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We have all experienced times in our life where we feel down and in despair. This angst can disrupt our lives and can manifest as an inability to sleep, despite feeling tired, and feeling confused or foggy-headed in day-to-day life. If you are experiencing something like this, you might want to get in touch with a good psychics, cheap psychics that can help you with a reading and your budget at the same time.

Psychics give hope in times of desperation and guide you through difficult circumstances. They may help you look into the future to reassure you things will get better. When you use the best online psychic websites, you are likely to find peace.

It may also be of importance that you find psychics who are affordable. Different online psychic websites offer psychic readings for less than $1. In addition, they usually provide their users with a few free minutes as well, which helps customers find the perfect psychic for them.

Best Cheap Psychics Online For Readings In 2023 

  1. Purple Garden : Overall Best Cheap Online Psychics Available (3 Free Minutes)
  2. Keen: Most Affordable Cheap Phone Psychics (10 Minutes For $1.99) 
  3. Kasamba: Cheap Love Readings (70% Off)
  4. Mysticsense: Budget Friendly Tarot Readings (5 Free Minutes)

#1. Purple Garden: Overall Best Cheap Online Psychics Available (3 Free Minutes)

purple garden psychics the island now

Purple Garden, along with accurate tarot readings, offers palm reading for advice related to career, finance and relationships. The platform is available via website and the interface is very user friendly. It is easy to find different readers segregated into a variety of astrology niches.

With years of experience and extensive knowledge, Purple Garden has industry verified tarot and psychic readers and each of them demands different monetary rates for their services. However, the overall experience of the customers has been positive and the consultations are conducted online. 

By providing free access to their website, the brand wants to increase its visibility and broaden their customer base horizon. All the requisite details of the tarot readers are available with just one click. You can read the details and decide according to your budget and needs. Palm reading has grabbed the attention of the masses recently and has become a better alternative for consultations related to the future. 

Top Features

With more than 50 tarot readers, you can find an astrology reader in every sector starting from how to cast a love spell to palm reading. As palmistry is a wide concept and the predictions are more inclined to be accurate, it is imperative to have palm readers who are legit and verified by any government body or a third party association. 

Purple garden offers psychic sessions via phone, chat and video call. You can choose the medium you prefer and start your reading today. However, there are a few readers who even offer a few initial minutes free. On an average, the free minutes range from 1-3 minutes, although it may depend on the wish of the psychic reader.

Purple garden vets and qualifies all psychics, spiritual counselors, and psychic mediums, ensuring that only the most skilled and talented psychics are allowed to provide readings. Users can read reviews on each psychic on the platform, which promotes transparency.

What We Love About Purple Garden

The initial prospect we love about purple garden is that it offers a free to use website, easy user interface and verified tarot readers. The palm readers are limited on the website, however, all of them have received positive reviews and are verified by the team of purple garden as well.

Purple garden offers a variety of great bargains and discounts. For all new users, the first three minutes of each reading are free, allowing you to see if the reading style is appropriate for your situation.

Purple garden believes in transparency, as a result new users can gain full access to their website along with complete and true information of the tarot and psychic readers. All in all, people with zero or no knowledge of palm reading can understand the interface of the website easily. 


  • Free initial minutes
  • Easy to find top rated readers on the home page
  • Professional readers with years of experience


  • Some readers are often unavailable to provide services

Customer Experience

Purple garden is not only the most authentic reading site, but also the most affordable. You can keep track of how much internet psychic readers charge every minute because they set their own fees. However, the overall experience of the users has been great and all have claimed to recommend purple garden further. 

>>Get Free 3 Minutes Today With Purple Garden<<

#2. Keen: Most Affordable Cheap Phone Psychics (10 Minutes For $1.99)

keen psychics the island now

Keen offers affordable online psychic services with packages that are affordable. For example, at Keen, you can book a ten-minute reading for only $1.99. In addition, you do not have to pay per minute.

When times are hard and there is nowhere to go, Keen can be your savior, as it promises to be your helping hand anytime, anywhere.

Keen has been providing psychic readings for over 20 years now and has helped more than 15 million users. The number speaks for the quality of service and the accuracy of results. The company also enjoys more than 42 million conversations held to date. You can know even more about the brand with our Keen review.

Moreover, the brand offers various services, including career and finance advice, tarot card readings, dream analyses, and numerology.

Keen’s website is too good to be true. You can find the list of Keen’s top-rated psychics if you want to enjoy an exceptional experience, and you can go through each of their profiles to get an idea about the services they offer, the price, their work hours, and customer reviews.

Additionally, Keen provides a safe space to their customers where they can share their personal information without feeling violated. Keen promises to keep those conversations anonymous. So, you can open up to your psychic and share whatever you wish.

Psychic readings at Keen are available via call, message, and email, and you can use the medium of your choice. In addition, you can download the Keen app on your iOS or Android phone. With the help of the app, you can avail of Keen’s services anytime, anywhere.

Furthermore, Keen is budget-friendly. You can even claim a refund if you are not satisfied with the reading, which ensures maximum customer satisfaction.


  • More than 1,700 psychic readers available
  • Customized search results make it easier to find the perfect reader
  • Ten minutes for just $1.99
  • Guaranteed satisfaction


  • Many customer reviews available
  • Top-rated psychic readers are easy to find
  • Up-to-date website


  • Does not offer a live video service

Customer Experience

Keen is attracting new customers through its pocket-friendly offers. Users have praised this platform for its highly affordable sessions and for the top-notch psychic readings it offers. With a wide range of psychics, customers have been able to gain clarity about their life and receive advice on different aspects. Even more, users have noted how accurate the readings are, which makes Keen a reliable platform suited to a variety of individuals.

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#3. Kasamba: Cheap Love Readings (70% Off)

kasamba psychics the island now

Kasamba has proven itself through the quality of services it provides. However, good quality service is not the only reason why everyone prefers this platform. Kasamba is also affordable, which means you can look for solutions to your problems without spending too much money.

Kasamba offers the cheapest tarot readings in the industry. So, if you are interested in knowing about your future, Kasamba should be your go-to. Psychics at Kasamba will use tarot cards for cartomancy and divination to help you look at your future.

Services at Kasamba are not just limited to tarot readings, however. It also offers astrology reading, fortune telling, dream analysis, love reading, career and finance advice, and numerology. You can avail of any of these services whenever you want, as they are open 24/7.

Kasamba has been operating since 1999, and the company has helped over three million people. Kasamba believes its psychics bring light to people’s lives and helps them live a better life through their guidance and support.

Moreover, Kasamba offers promotional deals for first-time clients. They are given a free trial on their first reading session, which shows Kasamba values affordability. The company wants to stay economical, which allows those in need to be able to readily access psychic readings.

Kasamba also gives three free minutes to those trying a new psychic. In these free minutes, customers can decide if they want to end the session or invest in it. Kasamba runs this offer to help users find a suitable psychic without losing money.

If you book a session after your initial discussion with the reader, you will get 70% off your psychic’s fee. This discount makes Kasamba affordable and allows customers to book multiple psychics without worrying about finances.

In addition, Kasamba hires specialists from all over the world. Psychic readers at Kasamba have to pass the detailed screening to be eligible to work. So, you can be confident while purchasing services from Kasamba, as you are in safe hands.


  • 70% discount on your first paid session
  • First three minutes of every psychic reading session free


  • Offers multiple services such as horoscopes and fortune-telling
  • User-friendly website


  • Few reviews available

Customer Experience

Kasamba leaves no one dissatisfied. Customer reviews have revealed that users feel hopeful, happy, and at peace after their psychic sessions on this platform. Kasamba has even made skeptics believe in psychic readings with their accurate and expert readers available.

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#4. Mysticsense: Budget Friendly Tarot Readings (5 Free Minutes)

mysticsense psychics the island now

Mysticsense ensures maximum satisfaction. Therefore, you can request a refund if you are not fully satisfied with the results. First, however, you have to abide by their time-back rule, which states Mysticsense will not refund your money but will rather add credits to your account. In addition, your account has to be in good standing for your refund request to get accepted.

Moreover, Mysticsense offers a wide range of services. If you are looking for tarot readings, astrology services, spiritual readings, career advice, relationship advice, and healing services, you should check out this platform. Psychics at Mysticsense will address all of your queries.

If you have reservations about events in your past or want to know about your future, you can question your psychic. You will be surprised by the amount of knowledge they possess.

Additionally, all of the psychics at Mysticsense are tested before they are selected to work there, and they have to adhere to strict rules. Psychics at Mysticsense are flexible, as they do not specialize in just one field. As a result, you will find an answer to all of your questions.

Mysticsense’s website allows its psychics to share energy-reading abilities that help you with your relationships and emotions. You can choose from video calls, phone, and chat as your mode of communication. You are given these options to make sure you feel comfortable while your session is going on.

In addition, Mysticsense allows you to end the session whenever you want, and you will only be charged for the minutes you have consumed. Similarly, you can extend your sessions as well.


  • Psychic readings via phone, chat and live video
  • Free five minutes on your first session
  • Services available 24/7
  • Experienced and specialized psychics


  • Various modes of communication to choose from
  • Psychic specialties and info easily available on the website


  • The time-back rule might make it hard to get a refund

Customer Experience

Mysticsense’s website has more than 13,000 reviews from its paying customers. One message you will get out of those reviews is how happy all of the customers were with the services they received. Users of this site love the accuracy of the readings and the clarity and peace of mind they provide.

>>Get More Minutes Free With A Psychic Reader At Mysticsense<<

How To Choose The Best Cheap Online Psychics For Cheap Readings?

You should always consider multiple factors before investing in a good or service. But, when it comes to a cheap psychic reading website, you have to be careful, given the nature of the service. To help you choose the best online psychic reading website for you, we have provided a list of factors to consider.

Years Of Experience

All of the above-mentioned online psychic reading sites have been in business for more than ten years. We believe they have taken their time to improve their service quality. This allows them to be aware of what customers want from their readers.

You should not settle for an inexperienced psychic website just because it is cheap. You might not have to pay a lot, but you will most likely have a poor experience. Therefore, you should choose a business that is economical but experienced.

Customer Reviews

Online shopping has taught everyone to look at reviews before buying a product. Similarly, it is important to read customer reviews about a psychic before booking them too. This will allow you to learn about the psychic’s way of reading, experience, and their method of delivery.

You can read your psychic’s bio to gather important information. However, reviews from customers provide an invaluable first-hand look at what to expect from the service. There is no better way to get an idea about your reading experience than by looking at customer feedback.

Type Of Cheap Psychic You Want

Before booking a session, know the kind of service you want your psychic to offer. Not all of them are the same, and each psychic offers different services. For example, you will not get an accurate answer if you go to a dream interpreter and ask them to do a tarot reading.

Most psychics offer multiple services. However, they might not be specialized or experienced enough in the service you want. Therefore, you should determine the kind of psychic you want, and an apt psychic reader will give you authentic and accurate information.

Channels Of Communication 

Without effective communication, you will receive nothing out of your reading session. Most of the online psychic reading platforms offer a range of communication methods, allowing you to connect with your psychic through a phone call, message, or live video.

So, choose psychics that offer readings via your preferred communication mode. People who like cross-questioning and interactive conversations are more likely to go for phone calls. In contrast, those who are shy and take time to form their questions may prefer to chat.

Everyone has different preferences. So, remember that your psychic can provide accurate readings no matter if they can see you or not. What matters is your comfort level while communicating with your psychic, so choose the method that is best for you.

Refund Policy

All of the online psychic reading platforms we reviewed offer some sort of satisfaction guarantee. This means you can claim a refund if you are not satisfied with your reading. This policy ensures no one feels duped after their session.

Some websites might not return your money, but they will credit minutes to your account, which you can use in the future. Other websites allow you to talk to your psychic before the paid session starts.

So, before you book a psychic reading session, make sure you are comfortable with the platform’s satisfaction guarantee and refund policy.

FAQs About Cheap Psychics & Online Psychic Readings

Why are online psychic websites offering cheap psychic readings?

Online websites offer cheap psychic readings to market their service. This helps them attract customers who are not willing to book expensive psychic reading sessions. In addition, psychic websites offer cheap readings to show that their customers’ affordability matters.

Online websites can offer cheap psychic readings in multiple ways. Some of them give free minutes to their customers at the beginning of the session. This offer helps customers decide whether they want to continue with the reader. Furthermore, other websites provide you with free minutes after you sign up.

Are cheap psychic readings the same as expensive psychic readings?

Cheap psychic readings can be equally good as expensive ones . You just need to make sure you go for the best and most reliable psychic reading website.

A higher price does not ensure useful information. All you have to do is give enough time, space, and details to your reader in order to experience a successful session. Moreover, make sure you attend the reading session with an open mind, and your psychic will do their best to guide you.

Psychic websites offer cheap psychic readings not because their psychics are not good enough. They do this to make their services affordable for everyone. Their psychics are verified and experienced, having helped thousands of people using love and relationship advice, career advice, dream analyses, tarot readings, and more.

Can I get a psychic reading for $1?

Yes, when we talk about “cheap psychic readings,” we mean a price as low as $1. Companies such as Keen charge such prices to their new customers, and they also provide ten minutes for just $1.99 to first-time clients.

In addition, the cost remains the same for every customer. At this price, you can avail of all of the services, including astrology, love reading, tarot, etc.

Are cheap psychic websites trustworthy?

Always review a psychic reading platform before spending your money on its services, as your information is in safe hands if you go for an experienced and well-known website.

Cheap online psychic websites like Kasamba, Keen, and AskNow are worth investing in because they hire specialists after tough screening and make sure their advisors follow strict guidelines. All three of these websites include a profile page where you can read about the psychics’ experience, rating, and specialization.

However, always beware of psychics who predict your death date or promise you a lavish life. Look somewhere else if your psychic makes exaggerated claims or sounds similar to others you have heard of.

Conclusion: Are Cheap Psychic Readings Good For You?

If you are on a tight budget but want guidance, then cheap online psychics and psychic reading are for you. Psychics can help you find your life’s meaning and give you a direction to follow. You can get life-changing advice for only $1.

So, check out the services at Keen and Kasamba if you are looking for high-quality and economical reading sessions. There, you will find a psychic for every problem at any time you want. So, book a session with them and notice the impact they have on your life.

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