What Type of Personal Accidents Can a Lawyer Help You With?

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Sometimes people find themselves injured due to no fault of their own. When something like this happens, you have the right to get compensation from the person or company that is responsible. This means you will have to file a claim and although you are not required to have a lawyer, it is recommended to have in your corner someone who understands the legal procedure.

These are complex situations and you want someone who has at least some experience handling cases of this sort. So, if you’re thinking about filing a personal injury suit but are not sure what type of personal accidents fall within the attorney’s domain, here’s what you need to know.

The Types of Personal Accidents Lawyers Deal With

Personal accidents lawyers are legal representatives that lead cases where someone has been seriously injured. As said by the personal injury lawyer in New York, if you decide to face insurance agencies on your own, most of the time you will not be taken seriously. The job of the attorney is to prove that the negligence of others has put his/her client in danger and to secure a suitable compensation. There are numerous situations that can lead to this kind of lawsuit.

Car Accidents

No matter how careful of a driver you are, there is still a possibility you will get into an accident because someone else was distracted. This is the risk we all take each time we go on the road. Sometimes people have to face serious health issues due to negligence of others. If you’re experiencing this, you should contact an attorney and see that your rights and options are.

The compensation you request can be to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and diminished working capacity, etc. Your legal representative will be able to guide you through all the stages of the process and what are your chances of winning.

Construction Site Accidents

Unfortunately, mishaps on the construction sites are happening all the time. Working in this kind of environment is very risky given the fact that employees are operating large machinery, performing their duties at great heights, and lifting heavy objects. If the employer is not making sure all the safety measures are met, the chances of something going wrong are pretty big.

The accidents possible on the construction site that can put your life at risk include scaffolding failures, crane collapse, electrocutions and chemical burns, slip and falls, saw and nail gun injuries, just to mention the few. Whatever happened to you, schedule the meeting with a lawyer and go for a consultation. They will be able to assess if you have a ground to file a suit.

Slip and Fall

Although these accidents can seem kind of naïve at first but they can cause some big health problems. Broken bones, concussion, sprained ankle, cuts and bruises are just some of the possible results when you find yourself in this situation.

If someone didn’t put the sign “Wet Floors” and you slip, they can be held responsible for any injury that happened on that occasion. Trip and falls often happen due to uneven or unstable surfaces (torn carpets, potholes on the sidewalks, broken tiles, etc.), in areas with poor lightning, cluttered walkways and staircases.

Faulty Consumer Products

Each manufacturer has the obligation to make sure that their products are meeting all of the state rules and regulations. However, if you or your loved one are in a difficult medical situation because the manufacturer didn’t deliver the promised product, you should start thinking about launching a legal procedure.

The company that produced the faulty merchandise should have caught a defect before releasing it to the buyers. They should be penalized for this mistake. Filing a lawsuit will make them take responsibility for what happened and will also serve as a warning to them and all other manufacturers to pay close attention to what they’re selling.

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Medical Malpractice

Accidents happen in clinics and hospitals more often than we would like to think. From misdiagnosing a patient to giving them a wrong treatment, doctors can put your life in danger instead of helping you. If you have been a victim of medical neglect, hire an attorney who understands this area of the law. However, before you take any legal steps, it would be good to recover as much as possible as this is a stressful and energy-draining process.


If you have gone through a life-threatening situation or had to deal with injury due to someone else’s incompetence, call your attorney and see whether you have any right to a compensation. The right lawyer will take you all the way to the victory.     


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