Top 8 Best Sea Moss Supplements of 2024

Suvrat Singh
Best Sea Moss Supplements

Sea moss, or Chondrus crispus or Irish sea moss, has been a therapeutic ingredient since the 15th century. Nutritionally, sea moss contains rich nutrients, minerals, and vitamins like iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and iodine. 


With its rising demand, you may wonder if its health benefits are real. And if yes, how do you consume it? Read on to find out.


In this article, we take you through sea moss, its health benefits, and the best sea moss supplements on the market in our experience. Our list contains some of the most researched and positively reviewed sea moss supplements that people have seen real improvements and results in their health with consistent use. 

8 Best Sea Moss Supplements


Elm & Rye

Herb’s Pro

Overall Best Sea Moss Supplements; #1 Pick

Riti has been in their top game for supplements, and rightly so. The Irish Sea Moss Complex Gummies by Riti has attracted top customer reviews, sharing their experiences about its benefits and how it has helped them cope with different health concerns. 


We picked Riti as our top choice because it blends all the right nutrients to produce an unmatched supplement in quality and effectiveness. It uses the most common ingredients in the supplement, like Irish sea moss, bladderwrack, and burdock root, but optimally so that all users can benefit from it while being safe. The ingredients together provide more than 92 vital vitamins and minerals to the body, including calcium, iodine, and potassium. 


Other than that, we personally tested the product and loved the flavorful taste of the sea moss gummies. It comes in a natural mixed berry flavor, which takes away the fishy and earthy smell of sea moss in a refined way. It is also easy to digest. 


The Riti sea moss supplements have an all-round approach to health and well-being. It improves immunity function, normalizes digestive problems, and promotes weight management. 


It is non-GMO verified and produced using ethically sourced high-quality sea moss. It uses no artificial flavors or colors and is third-party tested to guarantee purity and quality. Each pack contains 60 gummies, a month’s supply per the recommended daily dosage of 2 gummies. 

Top Sea Moss Supplement for Energy Boost

The Elm & Rye are next on our list. The best part about the Elm & Rye supplement is that it combines a world-class research team with premium ingredients and regular testing to make it effective. 


Unlike other supplements, this one does not use additional ingredients other than Irish sea moss and organic MCT. Elm & Rye supplement is built on the benefits of the best natural sea moss and binds it with energy-boosting oil like MCT to give its customers an authentic experience. Other than that, it only uses glycerine and water as mediums. 


Sea moss is the main ingredient and combines all its benefits, including gut health, immunity, thyroid function, weight loss, digestive and heart health, and skin. The supplement is also fiber-rich, meaning it makes you feel fuller for longer and curbs the tendency to overeat. 


The supplement is available in two forms: gummies and capsules. Each container contains 30 gummies, which last two weeks per the recommended daily dosage of 2 gummies. 

Most Affordable Sea Moss Capsules

Herb’s Pro

Third on our list is Herb’s Pro sea moss supplement. It’s a great option if you’re someone looking to introduce sea moss into your routine but also have a budget to stick to. This one is one of the most affordable supplements on the market. 


The supplements come in capsule form, making it convenient for people who find it hard to drink liquids or powders mixed with beverages. 


Similar to most sea moss supplements, this one also comes with bladderwrack and burdock root as additional ingredients to wildcrafted Irish sea moss in this blend. Many users of this supplement have seen visible changes in their skin and overall health. 


Herb’s Pro is a nationally recognized brand, and its production processes follow all manufacturing guidelines set by regulators. 

Best Sea Moss Supplement for Thyroid & Immunity

Oweli, the next pick on our list of the best sea moss supplements, is perfect for addressing thyroid function and immunity issues. It comes in a neatly packed bottle with 60 capsules, sufficient for a month’s dosage. The recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day. 


The Oweli sea moss supplement is a dense nutrient blend of organic Irish moss, organic bladderwrack, organic burdock, BioPerine R (black pepper extract), and an inactive ingredient: pullian. We say dense nutrient blend because each ingredient comes in sufficient concentration per capsule that is neither too low nor too high for our body; it’s a perfect balance. 


The supplement claims to nourish your body from head to toe, providing a length of health benefits like strengthened immune system, healthy thyroid function, improved gut health, and cardiovascular function. It also helps in weight management and sugar balance in the body and promotes skin nourishment from within. 


The supplement blend is scientifically formulated with high-quality ingredients and manufactured in an FDA-registered facility in the USA.


Moreover, it is CGMP compliant and also provides a 100-day money-back guarantee. However, Oweli also recommends consistent usage for a minimum of 90 days to see the changes in the body. 

Vegan-Friendly Alternative to Multivitamins

Double Wood Supplements sea moss supplement also makes our list and is a perfect alternative to synthetic multivitamins.


This supplement has proven effects on respiratory troubles. Packed with nutrients and vitamins like calcium, potassium, iodine, vitamins A, E, F, and K, and vegan-safe Irish sea moss, it will surely give you several health benefits. 


Double Wood Supplements gummies use the purest and highest-quality ingredients to ensure quality and potency. Moreover, the brand’s products undergo third-party testing procedures that ensure they are free from contamination, have a positive impact on the body, and are effective. 


Each container contains 180 gummies, with a serving size of two gummies per day for a total dose of 1200 mg daily. Depending on your health concerns, you can take 2-4 gummies a day, but the brand does not recommend exceeding 4 gummies. They also state that this sea moss supplement is best taken with food for quick absorption as some nutrients are not water-soluble. 


The supplement is completely free of soy and gluten and is non-GMO verified. Also, given the number of gummies in each container, it’s one of the most budget-friendly and cost-effective supplements. 

#6. Prorganic:

Combats Fatigue & Boosts Energy

Prorganic is best described as a brand that prefers scientific formulations for all its supplements. With primary ingredients like the best organic sea moss, organic bladderwrack, organic burdock, and BioPerine, it is completely safe for consumption and offers several health benefits. 


The three ingredients are extremely potent and provide health benefits like improved immune, thyroid, and liver function, digestion, and enhanced skin health. However, BioPerine is a patented black pepper extract known for its enhanced absorption properties and bioavailability. Because of this, nutrient absorption in the body increases, leading to improved brain health, reduced inflammation, and digestion problems. 


The best part is they also provide a 60-day money-back guarantee if you do not notice any results within this time. Although a money-back guarantee may not mean a lot for many people, it surely indicates the confidence Prorganic has in its product. 


So, whether you’re battling digestive issues or poor immunity, the Prorganic supplement is a sure-shot solution to go for. 

#7. Nutra Remedies:

High-Potency Sea Moss Capsules

The sea moss supplement from Nutra Remedies works best for those tired of fatigue and low in energy.


Like most sea moss supplements, the Nutra Remedies feature high-quality Irish sea moss as the primary compound and other additional nutrients like bladderwrack, burdock root, and BioPerine. All the ingredients except 10 mg BioPerine are provided in a concentrated amount of 750mg per serving. This amount is sufficient and ample for the body to benefit from these ingredients’ rich minerals and vitamins. 


Although the supplement is great for fatigue and poor energy, it also boosts immunity, thyroid function, detox, digestion, weight loss, anti-aging, and heart health. This is one of the few supplements that benefits your overall health and significantly improves skin health. The antioxidants in the composition, like vitamin C, fight free radicals and promote a healthy glow to the skin. 


The supplement is free of artificial fillers, binders, gluten, lactose, eggs, fish, nuts, soy, wheat, and sugar. That makes it a great product for the health-conscious and vegans. It is produced in a GMP-certified facility in the USA. 


Every pack contains 120 capsules, and the brand recommends a dosage of 3 capsules every day. So it’ll easily last you more than a month. Best taken 30 minutes before meals.

#8. Compton Health Bar:

Pure Jamaican Irish Sea Moss Capsules

Compton Health Bar is one of the healthiest & best sea moss brands with potent and pure ingredients. It’s completely vegetarian and does not use artificial flavors or sugar to prepare. 


The Compton Health Bar sea moss supplement uses 100% Jamaican Irish sea moss as the main ingredient. It provides many benefits, such as boosting the body’s mineral count, promoting healthy skin, strengthening the immune system, and regulating thyroid health. It also supports mucus membrane cleansing, which is a problem for many users. 


The gut microbacteria present in Irish sea moss further ensures healthy and regular bowel movements. It also makes you feel fuller for longer, helping to curb excessive cravings or overeating. 


Every pack contains 100 capsules. You can take up to 2 capsules a day with food and be consistent with it to see effective results. Although the recommended dosage is 2 capsules daily, you can start with one if you’re new to the supplement and check if it has any allergic reaction. However, most sea moss supplements do not have any allergens and are completely safe for consumption. 


Most customers have reported positive feedback about the product, but there are also cases where users have not seen any significant improvement in their condition despite consistent product usage. So, individual results can vary. 

What Is Sea Moss?

Also known as Irish moss, sea moss is a type of red algae that grows in the ocean and is mainly found around the coastal regions of the Northern Atlantic. It grows in different colors, like green, yellow, brown, black, and red. 


Sea moss is primarily harvested for its use in sea moss supplements. It is recognized for its rich nutrient profile, which includes essential minerals and vitamins like iodine, calcium, potassium, and vitamins A, C, E, and K. 


Many people use sea moss in smoothies and soups because of its gel-like texture and because it thickens them. It is the only natural source of carrageenan, which is used as a thickener for ice cream, baby formulas, cottage cheese, etc. 

Buying Guide For Sea Moss Supplement?

When choosing a sea moss supplement, focusing on quality is essential. Here are key factors to consider:

Benefits Of Sea Moss Supplements

Although not enough, some early studies show that sea moss can be beneficial in treating several health issues. Here are a few:

Improves Digestion and Gut Health

Sea moss contains prebiotics, which help essential microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria grow faster, thus playing a vital role in digestion and nutrient absorption. It helps maintain a healthy digestive system by promoting gut health. 

Improve Thyroid Health

The high iodine content in sea moss is extremely beneficial for thyroid health. The thyroid gland uses iodine to produce hormones that regulate metabolism. If your body does not have sufficient iodine, the thyroid won’t function properly, leading to issues like hypothyroidism.

Promotes Skin Health

Sea moss is rich in bioactive compounds, minerals, and vitamins essential to promote collagen production in our body and nourish it from within. Sea moss supplements have been used in many skincare supplements because of their benefits of improving hydration, reducing inflammation, hyperpigmentation, and the appearance of fine lines. Overall, sea moss supplements boost your skin health and get a radiant glow. 

Boosts Immune Function

Polysaccharides in sea moss strengthen the immune system. They act as immune modulators, helping the body to mount an appropriate immune response to pathogens. The nutrients like zinc and B vitamins in sea moss strengthen the immune system and protect the body from diseases like salmonella. 

Supports Joint Health

Sea moss has anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve joint pain and stiffness. That is because sea moss has anti-inflammatory compounds that help alleviate joint pains or issues like arthritis.

Supports Respiratory Health

Sea moss is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, chlorophyll, and potassium chloride. It also has mucilaginous properties, which may help dissolve mucus and soothe the respiratory tract, acting as a cough relief or decongestant. 

May Help Reduce Body Fat

Some studies and research about sea moss show that carrageenan may help reduce body fat by reducing the production of fat cells, increasing the breakdown of stored fat, and lowering the dietary fat absorption in the body. 

May Prevent Parkinson’s Disease

Though there is insufficient data to support this claim, many researchers believe sea moss supplements can reduce the chances of this disease worsening. 


Parkinson’s is one of the most dreaded degenerative diseases among older adults. It causes stiffness, tremors, and slow movement and has no cure in the history of medicine yet. 

Boosts Energy 

With its range of B vitamins, sea moss, can help boost energy levels, making it a great supplement for those looking to increase their stamina and reduce fatigue.

Are sea moss supplements safe?

Most sea moss supplements are considered safe for consumption, but only when you take them in the recommended dosage. However, these supplements have high levels of iodine, which, in excess, harms thyroid function. Also, sea moss grows on the rocky areas of oceans and can absorb metals, so purity is another concern. 


Always go for a reputed brand and check the certifications and production practices before buying. 

Sea Moss Alternatives

If you think sea moss is not the right choice for you, other nutrient-rich alternatives are available. Here are a few alternatives of sea moss you can try targeting different health concerns:

Weight Loss – Green Tea

Being high in antioxidants like caffeine and flavonoids that improve the metabolism in your body and increase fat oxidation. It is also known to improve insulin activity. However, it’s important to note how you prepare the tea to ensure you preserve the catechins in it. 

Blood Sugar and Weight Loss – Berberine

Berberine regulates blood sugar levels and helps in weight loss. It works by increasing insulin sensitivity in our body and improving how cells respond to it. This leads to better glucose uptake. Berberine also activates an enzyme called AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), which regulates metabolism and can influence body fat composition and appetite.

Thyroid Health – Selenium

Selenium is essential for thyroid health as it aids in producing thyroid hormones. These hormones are crucial for regulating metabolism, energy levels, and overall health.

Joint Health – Glucosamine

Glucosamine supports the health of joint cartilage, potentially reducing joint pain and improving mobility. It’s often used as a joint supplement for conditions like arthritis.

Skin, Hair, and Nails – Vitamins and Biotin

Biotin, a type of vitamin B, is key for maintaining the health of skin, hair, and nails. It helps strengthen nails, improve skin elasticity, and promote hair growth. Other vitamins like C and E are also beneficial in repairing damaged skin and healing it from within. 

FAQs About Sea Moss Supplements

Sea moss supplements provide the body with various nutrients and minerals like iodine, antioxidants, iron, magnesium, and amino acids. It has several benefits for the heart, thyroid, immune system, and digestive health. 

Although sea moss is mostly safe for consumption, some side effects, like excess iodine in the body, can hamper thyroid functions and health. Some other common side effects include stomach discomfort and the risk of heavy metal consumption. In some extreme cases, it can lead to bowel cancer and stomach ulcers. 


Also, the carrageenan present in sea moss can have some negative effects.    

The best form of sea moss depends on your personal preference. It comes in various forms like raw sea moss, gels, capsules, powders, liquids, etc. All the forms will mostly have the same health benefits, but the absorption rate may vary. 

Raw sea moss has a gentle, fishy, earthy taste, almost similar to seaweed. But when you have sea moss supplements, the taste is generally neutralized. 


Sea moss supplements are also available in different flavors if you prefer flavored supplements instead of bland ones. But that could also mean artificial flavors, sugars, or colors, so check on that. 

Sea moss supplements can show noticeable changes in your health after a minimum of three to six weeks of consistent consumption. However, it may also take longer depending on health concerns and lifestyle. 

People with thyroid disorders, particularly those related to iodine, should avoid sea moss supplements or take low dosages. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should also avoid it. Also, if you are on blood thinners and have any kind of shellfish allergy, it’s best to avoid sea moss supplements. 


For best advice, consult a healthcare provider.

Concluding The Best Sea Moss Supplements

Sea moss is an excellent source of minerals and vitamins our body needs. Pairing it with other rich herbs like bladderwrack and burdock root strengthens the composition and is more beneficial for our health. 


Adding sea moss supplements to your daily diet will be one of the best health decisions you can make. But remember, the effectiveness of a supplement goes beyond its ingredient list. It’s about how well it aligns with your body’s needs. 


So, we’ve done the legwork, analyzing and comparing these top contenders, so you don’t have to. Hope the insights from our guide will help you take a step towards better health. 

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