What is HHC? Best Brands To Buy HHC Products In 2022


Even if you regularly enjoy the benefits of different hemp products, you might have never heard about HHC, so now you’re probably asking yourself: “what is HHC?” We’re here to make things simpler. If you love enjoying the benefits that hemp and its cannabinoids bring, we have just the perfect thing for you. HHC is a newer cannabinoid whose popularity is quickly rising. The thing that makes it so special and wanted is the way it balances the feeling of calmness and euphoria, making its consumption a very adventurous experience.

Many brands are putting hemp goods filled with this cannabinoid for sale due to the increased demand. Whether you’ve tried HHC and looking for the best HHC products, or you’ve heard about it and are curious to learn more, we got you covered. We’ve collected every vital info in this article, so get ready because as soon as you finish reading it, you’ll be ordering this unique, potent extract.

Our List Of Top HHC Brands 

  1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best Brand To Buy HHC Products
  2. Delta Extrax: Potent HHC Brand On The Market
  3. Hollyweed CBD: Popular And Affordable HHC Products 

#1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best Brand To Buy HHC Products

Brands overview

One of the most famous hemp brands, Exhale Wellness, is successfully accomplishing its mission to bring the best natural alternative medicine to the people. They’re considered one of the best brands on the hemp market. Widely known and loved for their range of high-quality hemp goods, they’re continuing to surprise us with new unique products.

Exhale Wellness was among the first brands that placed HHC filled products on the hemp market. They’ve shown us what HHC is and how potent the products filled with it can be.


  • Types of HHC products

Exhale Wellness is proudly presenting its HHC line of products, which we must say, it’s pretty wide and incredibly amazing. We’re sure that you’ll find your favorite form of hemp good, but it’s now enriched with some beneficial HHC extract. The Exhale’s HHC line covers the following products:

  1. HHC gummies
  2. HHC vape cartridges
  3. HHC flower
  4. HHC pre-rolls
  5. HHC oil
  6. HHC cigarettes
  • Natural ingredients in the HHC products

Exhale Wellness has provided exclusive HHC goods, and they’ve made sure that each of their HHC products contains the most natural and harmless ingredients. They’re organic and GMO-free, vegan and cruelty-free, so we can say that they have it all. Every flavor and every color is 100% naturally obtained. There’s nothing artificial in them, as they’re free from pesticides and other chemicals, which makes them safe to use.

  • Tested HHC goods

Exhale Wellness wants to offer only the best and safest HHC goods to consumers. That’s one of the things that make this brand one of the best. They send their products to a third-party lab that runs all kinds of tests on them in order to determine their safety. By the official lab reports that we’ve found, we’ve seen the used cannabinoids, and we made sure that they are potent and harmless. You can look at them too, as they’re available on Exhale’s website.

  • HHC Dosage

No matter what the HHC product is, the general recommendation of Exhale Wellness is to start with a low dose, so you can see how strong effects the HHC will have on you. Over time, once you get used to this cannabinoid, you can start increasing the dose. Soon, you’ll know exactly how much HHC is enough for you.

  • Extraction methods

The HHC cannabinoid is extracted from the superior hemp plants grown on farms in Colorado. Exhale Wellness uses the cleanest methods, such as using a CO2 extraction. This method allows the most beneficial HHC to be extracted. That’s the secret to the high quality and potency of Exhale’s HHC goods.

  • Discounts

Exhale Wellness has many discounts available and even has a Reward Program that, if you become a regular buyer, it’ll provide you with many exciting rewards. If you’re buying for the first time, Exhale Wellness will give you a 20% off on the HHC goods you’ve chosen. Also, you can get the desired product with a 25% discount by simply choosing to subscribe.

  • Shipping and return/refund policies

Exhale Wellness has free shipping available, so you’ll get the HHC products within the next 5 to 7 days. If you need the products faster, you can always choose to be delivered with Standard Ground or even Expedited shipping. If a particular product doesn’t satisfy your needs, this company has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so they’ll give you the full amount of the money back. You can even exchange the product if you change your mind.


  • Variety of HHC products
  • All-natural
  • GMO-free and organic
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Free shipping
  • Full refund


  • No international shipping

Customer Experience

Exhale Wellness is the highest-rated company, so what can we say more? That clearly states the satisfaction of their customers and the quality of their products. The users love the natural way of production and the extraction methods used for these HHC goods. Because they’re potent and harmless at the same time, they say that they wouldn’t change them for anything.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2. Delta Extrax: Potent HHC Brand On The Market

Brands overview

As a highly reliable brand, Delta Extrax has become a very popular brand among people who love to enjoy HHC products. Their former name was Delta Effex, so you might’ve heard about them. This brand is owned by reputable Savage Enterprises, so we weren’t surprised by their quality. They’re prioritizing the purity of their products, which makes them the safest you can find and buy from the hemp market. Also, they’re so loved because they strive to provide the best services to their customers and provide them with the best experience leaving them happy and satisfied.


  • Delta Extrax HHC products

Among Delta Extrax’s variety of hemp products such as Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10, HHC, THC-O, and many others, they also have HHC goods. So, here is the selection of the HHC products they offer:

  • HHC gummies
  • HHC cartridges
  • HHC disposables
  • The purest ingredients

Delta Extrax is successfully using the purest ingredients for making their HHC products. They use raw hemp collected from the Colorado, Oregon, and Kentucky farms. All of their hemp products, including the HHC goods, are plant-based.

This brand uses the smallest number of extra ingredients, and each of its products contains less than 0.3% THC content. They’re sourcing and using premium HHC distillate and infusing the HHC products with the purest terpenes.

  • Laboratory tested

What makes the hemp products from Delta Extrax one of the safest for use is the fact that they’re tested in their raw form but also in the form of a finished product. Delta Extrax sends the extracts to a third-party lab that does the testing for their purity. This confirms their safety. You can open the lab results page on the Delta Extrax website, and you’ll find all the lab results. This transparent way of working allows you to get informed about the HHC goods you’re planning to purchase and make sure that everything in them is of the highest quality possible.

  • Dosage

Whether you choose the HHC gummies, cartridge, or a disposable vape, the rules for the dosage are the same for each HHC product. Start low and go slow. That means to start with the lowest dose possible and don’t rush. Give it some time, maybe around 30 minutes, for the HHC to be absorbed and start acting. If you feel that you’re not getting the expected effects after a couple of days, increase the dose a bit. That’s the best way to figure out what HHC amount is the perfect one for you.

  • Extraction methods

Delta Extrax uses a few ingredients for the making of their HHC goods. Those ingredients are extracted from the best hemp plants with the help of the CO2 extraction method. This is the best extraction method that allows every ingredient, including the HHC, to preserve its benefits, stay in its cleanest form, and be highly potent.

  • Discounts

If you choose to subscribe, you’ll be saving 15% with every purchase. Delta Extrax also has a Delta Extrax Rewards program, which can be very beneficial. All you need to do is open an account on their website and start completing different actions that’ll gain you points. Later on, you can exchange those points, and in return, you’ll get all kinds of rewards. You’ll also earn points by purchasing the Delta Extrax products.

  • Shipping and return/refund policies

Delta Extrax ships the HHC goods via USPS. If your order hasn’t been shipped, you can cancel it, and you’ll be able to get a full refund. Besides this, all the sales are final. Delta Extrax processes their orders in a period of 1-3 days, so you can expect to receive the ordered product in 3-7 days.


  • Plant-based HHC products
  • Clean ingredients
  • Pure and safe to use
  • Gluten-free and chemicals-free
  • FDA registered
  • Affordable


  • You can’t return opened products

Customer Experience

Delta Extrax has over 6000 positive reviews from their customers that you can find on their website. You can easily spot how satisfied they’re from the HHC products, claiming that they’re the best-spent money on hemp goods. Many of them have said that they love the powerful flavors of the HHC products and especially their effects, which are long-lasting.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Delta Extrax

Brands overview

Aiming to produce exclusive, first-rate hemp goods, Hollyweed CBD has become one of the best brands on the hemp market. They decided to use their broad experience and enrich the hemp market with all the things it was lacking in. Honestly speaking, they’ve become pretty good at it. The potency of their products is what made them so widely used and famous, and they have even been mentioned in Vanity Fair, Time, and Complex. You definitely can’t go wrong by purchasing from this brand.


  • Different HHC products

Hollyweed CBD offers the best Delta 8, Delta 9, CBD, and HHC products. Their range of HHC goods covers:

  • HHC flowers
  • HHC pre-rolls
  • HHC vape cartridges
  • HHC oil

These HHC products are available in different potencies so that you can choose the most suitable strength for you.

  • Highly-potent ingredients

Hollyweed CBD puts a lot of effort into selecting the purest ingredients for the making of their HHC goods. Their products are of the highest quality, and that’s thanks to the naturally grown high-grade hemp they’re using. They carefully cultivate every strain and pay attention to every substance to have an organic origin. You can safely use the HHC goods, as you won’t suffer any side effects because the purity of the ingredients in them is on the highest level. There aren’t GMOs and chemicals, and they avoid using pesticides in making their goods.

  • Third-party tested for purity.

Hollyweed CBD is a brand known for its honesty and love for healthy and harmless but effective hemp goods. That’s also why they provided a third-party laboratory to drug test each of their products for their purity. These labs provide the most objective results, and as the honest company that Hollyweed is, they’ve uploaded all of them on their website. So, you don’t ever have to search for the ingredient or the presence of chemicals in the HHC products you want to use. By purchasing from a transparent brand like Hollyweed, every info about the desired HHC good is simply one click away from you.

  • Dosage

The HHC dosage that Hollyweed recommends is the same as the other two brands recommend. If you’re using the HHC goods recreationally, small daily doses will do the trick. Keep in mind that if you’re new at this, your organism will need some time to adjust to the powerful HHC. But, if you use the HHC for some health improvements or relieve some physical pains, you can gradually increase the doses, little by little.

  • Extraction methods

Hollyweed applies high standards when it comes to their production of HHC goods, so for Hollyweed to obtain the cleanest and purest HHC extract, the CO2 is perfect for doing that. Considering that this is the most expensive extraction method, it’s no wonder why the extracted substances in the Hollyweed’s HHC goods are so potent. CO2 allows every benefit of the HHC to be preserved; hence, the high effectiveness of the HHC filled products.

  • Discounts

Even though Hollyweed CBD has very affordable prices on their products, they also have occasional discounts making them even more accessible to everyone. That’s why we must mention that you always check their website so that you won’t miss anything. The best way is to subscribe to your favorite HHC product, so you’ll always have a discount of 25%, allowing you to save some money.

  • Shipping and return/refund policies

Hollyweed CBD will ship your HHC product within the next 24 hours since you’ve ordered it. They ship the products from Monday to Saturday, and they also have a free shipping option. If you need to get your hands on your ordered goods faster, you can choose between their Standard Ground or Expedited shipping. This company also guarantees a full money refund if you change your mind within 45 days of receiving the product, but we doubt that that’ll happen.


  • High potency
  • GMO-free, natural, and organic
  • Non-dairy and gluten-free
  • Natural colors and flavoring
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Money-back guarantee


  • You can purchase the HHC products online

Customer Experience

Hollyweed’s customers are very pleased with the HHC products and the services this brand provides. The potency of their hemp goods is the thing that’s most praised. We’ve read countless reviews in which the customers are stating that the HHC goods have had rapid effects on them and have improved their overall quality of life.\

=> Click here to visit the official website of Hollyweed

How We Choose These Brands

  • Pure and harmless ingredients

Ingredients make the products, so if they’re clean, pure, and potent, the final HHC product will be the same – highly beneficial. That’s why we always check every single thing in the HHC products. All of the brands we’ve chosen use 100% natural and organic ingredients and the purest HHC extract derived using the CO2 extraction method. Every HHC product from the brands we selected is harmless, so you can purchase the one you liked the most.

  • Lab testings

Lab testing of the hemp products is a must! We’ll never try or recommend an HHC product that hasn’t been tested in a reliable, independent laboratory. Third-party labs are the best for these things because they provide the most honest results about the products. There’s no other way to truly know if a certain product is safe to use, harmless, potent, and free from chemicals or heavy metals.

  • Customers’ feedback

We always make sure to check what the users have to say about a certain brand and its products. We value their thoughts as they’re the best indicator of the quality of a brand’s goods and services. The selection of these three brands and their HHC products is based on the spotless, shiny, positive feedback they’ve received and are still receiving. The customers are happy, and many of them are returning buyers, so we know that these HHC products are one of the best.

Buying Guide for Beginners

Factors to Consider When Buying HHC Products

  • Brand’s transparency

Always check the levels of honesty and openness a brand maintains with its customers and the public. The easiest way to check that is by seeing if they make the lab results public. Transparent brands always attach them to their websites so that everyone can see them. Another important thing is noticing if the company openly shares the origin of the hemp it uses, the ingredients, and the manufacturing process. If they’re not, they’re probably hiding something, and that’s a big red flag to avoid them.

  • Available customer support

It’s always good to know who to reach out to when you need something to be explained. So, when it comes to using hemp goods, especially newer products such as HHC goods, it’s perfect if the company has reliable customer support. This way, you’ll always have someone to explain things to you and help you when you encounter any problems.

  • Refunds and returns

The wanted product doesn’t always meet your requirements. That’s why it’s vital that the company offers a money-back guarantee or even allows returns. Most of the reputable companies, such as those we’ve selected, guarantee these things, so no matter what the reasons are, you’ll always be able to get your money back if something goes wrong.

Benefits From Using HHC

Like all other hemp derived cannabinoids, regular use of HHC goods also has its perks and advantages. Besides being excellent for the overall health, it also provides:

  • Relieves pains
  • Regenerates the nervous system
  • Soothes the anxiety
  • Improves your creativity and focus
  • Boosts your mood
  • Relaxes
  • Calming effects
  • Improves the appetite
  • Improves your sleep

FAQs Regarding HHC 

Q1. What is HHC?

Many people ask what HHC is, and simply put, HHC is a newer cannabinoid found in the hemp plant, safely extracted. Its full name is Hexahydrocannabinol and comes from the hemp plant in tiny amounts. Its effects are lighter than those from Delta 8, but it’s more potent than hemp derived CBD. It has incredible effects that’ll calm both your mind and body, and that’s what makes it very popular among users. That’s why more and more brands are starting to sell products with HHC in them.

Q2. Why buy HHC online?

First of all, you’ll get access to the certificates on the analysis made on the product. You’ll be able to learn exactly what ingredients the HHC product has, is it harmless, and how high potency it has. Secondly, the selection of products is more extensive, and most online brands have money-back policies that’ll give you a full refund if you’re not entirely satisfied with the product you’ve purchased. When buying online, many discounts are available, so you’ll have plenty of chances to buy the wanted products for lower prices.

Wrapping Up

Packed in different forms such as gummies, tinctures, flowers, and many more, the choices of HHC consummation are endless. Used in many products and used as traditional medicine, more and more people are leaning on these HHC products to improve their health and provide relaxation. So join them. You’ll only make your life easier and more enjoyable. Enrich your life with new experiences, and get ready for the HHC to become your new favorite advantageous hemp product.

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