How Much Do Vapes Cost?

Nikhil Goswami

One of the main reasons people start vaping is that they want to quit smoking or using traditional cigarettes. A study suggests that vaping has fewer harmful effects than cigarettes as it reduces the amount of tar the smoker can inhale. 

Though the long-term effects of vaping and cigarettes cause negative effects, since vaping is the less harmful of the two, many people switch to vaping instead of quitting smoking altogether. 

No matter what your reason for vaping is, the biggest question that comes to mind is how much do vape costs. What if you can’t afford to vape, as this is the more expensive of the two options?

To start vaping, you must first learn more about the prices of the different types of vapes available. For instance, you can buy disposable vapes, mods, juices, and pens. 

If you’re planning to vape for a short period, then you should know that is the more affordable option, but if you plan to use it frequently, the costs accumulate. In this post, we’ll talk about the vape cost and the factors that can affect the price. 

How Much Do Vapes Cost?

The costs depend on the vape type you’re going to buy. A typical beginner vape is quite affordable as it has a simple design and operation. They are available in various styles and designs, so you learn how to vape easily. 

The general-use vape pens cost less than those of higher quality and advanced features. For instance, disposable vapes are very cheap and can cost from $5 to $20, and pens cost around $15 to $60. The Pod systems and kits are more expensive; a pod can cost around $10 to $30, while the MTL kits can cost $30 to $60.

This is the common price range, and you can come across vapes that can cost more or less than this range. Today it is very common for vapes or electronic cigarettes to be available at a cheap price in the market. They are easy-to-use devices and are portable too. The expensive vapes are more durable and have more nicotine capacity or larger battery. 

Other features that can increase the price include quality packaging, aesthetic design, and high-end handling of the vape. 

Factors that Affect Vape Costs

Six main factors can impact costs, and you must include them in your budget if you buy a vape. You must analyze each factor to determine the exact budget to determine the costs. We’ll break down the costs into these factors to make it simpler for you. Following are the factors that affect costs associated with vaping. The list will help you determine how much vapes cost:

  • Replacement Coils

All vape devices have a heating component that heats the vape juice or e-juice to vaporize it. Thus, you must include the coils, too, which cost around $1 to $5. The replacement coils come in cartridges, pods, or small metal housings, and they heat the juice through conduction or convention. 

The convection method is a bit difficult, but it’s good for experienced users as it allows good control over the temperature settings for heating. Besides that, you must remember that convection designs are more expensive than conduction models. 

The convection models heat the vapor indirectly through another liquid, and the prices are up because of this complex nature. In the conduction vapes, the heating element touches the vape juice directly. Since the heating method is the same, these coils are cheaper, but they don’t offer much control over the temperature.

  • Vape Juice

Vape juice cost is an important factor you must consider when calculating the cost of vapes. The prefilled vapes are cheaper than if you purchase the e-juice in separate bottles to refill the device. However, the prefilled juice is also less than the amount you get in a bottle. The prefilled devices mostly hold a small amount of juice, costing around $3 to $7 for 1 mL. 

These e-juices last for one or two days depending upon the frequency of use. The prefilled vapes are more convenient but are pricier than the refilling bottle options. 

Vape juices in bottles are available from 10 mL to 120 mL. The price of vape juice in bottles ranges between $10 to $30. The vape juice bottles last for months, and you must refill the vape tank to mix and match different strengths and flavors. 

Apart from that, the vape juice price differs according to the strength, flavor, and brand. The e-juices have various strengths; for instance, the most common strengths are from 0 mg to 24 mg.

  • Design

There is a great variation in designs and styles regarding vape products. For instance, you can buy vape pens, disposable vapes, box mods, and kits. These devices have different designs and styles even though they contain almost the same components. 

The vaping device’s complexity, quality, materials, and color scheme can affect the cost. Apart from that, you can customize some vapes according to your preference, adding to the cost. 

Some vapes are more portable than others, so if you plan to travel, you must consider them. We will discuss the price of vapes according to their design in a more detailed manner in the next section.

  • Battery

The battery is an important component of a vape device, and you need a good battery life if you want the vape to last long. The battery cost is also an important factor to consider when calculating the cost of vapes. 

Vape batteries are available in different sizes, and you can compare them by checking their mAh rating. The size of the battery affects the price, too; the bigger the battery, the pricier it is.

The cheapest vape battery can cost $10, but other aspects of the battery determine the cost. The battery size, life, and extra protection features add to the cost of the battery. 

Typically, the popular sizes for vape batteries are 18350, 18650, 26650, 20700, and 21700. The cheapest of these batteries is 18350, but the 18650 is the most widely used one for vapes. In the end, you can expect to spend $10 to $40 for a vape battery.

  • Extra features

Vapes are also available with many accessories, which you must consider for the cost of vapes. These accessories are also required to keep your vape in working condition for a long time. For instance, you can get spare parts, including o-rings, screws, interchangeable parts such as drip tips, spare mesh screens, wicks, heating coils, and glass vape tanks. The kits have extra features and components such as batteries and coils; thus, they are more expensive than a single disposable pen or a standalone vape. 

These vaping accessories are worth investing in if you’re a beginner, as they’ll make your vaping experience more convenient. These extra features and accessories are unnecessary; you can leave them if you are looking forward to saving money. However, they improve the user experience, and if your vape needs a repair, you’ll have some extra components to help yourself.

Cost of Different Types of Vapes

The costs associated with vaping also depend on the types of vapes you use. These vapes differ from each other according to their purpose. For instance, some vapes are for general use while others are for advanced or long-term use. Disposable vapes are cheaper than other types of vapes. Below is a breakdown of costs according to the type of vapes:

  • Disposable Vapes

Disposables are the best option if you’re looking forward to quitting smoking for a healthier lifestyle. Disposable vapes are very convenient and are more suitable for beginners. These vapes cost between $5 and $10, less than other traditional box mods. Plus, there is no maintenance, and you enjoy the flavor and the high. 

Disposables are the cheapest vapes if you’re going to use them for a short period, plus they are risk-free too. When the vape juice in the disposable vapes ends, you can discard it. 

  • Vape Pens

Vape pens cost between $15 and $100, but the price also depends on the design, size, battery length, heating element, and components. Besides that, you’ll also need to invest a little amount in maintaining the pens. 

On average, most vapers using vape pens have an additional monthly cost of $50 to $150 on vaping supplies. These additional costs include charging stations, vape pen cases, cleaning tools, lower-quality components replacements, and oil cartridges. 

  • Pod Mods

Pod mods cost around the same as vape pens; you can expect to get pod mods between $10 and $100. The vape pens are more convenient, but pods use large cartridges that you can replace easily to keep vaping from the same device. The vape pens and pods also differ from each other slightly when it comes to design. As the name suggests, a pen is more like a pen, while pods are bigger and bulkier. 

  • MTL Tanks

The MTL (Mouth to Lungs) Tanks usually cost between $35 and $100. These vaping devices are a good option if you’re looking for a cigarette-like experience. The devices contain high-strength e-juice with a concentrated flavor. 

The MTL tank’s coil is connected to a battery that allows you to heat the juice and turn it into clouds and vapors. Go for MTL tanks with a durable and leak–proof design. Besides that, some MTL tanks have advanced features like adjustable airflow and other optimized features for convenience. 

  • Refillable Vape Kits

The refillable vape kits have a large upfront vape cost, but they are very cost-effective in the long term. The cost of refillable vapes can range from $30 to as high as $150 or more. Plus, you can buy bottled e-juice that can prove to be extremely cost-effective in the future. 

However, you’ll also need to spend a little amount on the maintenance of the vape kits so that they last longer or work properly. 

Cost Calculation for Beginners and Advanced Users

To further simplify the costs for you, we have also calculated the cost according to the type of vape users. When you’re considering vaping, you must also remember that it is an investment that will impact your health. Thus, you must spend wisely and get a high-quality device for vaping. Plus, first-time users will find the cost more than regular users. 

There are also special starter kits on the market, and they are available for around $60. If you’re looking for an advanced vaping device, you must be ready to spend hundreds of dollars. 

  • Vaping for Beginners

If you’re a beginner considering not too much vaping, you must try it out first. This is a good idea as you can try vaping before committing to something, and that too in a cheap way. You can just go for the vaping cartridge refills, which will cost around $20. Plus, remember that you’ll need some time to get used to vaping, and it is always a good idea first to try a cheaper device and then choose a high-end one for long-term use. 

Most first-time vapers choose simple, easy-to-use devices that cost between $5 and $50. However, you can also expect limited battery life, leakage, and spills from lower-priced vaping brands.

  • Vaping for Experienced Users

If you’re an experienced and regular vaper and know that vaping is the right choice, you can consider buying advanced vaping devices from reputable brands. The advanced vapes come in all sizes and shapes and have high-end features that suit different vaping needs.

For advanced users, the vapes can cost between $100 and $200, but you can expect to pay more for the extra accessories like the chargeable tanks or a vape case. As a regular and experienced user, you can consider investing in innovative features like power meters, big coils, batteries, and adjustable airflow. 

High-wattage mods with sub-ohm tanks are a good choice for intermediate vapers. A sub ohm tank usually costs around $30 and $50, and a standard dual-battery mod will cost between $30 and $90. You can buy all these accessories in one kit, and the whole kit costs less than buying individual components. 

For hobbyists, there are more expensive options such as multi-battery mods, mechanical mods, rebuildable atomizers, and other advanced features. Also, most hobbyists spend more than saving on vapes compared to the average vaper. Advanced vapers consume more than beginner vapes, but the price of e-juice also varies from brand to brand. 

Is Vaping More Expensive than Smoking?

Vaping can prove to be cost-effective if you vape more. The more you vape, the more you’ll save on its cost. Also, vaping is cheaper than smoking if you’re a light smoker. Only the upfront cost or initial cost of buying a vaporizer is more than cigarettes. Thus, the cost of purchasing a vape pen or device can exceed the cost of a cigarette. Now let’s compare the average annual costs of smoking and vaping. Let’s consider an example where a smoker uses one pack per day, costing around $2500 per year.

There are several kinds of carts suchs as thc carts & delta 8 carts

On the other hand, vaping costs are estimated to be around $1300 per year. The cost of vaping also depends on your budget and preference. A vaper can enjoy CBD vaping by spending only $20, while someone will prefer spending $100 to experience quality vaping. 

What Are the Monthly Vaping Costs?

The monthly vaping costs vary according to country and region. According to a 2020 study, the average monthly price of e-juice rechargeable vape pens was $44.81 in the U.S., $33.87 in the U.K., $63.65 in Australia, and $43.92 in Canada. Besides that, the average monthly costs of e-juice rechargeable vaping cartridges were $34.16 in the U.S., $22.75 in the U.K., $42.81 in Australia, and $28.80 in Canada. Looking at these monthly vape prices, we can say that vaping per month is the cheapest in the U.S. and the most expensive in Australia.  

What is the Total Vaping Cost?

Now that you’ve considered all the costs that add up to your vaping experience, we can estimate the total cost. The total cost includes all the additional costs like the cost of e-juice and coil that add up to the total cost. Affordable vape pen costs are as less as $50, even if you add the costs of e-juice and replacement coils. However, a full-featured box mod combined with an MTL, e-juice, and replacement coils can cost around $120 or more. 

That is the first month’s cost. Besides that, you can expect $30 to $60 per month for juice and coils. If you compare this cost to the cost of cigarettes, let’s say if you spend $6 per day on cigarettes, vaping is still a less costly option. To cut it short, pre filled pods and disposable vape pens have lower upfront costs, but they are the most expensive vaping options. But if you don’t like the idea of separate purchases for vaping kits, you can consider them for your convenience. 

Tips To Save On Vapes:

You can save money on vape juice range and hardware if you’re a beginner. Sometimes the sellers offer older devices at discounted rates; you can check if these shops offer any clearance for used vapes. Second-hand vapes are cheap, and can save a lot by using them. There are always ways to reduce vaping costs, but you must know how and where to look. To help you save more on vapes, consider these points:

  • Subscribe to Your Favorite Vape Brand

If you love vaping, you might already be on your favorite vape brand’s mailing list or have a subscription. Visit the vape brand’s official website frequently and know if there are any offers and promotions for buying vapes. You can get discounts on your purchases by getting on the vape brand’s mailing list. Many brands reward their loyal customers and also run various discounts and promo codes to their subscribers. This type of access is possible when you regularly get the offers in your inbox.

  • Use a Vape Pen Instead of Vape Mod

Vape mods are more expensive than vape pens because they have high-end features like variable wattage and temperature control. Some vapers don’t need these fancy features, and if you’re one of them, consider purchasing a vape pen. Vape pens are cheaper because they don’t consist of all these features but still provide the same satisfaction and flavors as other vape devices. Besides that, vape pens are also easy to use, and if you have used cigarettes, you’ll find vape pens similar to them. It is easier for cigarette users to switch to vape pens than mods.

  • Choose an Affordable Vape Juice Brand

Not all e-juices and e-liquids are the same; some brands offer cheaper than other brands. However, you must be careful in this regard, as you must choose a brand that offers e-juice at an affordable price without sacrificing its quality. To buy e-juice at an affordable price, consider buying it in bulk or trying out different flavors at your favorite local shop. Apart from that, some vaping enthusiasts make their own juice too, to save money.

  • Stop Using Disposables

While the idea of using disposables seems attractive at first because of the low upfront cost, you might spend more if you intend to use them long-term. The disposables are cheap because of their simple layout and design. Starter kits, on the other hand, might seem expensive initially, but if you want to vape for a longer period, you must consider them as they will last longer. You can also top up these devices with e-liquids several times, and they’ll last longer than disposables.

  • Use the Right Coils and Prime Them

Since the coils add to the overall vaping cost, you must consider priming them. Store-bought vape coils are more expensive than the V.G., P.G., wire spools, flavor concentrates, and organic cotton. No matter which type of coil you’re using, it is important to prime them to prolong the life of the coil. If your coil isn’t primed properly, it can burn the cotton, leave a horrible taste, and shorten the vape’s lifespan. To prime the coil, add a few drops of e-liquid to the wicking areas. Also, consider high resistance coils that last for long because replacing the coils frequently can cost more than investing in a good coil once. 

  • Use Less E-Liquid

This is a simple tip; you must have already thought of it. Using less e-liquid means less money, and if you plan to save money, you must consider using and buying vape juice in a moderate amount. You can reduce the juice consumption by using a high-strength e-liquid. Some users might need to use more e-juice because they don’t feel high and thus consume more. However, this problem will be solved if you choose a high-strength e-liquid from a reputable brand. With concentrated juice, you’ll need fewer puffs to get high. 

  • Avoid Internal Batteries for Vape Mods

Vape mods are expensive vaping devices and are not suitable for beginners. However, if you intend to use mods, you must consider the ones that don’t come with an integrated battery. The internal batteries drain quickly, and you’ll have to buy another vape mod which will be costly. Consider buying vape mods with replaceable batteries so that you can replace them when they frizzle. This way, you won’t need to buy a whole vape mod if the battery dies. 

  • Vape on Lower Wattage

Vaping on lower wattage will improve your device’s lifespan. If you don’t want to vape on low wattage, consider going for a higher Ohm coil. However, if you want great flavors without increasing the wattage, you must consider a high-strength e-juice or rubbing alcohol. A lower wattage combined with high-strength e-juice and high resistance coil can do the job for you by providing a good throat hit. 

Conclusion: How Much Does It Cost To Vape? 

It is common for high-quality and advanced vapes to be expensive, but some brands offer budget-friendly options to the vapers. You can get affordable and good-quality vapes that cost below $50. Some of them are very portable and are good for traveling purposes. Moreover, you must know all the essentials and the factors to look for when you’re going to choose between different vapes. 

Vaping is fun and is much safer than smoking. There are several kinds of weed vapes that you can try like thc vape pens.

After reading this post, you have learned that a surprising number of factors can add to the cost of vaping. That is why it is imperative to spend some time researching and determining your requirements for vaping. We’ve listed some that we believe are paramount to selecting the right vaping device. We explored factors for both beginners and advanced vapers. 

Now that you’ve got your answer for ‘how much do vapes cost,’ you can make an informed decision and decide on your budget for pricing a vape device. Vaping doesn’t have to break your account to be your chosen recreational activity.

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