Readers Write: What has Vincent Costa done for the Village of Manorhaven?

The Island Now

We don’t need to be elected officials to help improve our Village. Vincent Costa is running for a seat on the Village of Manorhaven Board, but what has he ever done to show he truly cares about Manorhaven?

What accomplishments has he achieved that benefit the Manorhaven community?

How has his purported “participation at board meetings” benefitted Manorhaven?

What initiatives that he says he undertook were amended, finalized or canceled which are on record as a result of his “participation”?

Other than the fact that he is a resident and homeowner of the village, what are his goals and aspirations for Manorhaven if elected? None have been listed on the literature we’ve all received in the mail.

On the other hand, Rita Di Lucia and John Di Leo have proven track records on the Manorhaven Village Board of outstanding dedication and accomplishments for the benefit of all of the residents of Manorhaven.

The village has never looked better. I understand that almost 100 new trees have been planted over the past several years.

Finances are in excellent shape and our property taxes increase at a minimum level. The Nature Preserve continues to grow and improve. Our services are far better than those offered by neighboring villages.

For these reasons and more, I urge my fellow Manorhaven residents to vote to re-elect Rita Di Lucia and elect John Di Leo as trustees on June 15.

Daniel Garcia


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