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Veronica Karas joined CAPTRUST in 2018 and serves as a senior financial advisor. She has extensive experience working with high-net-worth individuals and small businesses in all areas of financial planning, including estate planning, retirement planning, tax planning, education planning, and insurance.

Veronica previously worked as a financial planner at FCE Group; a financial planner for a team of advisors in Merrill Lynch’s global wealth management division; and as a financial advisor and director of marketing and business development at Circle Advisors Inc.

When she is not in the office or with a client, Veronica enjoys helping people through transformational life coaching, volunteering at Rescue City, and spending time with her husband and their three rescued pets.

She is on the Board of Directors for the CAPTRUST Community Foundation. Veronica is the author of the ‘Money Matters’ series of books which includes: “Money Matters: Everything You Should Have Learned in School, but Didn’t,” “Money Matters: Merging Lives, Merging Finances, and Money Matters: Avoid Getting ‘Sandwiched’ out of Retirement.”


• How do you define success?
I define success as helping someone else achieve their desired outcomes. When one person succeeds, it creates a ripple effect of success in the world around them.
• What is the best advice you have received that has made an impact on your business?
The best leaders succeed by asking better questions. If you ask better questions, you get better answers. The questions we ask of ourselves daily can have the biggest impact, both on our businesses and our personal lives.
• What drives you to succeed?
I see my work as helping people make their dreams come true. I wake up every morning excited to talk to people because I know that by working with me, they are moving the needle in their lives towards achieving anything they want.
• What are the most significant challenges you have as a woman in your industry?
Finding successful female mentors to learn from. Luckily there is an answer to that too: if you can’t find it, you just have to work to become it!

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