Can You Use Cranberry To Detox Your Body Of THC?

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If you’re shopping around for detox products and detox program, you’ve probably heard some people recommend cranberry juice. Cranberry juice detox is highly common, but will it help you pass a drug screening?

Before we get into it, there are some things to understand about cranberry juice detox and nutrition information of cranberries.

Firstly, understand that drug screenings are usually performed to get work. Many companies demand that their associates are drug-free because it helps increase productivity, encourages safety, and fosters a good company image. Some drug screenings could be ordered by a court of law or deemed necessary to avoid jail time.

Cranberry juice is fortified with vitamin C. It keeps our bodies healthy and our immune systems working properly. Apart from getting rid of harmful bacteria, it eliminates oxidative stress from free radicals and helps prevent various infections.

Before we focus on answering your question, “Does cranberry juice help pass a drug test?” we have to know how it all works. The best way to pass your drug screening is to use TestClear products. The reviews don’t lie!

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Does Cranberry Juice Help Cleanse Your System & Detox THC?

Now, onto the question that everyone is talking about!

Will cranberries help you pass a drug test? Cranberry juice will help you detox from THC if you’re thinking about home remedies.

Cranberry juice detox offers plenty of antioxidants that cleanse our systems of various toxins. It’s great for urine testing, and many online reviews indicate that this is just as accurate.

But could there be some half-truths to this?

Nutrition information on cranberry juice shows that it helps you naturally detox, thanks to how it boosts liver and kidney function properly. Aside from its antioxidant properties, it has water that flushes your system but keeps you feeling hydrated. Also, cranberries are antibacterial and prevent harmful bacteria from growing.

Toxins usually hide out in the traps our body creates thanks to harmful bacteria in our bodies. So, if you fail to flush them out, they cannot be processed, and they stay inside the body. However, cranberries clean you out and keep your body free from these harmful bacteria.

But how much cranberry juice will you need to chug to pass that drug screening? And only think about it if you have a hair test, as you’ll need some of TestClear’s detox shampoo.

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How Does Urine Testing Work?

Different cannabis drug tests are out there. Testing companies can detect THC via urine, hair, saliva, or blood. But, most organizations use urine testing because it is inexpensive, effective, and accurate.

Urine testing is ideal for detecting these toxins:

  • Benzodiazepines
  • Opioids/Narcotics
  • Cocaine
  • Methadone
  • Marijuana
  • PCP
  • Barbiturates
  • Amphetamines
  • Methamphetamines

Urine testing is easy. Here’s how the average urine test goes: 

  • A specimen cup is handed to you to collect the urine.
  • A same-gender nurse may follow you to the bathroom to view the test and see that you don’t use someone else’s urine/synthetic urine.
  • You are given a moist towel to clean your private area before you urinate into the cup. The urine temperature will be considered, as it must be normal.
  • Color is necessary, and many detox companies dilute the urine, giving it an unusual color.

Once your urine sample is handed off, the nurse sends it to a lab for investigation. Depending on your toxin exposure level, urine testing can detect cannabis usage between 3 and 30 days after consumption. If you smoke often, the residue could stay in your system even longer.

How Much Can Cranberry Juice Do You Need To Help You Pass A Drug Test?

You’ll need to drink about 2 liters, or 68 oz of cranberry juice, to pass your drug test. You’ll also need to consume a lot of drinking water for this method to work genuinely. The time you’ve got available before your test is also necessary for knowing how much cranberry juice to take.

You’ll need to try the 24-hour cranberry cleansing method if your test is just two days away. For that process, you’ll take two liters of cranberry 24 hours before your test is scheduled. Because cranberry is a diuretic, you’ll be sweating and peeing a lot in that time before your test.

Now you’ve got the answer to “Does cranberry juice help pass a drug test,” so let’s talk about the benefits of this drink.

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Benefits Of Cranberry Juice For Cleaning Your System

You’ll love all the benefits associated with a cranberry juice detox.


  • It’s a natural diuretic that helps you urinate and helps you pass your drug screening.
  • Cranberry juice contains lots of different vitamins that provide immune system and gut health benefits.
  • The urinary tract remains healthy.
  • Cranberry is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at most grocery stores.
  • You can take cranberries in pill-and-drink format.


Aside from the benefits of cranberry juice, consider these disadvantages:

  • Cranberries have salicylic acid, which is a blood thinner. It interacts with aspirin and may cause bleeding.
  • You might only flush it out depending on one’s toxin exposure. Use the Mega Clean Herbal Cleanse to help you pass.
  • It can become expensive if you buy low calorie cranberry-based detox products. Researching nutritional information is necessary to determine which product is best for you and your gut health.

Side Effects Of Using Cranberry Juice

Aside from being highly effective, drinking excessive amounts of cranberry isn’t a great idea.

You could experience the following side effects: 

  • High blood sugar- if you have high blood sugar, consult with your physician before doing a detox
  • Diarrhea
  • Upset Stomach
  • Increased oxalates in the urine may cause kidney stones
  • Cranberries may negatively interact with blood thinners like warfarin. 
  • Cranberry juice may interact with amoxicillin, cyclosporine, tizanidine, midazolam, cefaclor, and diclofenac.

Such side effects tend to occur after you’ve drank lots of cranberry juice. Therefore, it helps in removing toxins in the days leading up to your cleanse.

FAQs On Best Cranberry Juice For Detox

How To Pass A Urine Drug Test In 24 Hours?

So, you’ve got 24 hours to pass the drug screening. What do you do? Firstly, do NOT panic if you have a urine drug screening in 24 hours or less.

You should already have a bottle of the TestClear Mega Clean Detox drink on hand, which is a must for all job seekers exposed to toxins. It’s an excellent detox drink that helps you flush the system of toxins but also replenish minerals and vitamins so you feel great.

This Mega Clean Detox Drink tastes great and comes in tropical fruit or wild berry flavors. Using this drink takes only one day, and you are advised to use it 12 to 24 hours before taking your test.

It’s ideal for heavy toxin exposure; you get a liter bottle with every order. Toxin levels decrease in just one hour after use. The formula offers you five hours of protection; the maximum effect comes after three hours.

This is an ideal supplement if you are a person who has high toxin levels or who has a larger body mass.

Using this drink is pretty straightforward. For the day before your test, avoid greasy or high-fat foods. Stick to light foods that day for the best results. Also, avoid OTC/unnecessary medicines. Stay away from alcohol as well.

Drink PLENTY of water and cranberry water. TestClear recommends six 16-ounce glasses of water, so have a water bottle you can refill ready to go.

If you know you won’t be supervised during your urine test, try to get your hands on this Urine Simulation with a Powdered Urine Kit from TestClear. This kit has all you need to pass a drug screening using toxin-free, real powdered urine.

It’s easy to mix up. It has everything a standard toxin-free urine sample would have, such as uric acid and other vital chemicals.

Before the test takes place, you mix it up using room-temperature water (21C, 70F). About an hour before the trial is scheduled, place the heater on the vial opposite the thermometer strip.

Your mixed-up urine takes about 45 minutes to reach the correct temperature. Read the temperature strip constantly, and proceed to the test when it finally gets to the appropriate temperature (90 to 100 F or 32 to 37 C).

The kit is fantastic because it looks and works like real, drug-free urine. Nobody will be able to tell the difference. Just remember to be discreet with your sample. This fake urine is used to calibrate drug-screening machines and does not fail when it is tried.

If you must take a supervised drug test in 24 hours or less,  try this Toxin Rid Detox 1-Day Program. 

This three-part program offers pre-rid tablets, dietary fiber, and liquid detox.

The first step, the tablets, are easy. You’ll begin with tree tablets and take them with 8 oz of water each hour for five hours. You’ll drink plenty of water- you need at least a half gallon. Eat light- lots of fruits, veggies, and lean proteins as the day goes on.

The next step is the detox liquid. This procedure will take place two hours after your final serving of pills on the last day of this detox. You’ll fast for these two hours. Take half of your detox liquid with 8-16 oz distilled water or orange juice. Then, avoid food and drink for 2 hours.

You then take the other half using 8-16 oz distilled water. Then, wait 2 hours more before you drink or eat. That’s it, you’re finished. You can mix this detox liquid with orange juice or water and use that for your chaser, or use half and half.

The final step is dietary fiber. Use it if your screening is scheduled between days 1 and 4 after doing your detox steps.

Mix the dietary fiber into filtered tap or distilled water an hour before the screening. Drink it fast- under two minutes. Then, wait for 15 min and consume 8oz of water. Don’t drink any more water or orange juice. Go pee at least 2-3 times in the following hour, and then take your drug screening.

According to customer reviews, it is ideal for lighter users and works well. The TestClear company offers a 100% money-back guarantee so you can detox with the utmost confidence.

You can try the Certo method if you need access to the above items because your test is tomorrow. Please understand that this method is unreliable, and we recommend using a Testclear product instead of at all possible.

You’ll need two packets of the Certo Liquid Fruit Pectin, 32 oz of Gatorade (buy two), Creatine Monohydrate (or creatine ethyl ester), and a Vitamin B supplement. All these items are available at major retailers; our local Wal-Mart had all these items in stock.

If you’re an occasional user/doing a panel drug test:

  • Mix a pack of Certo with the Gatorade two hours before your test
  • Go pee at least twice before going to the test
  • An hour before your test, drink another bottle of Gatorade.

If you’re a regular user/doing a lab test: 

  • Mix a packet of Certo with your Gatorade and drink it the night prior to your screening
  • 6 hours before testing, take 10g creatine monohydrate OR 10g creatine ethyl ester 3hr before your test
  • Three hours before your test, consume a light meal with carbs such as grains or pasta. A chocolate bar is OK too.
  • Take 200mg of Vitamin B3 before the screening
  • Drink 27 oz Gatorade each hour for three hours before the screening
  • Two hours before the screening, mix another packet of Certo with the Gatorade and shake it up. Drink it.
  • Get a home drug test kit and test yourself before heading to the screening center.

Again, there are more reliable methods like cranberry water than this one. Please stock up on Testclear products or see if you can take your test on a different day if it doesn’t arouse suspicion.

Do Vinegar And Cranberry Cleanse Your Body Of Weed?

Cranberry juice is a diuretic that affects one’s urine and bladder. It is the reason many folks rely on it for detoxification.

While you might think the constant bathroom trips are helping you rid yourself of THC in a hurry, that’s probably not what’s happening. THC stays in your fat cells, so you have a better shot at getting it out by working out. Even then, only time does the trick.

When you use vinegar, the effect is like cranberry (but not very palatable). Apple cider vinegar, or ACV, is highly acidic, which helps you empty your bladder faster. It also helps speed up metabolism, which then eliminates THC more quickly.

But we need concrete proof of this. It could make you go pee more often if that’s what you want.

Apple cider vinegar helps cleanse. It includes instructions that tell you how important it is to consume a gallon of water hours before your test is scheduled. This makes for diluted urine. For some tests, this means automatic failure.

Other times, you’ll be asked to retake the test, sometimes under supervision for the second go-around. Moreover, taking ACV may alter the pH of your urine, which can raise suspicions among the person evaluating your sample.

These at-home remedies are shot in the dark at the very best. There is no concrete evidence these methods truly work, and it depends on the test you’ll be taking. Drug tests are not a joke; if you can naturally rid your body of toxins, go for it.

Ultimately, a person should stop using THC and other toxins the day they decide it’s time to begin job-hunting. That way, you can celebrate safely when the interviews and drug tests are passed.

What Are the Best Detox Drinks for Drug Tests?

The best detox drinks for your drug test come from the TestClear website. Let’s begin with the granddaddy of them all, the Mega Clean Detox Drink.

This stuff works, and it gets rid of toxins in your body the natural way. It comes in two delicious flavors, wild berry, and tropical fruit. It is ideal for folks with heavy toxins exposure and those with larger body mass. You can enjoy minimized toxin levels in just one hour.

It is effective for five hours, with the max effect occurring at three hours. Keep a bottle of this stuff on hand, so you’re ready whenever you need to get screened.

XXTRA Clean Cleansing Drink is the second option we have for you. If you have a few days before your screening, you can get that clean feeling using this unique detox beverage.

An herbal mix with potent ingredients naturally speeds up the detox process. The minerals and vitamins included help you feel at your best.

The product is ideal if you have moderate toxin levels and is made for folks with larger body sizes. It comes in a delicious tropical flavor, helps minimize toxin levels in just one hour, and is effective for five hours, with the maximum effect at the three-hour mark.

If you are a rare user, try the Ready Clean Detox Drink. This unique concoction is for folks with low toxin levels. It is ideal if you’ve got low toxin exposure and comes in a manageable 16-oz size.

It comes in tropical flavor and helps minimize toxin levels in just one hour after you use it. You get max efficacy at three hours. This drink works best if you pair it with other detox programs, so consider checking out TestClear’s daily detox programs.

Does Drinking Cranberry Juice Help You Pass A Drug Test?

The answer is NO. Drinking cranberry juice will not help you pass a drug screening. Although many websites claim that cranberry is the magic ticket out, we have to be honest- cranberry won’t do anything to help you.

Drinking huge amounts of cranberry juice will not flush toxins from your body- we hate to break it to you. Even the detox drinks featured in our article mention cranberry.

So, why do people emphasize cranberry juice when it comes to drug testing? It is because some companies sell supplements and “detox drinks” with cranberry that say they will help you pee clean or mask toxin usage.

Such products won’t help you, either. Although these websites and products might look professional, they are anything but.

Even if you manage to pull a “negative” on an at-home drug screening with these products, the tests done in labs are far more advanced and can detect traces of toxins.

Only time and abstinence from a toxin can help your body completely eliminate it. Plus, the time it takes depends on one’s usage level, age, metabolism, weight, medical conditions, and sex.

It’s not worth the red flags, the suspicion from your drug test administrator, and your reputation. Think about the job you hope to get. Is it worth giving up a good paycheck, career opportunities, and contributing to your family’s well-being over cranberry juice?

Nope. We advise avoiding cranberry juice “detoxes” and taking the safe route- using a detox drink featured in our article or any other great Testclear products.

Learn what test you will be asked to take ahead of time, and then consult the Testclear website for a kit to help you ace your drug screening. Read the reviews from other customers, too- you’ll see how well it worked for them.

Conclusion: Is Cranberry A Good Detox?

Thank you for reading about cranberry and drug testing with us today. We like cutting loose and relaxing on the weekends, but we know our jobs demand our full attention and safety- and that’s why we save time for the off-hours.

However, not all employers see it that way and demand that employees are drug-free. It would be best if you still had a job AND retained the ability to relax- and that’s where these great products come in.

You can see for yourself how effective they are just by reading the reviews on the Testclear website. These drinks and other products are the real tickets to getting your desired results.

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