Best Online Vape Stores In 2024

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Vaping is popular among young people. Due to this growing popularity, there is a high demand for online vape stores that deliver quality products.  As a rookie, the way to start is by purchasing authentic vaping hardware with simple pod systems.

However, finding the best online vape store for cannabis products can be challenging. Aside from the several factors that differentiate the best online vape store from those that aren’t that great, getting an online vape shop that offers authentic products at a good price is a plus.

To help ease your burden of choosing, we’ve conducted thorough research and presented you with a short list of the best online vape stores.

6 Best Online Vape Stores To Buy Vape Gears

  1. Exhale Wellness: Premium Hemp Product And Vape Store, Editor’s Choice
  2. DopeBoo: High-Quality Online Vape Provider
  3. TokePlanet: Leading Online Vape Store And Smoke Shop In US
  4. DankStop: USA’s Popular Online Headshop
  5. Hemper: Best Subscription Box For Smoking
  6. Smoke Cartel: Most Demanding Online Vape Store 

1. Exhale Wellness – Premium Hemp Product And Vape Store, Editor’s Choice

Exhale Wellness is one of the best online vape stores on the market with a wide selection of high-quality products. The company is run by a team of cannabis enthusiasts, with its main offices in Los Angeles, California. The company uses natural ingredients for all of its products and ensures that all cannabis products have less than 0.3% THC.

It prioritizes its consumers’ needs and ensures that all its deliveries are always done smoothly and discreetly. This has led to a huge trusting consumer base that keeps coming back for more. Vape pens from this company come in different materials, flavors, tastes, and potencies. The numerous customer reviews online and on their website attest to these vaporizers’ effectiveness.

The company also offers an array of products and free shipping for all products you purchased on its website. You also get a 20% off on your first order.

In addition, Exhale Wellness gets its raw materials from the safest sources. So you can rest assured that all products from the brand are potent, have no pesticides, and are subject to third-party lab tests. Each batch’s certificate of analysis (CoAs) is accessible on its official website

In case you come across damaged vaping products, you just need to fill out their refund request form. Just ensure that you do this within the next 60 days after the delivery.

What We Like:

    • Third-party lab-tested products
    • Offers a 30-day return policy
    • 20% off for 1st-time shoppers
    • Potent THC vapes
    • They use a safe extraction process

2. Dopeboo – High-Quality Online Vape Provider

DopeBoo is a great online head shop that specializes in authentic vaping hardware such as dab rigs and vaporizers among other products. It offers some of the popular brands on the market at very affordable prices and free shipping.

Delivery takes anywhere from 5–7 business days unless you pay a little extra to expedite the process. If you pay extra and your vape products don’t get to you on time, DopeBoo returns your shipping costs. This online retailer is great and is very keen on helping their customers receive their products on time.

It is one of the top online vape shops and has a vaporizer app for smartphones. It features top brands such as Marley Naturals, Grav, Empire Glassworks, and KandyPens, just to mention a few.

Once you’ve placed your vaping products order, it will take the company up to 24 hours to get you an updated tracking number. When you scroll to the bottom of the official website you’ll find a couple of channels you can use to present your queries.

What We Like:

    • Great time handling
    • Wide variety of products
    • Easy return policy
    • Great customer service
    • Free shipping for orders over $50

3. TokePlanet – Leading Online Vape Store And Smoke Shop In US

TokePlanet is one of the best head shops that sell all sorts of accessories for cannabis products. Some of these accessories include dab rigs, vaporizers, bongs, herb grinders, and glass pipes.

They also sell products from popular brands such as Dr. Dabber, Mav, Grav, Boo Glass, Hemper, and Puffco. Your first purchase comes with a flat 10% off if you use the code provided on their official website.

When it comes to shipping, you can either opt for the free economy option, products worth $50, or go for one of the paid options. If you want to receive your desktop vaporizer soon, you should go for the expedited shipping option.

They provide a great 24/7 customer care center that offers support to all those who have queries regarding their products. In case you want to ask for a refund for whatever reason, you should make your claim within 45 days of your purchase

What We Like:

    • 10% for new customers
    • Provides discreet deliveries

4. DankStop – USA’s Popular Online Headshop

DankStop is an American company that specializes in glassware vape for herb users. It was started by a group of friends looking to improve the quality of glass pipes sold online. The company sells over 200 products, ranging from dab rigs, glass pipes, portable and desktop vaporizers, etc.

It offers great products at good prices and you’re guaranteed a great discount when you shop at its official website. DankStop also works with other top brands such as BlessedCBD, Daily High Club, Smoke Cartel, FAB CBD, CANNA Cabana, Nuleaf naturals, and Grasscity.

It offers great customer services such as flexible return policies on unused products. To request a refund, just fill out the form on the website under the File a return option.

DankStop offers free shipping on all orders made within the US; international customers can also receive free shipping, but only when they purchase products worth $300 or more. To get more products for less, you can join the company’s rewards program. You also get points for following the company on social media, which you can redeem as your next disposable vapes or dab rigs.

What We Like:

    • Great reward program
    • Free domestic shipping
    • Has an amazing referral program

5. Hemper – Best Subscription Box For Smoking

Hemper is an online vaping store that offers its customers a monthly smoking subscription box that contains all essential products and hardware for vaping. Subscribing to this online store gets you the latest vaping products on the market. Its vaping products include concentrate vaporizers, desktop vaporizers, best weed vaporizers,  and vape pens.

This vaping company has been in operation since 2015, and ships all its products worldwide. It’s based in Hauppauge, New York, USA, and offers quality products at affordable prices. If you want to join the vaping community, but you’re not sure about what to get, you can opt for the Hemper box.

The online vape shop also offers you the opportunity to customize your Hemper box or go with the curated boxes. Of the four plans that it offers (the Hemper Pack, the Hemper Core Box, the Hemper Box, and the Hemper Box XL), you’re bound to find one that works for you. Once you choose, your package will be shipped to you discreetly.

Though it partners with popular brands such as MJ Arsenal, Happy Daze, and Higher Standards, Hemper produces its vape and CBD products. Any damages to the products while in transit will be quickly replaced by Hemper.

However, Hemper doesn’t have a clear channel that their customers can reach them through. Based on some of the customers’ reviews online, they respond in hours when it’s positive news, but take days when it’s serious problems like refunds and delays.

What We Like:

    • Curated monthly subscription Hemper boxes
    • Comes with limited-edition glass pieces

6. Smoke Cartel – Most Demanding Online Vape Store

Smoke Cartel is an online vape store whose main offices are based in Savannah, GA. It’s not the best online vape shop as it only carries portable and desktop vaporizers. Their vaporizers come with premium e-liquids. It’s the wrong store to visit if you’re in the market for nicotine vapes or e-cigarettes.

However, it sells authentic products, including dab pens, best glass bongs, grinders, and hand pipes among many others. In addition, the company has great customer reviews on its website as customers recommend its products and services. The company’s hard work is visible and it has been featured in magazines such as Forbes, Weedmaps, High Times, and Leafly.

This online retailer is great at customer care, with a helpful and friendly team that resolves most of your queries in good time. You’ll find several channels of reaching them provided on their website, which include text, email, or calls.

What We Like:

    • Authentic glass vaping products
    • Offers the best desktop and portable vaporizers
    • Get the smoke Cartel Mystery box

What We Looked For In Online Vape Stores?

The popularity of authentic products for vaping has led to the growth of hundreds of online vape stores. Though this is great news for e-cigarette users, it also poses a problem as some of these stores don’t offer the best and most authentic popular brands. It’s therefore important for you to know exactly what you should look for when shopping.

Here are some of the factors we considered when making our list of the best online vape shops. It includes:

    • Shipping And Returns Policy

Firstly, we looked at the shipping and returns policies of numerous online vaping stores. Even when a store offers their vaping products at fair prices you should always ensure you know about their shipping policies before committing. You could get products that end up quite expensive when you factor in the delivery charges.

Check out as many stores as you need, to find one that offers great shipping costs. The best will be vaping stores that offer free shipping when you purchase products of a certain amount. If a store doesn’t ship to your state, having them delivered to your door will cost you extra.

Also, look at the return policies of each vape store to find one that will not cost you when returning faulty products. The best retailer is the one who offers you the option of taking and refunding any damaged vape mods.

    • Customer Reviews

Next, we looked at the customer reviews to see how each store is performing and working with its current customers. Considering the feedback of people who have already worked with the store you want to purchase from is essential.

Customer reviews also help you learn how the online store handles its customer’s complaints. If a store owner is rude and doesn’t respond in time to queries from their customers, it’s not the best place to purchase your vape cartridges.

The ideal online vape store takes its customers’ welfare very seriously and responds to their queries in good time. Go for median customer reviews to get a good feel of how each online vape store functions.

    • Affordability And Ease Of Use

Last but not least, we also checked on the affordability of authentic vape products, and the ease of use of each website. Most professional online vape stores come with an easy-to-use interface that makes shopping a breeze. Scammers don’t invest enough time on their sites to ensure that they don’t have any bugs and whatnot.

Then you also need to look at the pricing of vape gear, vape juice, and other authentic vaping hardware. Not all expensive online stores sell quality products, thus it’s important to look for an online store that offers quality and affordable vaping products.

Why Should You Shop For Vapes Online?

Though you can get your e-juices and vape cartridges in brick-and-mortar stores, opting to buy vapes online is the best option for most. With the increased number of vape stores and high demand for authentic vaping hardware, most people are opting to shop online. Below are some of the benefits that are attracting vape buyers to shop online:

    • Private Purchases

Though vaping is not illegal and is done by a huge percentage of the nation, if you aren’t at ease purchasing yours face-to-face, online shopping can be very handy. You just need to find the best online vape shops and get your supply from the comfort of your home.

Take your time to find the ideal vape store that offers discreet deliveries to your state. They use discreet packages that don’t indicate what’s inside ensuring that no peeping tom knows what’s inside. You can even go a step further and hide your bill to ensure no one knows what you purchased online.

    • Convenience

Next, you should be shopping for your vape products online due to the convenience that these stores offer. You don’t have to leave your house and drive to the vape store even when it’s close by, just open your phone or PC and make your order.

Your delivery will be delivered in good time depending on the vape shop you shopped at. This saves you time and gas money that you’d have spent driving to the closest brick-and-mortar vaping store.

    • Cost And Price Comparison

Unlike in brick-and-mortar stores where comparing prices of vape products from one store to the next takes time, in online stores, you can do it very fast. You can simply open a few tabs on your PC and have numerous vape stores ready to compare prices.

Easy price comparison across multiple online vape stores helps you get your vape devices at great prices. Going from one store to the next can also lead you to a store that is offering great deals where you can save some money.

    • Large Product Variety

Shopping for vape juices and cartridges online also gives you a wide variety of authentic vaping hardware to choose from. Since some of the online vape stores sell products they manufacture, you can find more products than in brick-and-mortar stores.

Online stores give you a large selection of products to choose from, as you can easily have access to many stores at the same time. This gives you the freedom to shop with no pressure and find exactly what you’re after. Whether you’re looking for nicotine vapes, sub-ohm tanks, disposable vapes, or just some dry herb devices.

FAQs On Online Vape Stores

What Is The Most Trusted Online Vape Store?

This depends on your taste and preference. But all the best and trusted top vape shops online have some things in common. They all offer a wide variety of authentic vaping products, free shipping, and great customer support after shopping with them.

Is It Cheaper To Order Vapes Online?

Yes. Ordering vapes online is way cheaper than shopping in brick-and-mortar stores hands down. Other than the option for selecting affordable e-liquids from a wide variety available in a vape store online, you also save money on transport/gas.

Can You Order Vapes Online In NY?

Yes. However, it’s a risky idea as the New York state government has banned them. This was in response to the health risks that it poses to young people. The law came into effect on Jan 1st, 2020, prohibiting purchases from an out-of-state vape juice depot.

What App Can I Get A Vape Delivered To?

Dopeboo has a great smartphone app that you can install to help make your life easier. Other than simplifying your deliveries, the app also helps you keep track of your vape supplies, and vaping sessions and even alerts you when to recharge your vaping pen.

Conclusion: What Is The Most Trusted Online Vape Store?

Though the best vape stores online listed here are capable of meeting all your vaping needs, you can use the information above if you want to go a different way. Dealing with an online retailer is less complicated and very convenient. Searching for the ideal vape company online is such a breeze compared to doing it through physical stores.

In case you’re just getting into vaping, don’t go for desktop vaporizers, simple vape mods would be ideal. Plus they are more flexible as you can vape at any time anywhere; desktop vaporizers are stationary, which makes them restricted to single smoking spaces. Remember, a great vaping experience starts with finding the ideal online vape company.

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