Can Exercise Increase Testosterone Levels In Men?

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Testosterone levels affect essential bodily functions. People have been curious does working out increase testosterone levels.


Testosterone affects such things as muscle mass and weight gain. So, jumping rope at the gym will not shoot your testosterone levels through the roof. Exercise has short and long-term effects on male serum testosterone levels. However, the results vary widely. Also, several factors affect your testosterone.


This article will teach you about the connection between testosterone and exercise and how overtraining can even lead to low T levels later while also talking about this male sex hormone which is important for every person.

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Does Working Out Increase Testosterone?

The impact of exercise on testosterone levels is complex and depends on various factors. Different types and intensities of exercise can have different effects on testosterone levels. 


While some studies suggest that certain exercises, particularly weightlifting, may temporarily elevate testosterone, overall, exercise does not significantly change testosterone levels rom the normal range. Factors such as body composition, fitness level, and hormonal balance also play a role. 


Physical activity can positively affect overall health, including maintaining endurance, lean muscle, and low body fat, which can help support healthy testosterone levels.

Link Between Testosterone And Exercise

The effect of exercise on testosterone levels varies depending on biological sex and the type of exercise performed. Testosterone is commonly associated with male sex hormones, primarily produced in the testicles. However, it is also in smaller amounts in females, produced in the ovaries.

Testosterone Production

During puberty, testosterone plays a significant role in developing male characteristics such as increased muscle mass, facial and pubic hair growth, and deepening of the voice. In women, free testosterone boost contributes to physical function and overall health and is necessary for various bodily functions.


Testosterone is produced in the adrenal glands and testes. In women, ovaries play a major role in this.


Maintaining healthy testosterone levels by taking testosterone supplements for low testosterone is important for both men and women throughout life to support overall health and reduce the risk of conditions like obesity, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease risk.


It’s worth noting that transgender individuals taking hormone supplements to boost testosterone levels may have different responses to exercise, and not all exercise will work for them. Further research is ongoing in this area.

How Exercise Affects Testosterone Levels

The health benefits of regular post exercise are far-reaching and indisputable. However, the extent to which exercise affects the body’s testosterone levels has been hotly debated. The link between these two is undergoing several studies and experiments.


Some studies show that working out does have some short-term effects on testosterone. However, experts don’t know this short-lived boost’s long-term health benefits. Also, the effects vary depending on the nature of the exercise.


Some studies have shown how different types of exercise impact the testosterone level of different individuals. Their effects varied for different genders, body types, and health statuses. They also varied in different age for example from middle aged men to obese young women and fitness levels.


Another study of obese men measured the effect of regularly working out on T levels. The findings showed an increase in T levels. These were more significant than the effect of weight loss.


In older men who might be on testosterone pills for erectile dysfunction or similar sexual dysfunction, some studies have shown a relationship between the increase in testosterone levels and regular physical activity. Regular exercise also causes an increase in their growth hormone production.

Exercises That Can Increase Testosterone Levels

Studies and findings have established that different exercises impact body composition and function differently. Some studies have seen widely varying effects of exercise on various hormone productions. The type of exercise in question determines the impact on T levels.


Two categories of training have been proven to increase testosterone levels.

High-Intensity Interval Training, HIIT. This form of exercise features alternating periods of high-intensity workouts and low-intensity recovery/rest periods. Many studies have shown that this sort of training has several health benefits. It burns calories quickly, helps lose weight, and aids metabolism. It can also increase the body’s testosterone production quicker.


In some studies, interval training showed more significant boosts in testosterone levels than steady-state cardio exercises. For HIIT, you can choose any activity that you can do intensely. This will speed up your heart rate. Activities include cycling, stationary biking, and squats. They also include running and jumping rope.


HIIT exercises can significantly impact your testosterone levels, even though it’s just thirty minutes thrice a week. However, this impact differs between genders. There’s no record of significant testosterone increase in women after HIIT exercises.

Studies have shown a connection between resistance exercise and increasing testosterone levels. However, the training must have a high metabolic demand to impact testosterone levels to help you achieve a healthy body weight. Endurance exercise or endurance training is an ideal exercise protocol. It boosts the body’s testosterone concentrations.


Weight lifting and strength training increases the body’s testosterone levels naturally. Increased lean muscle mass has been linked to higher testosterone production. You would need to perform two sets of at least three reps thrice a week.


The resting time between sets should be minimal to be effective. Do fewer sets with heavier weights for optimal results in weight training. This should be greater than 90% of your highest capacity. This is a better approach than more sets with lighter weights. It’s also essential to do mostly full-body workouts. Do not just focus on multiple muscle groups like the biceps. Large muscle groups can equally benefit you and provide you immensely good results.

Alternative Ways To Boost Testosterone Naturally

There are other natural ways to boost your body’s testosterone production. Here are some natural ways:

  • Get adequate sleep (7-8 hours per night) to support healthy testosterone levels rise.
  • Include zinc-rich foods or supplements in your diet to promote testosterone production.
  • Consume protein-rich foods like fish and eggs to help maintain or increase testosterone levels.
  • Follow a healthy diet, like the Mediterranean diet, rich in nuts, whole grains, beans, and vegetables.
  • Consider incorporating natural herbs like fenugreek, ashwagandha, ginseng, pine pollen, ginger, and maca root, which may support testosterone production.
  • Limit sugar intake, as high blood sugar levels can reduce testosterone levels.
  • Manage stress levels effectively to prevent the increase in cortisol, a stress hormone that can inhibit testosterone production.
  • Minimize exposure to Bisphenol A (BPA), commonly found in plastic, as it may affect testosterone levels and fertility. Opt for glass containers for food and beverage consumption.
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Conclusion: What Exercise Increases Testosterone Most?

Many people experience low testosterone levels and high cortisol levels. Therefore, finding ways to boost your testosterone response is vital. People go for testosterone replacement therapy, but that is not the ultimate solution.


One frequently asked question among such people is, “Can exercise increase testosterone levels?” This article answers that query.


Of all the suggested methods, resistance training can help you the most if you have a slight imbalance in your hormone levels. Consulting a professional if you notice symptoms for a long time before jumping to any of these remedies is a good idea.


Maintaining healthy testosterone levels with natural testosterone supplements or a holistic remedy will significantly improve your overall health and quality of life. 


As we have proven, working out certainly increases testosterone levels. However, not all exercises can boost your T levels. Combine that with a diet plan and other lifestyle modification induced increases testosterone and you can see significant changes faster and for a long time.

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