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Nicole Iannarone is the president and Founder of Cornerstone Behavioral Services.

Nicole began her career as a behavior therapist in 2009, she quickly realized her passion for helping children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

In 2015, she started working independently and made it her mission to provide quality care and compassion to every client she worked with. Nicole received her Masters’s Degree in Forensic Psychology and later received her certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Her work includes advocacy for families and helping ensure each child is afforded an opportunity to learn, grow and meet their full potential. Additionally, Nicole currently sits as a member of the Legislative Committee for New York State Association for Behavior Analysis.

This year NYSABA has seen a victory, our bill to remove the scope of practice restriction on Behavior Analysts in New York State has passed Senate and Assembly.


Success is taking something small and building upon it over time. Creating a solid foundation rooted in integrity, core values and incorporating others who share your values, mission, and passion.

What drives me to succeed?

My clients are my motivation. I am blessed to be a small part of the changes in their lives. Watching them develop new skills, speak their first words, try a new food, play with toys, dress themselves or share laughs with friends drives me to do more every day.


As a young woman in the field with a passion for advocating, one of my biggest challenges is being heard. Often it will take a lawyer sitting next to me for people to stop and listen. What we do as behavior analysts is a science, it is not a whim or an idea that might work. Having a supportive team comprised of various professionals has been a tremendous help!

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