Young Celebrities Who Are Huge Fans of Gambling

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Most celebrities love splashing their money in anything luxurious from big mansions, posh cars, and private jets. It is also common to see them spending on vacations in exotic places. However, some celebrities love to spend their time and money on casinos and gambling. 

You have probably seen many scenes in movies where the actors are on the road to Vegas or Atlantic City. Some of them even like to play online slots, such as Double Diamond slots. You might also be familiar with older celebs who are addicted to gambling, like Charlie Sheen and Ben Affleck. In short, it is common for some icons (musicians, actors, book writers, swimmers, footballers, to even golfers) splurging their cash on land-based or online casinos. They also like to try their luck, and some of them have become successful in it. 

In this article, we will tell you about some of the young celebrities who are fans of gambling. Some of these have gambled for years, while some are new to it. So let’s get started. 

1. Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is a former competitive swimmer from the US. He is the most successful swimmer with 28 medals, mostly from the Olympics. He was obsessed with poker gambling that he could squander millions of dollars. This almost led him into an addiction, which most of his friends got worried. But according to Michael Phelps, he loves playing poker as a hobby and not due to its competitive nature. He first learned to play poker online, where he was betting $1 or $2 and later on graduated to higher stakes. 

2. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is a blend of so many things from being a businesswoman, a socialite, a singer, a DJ, a model, to a media personality. She is also a great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the owner and founder of Hilton Hotels. She started gambling when she was in high school and did it for fun. In 2014, she got lucky and won $50,000 from playing blackjack after a DJ gig.   

3. Tobey Maguire

If you love Spiderman, then you are familiar with this name. He was the first Spiderman actor and one of the most beloved Peter Parker. Most people know Tobey Maguire as a pro poker player. He studied poker from Daniel Negreanu, a professional Canadian poker player. The latter had managed to score the World Series of Poker six times. Additionally, he is great at playing Texas Hold’em. He has won more than 10 million US dollars from gambling.

4. Nelly

Cornell Iran Hayness JR, better known as Nelly, is a popular singer, songwriter, and an occasional actor. Some of his most popular tracks include Dilemma, Ride Wit Me, Just a Dream, and Hey Porsche! Other than the music business, he runs 4ShoKids, a non-profit organization. Moreover, he owns an energy drink called Pimp Juice. When it comes to gambling, Nelly is a huge fan of poker. He has even once played the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2007 and was a regular player in PokerStars European Poker Tour Circuit. However, he has won less than what he risks. 

5. Victoria Coren Mitchell

She is an English writer and a professional player. Some of her popular works include “For Richer, For Poorer: A Love Affair with Poker” and “Women Talking About Cars.” She has accomplished much more in her poke career. She is the first woman ever to win on the European Poker Tour,  the first player to win Celebrity Poker Club 2005 and EPT London 2006, and the first player to win two of the European Poker Tour Main Events (EPT Sanremo 2014 and EPT London 2006). She managed to win €476,100 in EPT Sanremo 2014. Her total winnings from live tournaments exceed $2,470,000. 

6. Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is an American actor, popular for his acting roles in That 70’s show, Two and a Half Men, No Strings Attached, and many more. He is also an entrepreneur and producer. Other than these, he is a sports bettor, and he does not just do it for fun but also to make money out of it. Perhaps, that is the reason why his net worth is more than $150 million. Ashton Kutcher always has a strategy before he places bets and always learns and researches about upcoming games. To him, it is the mathematics in betting that thrills him and makes him successful. Besides, he is a strategic gambler and a great investor who once turned $25 million to $200 million. 

7. 50 Cent

Curtis James Jackson II, better known as 50 Cent, is an American rapper. Some of his popular songs include Window Shopper, Candy Shop, Just a Little Bit Closer, and Best Friend. He is also a sports bettor who likes placing bets on the New York Giants. He has won $500k in one of his sports betting activities.  

8. Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson is a former basketball player and is known as one of the most influential basketball players ever. He is also another celebrity who is a fan of gambling and has been seen from several casinos in Atlantic City and Detroit. 

9. Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul is an American actor known for his roles in Bojack Horseman, Breaking Bad, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, and Westworld. In the gambling world, Aaron is a big fan of poker that he has even joined the LA Sunset Global Poker League Team. According to him, he loves poker as both a game and a mind sport and is excited to be playing alongside some of the best professional poker players. 

10. DeadMau5

Joel Thomas Zimmerman, popularly known as DeadMau5 or Deadmouse, is a DJ and a Canadian electronic music producer. He mainly works on progressive house music, but he also produces other genres like techno. DeadMau5 is a popular name in the gaming world that Microgaming is developing a slot machine inspired by him. He also loves gambling, but he was not a big bettor until he met with Don Johnson. Since then, he has been a bigger fan of blackjack, among other casino games. 

Other Popular Celebrities who Are into Gambling

These are not the only superstars who are into gambling. Instead, other celebs who are into sports betting, poker, or blackjack gambling include:

  • Charlie Sheen
  • Matt Damon
  • Pamela Anderson
  • Ray Romano
  • Ben Affleck
  • Bruce Wilis
  • Tiger Woods
  • Charles Barkley

Some of these stars have gone into a gambling addiction and come out of it successfully with the help of family and friends. Besides, some of them work on a good strategy before betting, which increases their chances of winning. 


Gambling is a popular form of entertainment used by most people, from celebs to regular persons. It seems like more and more young celebrities are joining the betting world, with some venturing into it as a career. However, it takes passion, courage, and lots of cash to be a successful celeb gambler. Besides, it is easy to fall into addiction, which can make them lose all their money. That is why most of these bettors gamble only on special occasions, and some do it for fun. Others like Ashton Kutcher come up with the best strategies that can boost their odds. 

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