5 Best Astrology Sites: Top Sites For Horoscope Readings

Nikhil Goswami

Prediction based on stars has been in the roots of humanity for thousands of years. While old astrology skills might not be perfect, modern astrology reaps much more fruitful results. On top of that, online astrology websites made things even more accessible as people can learn their horoscope while sitting in their comfort zone.

While these online sites make things easy, the danger that comes with them is also great. Companies can falsely advertise their services and gain fake reviews to reach the top search results. Since you need to pay for the services, information like your bank account or credit card is required.

Besides security, it is best to use accurate readings for effective results. You can spend hours searching for a reputable astrology website and return with nothing, so we researched and found the best astrology sites.

Top 5 Astrology Sites For Horoscope Readings

  1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Astrology Site For Accurate Readings, Editor’s Choice
  2. Kasamba – Trustworthy Astrologers For Horoscope Readings
  3. Mysticsense – Accurate Horoscope Sites For Astrology Predictions
  4. Keen – Most Affordable Astrology Readings Online
  5. PsychicOz – Popular Astrology Site To Get Insights Into Future

#1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Astrology Site For Accurate Readings, Editor’s Choice

Purple Garden might be a new website for astrology reading, but its owners have a long time of experience in this field. From the creators of Purple Ocean and Bitwine Psychics, we get to see this masterpiece. Like its sister websites, it offers top-quality astrology reading services and has thousands of satisfied customers. Despite being new, it managed to earn respect quicker thanks to its premium services and customer satisfaction.

The experts on this website give you a glimpse of what is coming and offer advice to act appropriately. This is the best palm reading sites platform if you want financial advice for your investments. However, it would be best if you had some options, and they’ll help you choose the better one.

You can also choose more than just astrology or horoscope reading on this website. If you are having problems in your relationship, Purple Garden has experts to help with such issues.


Vast Network of Readers: The most noticeable feature of Purple Garden is the number of readers. The list is almost endless; you can open any category you like, and the website will present you with so many experts that you might need help selecting one. Despite having a vast network, this platform only ensures hiring the best physics. Their screening test is enough to check the skills of the people they employ since they want 100% customer satisfaction. If that is not all, they filter the portal monthly and remove the low-rating physics.

User-Friendly Interface: Purple Garden has an easy-to-navigate interface with a search bar welcoming you. If you know which professional to choose, write their name in the search bar, and the website will redirect you there. Below the search bar, you’ll see all the experts who the public voted on as the most accurate, followed by trending and top-rated physics. If none suits your needs, check out their “All Advisors” tab to explore all available options.

Best Match: While filling out their online form, you’ll have to share the problem that brought you to this website. Purple Garden’s extended search filter helps you find the right astrologist. You can try that expert or check others from the eligible list.

Friendly Team: Purple Garden is an excellent platform for new customers, as its friendly experts will make you feel like you are at home. They’ll let you choose the times for consultation and readings and even help you open up before suggesting anything. They won’t force you to tell them your issues until you are comfortable sharing them.


  • Get free minutes
  • Detailed information about its readers
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Dedicated mobile app


  • No fixed prices
  • Discounts are not available to every reader

=> Click here to visit the official website of Purple Garden

#2. Kasamba – Trustworthy Astrologers For Horoscope Readings

Kasamba started its business two decades ago, intending to help people make better decisions in their life. Since this platform is from when email was the only online communication media, they still have email consultation in their communication media. If you don’t like to be disturbed by nosy messages, their email media is perfect for you.

Kasamba has the most extensive fan base compared to other platforms having millions of happy customers. Not to mention, most of their customers have given this platform 5-star ratings. They might not have the best new physics or cheap psychics online on their list, but their old ones are the most accurate.

Kasamba has an old and classic interface with all categories on top and their top physics on the front page. You should refresh the page to check for the available physics. The best part is that they have a live counter to show how many physics are available at the moment.


50% Off for New Customers: As we mentioned that every website we chose offers discounts, Kasamba takes that discount to the next level. Not only do you get three free minutes on your first session, but also a 50% discount on your first psychic. However, that 50% off is up to $50; if you spend more than $100, you’ll only get a discount of $50. Apart from this, you can get deals for being an active user and if there is a special occasion.

Educational Resources: Kasamba has a blog section with informative articles on psychic reading. You can find tons of material there if you are interested in learning more about how astrology works, its charts, and other details. Besides this, if you want to become a psychic reader, this website has teaching material to help you become one. However, applying there might be difficult as they only hire professionals with some experience in this field.

Free Resources: Another feature that makes this platform unique is its free offering. You don’t have to pay for daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes; you’ll receive them automatically after joining this website.

Seven-Day Refund: You can get help from a professional for seven days, and if they don’t offer satisfactory results, the company will give you a no question asked, 100% refund.


  • Free horoscope readings
  • Get up to 70% discount
  • Only qualified astrologers on their site
  • Detailed profiles of psychics
  • Exotic astrology readings


  • Slow email replies
  • Discounts are only for new clients

=> Click here to visit the official website of Kasamba

#3. Mysticsense – Accurate Horoscope Sites For Astrology Predictions

Mysticsense is the best platform if you want to know more about your relationship life. More than 170 psychic readers are available on this website, but most of them are focused on saving your love life. While you can ask them for other events of your life, we highly recommend them if you want to use astrology to see where your relationship is going.

Mysticsense has been in this business for more than ten years and has helped thousands of clients. Most of their clients come from referrals proving that this platform does a great job. Thanks to its vast number of physics and best psychic reading results, which are always available on the platform, you can visit the website any time and get your queries answered.

After paying the money, you’ll get a free trial of five minutes on this platform, but the company will instantly refund your money if you don’t like it. However, you can ask for a refund only three times, and after that, the company will only match you to another psychic.


Video Demo: Unlike other platforms, Mysticsense provides a video demo of how accurate their astrologers are. Before joining, you can watch the demo to see their techniques and compare them with other platforms. You are not limited to watching only one demo but the video demo of every psychic, making it easy to decide on one.

Easy Registration: Their registration form might look slightly longer than others, but it is relatively easy to fill. They might ask for some additional information, only to secure it so you won’t have to explain them to every psychic you meet. However, you can exclude the information you find sensitive and don’t want to share.

Exceptional Customer Service: No need to worry if you are confused about payment or services, as Mysticsense customer care is there to help. Their representatives are available 24/7, and you can contact them using email or live chat. However, live chat is only available during working hours.

Expert Psychic Readers: Mysticsense focuses more on customer satisfaction and ensures you get what you pay. They only allow expert psychic readers to attend to their new customers to give them the best experience.


  • Trustworthy astrology reading platform
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Free 5-minute trial period
  • Convenient vetting process for all their readers


  • The money refund is available in the trial period

=> Click here to visit the official website of MysticSense

#4. Keen – Most Affordable Astrology Readings Online

Keen has also been around for 20 years, and it is one of the most trusted psychic platforms of all time. With its glowing reviews, ratings, and many psychic readers, this platform can be the best option for newbies and old users. On the other hand, some of its psychics are way more affordable than what you can find on other platforms.

Since this platform hires psychics from all corners of the world, you’ll get to meet people from different cultures. You can have a conversation in your native language, making it easy to communicate. This makes matching a lot easier, as the platform will find you a professional from your country. You should also read more in Keen review.


Introductory Offers: Like most other psychic platforms, Keen offers three free minutes and only $1.99 for your first 10 minutes. If you don’t like the psychic in the first three minutes, you can freely switch to another psychic. The best part is that you can do this more than once, but after two times, the platform will ask you why you are dissatisfied. They will only let you switch or ask for a refund if you can provide a valid reason.

Over 250 Skilled Psychic Readers: Keen has the highest number of psychic readers compared to other platforms. More than 100 readers are always available on the website to ensure that someone always greets you. They hire people worldwide, so their website should remain active 24/7.

Dedicated Mobile App: Keen as the best mobile app where you can get messages, join live sessions, and engage in audio/video calls without interruptions. Moreover, you can also schedule meetings using that app, which will notify you before the due time. This mobile app is a must if you want to stay updated with your horoscope.

Easy Booking: Keen has the most effortless booking process, where you can get in touch with a psychic within less than five minutes. Fill out the form, navigate to Psychic Match Tool, enter your desired category and communication method, click the “Search” button, and within seconds, you’ll see the list of the most suitable psychics based on your preferences.


  • Free horoscopes
  • Chinese astrology readings are available
  • Most affordable psychic readings
  • Accurate astrology predictions


  • Feedback is not free
  • A lot of readers make it hard to choose one

=> Click here to visit the official website of Keen

#5. PsychicOz – Popular Astrology Site To Get Insights Into Future

PsychicOz is another psychic company that has been operating for over 30 years, gaining customer trust via non-judgmental and quality reading. This company is the oldest and was the first to introduce psychic reading over a website. With their online chat on-website communication method, you can avoid nosy messages and notifications on your mobile. However, in case of a meeting with your astrologist, the website will send you emails.


Extended Search Filters: Unlike other portals where you have to search for something, this platform lays all categories on the front page. Three categories are available; reading subjects, psychic abilities, and psychic tools. The psychic tools include all the methods their experts use to learn about your future. If you are tight on budget, using psychic abilities, you can choose a medium or low-level psychic. Don’t worry; they’ll get the job done, but it might take more time than a top-tier astrologer.

Multiple Payment Methods: PsychicOz is focused on security, offering various payment methods so people can pay them however they feel safe. There is no need to bind yourself to a credit card or bank account only as you can pay using crypto or even cash.

Trust Building Professionals: All the experts available on this platform know how to treat a customer warmly. They won’t make you feel bad even if you share your deep dark secrets with them, but they help you, guide you, and let you know the proper steps to remove the burden from your mind.

Lowest Prices: PsychicOz starting price of a minute is $0.99, which is the lowest compared to all other platforms. This is an excellent option if you want some small psychic sessions and don’t want to spend lots of money on them.


  • Easy registration
  • Pre-recorded video of each reader
  • More than 30 years of experience
  • Reasonable prices


  • The website is slower than other portals

=> Click here to visit the official website of PsychicOZ

How We Made This List Of Most Accurate Astrology Sites Of 2023?

Since astrologers predict upcoming events in people’s lives and many wholeheartedly believe them, choosing the wrong astrology platform means the worst experience. Customer satisfaction was our priority; we want you guys to visit the portals and leave with satisfactory results.

So, when we chose these platforms, we set criteria, and every website passing our standards by a mile made it to our list. We put customer satisfaction on top, and customer feedback is the best way to find that. The portals we chose have the best customer ratings on websites and platforms like TrustPilot.

Since new customers hesitate to pay a lot of money for something new, the price was our following factor. We didn’t choose platforms offering low services at lower prices. Instead, we chose the ones lowering the costs of their premium services via discounts.

Once that was determined, we chose astrology sites offering multiple modes of communication so everyone could relax while talking to the professional.

Finally, we chose platforms offering a free trial to check their services. That free trial could be three to five minutes, but you’ll get an idea of how these experts work.

What We Looked For

Customer Reviews: Before we decided on anything else, we ensured to choose the platforms that treat their customer right. We checked the customer reviews on each astrology site and their ratings on third-party platforms. The idea was to choose the websites with the best and most detailed reviews and many satisfied customers. So, we only chose websites with more than 4-4.5 star ratings, with many astrologers having 5-star ratings.

Price: There is no fixed price for astrology websites, as every expert asks for a different rate for their services. What makes things more complicated is that they charge per minute for their video or audio sessions. These platforms will charge extra for services like daily horoscopes or updates via messages. Overall, your bill can reach hundreds of dollars for a package, so we decided to choose platforms offering discounts to their new and loyal customers. These discounts might be a little, but they’ll lower the price down enough so you won’t feel robbed after a session.

Communication Modes: Having multiple communication methods on an astrology platform allows customers to communicate comfortably. Some are fine taking video calls, while some feel more comfortable not showing their faces. On the other hand, some want to stay updated with their horoscope, so they would like to talk via messages. All the platforms in the list below have these three communications methods. However, not all astrologists opt for all three, so you have to navigate and find the one offering your desirable mode of communication.

Free Trial: Having a couple of minutes as a free trial is what we looked for. All the chosen platforms offer a three to five minutes free trial on your first visit. That’ll give you an idea of how astrologers work and treat customers.

Buyer’s Guide: Online Astrologers For Zodiac Horoscope Reading

You’ll obviously see thousands of astrology websites when you search on the internet. This makes things challenging as you need help finding a credible site and have to search for hours or days.

We also searched for hours before deciding on the best astrology sites. However, we had experience finding such sites; it was relatively easy for us. A newbie might spend hours and still won’t end up with any good results. So, to facilitate your research, here are some factors you must consider while choosing an online astrologer.

  • Website Transparency

You’ll see many astrologers on every website claiming to be the best for your problems. However, choosing one is tricky if they keep their bio and specialty private. When you open an astrology website, all the top astrologers are right in front, and you’ll see the trending ones beneath them. While this is great, most websites will share details about the astrologer once you open their profile. Opening their profile will welcome you with pop-ups, maybe some ads, and if that astrologer is not suitable for you, it will be a waste of time.

The websites we mentioned are open about their work, and when you want to choose one, ensure that website is honest. On the other hand, the charges, terms, and time that every astrologer gives should be clearly mentioned. Many websites won’t tell that until you decide to hire an astrologer.

  • Company Reputation

Another critical factor you keep on priority when choosing an astrology site is the website’s or company’s reputation. Why? Because reputable companies have an image to save, they’ll provide exceptional services to satisfy their clients. One thing about online services is that leaving a review is relatively easy.

If the company is not performing well, people can leave negative reviews on the platforms like TrustPilot. Such independent platforms can drastically reduce a company’s reputation. So when you search for an astrology platform, check their reviews and ratings on the website and these third-party platforms. Learn more from their customers on how the company treats them and how well their services are.

  • Promotions, Deals, And Discounts

Every astrologer will charge you by the minute, and things get expensive when you engage in longer sessions. Typically, one session will last for up to 30 minutes but charging a couple of bucks per five minutes will make one astrologer very expensive. On the other hand, staying in touch with them via messages costs even more. Simply put, the longer you talk with them, the more it will cost you. While the platforms won’t lower the fees, they can reduce them using discounts and promotions.

Combine them with the deals you can get on special occasions, and you can have an astrology session at a far lower price. We checked for price when choosing, and you can also check for discounts the company offers to its new clients. Especially if you become their regular or loyal customer, what benefits can you get from them?

  • Special Services

An astrology website must stick to something other than telling your future based on star movements but must also provide extra services. You must look for a platform that offers palm reading, tarot reading, career advice, horoscope reading, and more. When you hire a professional, you are not only hiring it for one service. They’ll charge for all the services they can offer. For example, using astrology, they can predict your future, and you can ask them for advice. Moreover, once they are done, you can tell them to create a horoscope for you.

As long as things happen in the time frame they offer, you can get many more benefits from one expert. Since they are not dealing with one client in one session, they must answer different questions regarding people’s life.

  • Guarantees

This is a bold move, but many reputable companies offer guaranteed service results. If you are unsatisfied with one astrologer, they instantly match you with another or refund the money so you can search and locate another professional. This helps many fresh customers confidently choose a portal as they know their money is safe. All the platforms we chose are doing this, and you must also consider this.

Here is the catch in guarantees. Don’t look for a portal that only offers a money-back guarantee; look for one that does it instantly. Even if it is small, you’ll want to have it back quickly to avoid paying extra for a new astrologer. No one would like to wait for hours or days to get a small refund.

  • Selection of Astrologers

When you visit a site, you’ll see everyone praising their professionals like they are the best. Getting fake reviews and ratings to boost their website, only to scam the incoming customer. When you look for an astrology portal, check how they select the experts. Their criteria must be complex, so only a handful of people can join their company. Those handfuls of people must be skilled enough to help the customers without asking for too many details. Many people are uncomfortable sharing some stuff, and no professional should force them.

On the other hand, every portal must allow the customer to choose an expert. Every astrologer must share ratings, bio, reviews, specialty, and background on the website. They might show recommendations, but the customer must have the freedom. People feel more comfortable chatting with someone they know a little about.

  • Security

Remember that you’ll use your credit card or bank account to deposit the money on these websites. You’ll also share your details like email, location, and more. If the website is not secure, your data is at risk, and a hacker can get your credit card details and use it however they want. While checking the website, contact customer support if you need help finding any details about their security. Representatives there would love to share their security protocol and opt only if that is 256-bit security encryption.

FAQs Regarding Astrology Websites

Which are the most accurate astrology sites?

There is no accurate answer to this question, as every astrology site has some strengths and weaknesses. These websites rarely give accurate astrology readings about your coming life, as they base the readings on events. One unpredictable event can change the results, and astrologers can’t predict such a thing.

However, these astrology sites can help you prepare for upcoming events. For such readings, Keen is one of the best websites in our collection. Not only it has the best readers, but these astrologists can predict upcoming events more accurately than other astrology sites. These readings might not be 100% accurate, but they can help prepare you for the worst.

Which astrology chart is most accurate?

Two astrology charts are considered accurate, and many astrologers use these charts to predict the future. One of them is the Western chart, which traditional experts created in 275 CE. This chart uses tropical zodiac signs to predict upcoming events; thus, many professionals consider it less accurate.

The latest astrology chart is the Vedic chart, which uses Zodiac signs to predict upcoming events. Many professional astrologists consider the Vedic chart the most accurate one since it properly aligns the zodiac with the constellations of the same name.

Apart from this, many astrologers use your birth chart or natal chart to see how your life will look ahead. If you are into astrology, you must learn about both these charts as either of them can come in handy in many situations.

What are the four signs of astrology?

In total, there are twelve signs in astrology, the same as every sign representing a month. However, they have grouped these signs into three categories and given every group a number. That way, you get to see three groups of four signs each.

The first four signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer, making a private group. The following four signs are Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio, creating an interpersonal group. Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces are the last four signs, and their group is called transpersonal.

Learning how these groups influence other groups is mandatory for astrologers if they want to predict the future of couples.

How does astrology work?

Astrology works by measuring the movement of stars and how their movement interferes with someone’s life. Astrologers use zodiac charts and astrological signs to check and let someone know about their life’s upcoming events.

While astrology is highly impressive, no one can predict the future accurately, but you will get information that should act as a helpful guide when making decisions. What you can learn from these astrologers is how you should prepare for the worst outcome.

These people learn more about your past events and try to create a prediction so you can have a vague image of your future. Since they detect things based on signs and stars, they cannot predict anything for an individual. You can read the horoscope and check that one statement will be written for a large group, and 99% of the time, it is false.

Are horoscope sites worth visiting?

In confusing times, when you have fewer options to calm your mind, visiting an astrology site will be good. However, instead of finding someone to predict your future, get someone who can calm your mind by offering solutions to your issues.

Yes, these astrology websites have some professionals that not only predict your future but also offer their advice to counter it effectively. Now, what you must keep in mind are the fees they charge. Some astrologers are pretty expensive, but they offer the best services.

Before choosing one, check their reviews, see which one can help you the best in your current situation, and hire them. No need to go after the top person simply because they have the best ratings. Your money will only be used if they can solve your problem.

Why are people obsessed with astrology?

Everyone in this world is in a hurry and would like to know the outcome of every decision quickly. Since people can’t wait to see the results, they rely on methods to give them a glimpse of what is coming. There is no better method to know the outcome than astrology.

Many people are obsessed with astrology to learn about their financial problems and solutions. Since people like to invest, they want assurance that their investment will not go in vain. Among all the age groups, Gen Z is the one relying most on astrology. If a quality astrology app or website is available, they’ll mostly have young followers between the age of 25-30.

Who created astrology?

When did humans start using stars as a sign to predict the outcomes of events? The astrology traces go back to Babylon when Babylonians created their methods to predict the future. The registered records date it back to 2,400 years ago.

Then 2100 years ago, astrology practices arrived in the eastern Mediterranean and became quite famous in Egypt. Since Egypt was under Greek rule, these people took a serious interest in astrology, which quickly spread throughout the middle east in a couple of years. At the start of the 19th century, we saw the arrival of modern astrology, considered the most accurate and widely used globally.

How should I search for an astrology platform?

In summary, you should look for an astrology platform based on its history and ratings. If that website has been active for decades and has a rating of more than 4-stars, it means that platform has been loyal to its customers.

After checking the website’s transparency, you can check for other factors like fees, the number of professionals, and communication mediums. For more details, you can check the buying guide we shared containing the essential factors you should check in an astrology website before choosing.

On the other hand, some websites have a trial period allowing you to check their top astrologers before choosing. Feel free to take the trial option if you need help with such a website.

Are astrology apps safe?

That depends on the app you choose. The newest apps might not be as safe as the old ones with higher ratings. Since people are a lot interested in astrology, many scammers have made fake apps to lure people.

Moreover, these people use tactics to bring their apps to the top and steal people’s sensitive information, like credit card numbers. The best way to choose an app is to check its website legality and customer reviews.

The app does not need to download because it has many downloads and high ratings. We all know that you can buy fake downloads to increase the numbers, so always choose an app if its website has been in business for a long time.

What are the best online astrology sites?

If we are talking about something other than the most accurate but the best website for exceptional horoscope readings, PurpleGarden is the best one on our list. Apart from providing professional services, this website has free astrology articles to help people better understand its art.

Talking about their professionals, you only need to provide them with your zodiac sign and the problem. They won’t ask for personal information, but they’ll find the details and causes of the problem and share their solutions. You can engage in multiple astrology reading sessions to see whether their advice works. You can even get free monthly horoscopes on this website.

Conclusion: What Is The Most Reliable Horoscope Site?

Astrology is a nifty way to learn about the upcoming events in your life. However, its accuracy highly depends on the experience of the psychic reader. This is why we share the best astrology sites having the most experienced staff to provide the most accurate results.

If you are still deciding which one to choose, we recommend Keen because of its many readers. However, if you want to save money, PsychicOz is the best platform.

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