Hicksville man linked to TD Bank robberies

Bill San Antonio

Police officials announced the arrest of a Hicksville man last Saturday for the robbery of a Bank of America in Plainview who was also charged for the robberies of TD Bank locations earlier this year in Roslyn Heights and Plainview.

Even Kerpen, 34, was charged with first-degree robbery and third-degree robbery for the April 27 theft at Bank of America in Plainview, the Feb. 17 TD Bank robbery in Roslyn Heights and the Jan. 17 TD Bank robbery in Plainview, police said. 

Kerpen’s arrest was the latest in a series of charges filed against suspects in a string of 10 TD Bank robberies that swept through the North Shore this winter.

Kerpen allegedly entered the Bank of America at 565 South Oyster Bay Road Saturday armed with a handgun and presented a note demanding cash to the teller, police said. He fled the scene northbound on South Oyster Bay Road after receiving an unknown amount of currency.  

Police would not disclose how Kerpen was found in connection with the other crimes, but officials said he matched previous descriptions from the two other robberies of a tall, middle-aged white male of medium build who presented a note to the teller demanding cash. 

According to police, Kerpen did not use a gun in the two alleged previous robberies. 

Kerpen was arraigned Tuesday at 1st District  Court in Hempstead.

James Pope, 35, was arrested April 19 in Queens and charged with two counts of robbery for a Feb. 4 theft in Great Neck and a Jan. 30 robbery in Garden City. He was the fourth person charged in a string robberies that took place between Jan. 16 and Feb. 22. in Great Neck, Garden City, Roslyn Heights, Westbury, Wantagh, East Meadow, New Cassel and Plainview.

Pope allegedly threatened to shoot the woman working the counter at the Great Neck bank as three other employees and one customer looked on but did not display a weapon. He allegedly made off with an undetermined amount of money and fled down Great Neck Road.

That robbery came less than a week after Pope allegedly partnered with Monique Davis, who was charged in late February in connection with six TD Bank thefts, to steal from a TD Bank in Garden City. Davis and Pope allegedly demanded cash from the teller, and after receiving the money ran out the bank’s front door and through a back parking lot.

Davis, Anthony Brown and Charles Sutton were charged in February in connection with a TD Bank robbery in Roslyn Heights.

Police said Davis and Brown entered the bank at approximately 8 p.m. and Davis and started to make a transaction.

When asked for identification, Davis demanded money from the teller, police said.

The pair, police said, obtained $1,000 and fled on foot.

Prior to leaving the bank, Brown had been in contact with Sutton, who was driving a 2013 Hyundai, by phone, police said. 

Davis and Brown were arrested at Mineola Ave. and Lambert Street in Roslyn Heights, while Sutton was later stopped in his car on Mineola Avenue and allegedly presented a New Jersey driver’s license and a false name. A stun gun was also found in his possession. 

Police also charged Davis in connection with five other recent bank robberies dating back to the end of January, each at TD Bank locations, throughout Nassau County. 

Davis was charged with four counts of second-degree robbery, two counts of third degree robbery, and resisting arrest. 

Brown was charged with second-degree robbery, and Sutton was charged with second-degree robbery, second-degree possession of a forged instrument, third-degree possession of a weapon, as well as a traffic law violation.

A spokesperson for TD Bank said in February that the company was cooperating with local officials and would not comment further on an ongoing legal matter.

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