3 Best Handgun for Beginners & Home Defense In 2024

Nikhil Goswami

It is continually essential to own a gun in these uncertain times. We know the hassle of searching the internet for suitable suggestions. Our expats have tested these products and can attest that they are of stellar quality.


Handguns come in handy for self-defense and recreational purposes. With just one trigger pull, you are guaranteed it will deliver. They are the best in the industry and won’t disappoint you.

Our Top Picks For The Best Handguns In 2023

Overall Best Handgun, Editor’s Pick

The Glock g20 is extremely popular in the market right now, majorly due to civilian liking of the 10mm round. It comes in handy in several applications. The Glock is the best handgun for being practical and versatile. It is your go-to when looking for a weapon for self-defense.


The Glock was launched into the market in 1991 and has been among the most popular 10 MMS. It is also referred to as Glock 20. The Glock g20 was designed when law enforcement liked the 10mm auto cartridge. The 10mm auto cartridge was introduced in the market in the 80s by retired US marine Jeff cooper.


The Glock G20 is a large piece; some might see it as oversized and make from a polymer frame. Its predecessor was Glock 17, 2.5mm wider and 7mm longer than the Glock g20. With the original Glock g20, you could use most parts interchangeably with the Glock g20. The original design could hold up to 17 rounds, but the later version could only hold 15 rounds.


The Glock G20 was launched for law enforcement. However, the American civilian world has taken a liking for the Glock. It works great as a self-defense pistol, and many Americans use a wood handgun to go to the forests to hunt or kill threatening animals. The Glock g20 comes highly recommended for those seeking to hunt. It appears in many hunting guides around the world.


The Glock g20 comes with many accessories that make your work easier. For instance, it comes with a laser for night sights and an effortless trigger pull, making it easier to locate your target at night. You can also choose to buy an extended mag and additional group extensions to make your experience further better.


The Glock g20 is the best handgun for durability, and it is made of materials that resist wear and tear from carrying and using it a lot. Additionally, the Glock is the best handgun because it delivers deep penetration.


The 15-round capacity makes it more versatile than other market offerings. The striker-fired handgun is ideal when you are going for those hunting trips or hikes. The Glock is the best handgun for any type of weather, making it your go-to when you need to travel. However, in hot conditions, the concealed carry gun can overheat. Therefore, placing the concealed carry pistol in a cool pouch or bag is advisable.


The Glock g20 is a versatile weapon; however, there are some complaints about this Glock. Many users complain of feeding issues, whereas the Glock tends to get stuck due to problems with the magazine. Therefore, the shooter must return the whole magazine and replace the bullets to correct the girth.


The Glock g20 is easy to maintain, and you can easily disassemble it and put it back together with a few basic instructions. The manufacturers also left room for modifications so that you can find the right fit.




Fast Loading Times: The Glock g20 handles shooting very well, allowing the user to reload quickly, unlike many traditional guns. The gun can hold up to 15 rounds. The Glock is equipped to handle reduced FBI loads, and full power loads give it reduced muzzle velocity. It has a dual recoil spring assembly that reduces the muzzle flip allowing for fast loading times.


Reduced Recoil: The Glock has a dual recoil spring assembly which helps reduce the recoil on the shooter. The double recoil spring assembly increases the life cycle of the Glock and reduces recoil.


Light: The Glock g20 weighs 27.51 ounces, making it easy to carry around. It is easy to carry around even when loaded. So, if you are looking for a versatile Glock for your next hunting trip, the Glock g20 is the way to go. The striker-fired firearm has a 4.61-inch barrel length of 8.07 inches and a height of 5.51 inches. However, this gun was not for concealed carry; if this is what you are going for, you might want to check the g29. The Glock g20 weighs light for a full-sized pistol.


Great Grip. The Glock g20 has a rough textured frame that provides better grip even when operating in slippery conditions, such as rainy weather. This concealed carry gun design allows a tight thumbs-forward grip for a good trigger pull. Additionally, it comes with a changeable backstrap system that allows the shooter to customize the Glock according to their hand size. It also has a reversible magazine catch that suits left- and right-handed people.


Wide Shooting Range: The Glock is highly reliable, enabling you to shoot up to 60 yards. A professional shooter can make the bullets get a bigger range; however, a beginner has some learning to do. The penetration starts falling after it reaches 60 yards. The Glock g20 is a striker-fired that helps you precisely shoot anything within that rage. The Glock g20 shooting range depends on the caliber you use. You can shoot up to 300 meters using the 10mm bullets, and with lighter bullets, you can shoot up to 500 meters.

Best Full-Sized Handgun

The Glock 19 was one of the best handgun pistols on the market today. This self-defense semi-automatic pistol operates with a single action trigger pull. The make is for law enforcement agencies. However, more civilians like the performance of the Glock. This striker-fired pistol Glock first appeared on the market in 1988 and was specifically made for concealed carry.


The Glock is the best handgun in competitions, recreational use, and home and self-defense. Its concealed carry ability makes it an idea for personal use.


This semi-automatic pistol makes our list due to its high magazine capacity, compact design, and concealed carry ability. The Glock measures 4.99 inches high and 1.26 inches wide, and the Glock has a barrel length of 4.56 inches. It is long-lasting, with the barrel made of a polymer frame and stainless steel.


The Glock g19 is a mid-range pistol with prices starting from $500. However, its accuracy and reliability make up for the high cost. Additionally, you can pair it with more accessories, such as lasers for night sights, to make it even more practical. 


This small, compact, semi-automatic pistol makes it the ideal gun to travel around. The manufacturers added a textured grip to give the shooter a good grip on the gun. The Glock 19 combines the features of the Glock 17 and Glock 19. Therefore, if you are having trouble deciding between Glock 17 and Glock 19, it is a sign to go for Glock 19!


These striker-fired firearms are from the same manufacturer with an excellent reputation in the industry; besides, you get a great warranty alongside the gun, ensuring you are confident with your gun. 


The Glock is easy to use, and you can understand how it works after going through the basic instructions. With target shooting training, you can improve your trigger pull within a very short time. The ideal caliber for this Glock is the 9mm bullets; therefore, it cannot shoot at a long range. 




Great Capacity: The striker fired can handle up to 15 rounds of ammo. You can extend this capacity by getting other extra magazines in the market. With extended magazines, you can boost the rounds to even 33, depending on your choice of magazine. The semi-automatic pistol comes with retention plunger technology, making the magazine’s extensions appear as you engage the trigger pull. 


Highly Durable: The Glock 19 is highly durable due to the manufacturers’ high-quality materials. The manufacturers use high-tech polymers that are resistant to deformation. This ensures that the semi-automatic pistol does not wear or tear after falling or operating in extreme weather. The design does not allow for grip shells, making more room for bullets in the magazine space. 


Excellent Shooting Range: This striker-fired gun allows you to shoot up to 100 yards, and its pinpoint accuracy is one of its main string holds. You can constantly improve your aim accuracy by attending some training sessions.

Highest Rated Handgun Brand Among Customers

The Sig P320 is a military-level handgun that is high performing in the market. It is helpful in all US military branches and therefore comes highly recommended. The handgun undergoes testing and passes all requirements for operating in different military situations. It is a striker-fired handgun that won the hearts of the military because of its safety, polymer frame, full-size grip, and coyote PVD finish.


This semi-automatic pistol stands out due to its ease of dissembling. Many handgun owners say they can dissemble the gun and replace it within a few minutes out in the field. The gun has a great barrel length that makes it portable. A full-sized handgun from this brand can easily fit in your pouch.


The Sig p320 is also highly customizable. If you need to be more portable and ideal for a concealed carry gun, you can consider removing the fire control unit and replacing it with a smaller frame. The semi-automatic pistol does not have roll pins or hammers, which adds to the service life of these pistols.




Great Capacity: The semi-automatic handgun can hold up to 21 rounds in its magazine. Additionally, the manufacturer gives you a double stack magazine and a flush-fitting round mag.


Manual Safety: One of the most striking features of the Sig p3320 is its manual safety design. As a beginner, you might require some training on interacting with manual safeties. The Sig p320 is ideal for someone who handles their pistols with thumbs forward. Removing safety requires the thumb to touch the draw and be active without having to readjust your grip. The manufacturers went all in when designing the controls. The slide top is designed to prevent you from hitting it with a high grip. The Glock allows you to shoot fast and consistently.


Reliable: This semi-automatic handgun has a striker front trigger that is highly reliable. The trigger system works by pressing once the trigger is on the inner side, therefore offering higher levels of security. These guns come with great barrel lengths to help in portability.


How We Made The List Of The Best Handgun Brands For Home Defence?

There are many handguns in the market like best handgun for women, and it is, therefore, crucial that you get the best fit. The options available were overwhelming when we first delved into the handgun market, and consequently, we searched far and wide to find the best market offering.


Through our research and testing, we ended up with three handguns that came in handy on several occasions. Our initial search gave us several dozen choices; however, because we want to provide you with the best of the best, we have only featured three handguns, best for self-defense and recreation. Here are our selection criteria.


  • Fit and Grip


A good grip and fit make the work easier for the shooter. The handgun fit determines the level of ease in operating, controlling, and shooting your handgun. Handguns with rubber grip panels are ideal for better grip. We only featured handguns that are flexible enough to fit your hand while easing activating the trigger pull. We know this frature’s important because one size fits all regarding shotguns.


Additionally, some of the guns on our list are adjustable. The featured weapons work as an extension of your arm. We have featured smaller and bigger guns so that you can choose if you want a gun that you can easily carry or one that you can easily hide.


  • Weight


A handgun’s weight also goes a long way in determining how easy it is to carry around and reach the trigger pull. We featured guns that would put you down when trying to shoot. Additionally, we selected guns with enough weight to enhance their recoil mitigation ability. We know that a handgun that is too light might have too much recoil, and a heavy gun will tire the shooter carrying it around. Also, we included guns that are fit for concealed carry. We understand that you might like carrying your firearm around.


  • Ammunition


We know you also seek a gun with enough ammunition for concealed carry, and having a gun that does not handle enough ammunition is like having a useless piece of metal garbage. Therefore, we selected handguns that are effective and offer safe usability.


  • Level of Safety


Our selection is full of safe guns; we wouldn’t want you to harm yourself. We have featured guns with trigger pull features, grip, and thumb safeties. also, we have added all these choices so that you do not get stuck in a dangerous situation and cannot shoot. Each type of safety has its benefits and setbacks for concealed carry.


  • Recoil


We have featured handguns with minimal recoil so that you don’t suffer when operating your weapon. We know that a gun with high recoil can lower your precision and make shooting less enjoyable. Our experts went shooting at the shooting range and could see which guns had the best recoil absorbers.


  • Budget


Our list features both medium and premium handguns. We assure you that getting a handgun is an important decision, and you should not have to return for a second weapon. The handguns that comprise quality for budget. We have also added great accessories that could go well with your selection; Cleaning supplies, ammunition, and holsters can add to your overall budget.

Buying Guide: Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Gun For Home Defense

We understand the pressure of purchasing an expensive investment such as a handgun. When buying their first handguns, many handgun owners get overwhelmed by the number of brands that seem to fit their tastes. However, we ensure you get the precise gun you want.


We are here to tell you what you should look for and the mistakes you should avoid when purchasing your first shotgun. Therefore, when looking for a handgun, consider the following points.


  • Intended Use


The first step in buying a handgun is deciding what you want to use it for; sometimes, you’ll have cheaper options than a handgun! We understand that many people seek handguns for self-defense. The world is becoming constantly dangerous, and this is wholly undertaken.


Buying a short gun does not require much training to become good at it. Therefore, you can easily guard your home against intruders. Additionally, for a reasonable price, you are guaranteed protection. Compact pistols are ideal for home protection because they are easily concealed compared to handguns.


  • Budget


Your intended budget is the second primary consideration before buying a handgun. You can easily set the budget according to the type of handgun you want, either for home protection or shooting at a range. The market offers choices for all budgets, from guns as low as $150 to custom-made designs for $1000 and above. However, we remind you that you get what you pay for. Guns are an important decision, and you must be sure what your priority is.


For instance, it would be advisable to buy a handgun without safety protection for home protection where children are in the house. Additionally, you don’t want a gun with so much recoil that you end up hurting yourself after using it. Therefore, we advise all gun seekers to use compact pistols starting from $400. An $800 handgun comes in handy in all aspects. Also, when buying a gun, get one with good warranty conditions, is well designed, and is very reliable. There are also accessories that you need to consider, such as lasers for night sights.


  • Handgun Condition


Another essential consideration that accompanies the budget is whether you want a new or used gun. This decision is based on your usual buying habits; therefore, if you would typically go for second-hand technology, a second concealed carry gun shouldn’t be bad for you. However, this is entirely your decision.


When you get a used gun, you stand to save up to 50% of the normal retail price. Additionally, when you get a used gun, you stand to buy a high-quality gun for a lesser amount of money.


Many people who have bought a used car might think we are lying. However, guns are not like cars. While you can have a bad second-hand handgun, you can avoid it by purchasing handguns from reliable manufacturers.


It is crucial to check for a warranty, especially if you are getting a USD gun. The best handguns come with lifetime warranties, and many reliable manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on guns.


When buying second-hand compact pistols, always ensure that it has a warranty. The warranty is usually on the gun and not the user; therefore, you inherit the warranty once you buy the gun.


  • Caliber And Size


Another important consideration regarding handguns is the gun size you intend to buy and the caliber to shoot. You can decide on the size and caliber of the handgun by deciding on its use before purchasing.


Most buyers want compact pistols to protect, store at home, or carry around. The size and caliber are essential in determining its ease of shooting. When deciding on the size and caliber, there are two things to consider. One side is that well-designed guns can easily shoot, and some guns are easy to carry and conceal.


If you keep your handgun home, you can consider purchasing a full-size high-capacity gun. A full-size gun allows for high ammunition capacity and the shooter to shoot easily. A compact, light handgun would be ideal if you like concealed carry guns. The problem with lightweight, compact handguns is their amount of recoil. Additionally, they don’t carry much ammunition and offer less grip capacity for the user. If you seek a multi-purpose handgun, you have plenty of options that offer both ends of the scale.


Handguns chambered in small calibers give the shooter many shots and have a higher capacity for the shots. Handguns in larger calibers have more stopping power than ones in lighter chambers. If you are a beginner shooter, the best handgun has low recoil, ease of shooting, and high capacity. You can graduate to larger caliber firearms when you get more skill level.


  • Fit


Another question to answer when buying a handgun is, “how does it feel”? While other considerations such as caliber, condition, budget, and size are essential, the most crucial review is fit.


There is no right or wrong answer, which depends on your tastes and preferences. The best handgun choice depends on your tastes and whether you like concealed carry. Don’t be in a hurry when buying your first handgun. We advise you to find a patient salesperson and indulge them in the search. To find the right fit, go through as many options as possible.


You’ll know when you find a gun that fits properly in your hand. Finding a gun that fits your hand right is crucial because it will help you learn how to handle it quickly. In addition, if you are a beginner, you might want to go for a gun with controls that are easy to reach. You wouldn’t want to be in a position where you cannot shoot; therefore, go for a gun that has safety within reach.


We advise you to look for a gun that fits naturally in your hand. Many shooters buy their first handgun for concealed carry and regret it.

FAQs Regarding Best Handgun In 2023

Caliber describes the diameter of a bullet, and we measure caliber in inches and millimeters. Caliber also represents the bore diameter of a firearm, and the two sizes should match.


The caliber of a gun is usually indicated on the loaded chamber indicator. In older handguns, the writing might be challenging to read. You can choose to measure the caliber yourself if you can’t read the measurements.


Choosing the right caliber for your handgun is very crucial. For instance, you don’t need a 50-caliber handgun to shoot down squirrels.

Semi-automatic pistols fire one bullet after you squeeze the trigger, then it reloads the chamber and gets ready for another trigger squeeze.


Automatic guns are also called machine guns. When you squeeze the trigger once, the trigger fires bullets until you release the trigger. Semi-automatics guns are easier to find than automatic guns.


It is crucial to note that the US government controls the ownership and sale of automatic machines, which are equally expensive. Automatic machines were regulated in the US in 1934 after the law passed the bill of national firearms act. The law made it harder for civilians to buy automatic weapons.


There are still automatic machines in the market because all automatic guns were taken in after the law became active. The government banned manufacturers from making automatic guns for civilians since the 80s. Currently, around 300,000 people own machine guns, costing up to thousands of dollars per piece.


To be able to buy an automatic machine gun, you have to go through the alcohol, tobacco, and firearms bureau and pay $200 for a background check.


The background check ensures that the person is not guilty of other felony convictions and domestic violence. However, you need to be patient because this process can take months.


It is also crucial to understand that states like Kansas, California, and Iowa do not allow civilians to own automatic weapons under any circumstance. However, once you pass through the verification process in states like Nevada, you will be bragging with an automatic weapon within a couple of months.

Choosing a suitable best handgun is crucial in buying a gun. For a beginner, light and easy-to-handle handguns are not ideal. Additionally, striker-fired pistols are the best if you have no experience handling guns.


Also, go for guns that are easy to clean the barrel length. Cleaning a gun requires the owner to disassemble and clean the parts separately. However, if this is too technical for you, there are professional services that can help you with all your cleaning needs.


You need a stainless steel barrel-length gun since they are more durable and stay longer without showing rust. You are lucky if you don’t use your gun often because they are less likely to rust. Also, finding the best handgun with a good grip is important. A well-textured grip would be ideal for a handgun because it offers more gun control.


You should not also forget the importance of having safety controls on your concealed carry handgun, especially if you are a beginner. Many deaths are caused by accidental firing in the US, and you want to be the next victim.

Conclusion: What Is The Best Handgun In The World?

Buying a handgun for concealed carry can be stressful, especially if it’s your first gun. It is also a hard decision if you are unsure if you need a gun or don’t have training. However, we assure you that the pressure that comes with getting the first gun is understandable. If the thought has crossed your mind, it is time to get a gun. The best handguns come in handy during self-defense and home defense.


This is not one of those reviews that bore you with dozens of Glock pistols. These gun reviews are informative, and If you are a gun guy, you know we know what we are talking about! We searched far and wide and ended up with the best handgun for you. These are high-performing guns that are also relatively easy on your pocket.


They are also ideal for concealed carry for self-defense or use at home as a home defense gun. In addition, we also have a buying guide to help you get the best handgun in a short while!

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