Readers Write: Considering time, Daylight Savings

The Island Now

It’s time to reset the clock again—thought it’s
not an emergency to do so—for an hour
that does not yet exist but will soon have passed,
among other hours that no longer exist in the mere present
but remain strongly felt.

Before reality slowly returns to normal, I wonder,
how many more years like this?
Will we be much better off, or worse than now,
if we don’t undertake to make the change?

In the long dense silence the stars still shine as in the past.
I search for the words to describe the mystery of time…
Until the sun comes up and begins to move my heart
for another transition, when I no longer consider it
relevant or important.

And, given the time, maybe I will quietly go along
and follow the bliss. Then again, it gets late early now.
So much for the thought.

Stephen Cipot
Garden City Park

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