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Looking for immediate relief? THC vape pens provide swift solutions compared to edibles and THC oil tinctures. With their discreet, smoke-free design, you can savor the benefits of cannabis oil wherever, whenever. Although amidst the array of choices, finding the ideal THC vape pen can be daunting. 

Hence, we’ve gathered the best 5 weed vape pens, streamlining your search for the perfect fit amongst 16 brands storming through the market. Embrace a seamless cannabis encounter minus traditional smoking’s drawbacks through these inconspicuous devices. Whether in non-smoking zones or desiring discretion, opt for weed pens. 

Our comprehensive guide eases selection struggles, offering insights into product types, perks, and smart buying. Unveil the ultimate experience now!

Top 5 Best Weed Vape Pens In 2023

Exhale Wellness

Best Overall Weed Pen, Editor's Choice


Highly Recommended THC Vape Pens


Most Affordable Vape Pen

Hollyweed CBD

Best Smoothest Weed Pen, 100% Natural

Best Overall Weed Pen, Editor's Choice

Compared to many other brands, Exhale Wellness is an impeccable brand with its wide range of quality products. This brand is an excellent choice for those who don’t want to do a lot of searching to find out the best THC vape pen. 

Moreover, they keep their products at reasonable prices so everyone can enjoy them. 

All their thc vape pens support 510 threaded vape cartridges, making them convenient for changing. Such dab pens only require you to remove the head, attach another vape cart, and continue smoking. 

It won’t take more than ten seconds to change the vape cart. You can find many natural flavored vape carts on the website, so you don’t have to search elsewhere.

One drawback of this brand is that it only works online; thus, you have to wait to get the products. The brand offers quick delivery across the USA, except for states where THC vape is banned. 

There are no charges for free shipping, but the product might take up to five days to reach you.

The company will deliver the parcel to your doorstep if THC is not banned in your state. Otherwise, you can let them know, and they’ll arrange a place for you to pick it up.


Highly Recommended THC Vape Pens

DopeBoo is a brand for people who have experience in vaping. This is the best brand for you if you want vapes with multiple features and have enough money to spare. 

DopeBoo is an old weed brand, but it gained lots of popularity in 2017 when it became the first brand to offer THC vape pen and vape carts. 

You can find all sorts of vape pens on this website, from simple straight designs to fancy digital designs and even large-size vapes for heavy smokers. 

The only problem is that this brand doesn’t offer vape carts, so you’ll have to search the internet for them. 

However, some of their vape pens support 510 threaded carts, so you can grab a fancy vape from DopeBoo and get vape carts from another brand on our list.

DopeBoo has physical stores in some states, and you can order the vapes online. People having a physical store in their state can get the products within 48 hours after processing.

Returning the product or asking for a replacement is easy. Visit their store, tell them why, and they’ll change the product. However, it must not show any signs of damage and have original packaging plus the original receipt.


Most Affordable Vape Pen

BudPop is the newest brand we added to our collection. This company started its business in 2021 and is now among the top hemp brands. The secret behind their success was the potent e-liquid carts they offered. 

Among all other brands, BudPop offers the most potent hemp products.

Even their THC vape pen are filled with potent e-juice solid enough to give you a strong buzz, even when you take short puffs. You can check their lab reports to see the actual potency. The lab reports with each product are available on the website for more details.

Even the lab reports have mentioned that the actual potency might be more than what gets written. So, if you want a solid vaping experience, BudPop is your brand.

This brand has simple weed pens that support 510 threaded carts, and you can find the carts on the website. Each THC vape pen cart contains around 1ml of illiquid with 800 to 950 mg of delta-8 THC. 

You can easily attach the carts to the vape head and start smoking through the cart’s mouth. Ensure not to overheat the vape cart, as it might burn your lips.

Returning products to BudPop is easy as they have the most effortless return process. Fill out the return form and share images of the product. They’ll check the photos and let you know if you are eligible for the return. 

This saves you time and money to return the product only to learn that the company won’t accept the return.


Best Smoothest Weed Pen, 100% Natural

The founder of Hollyweed CBD has a huge role in legalizing cannabis in the USA. 


In fact, he was one of those who showed the positive benefits of weed and hemp to the world. The brand was started a decade ago but got everyone’s attention in 2017 when hemp got legalized, and this was the only brand with authentic hemp products. 


Hollyweed CBD has the best portable weed vape pens, making it the best brand for newbies.


This brand manufactures one of the best THC pens, which are more delicate and have a soft touch with vinyl. The only problem is that their rechargeable vape pens are available in white color only. So, the chances of them getting dirty are high. 


Another noticeable thing about this brand is the low prices of portable vapes. The company is generous enough to offer every flavor in their portable vapes, so if these vapes win your heart, you know which flavor it was.


Their rechargeable vape pens support 510 threaded carts, which are available in ten flavors on the Hollyweed CBD website. The company takes around 48 hours to process the orders and ship them within the next 24 hours. 


On average, you might need to wait five days before getting your parcel. Standard shipping might take up to seven days to deliver the product.


The company offers easy returns within 30 days, but you won’t get a refund on a damaged, used, or portable vape pen.


#5. Diamond CBD

Best Organic Vape Pen

Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD is a well-known brand in the CBD industry that offers a wide range of CBD-infused products, including weed pens. They pride themselves on providing high-quality products derived from organic hemp and containing no synthetic additives or harmful chemicals.


When it comes to their vape pens, Diamond CBD ensures that only the finest organic ingredients get used in their formulations. 


They source their CBD from organic hemp farms, known for cultivating hemp without pesticides, herbicides, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). 


This commitment to organic practices ensures that the final product is as natural and pure as possible.


Diamond CBD offers a range of the best organic vape pens carefully crafted with organic hemp and natural ingredients. 


With its commitment to quality, transparency, and user-friendly design, Diamond CBD provides an excellent option for individuals looking to enjoy the benefits of CBD through vaping.


How Did We Choose These Weed Pen Brands?

We set some factors as standards before choosing these products. Any weed brand that passes our criteria by a mile made it to our list. The requirements were a bit different since these are weed vape pens, not vape carts. 

Instead of only checking their ingredients, we also checked their physical properties for the best experience.

The first thing was to check their optimum concentration of THC. We don’t want anyone to get addicted to these vapes. 

Secondly, we chose products with the best battery life since vapes should be used on the go and should last long.

Another thing we considered is the vape performance offering precise temperature control. 

Finally, we checked for their price and only chose the brands offering THC oil vape pens with considerably lower prices.

What We Looked For?

Checking the brand reputation gives an extra edge as one knows a reputable brand offers premium products. These weed vapes are consumer-grade products that are not cheap; checking the brand integrity is necessary. Buying products from unknown brands might cost you a fortune and ruin your experience.


So, we chose brands that have been in this business for a long time and earned customers’ trust. They provide safe, premium products and are always ready to help their customers. Moreover, they also share correct product details for customers’ well-being to facilitate their purchase.

People with a vaping experience might be fine with using any vape, but a newbie can get confused. We chose vapes that are easy to operate and come with a manual to help out new users. Moreover, you can easily change the oil tank to refuel.


These vape pens work by burning the e-liquid in the cart using a coil in the heating chamber. These brands offer easy-to-disassemble vapes to replace their coil. On the other hand, these brands also offer dry herb vape pens and wax pens for those who desire a rich experience.

Vape pens can cost hundreds of dollars, and a person trying them for the first time might not be comfortable paying such a high amount. So, we chose brands offering vape pens at lower prices or offering discounts to reduce the prices of their premium products. Moreover, they also offer portable vape pens for those who want to taste vaping first.

Most people use vapes as they travel, so a vape pen must have a strong and light build—the brands we chose offer compact vapes for those who like traveling while enjoying light smoking.

Buying Guide: What To Look For When Buying A Quality Weed Pen?

Here are some factors you should consider while getting the best vape pen. You’ll be spending money on vapes, so it is better to do some research before your money goes to waste.

FAQs Regarding Best Weed Vape Pens

A THC oil pen is an average vape pen with e-liquid containing THC. You can find these thc oils vape pens on multiple websites and many physical stores. 


But if you want the vape pens, we recommend purchasing them from the abovementioned brands. 


They offer the best vape pens at reasonable prices and naturally flavored THC-filled vape carts to improve the vaping experience.

If you use vaping without nicotine and use CBD or low-concentrated THC in your vapes, you won’t feel any adverse side effects. 


However, THC in higher concentrations is addictive, which can cause side effects like anxiety, nausea, and headaches. 


On the other hand, prolonged smoking can affect your lungs, so we suggest not using vapes more than three times a day. This means that you only take three solid puffs throughout the day.

On average, a premium weed vape pen would last around six to eight months before you need to replace all of its parts. 


A cheap weed pen would last for two months, and you might have to throw it away and get a new one. Portable weed pens only last until they run out of juice. 


However, the main factor that enhances vape life is how often you use it. If you don’t use it regularly, the vape pen might last more than a year.

The legality of delta 8 THC products varies depending on the region. In certain states, these products can be freely purchased and consumed without a prescription. It is essential for you to conduct thorough research and ascertain the legal status in your specific jurisdiction.

Yes, some vape pens allow you to set the temperature presets, so you don’t have to change the temperature based on how much smoke you want. Just select the preset, and the vape will do the rest. 


However, such vapes are costly and might cost you more than $200.

Final Thoughts On Best Weed Pens of 2023

To conclude the above, the journey of discovering the perfect weed pen doesn’t need to overwhelm you. Your ultimate selection depends on your distinct needs and preferences.


Amidst a diverse array of top-notch options from various brands like Exhale Wellness, DopeBoo, BudPop, and hollyweed, conducting comprehensive research remains pivotal. This guarantees your chosen weed pen harmonizes seamlessly with your lifestyle and budget.


Devote time to peruse reviews and meticulously evaluate product specifications before purchasing, ensuring it ticks all your desired boxes. With knowledge and diligence, you can confidently unearth the weed pen that precisely caters to your requirements.

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