products help to cushion pain and other unpleasant symptoms like vomiting and nausea.

Is Pure THC Crystalline?

Pure THC comes in crystalline form. Unlike concentrates obtained from plant matter, pure THC follows a short path distillation process and contains highly potent isolated cannabinoids. You can use these crystalline THC products to create other products at varying boiling points.

Which Pure THC Product Should I Buy?

There are several pure THC products you could leverage for a good time. You could go for THC gummies, wax, syringes, or others. However, whichever product you choose, always ensure to take measured doses to avoid side effects associated with overdosing. These compounds interact in certain ways. Hence, consuming higher quantities may cause destructive effects.

To Conclude: What Is Pure THC & Is It Better?

Pure THC is one good compound enjoyed by cannabis lovers. You can use Pure THC for medicinal purposes or serious recreational activities. Although pure THC products come in crystalline form, you can use fractional distillation to remove certain undesirable compounds and incorporate them into your products.

You can find your Pure THC in gummies, wax, vape oil, CBD distillates, and various other forms. While it is not yet certain how these products affect your health, several reviews show that you can use them to manage pain and cancer symptoms.

Some adverse effects you could experience while using delta 8 disposable vapes crystals include migraines, nausea, vomiting, and anxiety. Hence, sticking to the manufacturer’s instructions when consuming your THC product is always best. Furthermore, avoid consuming these products if you notice persistent adverse effects and quickly report to a hospital’s emergency ward.

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