Can You Smoke Rose Petals? How To Roll A Petal Blunt? 


Can you smoke rose petals? Yes, of course, you can. Many cannabis smokers use rose petals as a natural flavoring agent when preparing a herbal smoking blend. For newbies and occasional smokers, smoke roses may be strange.

However, for several decades, expert cannabis smokers have always looked for means to improve or spice up the whole inhalation experience.  While the buzz has certainly dwindled, much of the world awoke to the possibility of smoking rose petals in 2017 when a Twitter user uploaded a viral video. The video showed the user mixing and smoking weed from regular rose petals.

The video triggered hundreds of blog posts and new stories in different tabloids. Social media commentary and a growing curiosity among cannabis users sparked questions on how to use rose petals and smoke them effectively. If you retain this curiosity or are looking for ways to get into the game, this article is for you. 

What Are Rose Petals/Blunt?

It is common knowledge that rose petals are edible and are heavily collected around the globe. Some users use dried rose petals in different recipes as well. A rose petals blunt is a blunt coiled up with rose leaves instead of the traditionally used tobacco leaf.

Most smokers championing the cause of rose petals prefer them to tobacco for various reasons; the beautiful appearance and the aroma, which has a calming effect. Similar to cannabis, these petals contain a very important oil called nerolidol. This oil is known for generating some of the plant’s sweet-smelling aroma and calming effect. 

If you plan to use these petals, it is recommended that you allow them to air dry in a dehydrator with a low setting. Apart from their calming effects, rose petals may also trigger therapeutic benefits that can help with conditions such as depression or when you are attempting smoke cessation.

How Rose Petals Work: Making A Blunt Using Rose Petals?

Research has shown that when you ingest rose water, it may be beneficial to your digestive system. It may help to increase bile flow, reduce bloating and calm upset stomachs. In some instances, it may act as a laxative. 

As good as smoke roses may be, they can be a little intense and may not suit your taste. Hence, it is important to get the blend right so you can experience the right aroma and taste.

There are several brands online that sell expertly blended and smokable herb blends or you can also read about best blunt wraps. You can buy from them to save yourself the hassle of preparing the blend yourself. However, you can still go ahead to attempt it if you prefer to do it yourself. 

How To Make A Rose Petal Blunt Or Herbal Smoking Blends?

Rolling a rose petal blunt is pretty easy if you put your mind to it. However, beginners can put four or five rose leaves in the oven/broiler for a few seconds, then join them from one end to the other and convert them to your regular rolling paper.

With practice, you should be able to come up with your style. For now, you can try the following steps: 

  1. First, grind your buds but not too smoothly. You should ensure to grind it properly without creating a powder – otherwise, they will fall right through the rolled-up petals while you are assembling the blunt.

  2. Get two or three rose petals (you can reduce or increase the number as the size changes).

  3. Trim the core of the flowers to make it easy to roll them. This will also help to even the thickness of the joint.

  4. However, before rolling the joint, you should wash the petals to eliminate dirt, pesticide, and other irrelevant substances. In this case, you should get your petals from an expert florist shop where you can get pesticide-free or fresh rose petals. You should avoid buying from local stores because you can’t be sure of the quality of the petals.

  5. When you are finished washing the rose petals, allow them to dry. 

  6. Put the rose petals on a leveled surface and make sure the bubble or rounded side faces down. The edges should face the upward direction. This procedure will ensure that the petal folding is greatly minimized when they begin to wilt. 

  7. Once dried, expose the petals to direct heat (you can use a broiler for this) in the same drying position. Maintain this for about 10 to 15 seconds. For this technique, you may have to conduct some trial and error with oven temperature and times. When conducting these tests, ensure that you factor in the petal shape and leaf thickness. The ideal point to start from is 250 degrees Fahrenheit. 

  8. While this process is ongoing, look for how moisture trickles down the petal bubble. Ensure you do not overexpose the petals to heat to avoid excessive wilting and combustion. Once the petals appear to have received an appropriate amount of heat, remove them from the broiler.

  9. In the absence of a broiler, you can attempt the above process by baking the roses at a temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit for a couple of minutes. Keep an eye on the progress of the petals just like you would have done when using a broiler.

  10. As soon as the petals dry and drop in temperature, apply tiny drops of saliva to the bottom half of the petal for it to stick. When you are done, join the petals to form one whole wrap. 

How To Make Rose Petal Concentrates?

For lovers of concentrates and beginners, you can try best THCV disposable vapes concentrates to increase the intensity of the smoking and consumption experience. These concentrates also help to keep the flowers fused.

Sometimes, the petals may not stick with the saliva as glue; in this case, you can use extracts with similar effects. You can use this approach to stick the final pieces of roses together. 

  1. Return the freshly made rose wrap to the broiler for a few more seconds to further solidify the petal bonds. If you choose to use an oven, you’ll have to wait a little longer than a few seconds.

  2. Once it is dried and cooled, you’ll have a rose plant wrap that works as well as a regular blunt. You can roll the wrap to your desired shape to complete the process. 

  3. Once you roll the joint, please put it back into the broiler for the same duration as before. 

  4. For the final step, remove the blunt and cool and enjoy your homemade leisure as you roll a rose.

What Is the Standard Duration For Baking Rose Petals In An Oven?

When using a broiler, the recommended duration for baking rose petals wraps is about 12 to 15 seconds. It would help if you let it stay for a couple of minutes when drying the blunt at a temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Note that this duration depends on the oven you use. Also, how you want the blunt to look in the end will determine how long you let it stay in the heat. As a result, you are not limited to the recommended 250 degrees Fahrenheit temperature start point.

You can tweak it whichever way you want to suit your preferences.  While you can regulate the heat whichever way you want, you must pay close attention to the process. The rose petal wrap may combust within seconds. This occurrence is common with broilers. Do not let the petal change its color or blacken out. You should immediately drop the temperature of your heating device once you notice a sudden rapid change. 

Common Benefits of Rose Petal Wraps  

There are several reasons why people choose rose petal wraps over regular tobacco rolls. Some of these reasons include: 

  • Pleasant and satisfying aroma 
  • Vibrant and attractive 
  • You do not have to deal with the harsh and unhealthy nature of tobacco 
  • A safer natural alternative 

As blunts or petals, roses have some health benefits that make them a healthier option than solvent-containing tobacco. Across cultures, people use rose petals for medicinal purposes. Benefits can range from skincare to soothing sore throat aches.

Rose can be taken orally or used as a topical agent. While very few studies indicate the health benefits best vape pens of smoking rose petal blunts, you can enjoy some benefits when you ingest the petals. Some of these benefits include: 

  • May Boosts Liver Health

According to studies, rose petals possess antioxidant properties that can cleanse your liver and get working optimally again. 

  • Pleasant Smell

As the name suggests, the rose has a characteristic pleasant nature, appearance, and smell. It is beautiful to smoke if you know how to use it as a blunt. It completely turns around the taste of your tobacco or cannabis and or herbal blends.

When you mix rose petals with other useful herbs, they form a powerful mixture that brings various mental and physical benefits. Users may experience feelings that help with the symptoms of diseases like aches and pains.

  • May Help Clear Acne

If you look closely at the labels of most beauty products, you will likely find rose petals somewhere. These products contain rose extract because they contain antibacterial properties. They can help with the redness of the skin and blemishes while cutting out puffiness and discoloration.

  • Contains Vitamin C

The hip of rose petals may be a great source of vitamin C. They remain a viable source of vitamin C even after the petals are off and dried. However, the concentrations of the vitamins lessen a little bit due to the drying process.

Thanks to this vitamin content, rose petals may help with skin aging and would give your skin a bright new spark.  They support the skin cells and shield them from free radicals. Vitamin C improves collagen production to increase the resistance to aging symptoms, leaving you with bouncy and firmer skin than ever before. To enjoy the maximum benefits of rose petals, you can prepare them using the DIY method listed above.

  • May Help Calm You Down

Rose petals have a natural and pleasant aroma. You can sit down and relax while taking in this refreshing aroma. It is a good way to take care of yourself and wear off the stress of a work day.  Furthermore, if you have an overthrowing mind or you are not feeling uplifted, you can light up a rose petal blunt and get your groove on.

Other forms of the plant are equally useful, such as beauty products that contain rose petal extracts, rose-based tea, and more.

  • Offers Relief From Sore Throat

Taking rose tea is a great way to relax; its antioxidant properties will also help you overcome the pain associated with a sore throat.             

How Toxic Can Rose Petals Be To Humans?    

Perhaps the only harmful parts of the rose flower or plant are its thorns. These thorns can cause a fair bit of pain if they manage to pierce your skin. Besides this rare occurrence, it is mostly safe for humans and animals to consume rose petals.

However, you should learn to keep rose petals mixed with cannabis from your pet if you have one. Unfortunately, there are moments when rose petals may be unfit for human consumption. People with allergic reactions to the plant will find it particularly toxic every time they use it.

While this allergic reaction may not result in grave consequences, they trigger unpleasant symptoms, including pain, facial disfigurations, loss of skin color, breathlessness, and more. It will help if you do not restrict the use of rose petals to smoking alone.

There are so many other ways to enjoy the pleasantness of rose petals. You can mix rose petals with different household products, including acting as an ingredient for making jam.  In some places across the globe, like China and some Middle Eastern countries, rose petals form parts of some very important delicacies.

So, if you are not in the mood to light up a joint or smoke small vapes, you can use your finely selected petals for other activities that may be just as fun and rewarding.

Are Rose Petals Beneficial To Your Health?

For many people, ingesting rose petals in whatever form may be beneficial. Roses contain antioxidants, polyphenols, and vitamins C and E, which are good for preventing cellular damage. Apart from protecting your body at the cellular level, rose petals may:

  • Boost overall immunity
  • Reduce or prevent inflammation
  • Help reduce the pain associated with menstruation 
  • Reduce the risk of chronic diseases
  • Aid digestion

Smoking or directing consuming rose petals may be beneficial in some capacities, but these benefits do not eliminate the health risk that accompanies smoking. So, if you are looking for the clean benefits of rose petals, then you should try other forms of the plant, such as culinary adaptations of the plant.

Can You Smoke Roses And Get High?

If you roll your cannabis with rose petals and then smoke both, you will certainly feel a high sensation. Firstly, the cannabis content of the blunt contains cannabinoids CBD vape juice and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

These are active substances in cannabis plants responsible for the psychoactive effect and “high” feeling associated with smoking or consuming weed products. Hence, If you consume enough of these substances, you will experience some mental effects. Secondly, when smoking rose petals, most users experience an initial euphoric rush.

However, this feeling doesn’t last, and it fades off almost as fast as it came. When it comes to rose petals, a reverse experience occurs. Instead of a psychoactive experience, users get a boost in their mood. Lastly, when you smoke rose petals, you’d experience a relaxed sensation that brings about anti-depressant effects.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Smoke Roses?

It does not matter what the substance is; smoking generally comes with a certain level of risk. All smoke comes with pyrolytic toxins that are not friendly substances in the body.

Furthermore, the substance you smoke may contain pesticides and other synthetic additives that aren’t good for your health.  These possibilities further stress the importance of thoroughly cleaning and preparing the substance you smoke. When it comes to rose petals, you should source them from accredited sources. 

Can You Smoke Rose Petals And Quit Cigarettes?

Based on the research listed previously, smoking roses may reduce the occurrences of depression and does wonders for your mood. With these beneficial properties, consuming rose petals may help curb nicotine addictions. 

One of the first effects of quitting cigarettes is that you are likely to feel depressed for a limited period. Smoking rose petals will help you reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms. According to frequent users, smoking rose petals brings an awareness of inner peace and a sudden boost in mood. With these benefits, cigarette addicts will not have to deal with the negative impacts of withdrawing from nicotine completely.

How Much Rose Petals Should You Take?

When it comes to rose petals, there are no fixed doses, and how much rose petal is to be ingested depends largely on the individual who takes them in. Some determining factors include pre-existing health conditions, tolerance levels, and allergies. 

You should consult your doctor if you are unsure or currently taking prescription medication. Since rose petals are natural substances, you should strictly follow the dosage recommended by your doctor. Besides the risk associated with smoking, consuming rose petals should be beneficial in most cases. In ancient traditional Chinese medicine, rose petals were used to remedy a large variety of ailments.

Other cultures cultivate these plants for use in medicinal concoctions and other preparations.  Either way, rose petals are out there doing a world of good to people that choose to use them. Also, you will find petals being used in herbal smoking preparations.

They add a great fragrance that people with refined tastes would find appealing. Similarly, they add an extra touch of elegance and smoothness to beauty products. You will also find rose petal-based tea quite fascinating.

How Much Does A Rose Petal Blunt Cost?

If you decide to get your supply of rose petals from dispensaries, you may spend anywhere between $30 to $50. However, you will be lucky to get rose petals at dispensaries these days. Since the drop in the practice’s popularity, rose petals have become harder to find at dispensaries.

So, if you want to enjoy the benefits highlighted so far in this article, you may need to source the components yourself.  In addition, do not buy rose petals from your local grocery store. There’s a high chance that petals from these stores contain dirt, harmful chemicals, and preservatives that will ruin your consumption experience and risk your health.

Alternatively, it would be best if you took some time to find yourself a florist who grows pesticide-free and chemical-free petals. This is one of the ways to enjoy your blunt rolled up for leisure.

Conclusion: How Dangerous Is Smoking Rose Petals?

You can smoke rose petals with other herbs to enjoy an array of health benefits. It is good when you want to quit smoking or want to enhance your mood without the aid of cannabis. While the buzz surrounding this new weed trend with roses has dwindled, you can still get your game on if you wish to do so.

However, there’s every chance you might have to get the petals and prepare the blunt since there aren’t many dispensaries selling this important herb.  If you are new to smoking herbs, you can find a florist that specializes in cultivating pesticide-free rose petals to supply you with high-quality CBD pre rolls rose petals and other smokable herbs.

Make sure to follow the process of making a rose petal blunt that we broadly listed in this article. So, until the next big trend of premium Exhale products in the cannabis industry pops up on social media or somewhere else online, smoking rose petals will remain relevant. You can always give it a try if you get bored of smoking your regular tobacco joint.

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