5 Best Kratom For Euphoria And Anxiety: Most Euphoric Strains In 2024


Besides treating chronic pain and fatigue, euphoric kratom strains highlight emotions and reduce anxiety. A euphoric effect is related to dopamine release in the brain. The human brain can naturally induce euphoria to cause intense excitement and happiness.

However, our brains can also use some additional aid for enhancing a euphoric feeling to relieve anxiety. Kratom leaves are known to have different kratom strains with multiple health benefits. Every kratom strain will work differently than others to cause euphoric effects.

Our Top 5 Picks For The Best Kratom Strains For Euphoria & Anxiety: 

  1. Super Speciosa – Overall Best Kratom For Euphoria & Anxiety, Editor’s Pick 
  2. Kratom Spot – Prime Quality Kratom Products With Strongest Kratom Extract

  3. Golden Monk – Most Recommended Kratom Vendors To Buy Kratom Online
  4. Klarity Kratom – Top Rated Kratom Brand Among Users
  5. Kona Kratom Supreme Kratom Brand For Kratom 

#1. Super Speciosa – Overall Best Kratom For Euphoria & Anxiety, Editor’s Pick 

Super Speciosa is blessed with a team of highly professionals and kratom enthusiasts. The company’s primary aim is to offer premium quality kratom to its customers. Apart from a high-quality and wide range of products, Super Speciosa also provides a live mitragynine calculator. You can calculate the daily dose of mitragynine with the help of this online calculator.

Super Speciosa also takes excellent care of its customers. People can earn points by shopping, which can be further used as money on the website. Moreover, the company offers a thirty-day money-back guarantee return and refund policy for all kinds of pain relief and euphoric responses. Furthermore, you can also get promo codes and discounts by subscribing to the website.


Wide range of products: Some most common kratom-derived products include white kratom powder, green maeng da kratom, red maeng da kratom, white Borneo kratom, etc. You will find the majority of strains in the form of capsules, tea bags, tablets, and powder. Customers can use this wide range as herbal medicine for chronic pain relief, euphoric effects, anxiety, depression, etc.

AKA GMP qualified: Just like any reputable brand should be, Super Speciosa is authorized by the American Kratom Association. The company follows an exemplary manufacturing process that produces the most potent strains that work well when used in low doses.

Positive customer reviews: Super Speciosa has hundreds of live reviews of its products. Red vein Bali strains will have independent reviews from maeng da kratom strains. The company has a dedicated space for reviews on all products that help customers make wise choices.

Transparency in the lab results: The experts at Super Speciosa are so proud of their products and feel no shame in sharing lab results with customers. Like independent reviews on each product, all kratom products have individual lab results. By displaying transparent lab results, Super Speciosa claims that its products contain no adverse effects.

Kratom news and updates: Super Speciosa wants its customers to stay updated with the latest news and research. As a result, you will find some essential topics by clicking on the “important links” at the bottom of the page.

Serving size guide: One of the most admired features of Super Speciosa is the dosage chart for beginners. It helps people to determine the dosage size for most euphoric kratom strains. Moreover, it also tells that kratom does not require high doses to work.


  • Multiple positive reviews
  • Offers a thirty-day refund policy
  • Dedicated blogs to help understand the where does kratom come from
  • Approved from AKA GMP
  • Heat-sealed packaging
  • You can buy capsules, tablets, powder, and tea bags
  • You will get 20% off on the first order
  • Passionate and professional team
  • Kratom dosage chart
  • Informative labeling
  • High-quality packaging
  • An online mitragynine calculator
  • Affordable prices
  • You can earn points through a reward program


  • Super Speciosa does not offer kratom leaves
  • Do not ship to Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Alabama, Arkansas, Wisconsin

=> Click here to visit the official website of Super Speciosa

#2. Kratom Spot – Prime Quality Kratom Products With Strongest Kratom Extract

Brand Overview

The second suggestion on our list is famous for its huge range of strains that can cause intense euphoria and reduce anxiety. Kratom Spot is also a certified member of the American Kratom Association. Thus, we can say that the company thrives on offering the best kratom to its customers.

Kratom Spot allows phone support for quick guidance to further assist their customers. The company also has a dedicated blog educating customers on origin, benefits, and Mitragyna speciosa-related topics. Moreover, you will find a dedicated FAQs section that answers multiple kratom-related concerns.


High-quality kratom: The company ensures it makes high-quality and organic kratom. As a result, the experts add no additives or artificial flavors in the manufacturing process. Instead, the whole manufacturing process abides by the rules of GMP.

Offers 100% satisfaction: Kratom Spot is one of few companies that provide 100% satisfaction to their customers. The company offers a thirty-day money-back guarantee to all its customers if they do not notice any change in their bodies after using the products.

Product labeling and packaging: Another admirable feature of the company is the proper packaging of the products. The packs are heat and air-resistant, keeping kratom fresh for a long time. Moreover, the packaging includes all the necessary information a person can use before buying any products.

Certified lab results: Kratom Spot is known for continuously testing its products for purity. A small mistake in the manufacturing process can result in the contamination of end products. As a result, the company subjects its products to a third party. The lab results from third-party labs confirm kratom’s purity, nature, and composition.

Multiple kratom-derived products: The company offers capsules, powders, leaves, shots, and extracts to its customers. Moreover, the familiar strains include red, white, green, Bali and indo kratom, maeng da strain, Malay, Sumatra, and Thai kratom.


  • Active customer support
  • Free shipping on orders above $50
  • Member of AKA community
  • Use code KSPOT15 for a fifteen percent discount on the first order
  • Guarantees a refund for 100% satisfaction
  • Same-day shipping is available
  • Phone-support access
  • Dedicated page for frequently asked questions
  • Quarantine the products after manufacturing
  • A wide range of quality kratom options
  • Team of kratom experts and enthusiasts
  • The main product categories are green, white, red strain, kratom extracts, and capsules


  • Do not ship in multiple international countries, including Romania, Poland, the UK, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Sweden, Finland, Israel, Australia, etc.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Kratom Spot

#3. Golden Monk – Most Recommended Kratom Vendors To Buy Kratom Online

Golden Monk is one of the oldest kratom brands with the support of loyal customers. The company imports kratom from Indonesia and processes it in California. It also offers 100% satisfaction on the entire stock and provides a return and refund policy. In addition, you can also earn royalties by spending money on buying products.

One of the most admirable features of Golden Monk is its quality packaging of products. The company ensures that all parcels stay air-sealed and heat resistant to increase kratom’s freshness and shelf life. Moreover, you will find all products with their certified lab results.


Member of the good manufacturing process: Golden Monk is a trusted member of AKA society and follows all good manufacturing processes to make quality products. The final products from Golden Monk are free from contamination and artificial additives.

Mostly deal wholesale: Golden Monk is famous for offering affordable prices because they deal wholesale. The minimum amount you can offer is 250g, which is why Golden Monk is the priority of sellers and customers who buy in bulk.

Extensive euphoric strains: Golden Monk offers the best kratom for euphoria. You will find red vein kratom and other maeng da kratom strains for euphoria. Apart from these, you will get green Malay, red Borneo kratom, red maeng da, white vein, and some capsules.

A vast number of customer reviews: As Golden Monk has been in the market for a couple of decades, the company has the back support of enormous positive reviews. People who buy kratom continuously give feedback on the official website or other social media platforms.

Dedicated pages for kratom information: Golden Monk educates people on basic kratom information. It offers detailed articles on red Bali, maeng da kratom, green vein kratom, white vein kratom, and capsules. Moreover, people can also take help from the FAQ section. The company also has some purchase terms that you should go through before finalizing the purchase.


  • Active phone customer support
  • Approved by American Kratom Association
  • Member of GMP program
  • One of the oldest brands
  • Millions of positive reviews
  • Deal in larger quantities
  • The main products are kratom capsules, maeng da kratom, red vein, green vein, and white vein
  • Free shipping on orders above $49.99
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Private packaging
  • Transparent lab results
  • Offer money-back guarantee
  • Have an extensive blog for kratom strain information


  • The minimum quantity you can buy is 250g

=> Click here to visit the official website of Golden Monk

#4. Klarity Kratom – Top Rated Kratom Brand Among Users 

Brand Overview

The primary goal of these natural remedies was to address prevalent health issues. They bring in a complete holistic approach to Kratom. When you buy Kratom from Klarity Kratom, you can be confident that it is of good quality. The products are lab tested and reasonably priced.  

Klarity Kratom stands out in the Kratom industry since all of their goods are all-natural and sustainably sourced. The Kratom is always sun-dried and crushed before being mixed in-house. 

Constant consumer input is used to improve the mixing of components and their proportions. 


  • Transparency: The entire process of harvesting, drying, powdering, and manufacturing is visible. You can be confident the goods sold to you will be completely pure and natural, with no additives or preservatives. Test results are readily provided by the brand.
  • Lab Tests: There are seven processes that must be followed, from the examination of Kratom powders to the finished product quality control. Testing for metals, pathogens, and additional substances, along with microbial testing lets you have only top-quality goods in hand. 
  • Certification: Klarity Kratom specialises in demonstrating rather than merely stating that their Kratom is pure. Very few firms are able to achieve this level and claim to be Current Good Manufacturing Practices certified. This indicates the firm’s practices adhere to stringent criteria. 
  • Affordability: All of the brand’s items are reasonably priced.
  • Effect: In Klarity Kratom’s universe, Kratom powder has been around for quite some time. The favourable impact it has on the health of those who consume it daily has been enormous.


  • All products produced in cGMP-certified facilities
  • Brand is very transparent about their practices and policies
  • All-natural components made in the United States
  • Kratom leaves have been lab-tested and harvested responsibly 
  • Track record of satisfied customers and positive feedback
  • Large selection of Kratom     


  • Necessary to seek the advice of a health care practitioner before use 
  • Only available through the official website
  • Not intended for use by those under 21 years of age

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Klarity Kratom

#5. Kona Kratom Supreme Kratom Brand For Kratom 

Brand Overview

The crew at Kona Kratom is comprised of highly skilled experts and kratom aficionados. The company’s main goal is to provide its clients with high-quality kratom. Super Speciosa offers a large variety of high-quality items as well as a live mitragynine calculator. Using this online calculator, you may determine your mitragynine dosage for the day.

Additionally, Super Speciosa provides exceptional customer service. By making purchases, customers can accrue points that can later be converted into cash on the website. Additionally, the business offers a 30-day money-back guarantee return and refund policy for all forms of euphoric and pain-relieving effects. Additionally, you can subscribe to the website and receive discount codes and coupons.


  • All products produced in cGMP-certified facilities
  • Brand is very transparent about their practices and policies
  • All-natural components 
  • Kratom leaves have been lab-tested and harvested responsibly 
  • Track record of satisfied customers and positive feedback
  • Large selection of Kratom     


  • Not intended for use by those under 21 years of age

=> Click here to visit the official website of Kona Kratom

How We Made This List Of  Best Kratom Brands? 

As we made our list of suggestions, we looked at multiple brands offering many kratom strains. We selected features that enhance online brands’ trustworthiness.

Below is a list of those features we looked for in each kratom vendor before finalizing the list. You can also look at the characteristic features for a better understanding.

What We Looked For? 

  • Companies Background 

The vending platform’s background was the first thing that helped us look for the best kratom companies. It was essential for us to thoroughly check a company’s history to move forward.

If we found any history of legal notices or frauds, we excluded the company from our list. Moreover, we also checked reviews and the American Kratom Association’s approval to finalize our listing.

  • Premium Quality Kratom

A moderate dose of potent strains of Mitragyna speciosa (kratom) is enough to cause intense euphoric feelings. It is only possible if a company ensures to make premium quality kratom strains. Therefore, a low-quality maeng da kratom strain will not help you achieve euphoria to the extent you want.

As a result, we ensured that all companies on our list handpick kratom leaves and keep manufacturing in the most suitable environment. Only strict production measures can produce the best kratom for euphoria. Thus, we read the general manufacturing process of the best kratom end products and finalized the list.

  • Variety Of Potent Kratom Strains 

Where other strains help relieve pain, our primary goal was to look for euphoric strains. You must understand that not all strains help induce euphoria.

Some euphoric kratom strains are maeng da kratom, red vein kratom, red Borneo kratom, green Malay kratom, red Bali kratom strains, etc. Luckily you will find the majority of these, if not all, on our list of suggestions.

  • Location Of Farms 

The next thing we looked for in our list of suggestions was the location of farms. It is better that companies import kratom from southeast Asia instead of growing them in the West. The difference in location, weather, and soil composition could not result in the most potent kratom strains in the West.

As a result, we only listed companies prioritizing quality right from the beginning. All companies on our list import plants from SouthEast Asia.

  • Customer Reviews 

We also looked for companies that emphasized authentic customer feedback. Reading the comments of kratom enthusiasts helped us understand the potency and effectiveness of kratom.

If people commented that they did achieve euphoria after consuming the strains, we prioritized the company over others. However, if a kratom vendor did not have any positive reviews or negative ratings, we excluded it from our list of VIP kratom.

  • American Kratom Association GMP 

We looked for AKA approval before finalizing our suggestions. AKA is an American association that regulates and ensures premium quality manufacturing of kratom. Therefore, all reputable brands have to submit their products and processing methods for the AKA’s good manufacturing process approval.

If a company has AKA’s approval sign, you can trust the quality of their kratom strains or products. However, if you do not see such a sign, feel free to switch to the next brand in the row.

  • Certified Lab Tests 

We know that a company should show lab results if they claim to make the best kratom-derived products. All reputable companies subject each product to third-party lab testing for approval. We selected the brands for our list if the lab tests gave green signals for composition, purity, and organic nature. However, when we came across vendors that did not publicly post lab results, we excluded them from our list.

  • Money-Back Guarantee 

We understand that sometimes you may buy a kratom strain and do not get the desired euphoric effects. In this situation, the customer can use a refund to save money. However, we advise you to at least go through return and refund policies before making any claim. It is because all companies have different terms.

As a result, we looked for brands that include 30-day return and refund policies in their customer support. You will have a guarantee of 30 days if you buy kratom capsules from our suggestions for chronic pain relief or anxiety.

  • Quality Packaging 

The last thing we looked at in the pool of options was the quality of the packaging. If a company offered premium and informative packaging, we selected it on a priority basis. For us, quality packaging keeps the kratom product fresh for a long time.

If the packaging was air-sealed and light-resistant, it helped achieve longer shelf life with fresh strains. Thus, we thoroughly went through the companies’ official websites to see what type of packaging they offer.

Buying Guide: Factors To Remember Before Buying The Best Kratom Strain

If you want to look for the best kratom for euphoria, the following features are what you should look for. The characteristics mentioned below make a brand trustworthy and ease your best kratom strain journey.

  • AKA Good Manufacturing Process Approval 

American Kratom Association is responsible for the quality manufacturing of the mitragyna speciosa plant. All the kratom vendors that get approval from AKA produce high-quality products.

Thus, whenever you look at the companies to buy kratom, you must ensure that AKA verifies the company. If the company is a member of AKA, then all products from that company are made using a suitable manufacturing process. It results in the premium quality manufacturing process and exceptional quality of the final product.

On the other hand, if AKA does not verify a company, you should never trust it with your health and move forward to the following options.

  • Reputable Brand History 

The next feature you should look for is the company history. See how long they have been a vendor in the market and what the customer says about it. Furthermore, you can also check for possible legal actions or frauds that spoil an image of a brand.

  • Positive Customer Feedback 

One of the most important things to look for in a brand that sells health-related products is customer reviews. See what the previous buyers say about a product.

If the product has genuine positive feedback from authentic buyers, you can trust the kratom of that company if you see multiple negative reviews on different platforms.

  • Kratom Strain For Euphoric Effect

You also need to ensure that the brand you have shortlisted contains the different strains you are looking for. Not all kratom plant strains induce euphoric behavior. Some strains can help in pain relief, others for anxiety, fatigue, or depression.

As a result, when you shortlist companies see if they have strains that cause euphoric reactions or not.

  • Labeling And Packaging 

You also need to see labeling and quality packaging before buying a product. Quality packaging helps keep the Kraton product fresh and long-lasting as it resists the light and heat.

Moreover, you should trust brands that have informative labeling on packages. Look for strain types, color, names, ingredients, AKA approval logo, and quantity on the labeling.

  • Certified Lab Testing 

The last thing you should look for before finalizing a brand is to check if they subject their products to third-party testing or not. Doing a third-party lab check is the only way to see if a product is pure and organic or not.

Many brands claim that they make products without contamination and show no proof. You, however, should never settle for that. Even if you have to pay a few extra dollars, you must check lab results. The whole process of kratom manufacturing is crucial, and a single mistake can cause contamination.

Thus, make sure you check if the company subjects its products to testing and display the tests.

FAQs Regarding Kratom For Euphoria And Anxiety

What Are The Most Common Strains Of Kratom?

There are three different strains of kratom that we can consider the most common. Red vein kratom, white vein kratom, and green vein kratom are popular among all kratom users.

The red vein is supposed to have sedative effects that help the consumer stay calm in cases of anxiety or depression. The sedative properties also help patients in dealing with intense pain.

White vein is one of the most potent strains because farmers harvest it in the early stage of plant development. The highest concentration of mitragynine helps boost energy, and a relatively higher dose can cause adverse effects in humans.

The green vein is the middle ground between both strains, and as farmers harvest, it is in the intermediate stage of plant development. It is commonly used for mental health enhancement and energy boost.

How Does Kratom Cause A Euphoric Reaction In The Body? 

Kratom helps the brain in boosting dopamine release. The strains stimulate neurons in the brain to cause reactions that increase dopamine which is directly related to the body’s energy levels, excitation, pleasure, and enhanced motivation.

After the dopamine boost, a person feels enhancement in these emotions, which effectively induce euphoria. In general, it helps treat fatigue, uplifts moods, and helps relieve pain. Moreover, it is highly effective to boost energy levels by causing euphoric effects in the body.

However, a low dose of kratom stimulates and enhances body energy, and a slightly higher dose affects the sympathetic nervous system to cause euphoria.

What Strains Of Kratom Can Cause Euphoric Behavior? 

Not all strains from the kratom plant can cause euphoria, and some of them help to treat anxiety, depression, deal with pain, fatigue, etc. However, the different strains that cause a euphoric feeling are maeng da kratom, red Bali kratom, and red Borneo kratom.

Even these strains are different in euphoric strength due to differences in composition. Maeng da kratom contains two alkaloids, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxymitragynine. The high doses of alkaloids help maeng da to cause pain relief and uplift mood. Moreover, this strain also boosts energy levels, causing euphoria.

Red Bali has a ting of crimson taste and is famous among kratom users. It is the ultimate solution for relaxation and better sleep. Moreover, Red Bali kratom helps in lifting mood and energy levels.

Red Borneo kratom is commonly known as a pleasing agent and causes a sweet euphoria. Therefore, it helps boost mood and manage anxiety. Moreover, it also lessens the pain and arouses a sense of well-being.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Kratom? 

Although kratom is a herbal plant and its extracts are used in multiple medicinal uses, the strains still pose a health risk. As a kratom works on opioid receptors, it can indirectly control or alter a few brain functions.

There are a few adverse effects. For example, a large dose of red vein Bali can act as a sedative causing a person to fall asleep immediately. Moreover, other side effects include dry mouth, liver damage, change in urine, weight loss, constipation, vomiting, and chills.

Coma, hallucination, dizziness, breathing issues, and drowsiness are also common negative effects.

Conclusion: Best Kratom For Euphoria And Anxiety? 

It is established that kratom can help deal with depression and anxiety management. The anxiety symptoms you need to check on. Thus, when people found out about the use of kratom plants, many companies offered quality products to cope with this issue. Many companies emerged and said that they have the best products to deal with anxiety and cause euphoria.

To maintain quality among all kratom vendors, the American Kratom Association came to be and set some GMP rules. Now, companies that follow those rules are certified to make quality products. On the other hand, the companies that do not have the approval of AKA GMP are not trustworthy.

We listed the best vendors to help you find the best kratom for euphoria. We chose these platforms after great research and comparison. You can trust them for anxiety disorders or do your research by following the features we mentioned in the buying guide.

Let us know if this article about the best kratom for depression and anxiety was of any use to you.

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