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“Conflicts Ahead For Port Washington Riders,” 3/1/2021, Larry Penner.
“How will this affect pre-COVID-19…LIRR Riders?” asks the author. How in the name of common sense can the author possibly ask about pre-COVID riders since no such thing exists anymore and any decision Stringer or anyone else with power would make cannot possibly affect a pre COVID rider?

Has he accidentally come across a time travel device that will transport massive numbers of LIRR riders back in time?
Second, the author assumes Stringer will win the Democratic primary. Some polls show him in the lead, some show Yang. Even assuming for the sake of argument Stringer wins the primary and the election the mayor has little power over the MTA.

In fact, an opinion piece of the author’s making the rounds refers to New York City’s power to amend a 1953 Master Agreement.
Third, yet another letter of the author’s making the rounds discusses the realities of the post COVID world and many employers making use of telecommuting. How can anyone possibly ask about what LIRR ridership will be until six months to a year after the pandemic has been put down? In fact, the author in his own opinion piece mentions COVID ridership has been lost.
The author mentions the importance of social distancing. Yet in an opinion piece last year in the Jewish Press, he criticizes DeBlasio and Cuomo about closing down certain sections of Brooklyn and Queens; he mentions masks and social distancing as an afterthought and compares those sections of Brooklyn and Queens to occupied Poland. So is the author now in favor of social distancing?
The author is an expert on transit. He is also covered under the First Amendment. But what is the point to writing about an event promised by a politician who may not win the election, who if he does win the election will not take office until 10 months from now, and who might not have the authority to lower fares on the LIRR?
Finally, the author mentions the COVID “crises.” “Crises” is plural. “Crisis” is singular. There has been one ongoing crisis.

Nat Weiner

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