Best CBD Oil For Cats: Top 5 CBD For Cats To Relieve Pain

Nikhil Goswami
Veterinarian Giving CBD Oil Drops To a Cat as Alternative Medicine.

Many pets struggle with several issues which can be helped by the use of CBD. Cats may experience a difference in their behavior due to problems such as joint pain, low energy, anxiety, and more.

If you notice these types of changes in your cat, CBD oil may be able to solve these problems and put your cat at ease. It is an excellent formula derived from the cannabis plants that may assist these problems So without further ado, here’s our list of best CBD oil for cats:

Top 3 CBD Oil For Cats In 2023

  1. Holistapet – Overall Best CBD Oil For Cats, Editor’s Pick
  2. Pet Hemp Company : 100% Natural CBD For Cats
  3. Cheef Botanicals : Most Potent CBD Oil For Cats   

#1. Holistapet – Overall Best CBD Oil For Cats, Editor’s Pick

Holistapet, with its 25-year experience, is one of the renowned brands of CBD oils for both cats and dogs. The brand promises to provide the best natural remedies for your pets to promote their overall well-being and health despite the irrevocable effects of aging with time. The brand works on producing a power-packed formula for your little ones that are free of traditional prescription drugs, which eventually lead to adverse effects, doing more harm than good.

They add small amounts of essential vitamins and minerals to the full-spectrum CBD oil to promote a healthy appetite and feeling of well-being so your pets can live their life with zest. The major focus is on providing you with pure extracts from the hemp plant that help improve the endocannabinoid system, which further brings stability, balance, and compensated homeostasis.

In addition to being properly lab tested by a third party, Holistapet’s CBD oil is also recommended by vets as it has worked efficiently in providing cat parents with high-quality results with its all-natural ingredients.

What Do The Other People Have To Say About The Product?

Customers are relieved to come across Holistapet as it has provided them with a trustworthy and commendable medication to give to their cats for their ailments and overall well-being. They started using the product on the advice of their veterinarian and experienced note-worthy effects after a few uses.

The reviews include happy customers explaining how they had given up on their pet’s lethargic state, considering it an unchangeable outcome of increasing age, and giving the brand’s CBD oil a chance. After using it for quite a while, they were amazed at how their cats seemed to be more energetic and how their appetite returned. They move around happily just like they used to when they were kittens, and pet owners could not be happier.


Holistapet’s CBD oil offers a number of advantages for your cats including regulating many important functions like discomfort, fidgety attitude, and appetite. It might help with activating the cat’s endocannabinoid system and promises full effects since the CBD products are all organic and natural, free of artificial preservatives.

Unlike THC, Cannabidiol (CBD) does not cause intoxication and helps with behavior training, improving mood and sleep, and might help with painful joints as well as promoting healthy skin and hair. The dosages of CBD oil that you give your cats are extremely important to note. Holistapet comes in various sizes to help you with making a choice conveniently:  1. Pets under 20 lbs: 150 mg 2. Pets 20 to 60 lbs: 300 mg 3. Pets 60 to 100 lbs: 600 mg 4. Pets 100 to 160 lbs: 1200 mg 5. Pets 160 lbs and up 3000 mg

Extract Type Matters

You must have heard of the term ‘full-spectrum CBD.’ Well, it means pure and high-quality hemp seed oil that contains all the cannabinoids of the hemp plant. It ensures that your pet is getting all the desired nutrients by CO2 extraction, which is the cleanest method of extraction of CBD. Once the hemp plant is grown and complete extraction is performed, next comes the infusion process.

You need to know what kind of oil is being used in the product so that you can make sure that your cat gets maximum benefits. In addition to helping with balancing hormones, it might help with maintaining the health of the heart and supporting the immune system. Along with CBD oil, cat CBD treats are also available enriched with CBD oil and salmon oil. To make sure that you get organic products, always look for the organic seal.


The above-mentioned advantages and perks provided by the brand make it an exceptional choice for you to make. We recommend you try Holistapet to see the wondrous benefits it has for your pet.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Holistapet

#2. Pet Hemp Company : 100% Natural CBD For Cats

The company came into being following the inspiration of their family dog, Woody, when he began developing signs of aging and also had trouble walking on his legs because of a tumor. After trying a lot of other methods and medications, when they were on the verge of giving up, they tried giving him CBD, which helped him considerably in overcoming the loss of appetite and lack of energy.

Sadly, their dog passed away a few weeks later, but the family didn’t give up. They began working on the idea of an all-natural product containing CBD oil for pets so that they do not have to live painful life. The Pet Hemp company offers trustworthy and high-quality products to pet owners with the best ingredients in balanced ratios. Not to mention, all of their products are lab tested as well.

The formula is efficient, quick-acting, and absorbed promptly, providing your pets with immediate relief. The company makes sure that all-natural and organic ingredients are used in the potent formula, with no additives to ensure that the treatment is highly effective. Their team is quite helpful and guides you through the selection, which makes the process convenient and informative.

What Do the Other People Have to Say About the Product?

Cat parents were very glad that they finally came across this magical and effective formula, which has helped their feline friends in getting rid of anxiety and fidgety attitude and has helped them overcome the loss of appetite and energy. User reviews on the brand that we came across after thorough research indicated an overall positive response, based on the fact that a simple supplement changed their pet’s life.

The cats suffered from painful joints as a symptom of arthritis, and as soon as they started the regimen of CBD oil, they noticed a considerable difference in their cat’s gait. Moreover, the feline appeared to be quite energetic.

The customers could not have been happier. Some cat parents reported their pet experiencing anxiety and reclusive nature, more so than other cats. When they came across the brand, as mentioned by some friends, they started using it reluctantly but were quite amazed when they saw results in just a few days. The cat appeared to be moving around happily with a less fidgety attitude.

Many users like them have been very content and satisfied with their purchase and have recommended it to others too. Some also compliment the user-friendly website and the thorough guide provided by the company. The cats, being fussy eaters, also love the treats.


The CBD oil offered by the Pet Hemp Company is a wondrous supplement to help regulate the endocannabinoid system of your cats. The ECS plays a very important role in maintaining good health. It might be neuroprotective, and it is said to help with conditions like seizures as well as decrease pain, as in arthritis. Now you do not have to worry about your cat’s restless attitude and skittish nature because this amazing hemp CBD oil offers relief and alleviates anxiety.

If you are afraid to try traditional medicines containing artificial ingredients, since they are likely to cause adverse effects, this is the brand for you. Not only does it promise optimal results, but it also ensures cruel-free all-natural ingredients. The product is manufactured keeping in mind the basic requirements and goals it is supposed to fulfill.

It is made sure that the formula is subtle and gentle for your little one and does not cause adverse effects, provided the potency and the dosage is given according to your pet’s requirement and the areas or conditions targeted.


You will find CBD oil as the major component in the product with a minimal amount of THC, which ensures that it does not cause intoxication. It is free of all kinds of preservatives and additives, and all the constituents are cruelty-free, vegan, and organic.

The purity of the product is what makes it distinctive and the best one for you to choose. There is no advantage and efficacy in a product that is either made up of diluted artificial components or has other additives added to the formula, as these slow down the process of efficiency or make it worse.

Proportions Available According To Your Pet’s Needs 

As you know, the amount and potency of CBD oil are very important to make sure that your pet’s needs are fully met without any serious complications or side effects. The following doses are available by the company for you to choose from:  1. Pets under 20 lbs: 150 mg 2. Pets 20 to 60 lbs: 300 mg 3. Pets 60 to 100 lbs: 600 mg 4. Pets 100 to 160 lbs: 1200 mg 5. Pets 160 lbs and up 3000 mg It is very important and crucial to first make sure what and how much of the medicine is required by your pet.

It is always advised to start with low doses and potencies to see if your cat is taking it up well and shows no allergic responses. Moreover, this also helps in making the gastrointestinal system accustomed to the ongoing change in diet, minimizing an upset stomach as much as possible.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Pet Hemp Co 

#3. Cheef Botanicals – Most Potent CBD Oil For Cats

Cheef Botanicals is based in California. Like many other cannabis brands, the source of its hemp farms is based in Colorado and Oregon. It is one of the top CBD brands currently on the market that has perfected its products in a short duration.

The CO2 extraction method combined with the infusion of hemp seed oil makes the product all the more potent and highly concentrated. A product with high potency means that it offers an immediate effect upon ingestion for cats.


Organic and All-Natural: Cheef Botanicals CBD oil is an organic product. The company made sure that hemp plants used were grown organically. Moreover, it is GMO-free, and no artificial or other toxic ingredient is used. Also, it does not contain additives or preservatives.

Vegan: It upholds the anti-cruelty principle. Hence it is vegan friendly, and no dairy products are used to manufacture it. Moreover, it is gluten-free.

Relaxing Effect: A full-spectrum CBD isolate is regarded as the best form of CBD oil. It contains the different terpenes found in broad-spectrum hemp extract and natural cannabinoids and flavonoids. The terpenes work in sync with the cannabinoids, which maximize the benefits of CBD.


  • Full-spectrum cannabinoids
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Fast shipping
  • 100% natural
  • Organic and non-GMO
  • Uses clean CO2 extraction
  • Available in different sizes
  • No additives or preservatives in the oils


  • No well-established assistance program

=> Click here to visit the official website of Cheef Botanicals

Benefits Of CBD Oil For Cats 

The major benefits of CBD oil for cats include uplifting mood, improving behavior, and increasing appetite. CBD is also proven to be great for getting rid of anxiety issues. Last but not least, it might help in treating inflammatory and painful joints. All of the benefits of CBD are discussed in detail below.

  • May Improve Behaviour And Mood 

Cats, like us, experience and go through mood swings, stress, and anxiety. Different factors might be the cause of these sudden changes. This period can be quite unpleasant for all of us as well as our cats, but what if it becomes routine? Horrible, right? CBD oil can also be used to keep their mood and behavior in check and prevent consequences of prolonged stress and anxiety, notably poor eating cycles, declining health, and many others. The oil works by promoting cortisol production and directly affecting receptors responsible for mood regulation.

  • May Treat Inflammatory And Painful Joints 

Cats go through the process of aging like any other living thing. Most of these characteristic ailments include joint pain and arthritis, which eventually lead to limited mobility, recurrent pain, and an overall anxious and agitated nature. CBD might help with this inflammatory condition and also with desensitizing the pain receptors in the brain.

  • May Improve Appetite 

Ever had your cat rejected every treat you offered, including their favorite snacks? This points to underlying issues like changes in diet, dental issues, or other serious problems. CBD is said to help with stimulating your cat’s appetite, and it also might help with other health issues like dental problems, painful joints, aching limbs, and many more.

Is CBD Oil Safe For Cats? 

Before giving any kind of medication or supplements to your pets, you need to have a basic knowledge of what it is about and what it is composed of. The cannabis plant out of which CBD is extracted has two types: male and female. The female plant, also known as marijuana, has a higher THC content in the range of 5-35%, with less CBD content.

To remain legal, the hemp plant needs to have THC content below 0.3%, which is not enough to get a human high. Hence, CBD oil derived from a hemp plant is safe to use by dogs and cats. Before you choose a brand of CBD oil for your pet, there are certain steps that you need to take to get the best match.

First, consult a licensed veterinarian about the new medication and give it to your pet according to the ailments it is suffering from. Next, educate yourself about the source of these products, how they are extracted, and what their potency is.

Be Careful! 

Be very careful in purchasing CBD oils for your pets since there are many brands out there that promise an adequate quantity of CBD but either have none at all or have an excessive amount, which can be quite dangerous for your pets.

The method of extraction, the number of components, the type of ingredients present (if they are artificial preservatives or organic and natural products), and the ratios they are present; everything is crucial in determining what product is going to work best for your pet. So make sure you check the label well before purchasing and make sure every component is third-party tested.

In conclusion, you need to find a high-quality product – free of metals and other harmful components as well as according to your cat’s preferences.

How To Stay Safe When Buying CBD Oil For Cats? 

As mentioned earlier, there are important steps that you need to cross-check before finally deciding which product to purchase. Consulting a professional licensed veterinarian as well as having basic knowledge about the product is crucial. After all, it is your beloved pet we are dealing with here. In addition to these, there are certain types of CBD also available for you to choose from. They are as follows: 

  • Raw CBD oil – pure CBD distillate with no other components.
  • CBD hemp oil – is extracted from the hemp plant and has less than 0.3% THC.
  • Full-spectrum oil – contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids extracted from hemp or cannabis.

The pure form of CBD oil for your cat is preferred since it makes sure no other harmful ingredients are being ingested by your cat that may cause harmful adverse effects.

What Do You Need To Know About The Cat CBD Oil Dosage? 

Following are some essential points that you must keep in mind regarding the dosage of CBD oil:

  • Proper Dosage Is Important 

Every cat is different and requires a varying amount of broad-spectrum CBD oil for their needs and ailments if any. Make sure that you administer the right dosage of CBD oil to your cats, as it can depend on their weight, target concern, and liking.

Some pet parents complain of their cats becoming slow and less energetic after using this supplement, and that is because they administer more than the amount required, so watch out for the dose you are giving your pets.

  • More Potent, More Efficacious 

It is a misconception that giving a potent dose might come off as harmful and that the pet might become prone to more adverse effects; however, this is not always the case.

A potent dose means more CBD and less amount of other non-essential and harmful components like metals and pesticides. Most of the time, pets are quite fussy about taking foreign medicines, and it is easier to give them a small, potent amount instead of a larger diluted one. Potent doses also mean quicker results provided it is the right dose, as consulted by a veterinarian.

  • Can You Give It On An Empty Stomach? 

Yes, you can. The medicine can be given on an empty stomach, but since some pets detect the foreign supplement and refuse to take it, it can be added to cat food and treats so that it is easily administered, the details of which are discussed in the next section.

  • Gradually Increase The Dose 

Like us humans, our pets are also sensitive to potent medicines and supplements. Their gastrointestinal system needs time to adjust to the foreign substance it is being introduced to. It is advised that you slowly work upon the doses with time instead of starting with a huge potent one. This will help your pet in getting accustomed to it as well as let you know if they are uncomfortable or, worse, allergic to it.

How To Get Your Felines To Ingest CBD Oil? 

Do not worry if your little friends make a fuss about being introduced to something foreign to them as the following are some of the ways you can administer CBD oil: 

  • In Food 

If your cat is quite skeptical and hesitant about taking CBD oil directly by a dropper, you can always add it to their food.

  • In Fish Or Fish Oil 

We all know our cats dive in for a good fish meal, so why not use it to our (and their) advantage? Add CBD oil to their fish or even canned fish oil and watch them devour it with no trace of doubt.

  • In Their Dinner Bowl 

It always reminds them of the good dinner times, and adding the oil to their dinner bowl is one way to get them to ingest it.

  • Using A Dropper 

This method is more potent and more efficacious, as stated earlier. Using a dropper is the best way to give the best CBD oil to your cat, as long as your cat is not fussy about it.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best CBD Oil For Cats In 2023? 

In conclusion, pet CBD oil is packed with nutrients required by your feline friends for their better health and to slow down aging symptoms. Make sure that you are making the right choice of CBD products for your pets by keeping in mind the following qualities: the number of constituents used in it, especially CBD oil, the potency of the components, the exact dosage of the best hemp-derived CBD oil for your cat, and most importantly the consultation with a licensed veterinarian before using the product.

We recommend you go for Holistapet as it provides natural remedies for your pet. As with any other medication and supplements, side effects might accompany CBD oil, too, like drowsiness, upset stomach, etc. To eliminate them as much as possible, you need to keep the above-mentioned points in mind and assess your cat individually instead of going with the mainstream product and dose so that you make the right choice for your perfect little buddy.

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