Readers Write: Anna Kaplan Ghost Guns control

The Island Now

I want to thank Sen. Kaplan for her sponsorship of legislation to prohibit the sale of kits that contain the parts needed to construct a gun. This was an underhanded way to circumvent existing gun laws and prevent unlicensed persons from the possession of such weapons. It also makes it illegal to sell or transfer an unfinished frame to anyone other than an unlicensed gunsmith.

The Senate has passed this bill and I hope it will be successful in the state Assembly.
I also would like Sen. Kaplan to sponsor Invest In Our New York which is of a series of bills to create a more fair tax system and raise needed revenue to rebuild our economy devastated by Covid 19. New State faces a deficit of 60 billion dollars over the next four years.

A deficit that would curtail services and endanger the jobs of police, firefighters, teachers and health care workers.
While many lower and middle-income people have lost small businesses and jobs, have been evicted or fear eviction, are food insure and without health insurance, others have made fortunes in the stock market.

I urge Sen. Kaplan to sponsor Invest in Our New York which would create a fair tax system and raise the revenue we need.

This legislation would create a progressive income tax and tax investment income at the same rate as wages. I urge all who read this letter to write or call Senator Kaplan to show their support for this legislation.

Judy Ludwig Levine
Great Neck

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