Super Bowl LVII: Win The Coin Toss & Get Lifted Like The Vince Lombardi This Year

Nikhil Goswami

Millions of viewers at this Sunday’s Big Game will be getting high thanks to legal cannabis. The numbers are unprecedented.

Super Bowl LVII is held in blazin’ Arizona this year, a legal state, and the sales will be booming. Kansas City, MO, is going to be lit as well. In San Francisco, PA, and other states offering medically legal cannabis, the stakes will be high and so will the viewers.

Lines are filling up at Kansas City and Phoenix dispensaries as people get their green in order for the Super Bowl.

Last year, 99 million people viewed the ‘22 Super Bowl. 600,000 people are heading to Phoenix and the surrounding area to party hard. Airlines are booked, hotels are packed, and so are the bowls.

Why not get in on the fun this Sunday yourself? Cannabis provides all you need to relax and enjoy the Big Game.

Euphoria, relaxation, and of course, the munchies, will be in order so you can fully enjoy those hilarious commercials, delicious snacks, and plays you won’t soon forget.

Sales will jump up in droves. It just seems that football and weed go together like fried chicken and waffles.

Ready to learn where you can get your vapes, edibles, smokable flowers, and more? Read on to score big.

Arizona: It’s Getting Lit

In Phoenix, AZ, hundreds of thousands will gather this weekend. Presumably, partying starts Thursday night and continues well into the weekend, culminating in Sunday’s huge blowout.

The Super Bowl starts on Sunday, Feb 12 at 3:30 PST. Arizona OK’d adult-usage sales in early 2021.

Lots of events are happening, centered around cannabis consumption and football. Many dispensaries are having events and specials to entice customers and get them excited for the big day.

If you can’t make it to Arizona, fear not. You can have the same amazing dispensary-grade experience when you try out our partner brand, Exhale Wellness.

This brand brings the Arizona heat to your home, whether you live in a legal state or not. They offer hemp-derived highs, so it’s all legal according to the 2018 Farm Bill.

You can find vapes, smokable flowers, edibles, and more at Exhale Wellness.

If you’re ready to smoke, check out their hemp flower with delta 8. We love the Sour Diesel since it’s a classic. The Skywalker OG is another favorite to check out.

If you’re more into edibles, they’ve got fruity goodness in the form of delta-8 gummies along with delta-9 edibles waiting.

These juicy cubes are vegan-safe and taste amazing. The delta-8 cubes offer 25mg, while the delta-9 live resin gummies pack in 15mg delta-9 THC per treat.

Lastly, check out their vape carts, or disposable vape. We love the Cactus Cooler, if you need a suggestion.

Indeed, the lines will be long at the Arizona dispensaries. But there’s no need to wait. Get your haul from Exhale Wellness and enjoy the high from the comfort of your home.

Pennsylvania And Missouri: Lifted States

Missourians are super thrilled to see Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs grace the field, and to see legalization of weed final in their state.

The now adult-use state is where you’ll find crowds buzzing at local dispensaries, and sales are through the roof- much to the joy of budtenders everywhere.

Shoppers can find amazing deals at local dispensaries- we’ve heard stories of one-cent pre-rolls, and special “Game Day” gummy treats.

Vape pens and more will be available at dispensaries all weekend. Some dispensaries will follow Arizona’s lead and have food, music, and other fun to entice customers to come in.

If you can’t make it to the Show Me state for the fun, consider Budpop as your Stay-at-Home alternative.

Their smokable flower and gummy treats are just as good as anything you’d find at a dispensary. The prices are amazing, and instead of battling crowds, you can shop from the comfort of your home and wait for your package to show up at your door.

The moment you click on their website, you see right away it says “legal, premium bud.” If that’s not enough to get the party started, we don’t know what is!

Let’s “kick things off” with their best-selling fruit punch delta-9 gummy treats.

These bite-sized, tasty gummies offer you a sweet way to enjoy the legal high you’ve been craving. The flavors included are a mixed bag of strawberry, mango, kiwi, blueberry, and watermelon. There are beneficial cannabinoids mixed in as well to heighten the experience.

Each treat packs in 15mg of delta-9 THC, which is a pretty hefty dose! Newbies should cut this in half. Low and slow is the rule for edibles.

Best of all, they sell them in packs of 1, 2, or 3. Stock up so you can be lifted all year round!

For smokers, consider packing your bowl with the Pink Runtz Indoor hemp flower. The cool thing about indoor hemp is that you get more terpenes and cannabinoids in your buds, and the indoor-grown buds are beautiful.

The Pink Runtz is highly recommended for Super Bowl Sunday, especially if you get nervous or tense during football games (maybe you just really want one team to win, or maybe you placed a bet).

You’ll feel a wave of comfort and Zen wash over you. Whether or not your team wins, you’ll feel alright. It’s a smooth, full-flavor bud and we highly recommend it so you can enjoy the festivities to the max.

If you’re into new cannabinoids, consider Budpop’s HHC offerings. Their Strawberry Gelato disposable HHC pen is perfect for slipping into your pocket and sneaking out for a puff before coming back to relax.

The Strawberry Gelato is our ultimate favorite for the HHC choices, thanks to its Indica dominance. You’ll enjoy creative energy and supreme relaxation. If you’re feeling nervous about the Big Game for any reason, this may be a solution to help you kick back and have fun with friends.

You’re going to need at least one of these great products if you’re in Philly, cheering on the Eagles to take home the trophy. Pennsylvania is a medical state, but if you don’t have a card, these online options can help you feel lifted.

San Francisco: They Know How To Party

San Francisco is still cooling off after their disappointing loss to the Eagles, but the excitement is still in the air thanks to California being a legal state. Fans in the Golden State will smoke, toke, and relax as they enjoy the festivities all weekend.

Sales are through the roof, report dispensary employees, and specials on ounces are running wild. To honor their 49ers, we even saw reports of $49 ounces at stadium tailgate parties.

If you don’t live in San Fran, or California, you may want to consider ordering your buds from Cheef Botanicals.

Maybe you’re not into THC, and you’d prefer just the relaxation properties of cannabis. Not to fear- Cheef Botanicals has you covered with their CBD cartridges.

You can find any strain you want if you’d like to keep a clear head and enjoy the fun. CBD is great because you get to relax, fight anxiety, and enjoy the great taste- minus the high.

If you need a suggestion, we recommend trying out their Mango. You can count on Cheef Botanicals to provide you hemp that is CO2 extracted, broad-spectrum, and completely safe and free of additives and preservatives.

CBD isn’t all they offer. Cheef Botanicals has many of the same great items you’ve been anticipating. For example, they have delta-8 oil that you can take sublingually, and delta-8 gummies made to be vegan-safe and made using all-natural ingredients. You can purchase them in 750 mg or 1500 mg sizes.

Check out their delta-9 gummy cubes as well. All of their cubes (delta-9, CBD, delta-8) contain a pre-measured dose of their respective cannabinoid, so you know what you’re taking.

Their delta-9 gummies contain 7.5 mg delta-9 per gummy cube, which is a great dose for an experienced user. Absolute newbies may wish to cut the gummy in half to see how it affects them first.

This weekend’s Super Bowl is going to be a party, so even if you’re not into football, it’s a great opportunity to get together with friends, make some pizza or burgers, and put your feet up to enjoy a delightful, legal high.

You can’t go wrong with any of these three amazing brands. Exhale Wellness, Budpop, and Cheef Botanicals all have something amazing to offer.

Exhale Wellness has the best and most potent delta-9 gummies we’ve seen. At 15mg per treat, they are great if you are experienced with this cannabinoid. Check out their vape carts and smokable flowers, all made with the cleanest delta-8 distillate.

At Budpop, we recommend all products, but emphasize their smokable flowers. The Pink Runtz is not one to miss.

Finally, Cheef Botanicals is scoring big with their CBD products. And, they’ve got delta-8 and delta-9 products, too.

We’ll see you at the Super Bowl, whether that’s in AZ, a friend’s house, or at home.


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