What Is Kratom Tea, Benefits, Risks, And More?

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Kratom belongs to a family of coffee, and it is widely available in Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. Since its tree can grow much longer than usual, almost up to 80 feet, and requires hot and humid conditions, it is not easy to grow kratom in the house.  Among all the kratom products, the fan favorite is kratom powder to make tea.

So, if you bought kratom tea powder or its leaves and thought about how to make kratom tea? We cover everything you want to know. Kratom tea is herbal tea, and despite being a close relative to coffee, it doesn’t contain caffeine.

However, it does provide some effects like caffeine, but kratom is more popular for its mood-balancing benefits.  Drinking kratom tea daily can help ease tension in your mind and relieve everyday stress. You can make kratom tea using kratom tea bags, or if you have the leaves, you can brew kratom tea. We prefer getting kratom tea powder or tea bags since they are more convenient. Brewing kratom tea is a much better option if you want to have lots of tea material for less cost.

Tips To Make Perfect Kratom Tea

You can buy kratom online or can even make your own kratom tea at home. However, it might feel like making kratom tea is easy, but even the smallest mistakes can cause some issues that’ll ruin your entire experience. You can get the most out of the brew and enhance your kratom tea experience with some tips.

Use Hot But Not Boiling Water

Now, that doesn’t mean you cannot use boiling water; just don’t add kratom products inside the boiling water. The alkaloid compounds of kratom won’t stay stable if you add the product to boiling water. Let the water cool down before adding the tea bags or powder to enjoy the best benefits.

Use Sweeteners

Remember, kratom does not have a desirable taste, it is bitter, and most people don’t like bitter tea. Adding some sweeteners to your kratom tea would be better to enjoy thoroughly.

Stir Thoroughly

If you use kratom powder or leaf to make tea, it is better to stir thoroughly so the powder is properly mixed into the liquid. You can use a small whisk or an electric coffee mixer to do the job properly.

Use Right Dosage

Check out the kratom dosage chart to see how much kratom is beneficial for you. Using the right dosage brings the best results without any side effects.

Dilute The Taste

More water means less bitter flavor but also fewer benefits. Making an experimental cup to check how much bitterness you can endure or adding sweeteners to make the tea worth your tastebuds is better.

How To Make Kratom Tea?

Before we share the recipes of kratom teas, it is better to know which kratom product is best for making tea. You’ll find kratom tea bags, powder, or crushed kratom leaves that you can use to make tea. Moreover, tons of kratom strains are available, offering different benefits. It is advisable to check the strain before purchasing so you’ll get the desired benefits.

Kratom Tea Bags

The easiest way to make kratom tea is to use tea bags. Kratom dosage in tea bags is the lowest since companies have to add flavors and other herbs to make the tea delicious. You can find two types of tea bags; one that you can dip in the tea and take out as the tea reaches your desired color. The other tea bag sinks to the bottom of the cup, where it stays until you finish your tea. 

Both these options are preferable if you want to enjoy your morning tea with mild benefits. We suggest you use kratom brew or kratom leaves if you want something strong. Here is how to properly utilize kratom tea bags. Boil a cup or lots of water based on how many cups you want to make.

Wait for the water to cool down; never put the tea bag in the boiling water. Once the water is cool enough, gently put the tea bag in the water. Premium kratom tea bags have a delicate covering; you might rip them apart if you don’t handle the tea bag with care. Let the tea bag stay in the cup for two to three minutes, and gently take it out.

On the other hand, you can let the tea bag stay inside the cup and finish your tea. You can also use more than one tea bag if you want to enjoy a strong dose of kratom. You can also use a Kratom Tea Infuser if you don’t want to put the tea bag in the cup. Attach the infuser hook to the mug or cup and let the kratom powder leaves brew the tea. Once done, remove the infuser and drink the tea.

Use Kratom Powder

Using kratom powder for tea is the most straightforward way, and you can easily control the dosage. However, you must look for the best strains as different strains hold different effects. For example- the best kratom for pain relief is considered as red bali whereas white kratom is used for its stimulating effects. On the other hand, you can add other stuff to the tea to make it tasty, something you cannot do while using tea bags. 

Grab any kratom strain to prepare kratom powder tea. Boil the water and let it cool down, or you can use warm water instead of boiling it. Add some lemon or honey to the water and add your desired kratom dosage. The recommended dosage will be written on the label. If you are unsure how much is suitable for you, just follow the label dosage.

Now, you must stir vigorously to mix the powder and let it rest so the powder must settle at the base. Cover the cup with a filter to filter out the unused powder and pour the liquid into another cup. Add a sweetener if you want, and drink tea as you desire. You can dry and use the kratom powder again, but it won’t be that effective.

Kratom Leaves

Kratom leaves are the most potent among other products and offer the solid effects that you’ll love. The problem is after using the kratom leaves; it is hard to use other products for kratom tea. Moreover, make sure to purchase kratom leaves that are clean and free from toxins. Don’t purchase raw kratom leaves as they might contain health hazards; instead, opt for crushed leaves for preparing kratom tea.

You’ll need a teapot or a French press to prepare tea using crushed kratom leaves. Heat the water and add your desired crushed leaves to the teapot. If you use a French press, put the crushed leaf at the bottom of the jug. Add the water into the pot, press, and leave the steep for 10-15 minutes. Remember, the longer you leave it to sleep, the strong the flavor will be. Once ready, pour the liquid into a cup and drink immediately for the best results.

Preparing Kratom Iced Tea

If you are more into cool beverages, you’ll love this kratom iced tea. Preparing this recipe won’t take more than five minutes, and it is a good treat for your tastebuds. It only requires some extra juice to cover the bitterness of kratom.  In the summers, iced tea is a great option to feel fresh after a long day of work. For this recipe, you’ll need prepared kratom tea; choose one of the above methods to make the tea as you desire.

Add some slices of ginger to the hot kratom tea and leave it for three to five minutes. Pour everything into a jug, add some honey and stir it until the honey is properly dissolved. Add your desired juices into the jug and let it cool. The final step is to add some ice to a large glass or cup and pour the liquid inside it. Let it cool for some seconds and enjoy your iced kratom tea.

Kratom Sun Tea

Sun tea is an excellent option if you want to store kratom tea for days or want to serve lots of people at once. However, you’ll use the sun to brew the tea; it might not be as strong as your usual dosage. Also, keep an eye on the tea since it is outside in the sun. Ensure kids won’t spoil it, or a bird might not hit the bottle or jar.

For this recipe, you’ll need a jug that can easily handle more than a liter of water. It is better to make enough tea to serve 12-15 cups, so you can store it or serve lots of people.

Moreover, you’ll also need reusable tea bags; fill them with crushed Kratom leaf and seal them properly. Add water to the jug, but no need to heat it or boil it. Fill the jug with reusable tea bags and stir it well. Seal the jug and place it somewhere with lots of sunlight.

Depending on the temperature, you must keep it in the sun for one to five hours. Also, keep moving the jug to ensure it gets sunlight. Take the jug inside after the sun is down and remove the tea bags from the liquid. Seal the jug again, store it in your fridge, and use the kratom tea whenever possible. This method is perfect for places with plenty of sunlight for four to six hours.

Benefits Of Kratom Tea

Kratom leaves contain about 40 different active compounds. Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine are the main kratom alkaloids used in making kratom tea. These compounds have the same effects as pain relievers.  They can also help stimulate your energy levels, making you more active and alert. Here are some other benefits of kratom tea that you can enjoy under a controlled dosage.

  • It Can Help Manage Pain And Inflammation

Some medical studies back the claim that kratom can help manage pain and inflammation symptoms. However, these studies have been done on a small scale, and kratom started showing effects after two months of usage. 

On the other hand, the dosage was slightly higher than what you get in kratom teas, so you might have to use kratom tea for longer to enjoy these benefits. It won’t take more than a minute to make kratom tea from powder or tea bags. You can drink kratom tea in the morning and let it work to reduce pain and inflammation. If tea bags or a low dosage won’t work for you, add extra two or three grams of kratom powder in the tea to see if that works for you. Always start with a lower dosage to avoid experiencing side effects.

  • It Can Help Reduce Anxiety Symptoms

Kratom leaves are well known to help reduce anxiety symptoms. In Malaysia and Indonesia, people widely use kratom leaves before social gatherings. They keep you calm and relaxed, making people less nervous during social meetings.  Kratom tea has the same effects on your mind, reducing stress and calming you.

However, these results will be more visible after using kratom teas for a week or more. In the initial days, your body takes some time to adjust, and you might not feel the desired effects. However, once your body starts understanding the changes kratom tea is causing, you’ll feel a quick relaxation after drinking kratom tea.  There is no need to get a crushed kratom leaf for this; even a single kratom tea bag is enough, but you have to drink tea daily. Make sure to drink hot kratom tea to get the optimum benefits.

  • Kratom Can Help Manage Depression

Nowadays, people are more depressed than ever. Everyday tasks and the stress of becoming rich and successful can take a huge toll on the mind. Kratom is not an opioid but has the same effects as an opioid on your system.  It can help manage the mental pain caused by extreme stress (the main cause of depression) and help alleviate your mood, which can help reduce signs of depression.

Many users have claimed this, but there is not enough study to back this claim. The only complication here is that not every kratom strain can help fight depression. You have to ask the vendor or see if an anti-depression strain is available. For best results, mix a crushed leaf in boiling water or use kratom powder; tea bags might not be a good option for depression.

  • May Help Overcome Certain Addictions

A study claims a certain person got rid of opium addiction after using kratom leaves for months. Since kratom provides the relaxation people want the most, some people might quit using other drugs.  Plus, it has multiple positive effects on your health that might act as a countermeasure against the drugs.

Since it was a self-proclaimed study, there is no solid evidence about how addictive that person was and how much kratom dosage he took. Despite a lack of studies on this article, many people have started using kratom to withdraw from the addiction, which becomes a potential benefit of kratom. Some people suggest taking kratom for up to three months in fewer doses without breaks.

  • An Excellent Energy Booster

On average, kratom provides an energy boost, but each strain has a different effect on the body. Some strains are made to give an energy boost, while others only offer a small energy dosage. Despite not having caffeine in them, some strains offer coffee-like effects.  So, if you want an energy boost lasting six to seven hours, grab a strain that specifically mentions providing an energy boost. Remember, energy-boosting strains will have higher doses of kratom than normal; even a tea bag will have a higher dosage and might cost a bit more.

Kratom works by improving your metabolic process, which helps improve blood flow. However, this might take weeks before you start seeing good results. As your body gets oxygen-rich blood and it flows everywhere smoothly, you get a sudden burst of energy. It might not last long, but it is enough to keep you going.

Risks Associated With Kratom Tea

Kratom is generally safe to use, but you can expect some risks associated with using kratom and its products. Some risks are linked with poor health, while others are linked with using higher doses for a long time.  So, the best way to avoid adverse side effects is not to use kratom in higher doses. Always start from a tea bag; if that does not affect you, use a strong kratom powder. Here are some potential risks that you can face while using kratom products.

  • Nausea And Vomiting

You’ll face this in the initial days, especially when your body tries hard to adjust to kratom. If you use kratom tea for extra energy, vomiting and nausea are common. Your body cannot take a huge dose of energy and can’t digest the kratom inside the stomach properly, leading to vomiting.  In case of a sudden rise in blood pressure because of additional energy and your body cannot cool down, you’ll feel the urge to vomit, but it won’t happen. If you lower the dosage, your body gets used to this within two to three days.

However, if you experience these side effects every time you drink kratom tea, you should quit and visit your doctor. The chances are that kratom might have caused some internal issues that require medical support immediately.

  • Constipation

If you don’t have a strong digestive system, we recommend using kratom for relaxation only. If you use any kratom product for an energy boost, the chances are that it will cause constipation.  Since most people are not engaged in exercise while drinking energy-boosting kratom strains, the energy built inside their body starts causing reactions that lead to constipation.

However, constipation won’t last for more than two days, and it is not severe. The worst you’ll feel is the urge to poop, but you can’t force it out. You can stop drinking kratom tea for only one day to get rid of this problem. However, if higher doses of kratom cause this, you might skip using it for a week at least.

  • Increased Aggression

Kratom is used to get relaxed and calm, but it works if you follow the recommended dosage. If you use higher doses of kratom, the chances are that you can get angry quickly.  However, it happens in such rare cases that the chances of this side effect are almost zero, but it can happen. We strongly suggest not going over the mentioned dosage so that you can enjoy the benefits.

On the other hand, the energy boost can also be the reason behind aggression. Moreover, how your brain reacts to kratom is another reason behind increased aggression. Sometimes, interruption in relaxation can irritate, leading to short-term aggressive behavior that fades quickly.

  • Hallucinations And Delusions

Using kratom in higher doses excessively can calm your brain to the point where you’ll hallucinate. These side effects are related to your brain/body’s endurance and dosage. The more kratom you use in higher doses, the worse your condition will get.  Kratom is not addictive, but the benefits it brings can cause addiction. It is better to use kratom only once a day, twice a day if you use kratom in tea bags which usually have less kratom dosage.

On the other hand, you can alter a typical kratom tea recipe and add more items to enjoy its benefits without side effects. For example, you can make sweet kratom iced tea which doesn’t have a higher dosage of kratom, so you won’t feed adverse side effects and mild kratom benefits.

Conclusion: Kratom Tea Is Safe To Use? 

Usually, many people get confused between Kratom vs CBD however, both substances are entirely different from each other. When comes kratom tea, it can be really helpful in improving your well-being and helping you stay focused throughout the day. You can store kratom tea in a flask and drink it whenever possible. 

This article covered the process of making kratom tea, some tips to improve your tea experience, and what benefits or side effects are associated with using kratom. The final advice is to consult your doctor before using kratom if you want to make kratom tea a daily thing in your life.  

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