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When the going gets tough, Kim Kaiman picks up the phone and finds out what she can do to help.

As regional external affairs manager for PSEG Long Island, Kim is there when Long Island leaders, officials, and decision-makers need to know the facts when crisis hits and decisions need to be made.

Village mayors, town supervisors, members of the New York State Assembly and U.S. Congress know that when they need to guide their own community through a storm, figuratively and literally, they know that Kim understands what they need to know and when they need to know it. She is reliable, savvy, engaging, articulate and knowledgeable.

Officially, her job is to provide crisis management and communications, management leadership, and community outreach to decision-makers within her region.

She does this by maintaining a positive network of cultivated relationships with key industry stakeholders including local, state, and federal officials as well as with law enforcement agencies, business and civic organizations and community advocates and opinion leaders.

On the PSEG side of the ledger, she is responsible to the corporate executive officers on matters relating to the administration of company protocols and the implementation of policy and procedures.

In this capacity, she has developed a keen sense of PSEG and LIPA targets and goals and works painstakingly to make sure that such are translated to public leaders in a manner that is thoughtful, respectful, effective and efficient. In doing so, she has become a credible and trustworthy messenger to those who need answers and guidance in real-time when decisions need to be made and information needs to be shared.

Kim’s success is based on her own years of experience in the public sector working in county and town government alongside officials at every level of governance.

She has a keen appreciation of what local businesses, community leaders, and all of our residents need to meet their own obligations at challenging moments in time.

It doesn’t hurt that Kim is engaged in a number of her own local endeavors. She enjoys participating in community theater and in fact, Kim even has an actual Emmy to her name. (No really, she does!)

She has served as a member of various boards of directors in relation to childcare services, the arts, and her local school district. It is likely that she honed her problem-solving skills in dealing with the responsibilities that go along with being a mentor and seeing from the front lines what local communities and organizations need when a crisis hits.

Kim is married with three children, clearly the best forum for solving life’s endless challenges. She also holds a Juris Doctorate Degree, is fluent in Spanish, and the primary caregiver for her two dogs and two cats.

Kim would like to congratulate all of the other phenomenal women being honored tonight, and to thank her sisterhood tribe, husband, and children for their unwavering love and support over the years.

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