12 Drinks To Melt Stubborn Fat In 2024

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Belly fat can be quite dangerous. And we’re not talking simply from a cosmetic or self-image point of view. We all understand the low self-esteem and insecurity that suddenly engulfs us when we realize that we have gained a few pounds around our belly after a night out at the club or binging on sweet and savory treats during the festive season. 


If that has added a few pounds to your belly, that’s only natural. Such “imperfections” should be embraced and taken in stride. However, excessive visceral fat, i.e., fat deposition in your internal organs in your perimeter, can be quite problematic for your overall health, to say the least, both in the short and the long term.


It can affect your cardiovascular health and lead to numerous metabolic disorders, including an adverse lipid profile, impaired glucose tolerance, insulin sensitivity, and high blood pressure.


And we haven’t even mentioned that those with excessive belly fat are more prone to disease-specific morbidity and mortality than others. 


All of this begs the question — what can you do to get a flat stomach and boost your overall well-being?


For one, you should eat healthy and work out regularly. 


But sometimes, that’s not enough. 


You may need a bit of a push. That’s when a good belly fat burner drink can come in handy. 


In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best, all-natural belly fat-burner drinks that you can have to help you melt away all that belly fat without jeopardizing your health. 


So, let’s not keep you waiting any longer and jump right into it!

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12 Best Belly Fat Burning Drinks For A Flat Belly

#1. Water

Nothing matches the number of benefits that water can provide. It is a great way to stay hydrated, help flush out toxins and unwanted excesses, help boost the function of your gut and all the other organs that depend on a steady supply of water to keep working, and several other bodily functions that you need to amp up to flush out excess fat and act as a fat burner


What’s so special about water, and why are we even discussing it as a viable belly fat burner drink? 


Trust us, H2O is crucial to your weight loss journey.

We’ve all heard that 55-60% of our body composition comprises water. And to retain that level is to ensure a chemical balance within the body. The moment that is lost, the fat cells start building up. Increasing water intake pushes fat cells out of the body in the most natural way possible. One of the major reasons why most people struggle with belly fat is that they don’t drink enough water each day. 


Besides, drinking water throughout the day keeps hunger at bay. So you won’t tend to binge. Additionally, if you drink a glass of water before each meal, you will dilute the caustic effects of your digestive juices and reduce your food intake. And once you’ve finished your meal, you will be less likely to experience sudden cravings or urges to snack.


It also helps you sleep better, a key factor in your weight loss journey. 

#2. Green Tea

Green tea is an excellent way to safely burn extra fat. In addition, it has been studied for its effects on weight loss and the prevention of cardiovascular disease, making it among the best tools to help lose belly fat.


Now, what makes green tea special? 


This beverage contains several terpenes and flavonoids that can help lower your cholesterol levels while boosting your metabolism, helping you lose weight without letting fat deposit in your body. So, you manage to lose more weight by drinking green tea every day.

#3. Black Coffee

Black coffee is a great way to boost your alertness and kickstart your day and a potent weight loss aid for belly fat


A quick search online on “how to get rid of belly fat with coffee” will show you numerous results on how this drink is quite effective at burning visceral fat. Besides, the caffeine in black coffee helps boost your metabolism and warm up your energy cells, which in turn helps the body burn more fat faster. 


The antioxidants in black coffee can also help fight damage from free radicals and promote a healthy immune system.

#4. Fennel Seed Water

Fennel is not just a herb or a spice that gives your cooking more texture and flavor. It’s also known for its ability to aid in weight loss, especially belly fat.


So, consuming fennel seed water as a belly fat burner drink only makes sense. You can easily find the seeds in your local grocery store. All you need to do is soak them in water overnight and drink it when you wake up the next morning. 


Fennel seed water is an effective belly fat burner drink because of its ability to boost metabolism. As we explained earlier, higher metabolism allows the breakdown of fat deposition, releasing energy and quicker calorie burning. Fennel water also helps reduce water retention and bloating, some of the main causes of a bulging belly. 

Fennel seeds are also rich in vitamins A and C, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. These nutrients help regulate blood sugar levels, support immune function, and promote healthy bone development. Plus, fennel seeds contain antioxidants that help protect the body against cellular damage caused by free radicals. So, all in all, it’s an excellent health drink.

#5. Cinnamon Water

Cinnamon water is another effective belly fat burner drink that is fast becoming everyone’s go-to natural health drink owing to its numerous health benefits. 


Even when infused with different spices, water is a great way to hydrate yourself and rid your body of toxins. Moreover, cinnamon contains powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, and polyphenols, which can help improve insulin sensitivity and reduce inflammation in the body, besides reducing belly fat and helping fight obesity. 

In addition to its fat-burning properties, cinnamon contains essential nutrients supporting good health. Cinnamon is rich in manganese, calcium, iron, and fiber, which can help regulate blood sugar levels, support bone health, and aid digestion. 


Add cinnamon sticks to warm water to prepare this belly fat burner drink at home.

#6. Ginger Water

Ginger is a great source of antioxidants, making you feel healthy and energized throughout the day. This spicy root also helps suppress appetite and control blood sugar levels. That can help curb overeating and cravings for carbohydrates. 


Besides, it’s also a great source of vitamins B6 and C, iron, magnesium, and potassium, which can help boost the immune system and promote healthy digestion. It also contains anti-inflammatory compounds called gingerols, which have been shown to reduce inflammation and guard against chronic ailments.

Making this belly fat burner drink at home is also quite simple. 


Add a few slices of ginger (you can use ginger powder, too) to water, fill up your favorite bottle with this concoction, and sip slowly throughout the day. You can even throw in pieces of fresh lemon to add flavor.

#7. Cucumber And Mint Water

This drink is amazingly refreshing and can help you curb belly fat if you’ve been struggling with it. Adding freshly cut or mashed cucumber and mint to water can do wonders for your body — and soul!


Cucumbers are naturally gifted with a high water content, making them an excellent source of hydration. Plus, they contain essential nutrients like minerals, vitamins A and B6 that help with metabolism, muscle repair, brain function, and heart health. 


Mint adds antioxidants to the mix to combat free radicals.

Besides, cucumber peel contains loads of dietary fiber that can keep you feeling satiated for longer, especially when consumed with meals or snacks throughout the day. 


This drink is also packed chock full of folic acid that may reduce symptoms associated with depression or anxiety disorders, thiamine that helps regulate blood sugar levels within cells, riboflavin that promotes healthy skin, and niacinamide (aka nicotinamide) that boosts energy levels while reducing fat storage around the belly.

#8. Cumin Water

Cumin water is yet another effective weight loss elixir. A few sips of this concoction can help amp up your metabolism, reduce bloating, and improve digestion. So if you’re wondering how to lose belly fat fast, cumin water might do the trick. 

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#9. Bitter Melon Juice

Bitter Melon is a fruit widely grown in India, China, and other parts of Asia. It’s also known as Bitter Gourd or Chinese Gourd in some regions. The fruit is oval and looks like an eggplant with uneven external texture and large seeds inside. 


It can be eaten raw or cooked like any other vegetable at home. But did you know it can help you get rid of belly fat? Well, it can — when made into juice.

One serving of this drink has a potent dose of vitamin C that helps boost metabolism and energy levels. In addition, it has other nutrients like Vitamins A, K, and B6, which can help improve immune system function and promote healthy skin.


Bitter melon juice can also reduce inflammation caused by oxidative stressors like free radicals in bodily fluids and the liver and help regulate blood sugar levels.

#10. Kale Smoothie

What once was viewed as just another fad among fitness enthusiasts has become one of the most popular green smoothies of all time. 


Yes, we’re talking about the humble kale smoothie. 


This leafy green is a great source of polyphenols, carotenoids, and glucosinolates — in addition to Vitamin C — and can help reduce inflammation while regulating bowel function. Plus, it is low in calories, sugar, fat, and sodium.

If you’re looking for something more than just a basic green drink, you can jazz up your kale smoothie by adding nut butter (almond or cashew can work well), or banana slices, along with frozen chunks of fruit like pineapple or mango.

#11. Lemon-Lime Water With A Twist of Cayenne Pepper

This is a great drink to have before you go out for dinner. It can help you lose weight and keep your belly fat off, so it’s a win-win!


Here’s what you will need to make this belly fat burner drink: 


  • One cup of water
  • A lemon wedge or two slices of lime
  • One teaspoon of cayenne pepper

You can add any herbs and spices to this recipe as well, including mint leaves, ginger root, cinnamon sticks, and fennel seed pods — for both flavor and benefits. You can also use green tea instead of plain water if that appeals to you.

#12. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a natural fat burner, appetite suppressant, and detoxifier. It’s also an old-school remedy for many health problems, including stomach ulcers and heartburn.


It is made by fermenting apple juice with acetic acid bacteria inside the bottle or jar. The enzymes produced by these bacteria work to break down carbohydrates into simple sugars like glucose (sugar), which our bodies can use for energy instead of storing them as fat.

FAQs About Natural Belly Fat Burner Drinks

Belly fat burner drinks are beverages containing natural ingredients known to boost metabolism, aid in digestion, and promote fat burning. These drinks are usually low in calories and can help people reduce fat around the belly.

Drinks like green tea, water, and apple cider vinegar can have great weight loss benefits, but a healthy and balanced diet combined with regular exercise is the most effective way to reduce belly fat.

Some of the best morning weight-loss drinks to lose weight include water, green tea, lemon water, apple cider vinegar, and protein smoothies. These drinks can help with hydration, boost metabolism, and control appetite. But they should be complemented with a healthy diet and regular exercise for the best results.

Water is the best drink for a flat belly. It contains zero calories and helps to flush out toxins, reduce bloating and keep you hydrated. Other options include green tea, ginger tea, and lemon water, which can also aid in digestion and boost metabolism.

These drinks help boost metabolism, cleanse the body of toxins, and suppress appetite. These are mainly the ways these drinks help promote better health. 

No, belly fat burner drinks cannot replace a healthy diet and exercise. They should be taken in sync with a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, and regular workouts. Drinking these beverages alone will not be enough. 

Conclusion: What Can I Drink To Lose Belly Fat At Night?

You can enjoy the best belly fat burners first thing in the morning, with meals or snacks, or whenever you start feeling hungry throughout the day. You needn’t worry about losing belly fat as long as you incorporate any of these beverages into the mix without forgetting to stick to a healthy diet, regular exercise, and proper sleep.


These remedies are definitely quite effective. However, they do take a long time to show results.

So, if you want to find the best, safest, and quickest ways to lose belly fat, then you may want to try an all-natural belly fat-burning supplement instead of simply relying on these drinks.


These fat burners contain only wholesome plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients to boost metabolism, curb appetite, and promote weight loss even when your body is at rest. 


Besides, some of the best belly fat burners available in the market have been developed after intensive research and are backed by science. That is also why they’re as effective and fast-acting as they are safe.

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