Kratom Dosage Guide: What’s The Ideal Kratom Dose For Everyone?


Tons of dietary supplements containing kratom have been popping up on the market. Kratom is a tree with the botanical name, Mitragyna speciosa. The tree is native to the Southeast Asian region, and kratom leaves have mitragynine, which has multiple health benefits. 

Most kratom users buy kratom strains to deal with opioid withdrawal symptoms and drug and alcohol dependence. Kratom use can also help you get chronic pain relief and treat anxiety symptoms and depression, among other things.  All these benefits make kratom a promising medicinal plant. However, since kratom mimics opioids with its benefits, you must be careful with the dosage.

How Much Kratom Should You Consume?

There isn’t a single answer for kratom dosage. It all depends on why you’re using it, your physique, and more. However, the rough estimates are that kratom doses range from two to twelve grams. Kratom dosing is segmented into four categories:

  • Microdose – less than two grams
  • Low dose – between two to six grams
  • High dose – between six to eight grams
  • Heavy dose – anything higher than eight grams

Of course, the doses vary for each person. For example, some people only need a microdose, while others need high doses. It all depends on your condition and your desired effects. With all that in mind, we recommend avoiding a heavy dose of kratom. 

How Much Kratom Should I Take?

As we said before, each person will have a different kratom dose. However, this ideal kratom dose depends on various factors. The most important factors are

  1. Weight
  2. Desired effects
  3. How much kratom do you use

Other things like your metabolism and the kratom strain you’re using also affect the dosage. Your eating habits, like whether or not you eat before taking kratom, also affect the dose.

  • Weight

Weight is important in determining the optimal kratom dose for you. That’s because every drug, including kratom, has adverse effects when taken in higher doses. However, we can offset or reduce these side effects by taking them according to your body size and weight.  The method involves starting with the lowest effective dose of kratom. Later, determining whether it needs to be increased based on the results. You can keep on increasing the dose from that point till you get what you want. Here is the kratom dosage chart based on body weight:

Body Weight Kratom Dosage Range(g)
In Kilograms (kg) In Pounds  (lb)
45 100 2.5 – 4.0
54 120 3.0 – 5.0
63.5 140 3.5 – 5.5
72.5 160 4.0 – 5.5
82 180 4.5 – 6.5
91 200 5.0 – 8.0
100 220 5.5 – 9.0
  • Kratom Consumption Frequency

Regular kratom users can build a tolerance toward it. That means they won’t feel kratom’s effects like they used to. Thus, they will likely need a higher dose of kratom than someone taking their first dose. Increasing the dosage can help for a while, but it will also lead you to build more tolerance. Eventually, this steady increase can lead you to heavy doses, which cause addiction and other adverse effects. 

Dose Of Kratom Depending On The Desired Effects

Generally, people divide kratom doses into two categories based on their effects. These are stimulatory and pain relief. Pain relief requires higher doses of kratom when compared to stimulation. More specifically, you’ll need 0.04 g/lb for a sedative effect, while you can get stimulation at 0.025 g/lb.

  • Kratom Dose For Pain

Opioids are most commonly used for pain relief, and since we mentioned kratom acts like opioids, it does the same. Generally, you can use kratom at any dose, and it’ll grant you some sort of relief. However, you might need higher doses if you suffer from chronic pain.  You will need lower doses for mild pain, like two to four grams. For moderate pain, you can take three to five grams which is still in the lower dose range. However, you will need five grams or more if you have severe or chronic pain. That means you’ll stay in the low to high dose range. 

Dosage isn’t the only thing that matters. You will need to use kratom strains for pain containing high concentrations of 7-Hyroxymitragynine and mitragyna alkaloids. These compounds target pain receptors like delta, kappa, and mu-opioid receptors and alter your ability to feel pain. Thus, they reduce inflammation, relax muscles, and act as an analgesic.  You can use it for minor to moderate pain problems like headaches, cuts, muscle strains, stomach aches, burns, and fractures. Chronic pain problems include fibromyalgia, rheumatism, arthritis, and more.  We recommend starting with a low dose. Afterward, you can keep increasing the dose till your symptoms subside. At higher doses, you may experience a sedative effect. We recommend going for the Bali kratom, Green Jongkong, or Green Hulu kratom strains, as they provide pain relief. 

  • Kratom Dose for Opioid Withdrawal

Kratom, Mitragyna speciosa, can be used to help people let go of their opioid addiction. That’s because kratom pairs with the opioid receptors instead of the opioids. Thus, they can help you deal with withdrawal symptoms.  The dose differs for different people. However, the person suffering from withdrawal will likely need a high dose of kratom powder or other kratom products. Using kratom to break your addiction to pain relievers is effective, but you should do it under medical supervision.

Additionally, your goal is first to stop using the opioids and then quit kratom. 
We recommend starting at lower doses and working your way up. In this case, you’ll start with a normal dose, i.e., two grams of kratom powder. You can keep adding two more grams if the kratom effects aren’t enough to help with the withdrawal. There should be a forty-five-minute gap between each dose. We don’t recommend exceeding eight grams unless your doctor says you can do it. According to an online survey, this method helps alleviate withdrawal symptoms. It lets the patient feel better, reduces craving, increases productivity, and improves mood. 

  • Kratom Dose for Stimulation

Particular kratom strains can help you increase your energy and improve your focus. That’s because of kratom alkaloids. These alkaloids work together and affect the body’s noradrenaline system.  This system releases adrenaline which is responsible for the fight or flight response. This response helps you get revved up in high-stress situations, giving your bursts of energy to deal with them. Kratom works to stimulate the system, increasing your energy levels.  It also affects dopamine levels in your brain. It increases the dopamine levels so that you’re more focused and motivated.

Additionally, kratom also increases your libido, improves mood, and induces euphoria. 
You don’t need too much kratom to increase your energy, two to four grams should be enough. Microdosing works great in this instance, especially if you’re using raw powder. Your main concern in this situation is not to take too much.  In high amounts, consuming kratom can elicit quite the opposite response from your body. That means you will feel tired, and it’ll be harder to focus. It can also reduce your sex drive.  That happens because too much dopamine can reverse all the positive effects and cause you to burn out. Similarly, too much adrenaline will affect your noradrenergic system. That can make you tired and disrupt the norepinephrine concentrations in the body. Use white-veined kratom for stimulation.  

  • Kratom Dose for Depression

Kratom use is known for inducing euphoria and anxiety. It does that by increasing the amount of dopamine in your brain. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter responsible for causing bursts of happiness after tasks such as eating, exercising, having sex, etc. Thus, people do these things again to feel that euphoria.  When kratom increases dopamine levels, a few things happen. These include pleasure, increased tendency to be social, increased sex drive, and an overall better mood. Additionally, you have higher energy levels. All this is essential for a person suffering from depression. 

Kratom can produce euphoria in all quantities. It can serve as a little pick-me-up to help people get through the day with increased energy levels and a better mood. We recommend starting with a low dose and then increasing the kratom dosage as needed.  The common dose of kratom for depression is dependent on the degree of the depression. For mild depression, microdosing is sufficient. That makes one to two grams of kratom powder the ideal dose.  Moderate depression requires a higher dose ranging from two to four grams. For chronic or severe depression, we recommend consulting with your doctor first. The ideal dose in this scenario would be five or more grams.  Different strains like Bali kratom and Borneo kratom work best for managing depression. However, you must remember that kratom products are just there to help you out. You shouldn’t become dependent on them. Additionally, you should seek therapy and medical advice.

  • Kratom Dose for Anxiety

With its euphoric and sedative effects, it isn’t surprising that kratom powder and other products can help with anxiety. Consuming kratom products helps you manage your anxiety’s mental and physical effects.  Your main concern with kratom use for anxiety is getting the kratom dosage right. A low dose will give you more energy, worsening your anxiety. That’s why we prefer high doses.

However, taking too high a kratom dosage will also worsen your anxiety. 
The common dose for anxiety is three to four grams of raw powder. We recommend you start with this dose and then wait for forty-five minutes. If your symptoms don’t improve, you can take one more gram of the kratom powder. Continue like this till you find the ideal dose to treat anxiety. 

Common Kratom Products

There are no FDA-approved kratom dosages or products. However, brands have used kratom and marketed it as a dietary supplement. The FDA doesn’t regulate dietary supplements, so they have more wiggle room.  Additionally, the Drug Enforcement Administration hasn’t yet put kratom, Mitragyna speciosa, on the list of controlled substances, despite its resemblance to opioids.

Since kratom is legal, commercial kratom products have filled the supplement aisle in stores. 
In Southeast Asia, the natives boil kratom leaves in water to make kratom tea. In other parts, people crush dried kratom leaves into powders and mix these kratom powders into water. It tastes awful. That’s why people use honey to make the flavor bearable. This kratom extract is generally more potent. Generally, kratom uses ingest kratom powders. Additionally, people can vape or smoke kratom leaves. Although, this method isn’t that common. You can get it as kratom capsules, tablets, tinctures, gum, and even kratom extracts. These kratom preparations usually contain Mitragyna speciosa Korth. 

Measuring A Dose Of Kratom

Given how changes in dosage can change kratom’s effects, it’s absolutely essential that you measure it before taking it. Taking too little won’t give you the benefits you want while taking too much will have adverse effects that can worsen your condition. There are currently three ways to measure kratom. 

  1. By weight
  2. By volume
  3. Kratom capsules
  • By Weight 

Measuring your kratom dosage by weight is the surest way to get the dose right. For this method, you will need some kitchen scales. You can easily get these off of Amazon or any other retailer. The weight can vary for each batch, depending on how fine the powder is. 

  • By Volume

Generally, a kratom user will use a spoon to measure out the kratom powder. This method isn’t all that accurate because of the granularity of the kratom powder. Coarse powders tend to be lighter even though they have the same volume. On the other hand, fine powder is heavier because of the smaller particles that can pack themselves much more tightly.  If you really must measure the powder with your teaspoon, ensure that you use the same spoon every time. You can even put the spoon inside the container for that purpose.

Moreover, you must avoid heaping the powder onto the spoon. Instead, level the amount of powder in your spoon to ensure you take the same measurement every time. 
For a teaspoon, one scoop will weigh 0.9 g and 1.3 g for coarse and fine powder, respectively. Meanwhile, a tablespoon of kratom powder will weigh 2.7g to 3.5g, depending on the granularity. Please remember that these are only rough estimates. 

  • Kratom Capsules

Capsules are another efficient way of measuring your kratom dosage. Each capsule has about 500 mg of kratom powder. However, if you make your capsules, these measurements might be different. The best way to ensure homogeneity in such cases is by sticking to specific capsule sizes.  There are three capsule sizes. These are

  1. Size ‘0’ has 200 to 500 mg powder
  2. Size ’00’ has 500 to 750 mg of powder
  3. Size ‘000’ has 700 to 1000 mg of powder

You can stick to these capsule sizes but depending on your method and how fine the powder is, the weight can still vary. A regular kratom user might not use these methods. Instead, they might use kratom tinctures. However, we don’t recommend tinctures for beginners since they’re potent and the dosage is easy to mess up.

How Long Does Kratom Affect the Body?

Depending on how much kratom you have ingested, the effects can vary. The way you take your kratom and the strains you use also affect the onset time and the time during which these effects last. 

  • How Long Before The Onset Of The Kratom Effects?

The general onset period varies from ten to thirty minutes after ingestion. However, it can vary depending on the strain you used and whether you used an extract or powder. The effects should peak in about an hour or two.  Additionally, the onset time can go beyond thirty minutes if you eat a heavy meal. In such a case, it could take the kratom more than an hour to kick in. Your metabolic rate and the dose you took also determine how you’re affected. 

  • How Long Do Kratom Effects Last?

Kratom’s effects can last anywhere from five to eight hours. However, it stays in your body way longer than that. Generally, it takes up to seventy-two hours before your body completely eliminates the kratom.  As your body’s tolerance increases, it will be even longer before it’s completely eliminated. Moreover, you develop tolerance, otherwise called Stagnant Strain Syndrome, and you will need higher doses to feel the effects. If that happens, it is best to lay off the kratom for a while.  If you are taking a drug test designed to detect kratom, you will need to stop using it for a while before it. Depending on the test, these abstinence periods can range from three to ninety days. Your positive results shouldn’t be a problem since kratom is legal.  If you suddenly have a test and need to eliminate the kratom from your body as fast as possible, you can try exercising and drinking lots of water. However, we’re not sure how much these steps will help. Remember, this might only work for blood and urine tests. 

Different Types Of Kratom Strain

Kratom(Mitragyna speciosa) has multiple strains. These strains only have minor genetic differences that make them slightly different from each other. Depending on your wants, one strain may be more effective than the other.  Currently, kratom strains are categorized on the leaf vein color; red, white, and green. Red-veined strains usually act the fastest and are best for pain relief. White strains are more stimulating, meaning you can use them to boost your energy levels. The green-veined strains are similar to white strains, but the effects last longer.  Some of the most popular kratom strains are: 

  • Indo Kratom

This particular strain originates from Indonesia. It’s usually associated with pain relief, relaxation, and sedation. It can help you sleep. The Indo Kratom strain is thought to be less stimulating than the rest of the strains. However, the white-veined variety can have mildly stimulating effects. 

  • Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom is a stimulant that increases energy levels and provides pain relief. This kratom strain is considered one of the most potent kratom strains. The strain originated in Thailand, but we also get it from Indonesia and Malaysia.  

  • Bali Kratom

Another Indonesian strain, Bali, originates in Bali. Bali, especially Red Bali, is considered the most opioid-like of these strains. The strain is known for its pain relief properties. Furthermore, it can also help people with their anxiety and stress. 

  • Thai Kratom

As the name indicates, Thai Kratom originates from Thailand. You can find some seriously high-quality kratom in this region. Thai Kratom’s effects vary depending upon its variety. Red Thai is great for pain relief, while Green and White Thai Kratom is great for energy stimulation.

  • Horn Kratom

This strain originates from Borneo. It’s extremely rare and has horns on its leaves. It’s also the most expensive kratom strain because of its rarity and difficult cultivation methods. However, the price is worth it since it’s a potent strain, producing powerful stimulants and analgesics. 

  • Hulu Kratom

The Hulu Kratom strain only has two varieties, red and green. The Green Hulu variant has some stimulating properties, while the red one is a relaxant for the mind and body. The Hulu Kratom strain is grown in a particular Indonesian region, Kapuas Hulu. To be even more specific, it grows on the banks of Kapuas river, where the soil is considered sacred.  

  • Elephant Kratom

This strain gets its name for its shape, which resembles an elephant’s ears. The Elephant Kratom can help you increase your stamina and memory. However, it’s quite picky about the conditions it can grow in. Thus, it is very difficult to cultivate. 

  • Kali Kratom

Kali Kratom grows in Kalimantan, Indonesia – hence the name. The strain is rare but has mild effects, making it perfect for beginners. Like Hulu Kratom, this strain has only two varieties; red and green. 

  • Sumatra Kratom

The white Sumatra Kratom is particularly potent. Thus, it’s recommended for people hoping to improve their focus. This strain also originates from an island, Sumatra, in Indonesia. 

  • JongKong Kratom

Cultivators grow the JongKong Kratom near the Hulu region, while the Kapuas river irrigates it. They make this strain from mature trees to give the users more wisdom. This strain has only two varieties, red and white. 

  • Dragon Kratom

Dragon kratom is very rare since there’s only one plantation in the entire world that grows it. That means the kratom is reliable but limited in supply. Another interesting thing about this strain is that Red Dragon Kratom is the only strain that can stimulate you. In fact, its stimulation properties are stronger than the white or green variety. 

Side Effects Of Kratom

There haven’t been any clinical trials with kratom, so all of our data is anecdotal. According to the CDC, kratom exposures have been reported to poison control centers. However, most of the side effects in these cases were mild.  As long as you use kratom sparingly, there shouldn’t be any adverse reactions. However, we don’t know much about drug interactions between kratom and other substances. However, it does have the potential to react with other drugs like alcohol which can prove fatal. 

  • Mild Side Effects

Most reports that poison centers have received have been about minor side effects. These include dry mouth, nausea, diarrhea, headaches, drowsiness, itching, and mood changes. Occasionally, trying to quit kratom may result in withdrawal symptoms. 

  • Chronic Side Effects

In more serious cases, more severe adverse reactions have occurred. Kratom can cause heart palpitations and high blood pressure like any other stimulant. Thus, if you have high blood pressure, you might wanna avoid it.  Other side effects include loss of sex drive, erectile dysfunction, insomnia, lack of appetite, liver damage, renal and memory issues, and psychosis. However, users can avoid these if they limit their usage to the actual kratom dosage.   We recommend sticking to the recommended dosage and drinking water more frequently. That’s because dehydration can make side effects even worse. Moreover, kratom can be addictive if you use it for a long time. Thus, we don’t recommend using the drug for too long. 

Conclusion: What Are Kratom Uses? 

That concludes our instruction on how to take a proper kratom dosage according to your needs. Dosage plays a very important role when it comes to getting your desired effects from kratom. Getting the dosage can actually make your condition worse. That is why we recommend using scales to weigh out your exact dosage.  You also need to be careful about where you get your kratom. Since its distribution isn’t strictly regulated, you could get a dangerous product. Thus, we recommend buying from reputable retailers.

Additionally, you would do well to look into the laws in your area before taking kratom. 
We recommend sticking to low doses to gain your benefits. Unless you have anxiety or need pain relief, in which case you’ll need higher doses. However, even in that case, we don’t recommend exceeding the twelve-gram limit for kratom powder. That’s because higher doses can cause adverse reactions.

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