What to Do in Case You Get Hurt Riding a Motorcycle

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It’s not hard to understand why so many people ride motorbikes; it’s like having a sports car on two wheels. You’re exposed to the elements and able to scan the scenery that surrounds you with complete freedom. The downside is the vulnerability this presents in terms of crashes and collisions. Sadly these do occur, and this article is designed to help anyone who is involved in such an event.

Don’t Play the Blame Game

Try to establish with all the parties who was responsible for the incident. This will prove key to the legal proceedings that will follow. Having said that, it’s important to not get heated or verbally or physically abusive towards the other parties.

The harsh reality is that anyone choosing to travel by motorbike is placing themselves under a higher risk of harm than if they travel by car. According to the NHTSA fatalities occur 27 times more often for bikers than for car passengers. 

Each and every year, over thirty million people are reported injured in some way in America. According to a motorcycle accident attorney in Dallas, a survey in Texas said biking mishaps had doubled within a decade. The events often occur because car or truck drivers either don’t see the bike, or don’t allow sufficient travelling space for it. 

No Involved Parties Should Leave the Site

It’s actually illegal when this happens. The Police should be called and awaited, and an ambulance be summoned if paramedics are needed.

Bikers’ helmets should not be removed as this could be dangerous if neck or back injuries have been sustained. The only time this should be overruled is if a victim stops breathing and needs urgent CPR. If someone appears to be unconscious, someone should check for life signs and ensure their airwaves are clear. 

Take Photos

Injury pictures are key for personal injury claims. They also help present a case for emotional trauma. Take photos of each vehicle (including their registration plates) and also focus on the damages they sustained. 

Take general photos that show nearby landmarks or road signs. If damage was done to infrastructure, take pictures of this too. Also feature debris on the road. If there were a lot of loose stones or gravel, pictures of this may steer some responsibility to the owner of the road. Take pictures of nearby trees, as factors like light and low sunshine can also have relevance as to why the event occurred. 

Clear the Road and Collect the Data

The only thing worse than one crash is two. Remove all debris and move the vehicles safely to the side of the road. Hazard lights should be switched on if possible, to warn the approaching traffic. 

Write down the names and addresses of the other parties, and their contact numbers. Take a note of the license plates, and colour and models of the vehicles involved. Insurance details should be exchanged if possible. If someone says the vehicle does not belong to them, it’s essential to get the contact details of the legal owner too. 

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Speak to any other drivers or bystanders who observed the incident. Take their details, as witness statements can be key for confirming liability in court. When the Police arrive they will make their own assessment, providing a report that will also be used as key evidence. 

Phone Calls to Make

Notify your insurance company and make a claim immediately. It’s pointless being worried this will push up the insurance premiums for next year. Changes can be made to the level of cover or excess in order to stabilise the future amount. 

A personal injury lawyer should also be chosen and contacted. It’s important to research online and discover a company that’s been around for a while, and that has success with bike crash claims. 

If you have not been taken to hospital, get a doctor to perform a check up. This is important as people aren’t always aware of the damage that has been done. Some symptoms do not manifest themselves immediately. Bike collisions have often been responsible for such things as internal bleeding or organ damage, so it’s essential not to miss an assessment.

Be Patient 

Talk to friends and family about the incident, and how it made you feel. This will help you psychologically. Hopefully there will be sufficient insurance to help with any medical costs. 

The lawyer will be fighting for a fair compensation settlement figure, but this may take a while to secure. Don’t talk to the other parties’ insurance company. Let your legal representative be your voice and advocate. In time, you will hopefully be feeling better, and all financial and legal matters will be resolved. The future can become bright once again. 



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