Our Town: A car repair shop you can trust

Dr Tom Ferraro

Suburbia is the ultimate car culture. We drive to school, drive to work and drive to the stores to shop so you had better be happy with your car and with your car mechanic.  

I have used Tal’s repair shop for 25 years which defines me as a loyal costumer. 

Why so loyal you ask?  

Because they are honest, personable, trustworthy and efficient. Not a bad combination.   

One of my patients recently told me that one day at about 5 p.m. on a Friday it was raining hard, he was driving through Williston Park and his tire started to go flat.  

He limped into Tal’s as they were closing. They opened up the shop and fixed the tire….for free. True story. 

My latest car problem was the result of our brutal winter. 

My electric window switch shorted out thanks to all the snow and ice we endured.  So off I went to Tal’s.  

At this point in the game the routine is easy. I walk into the shop and Tal says “good morning Dr. Ferraro.”  

I then say “Hi Tal, my windows are not working.” He then says “Okay just leave the car and we will figure it out.”  

I leave the car; he calls me within two hours and explains the problem. We set up a day to leave the car, I drop it off and voila it gets fixed. 

After so many easy exchanges like this over the years it was time for a sit down with Tal to get acquainted. 

Tal is really Tal La Mountain of French Canadian heritage. 

The place was founded in 1952 by his grandfather and handed down to his father and uncle and now to him.  

I asked him one question. “What does it take to run a successful car repair business? 

He told me it took three things: good customer relations, keeping up with the changes in technology and providing prompt and quality service at reasonable prices.  

Sounds easy but of course it’s not.

As an adult you learn that there are really three important relationships in life 1) with your spouse, 2) with your doctor and 3) with your car mechanic. 

And if you fail to find a good spouse, good doctor or good mechanic you are in for trouble. 

Williston Park  has a number of established stores that have withstood the test of time and the changes in economy. 

We have Johns Variety Store, Pyramid Jewels, The Village Flower Shoppe, Luigi Suppa and of course our crown jewel Hildebrandt’s.  

These are all well established businesses that make up our town’s identity.  

Tal’s is another one of these places. Good guys with good and easy and fast service. 

They make life easy for me so thank you Tal’s for all your years of honest service.

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