WRJ Sisterhood of Temple Judea celebrate Rosh Chodesh

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WRJ Sisterhood of Temple Judea, led by Phyllis Wininger, President, and Stacey Needleman, Executive Board member, invited Temple Judea’s Cantor, Deborah Jacobson to lead a program to celebrate Rosh Chodesh, focusing on “How Joy Increases in the Company of Women.”

Each month, Jewish women all over the world celebrate the holiday of Rosh Chodesh in honor of the new moon. The Jewish calendar follows the cycles of the moon when the first sliver of the new moon appears after the period of darkness.

Each month has characteristics that may be linked to Jewish holidays, seasons or historical events. The Jewish month of Adar is associated with blessings and good fortune. Women celebrate in different ways, including abstaining from work or household chores, studying Torah, and gathering together to explore commonality among themselves.

The women of WRJ Sisterhood of Temple Judea met on this Rosh Chodesh to explore their feelings, thoughts and goals, combining songs and meditation, references to Torah (Bible) and Midrash (commentaries) and guided discussions.

They identified some of the shared traits of women, such as nurturing, empathy, caring, mentoring, multi-tasking, listening, consoling, valuing friendships, and the responsibility for teaching the traditions and culture of our society.

Participants shared their experiences and stories about their role models or heroines. They shared spirited, stimulating and supportive conversation and found strength, comfort and love in those shared experiences.

The sensitivity and insights of the evening allowed those gathered on zoom to feel an emotional security to reveal themselves to each other. All who attended agreed that they had new insights and understandings of being women, the roles of women in today’s world, and recognizing those who have inspired or shaped the women they are today.

WRJ Sisterhood hopes to continue this version of the Rosh Chodesh celebration and looks forward to welcoming more Temple Judea sisters, their families and friends.
Temple Judea welcomes new members and families who have an interest in a vibrant community founded on Jewish values and practices.

Temple Judea is located at 333 Searingtown Road, Manhasset, NY 11030; Exit 36N off the LIE;516-621-8049; www.temple-judea.com

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