Readers Write: How to fight racism

The Island Now

Love is the answer for all of us to fight racism.

That being said as reported and that is February is Black History Month. Its’ origin can be traced to 1926 when historian Carter G. Woodson and others decided to make February Black History Month and this would be around the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass and this was a time to honor African Americans.

In 1976 President Ford said this celebration helped to “seize the opportunity to honor neglected accomplishments of Black Americans.”

Well, I fully agree. We are one nation under God and that means respect for all races. These are just words that I know only too well. I have as a teenager in the 1960s been involved with civil rights to a limited extent.

I’m 71 years old now and have worked on a total of three plumbing supply companies on Long Island in the last 50 years. Now in these three I was one of the few white employees and have worked alongside quite a few fine Afro-Americans who treated me with respect as I did likewise.

I, therefore, have made it my mission in the last few years to offer a hello or a kind word to others of different races and those of different countries of origin. I hope those I has spoken to will feel I’m trying to extend kindness, love and even a helping hand.

Maybe, we should all do the same. Racism must end and that can only happen with acts of kindness to our brothers and sisters who are Afro-Americans.

Americans can finally be unified and opposed to racism as one but it takes work. Our creator put us here to love one another.

Unfortunately, there are some who have not gotten the message yet. Finally, remember this, Love is the answer.

Frederick R. Bedell


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