Unbelievable 420 Sale Alert by Exhale Wellness! Save 35% Off Sitewide + Double Rewards on All Products!

Suvrat Singh

California, 19th April 2024, Exhale Wellness, a top-rated brand popular among customers for its premium selection of cannabis and hemp-based wellness products, is making a buzz with its latest 420 cannabis offer. The brand has announced a flat 35% discount across its entire range and double reward points on every purchase. 


The reward points you receive can be redeemed as discounts on future purchases. This trailblazing 420 weed sale is starting on April 19th (Friday) and is valid up to April 21st (Sunday) at midnight!

Standout Products from Exhale Wellness With Best 420 Deals

4/20 celebrations deserve to be made memorable with the best weed products. Exhale Wellness offers a rich selection of high-quality hemp products for wellness and recreation. If you’re looking for ideas on what new weed products to try during this sale, here are some ideas for you to consider:

For those who depend on powerful cannabinoids such as CBD to support their health goals, the best CBD gummies from Exhale Wellness are a must-try. The brand offers 2 variants of CBD gummies- Vegan CBD gummies and CBD+THC gummy cubes. 


These full-spectrum CBD gummies can help relieve physical discomfort, calm nerves, provide mental clarity, and even boost appetite. 


These hemp gummies are originally priced at $44.95, but during the best 420 CBD deals, they are just $29.22!

The best Delta 9 gummies from Exhale Wellness are great for those seeking a complete cerebral experience. The brand offers 13 varieties of D9 gummies, and some products combine the goodness of different cannabinoids, such as CBN, CBG, HHC, and more.


These THC gummies are made with organic hemp and pack up to 450mg of Delta 9 per pack, delivering a consistent and potent experience. 


A pack of 30 Delta 9 THC gummies is regularly priced at $69.95, which you can buy at only $45.47 during the 420 cannabis sale!

To enjoy a moderate buzz that’s not too overpowering, you must check out the best Delta 8 flowers from Exhale Wellness. The brand offers D8 flowers in 12 varieties, with Hawaiian Haze, Northern Lights, and OG Kush as the most popular strains. 


Delta 8 flowers don’t give you a full-headed buzz; they only deliver a moderate high followed by gradual physical and mental relaxation. 


These hemp flowers are available in the price range of $39.95 to $84.95. However, as part of the ongoing 420 cannabis promotion, they can be had at $25.97 to $55.22!

CBD flowers from Exhale Wellness are suitable for those looking for the “entourage effect” of full-spectrum hemp without the high often associated with THC. The brand offers the best CBD flowers in 3 strains. 


Exhale also allows users to choose between regular hemp flowers and small buds of specific strains, like Northern Lights and Skywalker OG. These CBD flowers can help you feel relaxed within minutes and even improve your sleep quality. 


Normally priced between $29.95 and $89.95, these hemp flowers can be bought for only $19.47 to $58.47 during these best 420 CBD deals!

How to Grab the 420 Cannabis Promotion on Exhale Wellness?

The best 420 cannabis sale ongoing at Exhale Wellness provides the opportunity to get your hands on the most potent THC and CBD products that you didn’t have the chance to buy before. 


The best part? You don’t have to pay full price! This is your golden chance to try different strains, flavors, and cannabinoids and explore new physical and mental wellness levels.


If your favorite weed products are not featured on this list, there’s nothing to worry about! Exhale Wellness has offered this exclusive 420 deal on weed products across its entire range! All you need to do is visit the official website of Exhale Wellness and add your beloved products to the cart.


When you’re ready to purchase, simply enter the coupon code “420” to unlock huge savings. Plus, if your total cart value crosses $80, the brand will even offer free shipping on your order!

Check Out Exhale Wellness Now!

Exhale Wellness is one of the best cannabis brands for lab-tested, organic hemp products that comply with the laws. 


This 420 sale on weed products is only valid from April 19th to April 21st, giving you a very small window to bag your favorite cannabis flowers, vapes, gummies, oils, tinctures, and more.


Are you still here? Visit Exhale Wellness’s website now and get your discounted weed products before stock runs out!

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