Readers Write: Keep Plandome Road flag display alive

The Island Now

For the past several years, with the help of our community, American Legion Post 304 has beautified Plandome Road while honoring our nation’s veterans, those who gave their best and those who gave their all to protect our country and preserve our freedoms.  Our tradition began in 2014 and we are asking your assistance to carry on the placement of American Flags on our poles along Plandome Road.

We invite you to make a donation that will allow us to place 59 American flags, at a cost of $20 each and $20 for white spinner poles, along our downtown main street.  Together we can beautify Plandome Road with a gesture that salutes those patriotic and selfless sons and daughters of Manhasset who have served or are serving our country.

American Legion Post 304 will create an Honor Roll of Supporters that will be published for Memorial Day 2021.  If you wish, you may include the name of a friend or loved one who served and whom you wish to honor or memorialize.  All donations may be made payable to American Legion Post 304 and mailed to Thomas Buzzitta, PO Box 304, Manhasset, NY 11030.

Together we can continue this project that both beautifies our town and recognizes those who have paid the price of freedom.

Thomas Buzzitta


American Legion Post 304


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