Readers Write: Story on the Capitol attack

The Island Now

I’m tired of reading the defensive comments.

Let’s hear the offense side of the story. The government and the media have the Capitol blood on their hands!

They pushed people to the brink with months of story suppressions, releasing Biden info After the election, ignoring voter irregularities, changing laws to allow mail-in ballots, no ID, to vote for the President of the greatest country in the world, while we need ID to buy Sudafed, hushing hundreds and hundreds of citizens sworn voter fraud affidavits, months locked away from family, work and church!

Those people did not burn communities! They went to the source of their pain. Now everyone wants to blame Trump!

He has been a beacon of hope for millions of Americans drowning in the swamp the government maintains!!

Why didn’t the mayor of D.C. have the proper enforcement in place? Go after all the facts instead of taking the easy road and blaming President Trump.

Catherine Marcantonio

Old Brookville

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