4 Best Energy Supplement You Must Try To Boost Energy In 2024

Nikhil Goswami

Sometimes, getting the right dietary supplements is not just optional but a necessity. With the right B vitamins in your diet, you never have to deal with midday energy slumps and physical and mental fatigue.

However, sometimes our diets may not give us all the essential vitamins we need to stay sharp and energetic all the time. Plus, we all require a necessary energy boost once in a while. Thus, you may need to include energy supplements in your daily diet regimen.

List Of Best Energy Supplements

  1. Care/of B-ComplexBest Energy Supplement, Editor’s Choice
  2. Puritan’s Pride Vitamin B-100 Timed ReleaseSupport Your Health With High Quality Vitamin
  3. MegaFood Balanced B ComplexBest Energy Booster Containing Food Blend
  4. Vital Nutrients B-ComplexHigh Quality Nutrition Supplement

#1.  Care/of B-Complex– Best Energy Supplement, Editor’s Choice


Care/of came into the scene in New York in 2016, and their C/O B-complex supplements are the highest quality best vitamins and supplements to boost energy level you can find on the market. A significant highlight of this product is that it includes no unnecessary fillers or additives. Instead, these B-Complex supplements contain only the essential nutrients your body needs in a potent quantity. C/O also formulated this B-Complex in such a way as to increase its absorption by the body. The formula also includes the super folate, methylfolate, which is many times more bioavailable than regular folate.

The team behind his company consists of a scientific advisory board that comprises experts from the medical and nutritional field. It also includes scientific research experts, whose input determines the company’s product development and recommendation logic.

Their company also places sustainability at the forefront of product formulation without compromising the product’s quality and safety. The B-Complex contains ten nutrients, including methylcobalamin, a super vitamin B-12, responsible for making red blood cells which transport energy throughout the body. A capsule contains 15 mg of riboflavin (B2), 12 mg of thiamin, and 45 mg of pantothenic acid, essential for oxidizing carbohydrates and fat.

These capsules help to boost energy, helping you fight fatigue and other related issues. The product does not contain wheat, milk, fish, and eggs, and thus, is vegan and vegetarian friendly.

The company has strict principles regarding its products’ quality, transparency, and efficacy. These principles inform their dedication to only formulating products with strong scientific backing. To ensure that each product is of the highest standards, the company takes these vitamins through a series of tests to verify their potency and safety.

The Care/of recommendation model suggests users take a personalized quiz on their website to help them create a customized vitamin plan. Those who already know the vitamins they need can simply shop on the website to purchase them and get them straight to their doorstep. They source their ingredients directly from farms in different parts of the world, practicing ethical farming and harvesting. The company ships these high-quality energy vitamins to all US states and Canada.


High-quality Ingredients: Care/of is committed to making products of the highest attainable standards in the industry. Thus, they ensure only to use the highest quality ingredients available. Their research and development team sources the best ingredients from sources around the world with matching standards as the brand Care/of. With an understanding of how ingredient quality affects potency, Care/of commits itself to sourcing high-quality ingredients to produce highly potent supplements.

Research-backed Formulas: Care/of does not boast a wide range of products. Instead, it boasts itself in creating products backed by scientific research. They formulate their products, including its B-Complex, at the most potent doses, proven by scientific research.

The vitamins also do not contain any unnecessary ingredients and are gluten-free. If your diet is deficient in any of the B vitamins, this supplement provides you with the ideal dosage of each B vitamin to increase energy levels.

Vegan-friendly Formula: The formula contains no animal extract and is thus fit for a vegan and vegetarian diet.

Multiple Testing: The team behind this product takes testing very seriously. Thus, each product undergoes three stages of testing throughout its supply chain. The tests begin when the ingredients are first received, and afterward, there’s another in-house test conducted during the manufacturing process.

Lastly, the final product undergoes a final round of independent tests at third-party labs. These tests are all conducted in the US, ensuring that the products are potent and safe before hitting the shelves.

Sustainable Product: The brand believes in minimizing its impact on the environment. Its vitamin packs are made from plants and are compostable after use. While its products and processes are not 100 percent green yet, they are still committed to becoming more sustainable and producing more earth-friendly products.

Personalized Plans: The site provides a quiz that users can take to determine the vitamins and supplements they need. They can then subscribe to receiving their vitamins at their doorsteps monthly.


● Gluten-free formula

● Contains highly absorbent vitamins

● Energy-boosting formula

● Research-backed formulas

● No unnecessary additives

● Vegan-friendly vitamins

● Third-party tested

● Non-GMO


● No international shipping outside US and Canada

=> Click here to visit the official website of Care/of B-Complex

#2.  Puritan’s Pride Vitamin B-100 Timed Release – Support Your Health With High Quality Vitamin


The timed-release caplets from Puritan’s Pride contain all the essential B vitamins you need to maintain the health of your nervous system. The vitamin B-100 caplets are made with a special formula that releases each of the essential vitamins over time. The caplets come with a science-backed amount of each essential B vitamin.

Each caplet contains B-1, B-2, niacin, and B-6 at 100 mg each. It also contains the same quantity of pantothenic acid, inositol, PABA, and Choline Bitartrate. Vitamin B12 and biotin are also present at 100 mcg, while there’s 400 mcg of folic acid in each caplet.

The formula contains no artificial flavors or preservatives, and it’s also sodium-free and has no lactose or soy. The caplets have coatings to allow for easier swallowing. Every part of the production, including the packaging, maintains the product’s integrity and purity.

Puritan’s Pride is a leader in the nutritional supplements industry and has been an emblem of wellness for nearly half a century. The company has loyal customers that have used this vitamin for optimal wellness for decades. Users can get a 20 percent discount on their first purchase on the official website.

Each of these products undergoes several tests during manufacturing before it gets to your hands. They also meet the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and thus are effective and safe energy boosters.


Timed Release Capsules: The capsules have a special formula that causes them to release each essential B vitamin for a prolonged time in your body. This mechanism optimizes the effectiveness of each capsule.

Fully Controlled Manufacturing: This product is formulated and produced from start to finish under the control of Puritan’s Pride. This means that no part of the process is outsourced, not even packaging. This self-reliance ensures that there are no compromises or cracks in the process. This way, the company maintains its high standards throughout every stage of the product.

Multiple Tests: Puritan’s Pride prides itself in manufacturing tried and tested products. Its vitamin B-100 Complex Timed Release caplets undergo up to 15 tests throughout the manufacturing process. These tests are both in-house and third-party tests and are to ensure that the end product is potent and free from impurities.


● Highly absorbent vitamins

● Sweet coating for easy swallowing

● Science-backed formula

● High-quality ingredients

● Multiple testing done

● Excellent customer service

● Positive customer reviews


● Might contain bioengineered food products

● Might not digest properly in some people

=> Click here to visit the official website of Puritan’s Pride

#3.   MegaFood Balanced B Complex– Best Energy Booster Containing Food Blend


This highly reviewed supplement is formulated to support energy production in the body. It comes in three different-sized packs containing 30, 60, and 90 servings. When you purchase the product on the website, you can save 15% on your order.

The formula contains a balanced and science-backed ratio of all B complex vitamins. The formula also contains a food blend of 125 mg of organic kale. Thus, users can take this supplement on an empty stomach, and it would still be effective and potent.

As it converts food to energy, it boosts energy and lasts for long periods. As they are water-soluble, the body does not store them; thus, users must take the supplements daily to produce energy boosts.

This supplement contains eight B vitamins, including B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, biotin, folate, and B12. Since the body requires each of these vitamins in varying amounts, this formula contains active ingredients in its most potent quantities.

The vegan product is fantastic for vegans and those on a vegetarian diet, as it provides B12, which most vegans might be deficient in. Besides kale, the formula also contains broccoli and brown rice. The company works with farmers that share its values regarding organic practices and regenerative agriculture. This product has thousands of reviews online, the majority being five-star reviews.


Whole Food Blend: Unlike other supplements that are required to be taken with a meal, this product contains whole food blends that allow users to take them safely without food. All that’s required to take these supplements is a beverage. The supplements contain organic brown rice, kale, and broccoli to optimize their absorption and potency.

Promotes High Energy Levels: This supplement contains a balanced mix of all the B vitamins to convert food to energy. This, in turn, promotes high energy levels after consumption.

High-Quality Ingredients: The MegaFood brand commits itself to sourcing high-quality ingredients to formulate its products. MegaFood sources the food blend in this formula from trusted farmers that share similar values with the company. The ingredients and final products also undergo independent tests by different verification organizations to certify their compliance with various industry standards.

The entire line at MegaFood is certified free from glyphosate residue. They also ensure that the products contain no major food allergens, including milk, soy, peanuts, sesame, shellfish, etc.

Loyalty Rewards: MegaFood has a rewards program for loyal customers where they can win exclusive rewards. For users to earn points, they simply need to sign up on the website and carry out some actions, such as sharing a review. Users also get points by following MegaFood on social media and for every dollar spent on purchasing products on the website. Users can then redeem these points for special discounts.


● Available in three different sizes

● Made from organic and natural ingredients

● Vegan-friendly

● Certified Kosher

● Free from pesticides and herbicides

● Non-GMO

● Contains food blend

● Money-back Guarantee


● Contains basic folate

● Free shipping only for purchases $29 and over on the website

=> Click here to visit the official website of MegaFood

#4.  Vital Nutrients B-Complex– High Quality Nutrition Supplement


This B complex supplement contains all eight B vitamins, and the formula does not contain any unnecessary ingredients like binders, coatings, or sugar. The potent mix is packed tightly in a vegetable cellulose capsule containing no animal or synthetic product.

These vegetarian capsules effectively convert carbohydrates to energy, keeping physical fatigue and physical and mental stress at bay. Besides this, it also supports heart health by promoting the conversion of homocysteine. The product has hundreds of positive reviews from users online. The supplements come in two different pack sizes.

The Vital Nutrients brand is a holistic solution brand headed by a group of physicians with years of experience in their fields. For over 30 years, the brand has dedicated itself to manufacturing the most clinically relevant, high-quality nutritional supplement formulas.

The brand has a quality assurance program as a testament to its dedication to delivering the best quality dietary supplements. Testing is the cornerstone of this program, with each supplement undergoing multiple tests, including allergen tests, heavy metal tests, herbicide tests, etc.

After all the tests, a label claim potency test is run to ensure that the batches are as potent as the label claims. Third-party lab results are the basis for determining and publishing the expiration dates of each product. The company also authenticates the dating using necessary tests and inspections during the product’s shelf life.


Quality Assurance Program: The company runs a robust quality assurance program that ensures its end products are of the best quality in the industry. They test every batch independently by labs following ethical practices and up-to-date procedures. Each product is meticulously crafted with multiple tests throughout its manufacturing.

High Potency B Complex Vitamin: The end product of this company’s manufacturing process is pure and safe, high potency B complex. Highly potent B vitamins support proper metabolic function in your body and raise your energy levels.

Excludes Coatings and Binders: No binders, coatings, or unnecessary additives are in this product.

Available in Two Pack Sizes: The product is available in 60 CT and 120 CT. These products make for a 2-month and 4-month supply, respectively.


● Highly potent capsules

● Free of artificial colors and flavors

● Vegan formula

● Maintains healthy energy metabolism

● Promotes healthy nervous systems

● Promotes heart health

● Multiple lab testing

● Gluten-free formula


● Limited free shipping on the website

=> Click here to visit the official website of Vital Nutrients

How We Made The List For Best Energy Supplement?

There are several energy supplements in pharmacies and stores today. Thus, we had to consider certain factors before deciding on these products as our top four.

What We Looked Before Availing Best Energy Supplement?

  • Quality of Ingredients: The major criteria we considered during the selection process was the quality of ingredients in the product. We understand that the end product is only as good and effective as its constituent ingredients. Thus, we ensured to only pick products with science-backed ingredients.

We opted for brands that use only natural and organic products. We took products with synthetic materials off our list at the early stages of selection. Thus, every product on our list contains only high-quality natural and safe ingredients.

  • Potency: At the end of the day, what matters most in every product is its potency and health benefits. Thus, we assessed the potency of each product to determine if they would make our list. We ensured that each capsule or caplet contained sufficient vitamins to produce the required energy-boosting effect we need daily. Only products that were verified to be potent made the list.
  • Pricing and Value: To make our list, we had to ensure that each product brought value for money. Therefore we scrapped products that are too highly-priced and provide low value. On our list are products with reasonable prices for their value.
  • Company’s Reputation: We did the due diligence of checking each company to ensure they had a good reputation in the industry. We eliminated companies with shady histories and less-than-stellar reputations in the industry.
  • Independent Tests: It’s crucial for a company to make its products undergo independent tests. Thus, we only included companies that take their products through tests to verify their potency and purity.

Buying Guide: Factors To Consider When Buying Energy Supplements

Buying the wrong energy-boosting supplements can be a colossal waste of time and money. Worse still, it could have adverse effects on your health and well-being. Thus, it is crucial for you to consider all the necessary factors before buying them. Here are some factors to consider before buying energy supplements.

  • Preferences

When it comes to supplements, your preferences do matter. For example, if you prefer to have some flavor in your energy supplement to aid swallowing, you know to check for flavored energy supplements first. Also, if you prefer capsules to caplets, you know where to begin your search. All in all, it is important for you to determine any preferences that are important to you and then filter your search from there.

  • Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a vital part of your research process. Before buying any energy or muscle building supplements, ensure to read as many authentic customer reviews as possible. If possible, browse the bad reviews and see if you notice a pattern. If you do, and it is of some importance to you, you can reach out to the brand’s customer support to ask questions. Otherwise, generally, avoid products with average and below-average reviews.

  • Shipping And Guarantees

This is especially essential since you are purchasing online. It is best to go for a product that offers free shipping to save costs. Also, you are better off using a product with a money-back guarantee, just in case you do not see any significant improvements using the product.

FAQs On Best Energy Supplement

What Foods Contain Complex B Vitamins For Energy?

There are several readily available foods containing complex B vitamins. Some of these foods include liver, leafy vegetables, dairy, eggs, legumes, cereal, etc. To combat low energy (also called chronic fatigue syndrome), eat foods rich in nitric oxide to increase blood flow and keep your energy up.

How Does The Body Produce Energy?

To keep natural energy levels up, you must eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Our bodies use fats, proteins, and carbohydrates from foods to produce energy. When we exercise, the body also produces energy through aerobic or anaerobic metabolism.

Can I Overdose On Energy Supplements?

Yes. Just like iron supplements, it is possible to overdose on energy supplements (like vitamin B complex supplements). When you take too many complex B vitamins supplements, the effects include skin lesions or rashes, blurry vision, mood swings, tingling sensations, etc. In extreme cases, it can lead to liver damage and death. To avoid overdosing, stick to the dose recommended on the label or your doctor’s recommendation. Also, keep supplements out of the reach of children.

Conclusion: Are There Any Energy Supplements That Actually Work? 

Sometimes, we need a lot more energy than our current diet gives. Besides the other ways to keep energy levels up, you might need energy in vitamins supplement form for a daily boost. The best energy supplement is tailored to you and promotes your body’s ability to produce energy. Note that there is little evidence that these supplements increase energy levels in individuals with adequate energy levels.

Read through our buying guide to know the best way to buy the ideal energy supplement. Buying the right energy supplement will help you have more productive days and ultimately improve your quality of life.

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