THC Gummies: Top 5 Legal Weed Edibles Of 2024

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THC gummies, a discreet and flavorful way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis, have gained immense popularity in recent years. These delectable edibles offer a convenient and precise method of consuming THC, the psychoactive compound found in marijuana.


Crafted with precision, THC edibles provide users with a consistent and controlled dose, making them an appealing choice for experienced as well as newcomers to the cannabis scene. With a wide variety of flavors and potencies, these gummies allow users to tailor their experience to their preferences. 


In this guide, we have hunted through the 16 best brands and found the 5 best THC gummies of 2023 for you. Exploring their effects, dosing considerations, and potential benefits, we have done it all and are here to help you make informed choices for your cannabis journey.

Top 5 THC Gummies To Buy Online In 2023

Exhale Wellness

Overall Best THC Gummies; Editor’s Choice


Strongest THC Gummies In Different Flavors

Cheef Botanicals

Premium Quality THC Edibles

Overall Best THC Gummies; Editor’s Choice

Exhale Wellness’ delta-9 gummies are hands down the most effective relaxing supplements on the market today, and the best part is that all their THC gummies are natural, 100% organic, and potent enough.


Exhale Wellness has left its mark on cannabis enthusiasts. Its products have impressed people, and many have become returning customers. Also, this particular brand offers free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


It also offers other THC products, including Delta 8 gummies, cartridges, vapes, soft gels, flowers, tinctures, etc. Also, let’s not forget their wide variety of flavors and strains to choose from.


Customer Experience


All customer responses to Exhale Wellness have been superbly positive. Users applaud these gummies’ potency, lasting effects, and overall high quality. The generous money-back guarantee and the free shipping policy are also among the strong points. Maybe that is the reason why they play a crucial part in the list of best THC gummies.


Recently, there were instances where products didn’t reach the customers on time, and it seems that Exhale Wellness has fixed this issue and they are fixing everything fast.

Strongest THC Gummies In Different Flavors

BudPop has taken the market by storm. They set their primary goal to provide people with the best THC experience available. By keeping up with such a high aim, BudPop is on a decent path to becoming the top-rated THC-selling brand.


For one, they use only handpicked ingredients of supreme quality for their THC edibles. BudPop is famous for having 100% organic and non-GMO delta-8 gummies on the market. Its team makes sure that the hemp used in production is pure and safe to consume.


The company openly promotes all independent lab testing reports on its website. So, all customers can freely access these results and take the time to review them. The team at BudPop truly lives by the motto ‘pop plants, not pills. To that end, they practice full transparency and trust-building as core values.


These THC gummies come in bottles of 625mg. Plus, there are two fresh flavors—Strawberry Gelato and Blue Dream Berry—and each delta-8 gummy contains 25mg of THC. However, the best part about BudPop is the constant creative input. The brand combines unique flavors with high-quality strains resulting in new and better blends.


Customer Experience

Customer feedback for BudPop has been overwhelmingly positive. Customers are quite content with the delta-8 gummies from BudPop, especially with the high standards, intense effects, and unique flavors. 


Also, if you need information about anything, you can freely contact the brand, and they will have your query answered within minutes (if not seconds).


Note: We Recently Tried These Flavors


Budpop has just released three new flavors of Delta 9 gummies that combine CBN, live resin, and CBD. These gummies are sure to impress with their amazing taste and effects. Besides, their fruit punch Delta 9 gummies continue to be a top seller, proving their popularity among consumers.

Premium Quality Weed Gummies

Cheef Botanicals launched THC gummies in 2022. These THC edibles are the most popular among Cheef Botanicals’s gummies and are organic, natural, and non-GMO. Their mark in the cannabis industry is due to their best THC gummies.


Every ingredient used in Cheef Botanicals’s delta-9 THC gummies is organic and tested in third-party labs, which are the finest labs to ensure health and safety.

Also, the best part is that it is the most economical pack of THC gummies you can find out there. A bag of 30 gummies costs only $69.95, so not a big blow to anyone’s pocket for quality products.


Customer Experience

Cheef Botanicals is known for producing attractive hemp-derived products. According to the users, the quality, blend, and taste of Cheef Botanicals products were simply splendid. Some reports specifically refer to the delta-9 gummies, describing how they help relax and clear their minds. Others appreciate their quick-acting nature and stimulating after-effects.

Highly Potent THC Gummies

Trusted, loved, and reputable. Such monikers follow the names of only the best of the best, and Hollyweed secures those descriptors with ease.

Hollyweed has steadily gained popularity with some unique formulas and blends. Their pure delta-8 THC gummies contain cannabis extracted from the best hemp sources, too.


Hollyweed’s delta-8 gummies are relatively cost-effective and come with the most exotic of flavors. They use resealable packs, each containing five different flavors. The best part is that they have gummies for all types of customers.

Whether you’re an experienced consumer or a beginner with very little THC tolerance, Hollyweed has something for you.

Its gummies are entirely safe to consume and utilize organic and all-natural ingredients.


Hollyweed offers 30 delta-8 gummies per pack, and each gummy has about 25mg or 50mg THC, depending on the package size.


If you’re a beginner, try consuming the gummy by slicing it into two pieces to build confidence. Since these are edibles, it might take you around two hours before feeling the CBD gummies effects. Yet, the peace of mind and deep sleep after the gummy are worth the wait.


Customer Experience

Hollyweed has stood the test of time and, in doing so, has made hundreds of returning customers worldwide. To put it straight, people simply love the brand and its products. Delta-8 consumers are especially grateful for the measured potency of Hollyweed’s products. Some even report getting relief from some medical symptoms.


Regular consumers also mentioned its effects on sleep, relaxation, and healthier appetite. Finally, the great taste is just the icing on the cake.

#5. Diamond CBD

Great Mood Gummies for Relaxation

diamond cbd - theislandnow

As evident from the name, Diamond CBD makes some of the most potent and highest-quality delta-8 gummies. Diamond CBD might be the way to go if you want to relieve stress and find relaxation. The brand is trendy for using some top-notch hemp sources and offers many products, too.


Diamond CBD has put a lot of research and money into making potent THC gummies and CBD products. As a result, it manages to preserve a high level of quality without ever dropping the ball.


This brand is rapidly expanding its product line, offering dozens of different products as of today. Plus, they infuse them with at least ten unique flavors. To allow for easier selection, Diamond CBD categorizes its catalog according to several “moods”; hence, we have delta-8 gummies ranging from sleepy to happy to calm, etc.


The Chill Plus delta-8 gummies from Diamond CBD are available in packages of 300mg, 1250mg, or 5000mg, with each gummy containing 25mg. Just remember to mind your tolerance and daily intake.


Customer Experience

The customer reviews on Diamond CBD’s website are full of positive vibes. Some even express their gratitude to the creators of the delta-8 gummies. According to most reviews, the consensus is that they’re a bargain at that price.


The peace and tranquility last for hours, and people love it for its instant pain-reducing abilities. Of course, there’s also the huge variety of products, flavors, and shapes Diamond CBD has on offer.

What is THC?

THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, exists in both hemp and marijuana cannabis plants, albeit in significantly different levels. While hemp plants contain THC as a minor component, marijuana contains a substantial amount of THC, responsible for inducing the “high” or intoxicating sensation in users.


The mechanism of THC involves binding to specific receptors called cannabinoid receptors, situated in the brain as part of the endocannabinoid system. This system plays a crucial role in regulating various physiological processes, including mood, appetite, pain perception, and immune system function.


Delta-9 THC is the most prevalent form of THC, and it is the compound responsible for the effects experienced when smoking marijuana or consuming weed gummies.

How To Choose The Best Legal THC Gummies?

You can easily come across dozens of fancy-looking THC brands online. Many of them are authentic and legitimate companies offering THC gummies. Yet, that does not mean you should pick one at random.


It’d be much wiser to consider a set of factors before you purchase from any gummy brands. For instance, take these pointers as guidance:

Undoubtedly, the most important thing to keep in mind while shopping for THC gummies is the brand you’re purchasing from. That’s because good word of mouth is indicative of quality on all fronts.


If you’re buying THC gummies from a brand like Exhale Wellness, you know you can trust them, for they would never sell substandard products that could defame them. On the same note, try to avoid dealing with newly emerging brands. More often than not, you won’t be able to guarantee their authenticity.


In short, search the web, and look for names already in the conversation. Then, read their reviews, check the ratings, and only then decide which one deserves your vote.

For anything to be working well, its source needs to be right. Often brands, even some popular ones, use second-rate, local hemp sources. And for high-quality delta-8 gummies, you need hemp from farms full of earthly nutrients, free of pollutants and mildew.

Brands use chemical processes to extract THC, which may not always yield beneficial results. Similarly, the after-extraction process is just as necessary. The more chemicals removed from the products, the more the gummies become clean and healthy for consumption. To be sure of this, you will need to review the lab reports at least once.

If you’re a beginner, do not consume an entire delta-8 gummy for the first time. Allow your body to build a tolerance to delta-8. You might have consumed THC or CBD before, but that does not guarantee your body could handle an edible with higher dosages well.


The initial hit you would experience by consuming edibles is pretty strong, but the actual results can require about 2-3 hours to show up. During that period, do not intake any more gummies thinking that the single dose didn’t work. Excess of delta-8 could knock you out.

As per the analysis report of Daily CBD, the best quality delta-8 edible needs to be rich in flavorings and coloring, have a gummy-like base, and have premium distillates. It would be best if you made sure the brand you choose for your delta-8 gummies uses organic ingredients and no artificial additives.

Apart from aestheticism, there is no fun in using the same flavored product again and again. Trying new flavors and strengths keeps your interest locked in place with the product. Make sure the brand you choose offers a variety of everything so you stay loyal to the brand till the very end.

Lab testing is yet another essential factor when buying anything from a brand, especially edibles. Due to the high number of cannabis offering companies today, buyers do not consider checking the brands’ credibility. And this is something you should stop doing now.


Ask for the lab reports of delta-8 gummies to make sure the composition is natural and healthy. Some brands are adding impotence-triggering materials to their CBD products. And any well-known brand would present you their lab reports more than happily.

On the other hand, when a brand refuses to show, it usually means some shady business. Hence, try to move as far away from that seller as possible and look for some other reputable brand.

Consider buying from something other than a brand that offers delta-8 gummies at an unreasonably low price. That’s because extracting and manufacturing delta-8 THC is a pretty difficult task and requires a lot of effort, and charging less than the typical price would straight away mean a loss for the company. Low price simply means a low-quality product.

No matter what you buy, reading customer reviews below the product is extremely important. It is the best approach to knowing all the pros and cons of a brand and whether you should trust the brand or not.

However, most delta-8 brands are newly launched and should have more customer reviews. And often, brands fake reviews on their website, so be sure to double-check for their authenticity.


The reviews of the brand mentioned here are few, but it’s hard to find any negative feedback in them. Also, our team tried the delta-9 gummies of each brand, and we are more than satisfied with the results.

Are THC Gummies Safe To Consume?

When it comes to consuming THC gummies, the amount you can safely take will vary depending on the potency of the product. As a general guideline, consuming no more than two THC gummies within a six-hour period is recommended. If you find that you require additional doses to achieve the desired effects, it is advisable to gradually increase the dosage in measured increments.


It is important to note that the optimal intake of delta-8 THC will vary depending on your individual needs and overall health. Therefore, it is important to approach the use of THC gummies in a mindful and measured manner to ensure that you achieve the desired benefits while minimizing any potential risks.


Read this guide to know more about the safety of edibles:


What are the Benefits of THC Gummies?

The highlighted advantages of the finest delta-9 gummies only scratch the surface of the potential benefits these delectable cannabis products offer. As psychoactive cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system, THC gummies excel in various areas:


  1. Pain relief
  2. Stress reduction
  3. Improved sleep
  4. Relaxation and euphoria
  5. Anxiety reduction
  6. Enhanced moods
  7. Increased creativity

However, the benefits aren’t limited to mental and emotional well-being. These cannabis edibles also possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, contributing to better physical health.

Moreover, when combined with premium CBD extracted from organic hemp plants, the potential benefits of THC gummies expand significantly, showing promise in treating diverse medical issues and symptoms.

Apart from the quality of life enhancements, the convenience factor is another appealing aspect for many users. Gummies are easy to carry and consume, making them suitable for anytime, anywhere use.

Besides, gummies’ delayed onset and longer-lasting effects make them a preferred choice for those with limited time to dose THC throughout the day or night. With just one soft chew and some patience, users can enjoy the effects of gummies for up to six hours, nearly double the duration of other similar cannabis products.

FAQs Related To THC Gummies

Yes, they can, but the effects aren’t as strong. Also, after continuous usage of the psychotropic substance, you might develop a tolerance for delta-8. Afterward, the “high” effect will fade off within a much shorter span.

The key distinction between consuming delta-8 gummies and smoking delta-8 is the duration of their effects. 


Smoking offers an instant effect but wears off quickly, while gummies take around an hour to take effect and last longer. Smoking provides immediate control, allowing you to stop instantly if needed, but with edibles, effects are only felt after digestion.

THC gummies are commonly used for their psychoactive effects, which can induce feelings of relaxation, euphoria, and pain relief. They may also help with anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

  • The strength of THC in gummies can vary depending on the brand and dosage.
  • Exhale’s Delta 9 gummies are considered to be one of the strongest THC gummies on the market, with a potency of up to 50mg per gummy.
  • These gummies are made with high-quality, lab-tested cannabis extracts and are available in a variety of flavors.
  • It is important to note that the strength of THC gummies can have potential risks and side effects, and as per recommendations, start with a low dosage and consume responsibly with appropriate prescription/guidelines.

For newcomers, begin with a 5mg dose to assess reactions and reduce side effects. Experienced users can opt for 10mg to 20mg, ensuring stronger effects without being too overwhelming.

Conclusion: What Is The Best Brand For THC Gummies?

In conclusion, when it comes to selecting the finest THC gummies brand from a crowded market, the choice can be overwhelming. However, delta-8 gummies emerge as the ideal option for those seeking a THC-infused edible experience. Their ease of use, delightful flavors, potent effects, and extensive variety make them a standout choice.

To summarize, while all the mentioned brands deserve consideration, our top pick is Exhale Wellness for their exceptional THC Gummies. With a wide range of high-quality THC products, they currently lead the pack as the ultimate brand for premium THC gummies. 

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