Readers Write: Details needed from letter-writer

The Island Now

Larry Penner’s 1/18/2021 letter is almost completely devoid of detail.
The author suggests how to hold the previously scheduled fare increase to 4 percent.

In case it missed the author’s notice, the fare increase has been temporarily put on hold. Since it is put on hold due to concerns over customers’ finances and we have no idea how much (or if) it will be in the future, how can any amount of money saved or received or even spent by the MTA , at least at this point, keep a nonexistent 0 percent fare increase at 4 percent?
The author states ridership is significantly down. By how much? Does this include the number of people that rode free on the bus at the height of the pandemic?
The author goes on to say the MTA Inspector General said NYCTA’s methods of tracking fare evasion were unreliable. This implies, says the author, the figures may be much higher.

If methods used to track something are unreliable, how can the author possibly infer the figure may be higher? Or lower? How can he possibly infer anything off allegedly erroneous data?
The author states OMNY will replace the Metro card. It would be nice if the author explained what OMNY is.
The author then goes on to state there has been an increase in crime and vandalism. Would the author care to enlighten us as to what crime has increased on the subway? Violent? Nonviolent? Where? In stations? On cars? Compared to total ridership?

As a percentage of the total number of riders, which the author states is way down yet has provided no figures to back his claim?
The author states vandalism has increased. Aside from the isolated incidents of the individual smashing glass on the 7 train, I haven’t seen an increase in vandalism. Compared to the 1970s and 1980s, when graffiti obscured train numbers and destinations and station signs, there is no vandalism.

Again, where? In what forms? How prevalent?

Nat Weiner

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