5 Real Love Spells To Make Someone Love You: How To Cast A Successful Attraction Spell Easily

Nikhil Goswami

The internet is one of the best places to turn to when you need to know how to do something – learning how to cast a love spell is no exception.

You can learn about casting all kinds of love spells online or find a professional to cast the spells for you. Today we’ll be looking at some of the most effective love spells and curse spells passed down through the centuries. 

Types Of Strong Love Spells That Work Overnight: How To Cast A Love Spell

#1. Honey Jar Spell

The honey jar spell traces back to ancient times. The witches of yesteryear used honey as part of their love spells, and modern ones are no different. The idea behind using honey is that something so sweet generates sweetness and affection between two people. 

The honey jar spell is one of the most common love spells people use to improve their connection with others. These love spells are also used to bolster an existing relationship and bring people closer together. 

How To Cast A Honey Jar Spell

Start by writing the name of the other person on a piece of paper three times. Turn the paper 90 degrees and write your name three times, with your name overlapping the name of the other person. Focus on what you want out of the spell. Do you want to bring an ex back? Or want to attract a new lover? Do you want to improve an existing relationship? Either way, write the wish on the paper so that it circles the names. Don’t lift your pencil off the paper while writing the wish.

You can always go back and cross your T’s and dot your I’s later.  When the paper is finished, fold it up and place it in a jar filled with honey. Make sure you touch the honey with your fingers as you do so.

Remove your fingers from the jar and recite the following incantation out loud: “Just like this honey is sweet. That’s how he/she will be for me.” Lick the honey off your fingers and seal the jar of honey with the paper inside. Light a candle on top of the jar. The candle color varies according to your wish:

  • A red candle for passionate love
  • A pink candle for loving love
  • A brown candle for judicial matters, such as wanting to sweeten a judge or jury
  • A white candle for general purposes

Once the candle burns all the way down, store it away where no one can find it. Wait for seven days and light another candle. Light a new candle once a week on the same day every week. 

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#2. Pink Candle Spell

Red and pink candles have been used by witches for centuries. Pink candles make for some potent magic when the intentions behind the spell are pure. So, if your love is pure and your intentions are too, using a pink candle spell could prove to be extremely effective. 

One thing that makes pink candle spells a good idea is that the results are in line with your desires. In witch lore, pink represents love and spirituality. Those who use pink candles in their love spells benefit from the spell not generating any negative energy. 

How To Cast A Pink Candle Love Spell

To start, you’ll need a new and unused pink candle, a piece of white paper, and a pen in your favorite color. Find a peaceful spot where you won’t be distracted and sit down. Clear your mind of thoughts about the day and flush any negativity from your mind. Remember, you need to be open to love for a love spell to work. Ensure that you remove any blocks from your mind and that you are truly prepared to start the love spell. 

  1. Light the pink candle on a Friday night.
  2. Write your first name and the last name of the other person on the piece of white paper.
  3. Draw a single circle around both names.
  4. Close your eyes and think about the two of you together. Focus on the image. Visualize your happiness and love together. 
  5. Repeat the following incantation three times – “Our fate is sealed. We are one so mote it be. It is done.”
  6. Watch over the pink candle for fifteen minutes or until it burns out. Ensure that the candle is completely extinguished before leaving it unattended. While you can snuff the candle out, don’t blow it out or you’ll break the spell. 
  7. You can use a bigger pink candle and repeat the spell for seven consecutive nights.

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#3. Spells To Get An Ex Back

Spells to get an ex back have become more popular in recent years. These spells are best for people who break up with someone and realize they wish they hadn’t. However, experts recommend that you get help from a professional practitioner and avoid doing these spells at home without experience. 

Using outside help guarantees that the love spell will be gentler. The spell won’t force the other person to get back into the relationship. Instead, it removes the negative energy of the relationship for better reconciliation between the two of you.  With that said, here is one of the simpler spells you can use to restore a broken relationship. 

A Spell To Bring An Ex In 3 Days

This spell is popular because of how quickly it takes effect. You’ll need a red candle, a picture of your ex, some paper, a pencil, and a spoon of honey. There is one limitation; it must be performed during the three nights of the waxing moon. 

  1. Light the red candle and stare at the flame for two or three minutes.
  2. Look at the picture of your ex and visualize you two reconciling and making up.
  3. Write your name and your ex’s name on the paper and draw a circle around them.
  4. Drop the honey on the names and recite the following incantation – “I wish you come back to me with this spell, to tighten up our connection forever.”
  5. Meditate to calm your mind and feelings.
  6. Blow out the candle ready to light the next day.
  7. Tear the paper into as many pieces as you can and bury them in your garden.
  8. Repeat the rituals the next night with new paper and honey but with the same candle.
  9. Repeat the spell for a third night.

The spell works best if no one discovers you are casting it. It also becomes ineffective if anyone discovers the buried paper. 

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#4. Marriage Spells

Marriage spells are for people who want to turn a relationship into a marriage or bolster their existing marriage. These spells strengthen the relationship between two people and make it more harmonious and loving. 

Please note that white magic can’t force people together. It doesn’t control people or force emotions. These spells are about enhancing what is already there and working with pure intentions. 

A Beginner’s Marriage Spell

You’ll need a plant called a spathiphyllum for this spell. The plant should have white flowers, symbolic of a white wedding dress. Replant the spathiphyllum in a new pot when you bring it home. It should be planted in soil from a place where you and your loved one have fond memories. Place some stones at the bottom of the pot for a stronger effect.  You’ll need more soil and stones to make these rituals work.

You should also write your dream on a piece of paper – for example, that you want to get married – roll the paper up, tie it with white string, and place it at the bottom of the pot. The paper should be under the stones and soil. Make sure that the soil doesn’t have any seeds or roots from other plants as this could break the spell.  When you repot the plant, leave it in a room where your loved one spends a lot of their time. The bedroom works if you have an active sex life with your partner.

Take a picture of yourself and your loved one, roll them up, and then wrap them in foil to secure and protect them. Place your picture on the right side of the plant and the picture of your loved one on the left side of the plant in the soil. Around a third of the picture should be in the soil.  Water the spathiphyllum until it grows at least one new flower. the flower off when it blooms, place it on a napkin, and dry it. Divide the dry flower into three parts.

These parts should be of equal size – or as close as possible. The plant will be filled with the energy of the two of you because it has been together with you for so long.  Place one-third of the flour in a cup, add some natural teas and sugar, and stir the tea clockwise. Lean over the cup and recite the following incantation while stirring: 

  • “Be my husband! Be my husband” Be my husband!” (if using the spell on a man)
  • “Be my wife! Be my wife! Be my wife!” (if using the spell on a woman)

Offer the tea to your significant other and make sure they drink everything.  Repeat the ritual for the next two days and wait to see what happens. If your loved one doesn’t start discussing marriage or propose to you within a week, wait until a new lunar cycle (new moon) and begin the process again. Use one of the new flowers that bloomed while waiting. 

While this spell is effective, there are some things that can prevent it from working. It won’t work if you don’t see your significant other every day, if you fight a lot, or if you think you’re better than them. The spell works best when you and your partner truly love each other and feel destined for one another. 

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#5. No-Ingredient Love Spells 

Not every love spell needs ingredients. There are many simple love spells that work effectively without any special ingredients on your part.

These love spells have a variety of effects, including spells to attract new partners, improve an existing relationship, or even improve one’s relationship with themselves. 

No-Ingredient Love Spell With Imagination 

This love spell powered by your imagination is one of the most effective overnight love spells you can find. 

Experienced spellcasters believe that if you think sincerely about someone else in your mind, they will appear in your life. Have you ever found yourself seeing someone that you’d been thinking about a lot? It might have been magical. Why not practice some no ingredient love spells by using your imagination and visualization? 

Timing is key with this kind of spell. Set aside time on a Friday night or full moon. Relax and remain calm and have faith in both your personal energy and the energy of the universe around you. When you relax and your mind is quiet and calm, start imagining yourself with the other person.  Repeat the spell once a month during the full moon and stay patient and you’ll soon see positive results. 

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Tips To Follow While Casting A Successful Spell

Now we’ve looked at some spells you can cast, let’s look over some tips for casting them:

  • Truly Believe In The Magic 

Rest assured that by focusing your energy on creating a lasting love that you’ll have more love in your mind. Magic is based on faith and spirit. Keep the faith and you’ll see the results you expect. 

  • Be Open-Minded And Specific 

You should never attempt to use magic to force someone to feel something they don’t naturally feel. Love is something that should always be a choice. It should never be forced on someone. When reciting invocations about open-ended loves, avoid using names and instead focus on the qualities you want in a lover such as them being caring and loving. 

  • Understand The Limits To Love Magic 

You can’t use white magic as love spells for negative purposes. You can’t use black magic to break apart a marriage or something similar. Spells should always be used for positive reasons to spread blessings and love to those that need them. 

  • Understand The Best Time To Cast A Spell

Love spells work best when cast on Fridays. This is because Venus Day is a Friday. The New Moon is also a good time to try spell casting because a new moon brings new opportunities to reality. 

FAQs Regarding Love Spells

How to cast a love spell at home?

There are plenty of spells you can use at home for all purposes. For example, you can cast good luck spells, weight loss spells, and money spells. 

Are there spells to break up relationships? 

Some spellcasters claim that they have spells and curses to end relationships between two people. Please note that these spells usually only work on relationships built around passion and lust. Destroying true love is as impossible as forcing it. 

How to cast a love spell that really works?

There’s little more interesting than love spell casting and feeling the magic work. If you are considering trying your hand at magic for the first time, we recommend consulting a professional. Spellcasting can be a tricky process, and it takes time to master the art. 

There are plenty of love spells and psychic websites where one can find spells to perform at home or experts to perform for them. The psychics at a trusted site have the knowledge and experience you need. 

Do love spells work?

Like any form of magic, you must focus on the task at hand to improve your odds of success. A great love spell is one cast with clear intentions, mental focus, and physical materials to use as a focus.  Please note that magic spells don’t work immediately.

Don’t be afraid to take steps to hurry the magic along, such as reaching out to someone or joining a dating service. Not even the greatest love spell can send Mr. or Mrs. Right straight to your door. 

Can a love spell backfire?

Love spells can absolutely backfire. This is one reason you should consider hiring a professional for spell casting. Negative energy is one of the main reasons love spells backfire. If you have negative thoughts or intentions when casting a spell, expect them to come back to you.

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Conclusion: How To Cast A Love Spell On Someone?

A love spell casting can be a great tool for anyone looking for love. Everyone wants – and deserves – to find and enjoy love. Sometimes it takes a little nudge in the right direction to get there.

These spells are also beneficial for people already in relationships who want to keep the fires burning, or for people who want to reconcile with a lost love. While you can cast these spells by yourself at home, you might want to consider hiring a professional to do it for you for the best results. 

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