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exotic weed

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing and rapidly evolving industries. Cannabis has become popular among people since its global legalization and decriminalization. Furthermore, it has become a commonly used alternative to traditional medicines.

Apart from the various cannabinoids, their products, and methods of consumption, people are now curious about the exotic strains of cannabis. Undeniably, the word exotic promises exclusivity and ignites the curiosity of many users.

Irrespective of whether you are a beginner or a seasoned cannabis enthusiast, you must have come across the term exotic weed. Exotic cannabis is a slang term used for the most potent strains in music, rap, and pop culture. 

While you can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience if you get your hands on one of the most exotic strains, it is difficult to differentiate it from normal weed. There are various places to buy weed online legally. In this article, we have compiled all you need to know about some of the exotic strains in LA. 

Defining Exotic Weed Strain

Exotic weed refers to the high potency strains of cannabis. In comparison with a normal cannabis strain, exotic weeds are of a higher grade. Fundamentally, these strains differ from normal cannabis because of their unique trichomes. Exotic strains have heavier and longer trichomes, giving them a glossy appearance. 

Despite their high demand, there is no consensus on which strains qualify as exotic. Mostly, people regard uncommon strains in a specific region as “exotic.” Therefore, certain strains that are considered ‘exotic’ on the East Coast might be common strains on the West Coast.

On the downside, many sellers used the knowledge of exotic cannabis to their advantage to portray their weed as high-end. More specifically, sellers use this market strategy to grab the attention of weed enthusiasts who are willing to pay a hefty sum for a unique experience.

In reality, those who have consumed exotic cannabis strains understand how exotic weed has a different appearance, aroma, and strength. Additionally, exotic cannabis is a premium strain of weed considered rare and has high potency. These strains have an unusual taste, appearance, fruity aromas, and origins. Identifying an exotic strain of weed can be challenging for many users. However, experienced weed consumers might successfully identify them. 

What is Exotic Genetics?

While scientists were busy proving the medical benefits in contrast with the health risks of using cannabis, the discovery of these high potency strains has given a new direction to cannabis research.

Among the 1000 recorded strains of cannabis, these strains are an anomaly. Correspondingly, the term exotic genetics is used to justify these cannabis strains’ uniqueness scientifically.

Scientists have taken the challenge to determine the reason for the more frequent emergence of these potent cannabis strains. Mostly, you can trace the entire lineage of an exotic strain making it easier to predict the effect it will have on your body.

Many notable breeders often cross-breed these potent plants with usual cannabis to create new strains that are more potent and unique. Nevertheless, no specific genetic factor makes a cannabis strain exotic. However, various genes play a part, some of which are:


Potency refers to the THC levels in your cannabis. Among hundreds of cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, delta-9 THC is one of the most prevalent cannabinoids. Moreover, it is a psychedelic phytocannabinoid that interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to produce neuropsychological effects.

Delta-9 THC has intoxicating effects and is the compound primarily responsible for creating a high. Correspondingly, the THC levels have significantly increased in the last 50 years by incorporating new breeding techniques. Consequently, the exotic strains of weed have higher potency.

Notable Effects

Higher potency produces more notable effects. Marijuana flowers with high THC levels illicit more intense effects on the users. However, each individual has a unique experience depending on their body’s response to an exotic strain.

While some strains make the users more excitable and have an energizing effect, others can impair concentration and leave them completely stoned. Moreover, some strains illicit an uplifting effect, leaving the user in ecstasy.

Medical users prefer these cannabis strains with a high THC level to fight chronic pain, increase their appetite, and alleviate stress.


Visually, exotic cannabis strains look appealing. In addition to their glossy appearance due to their sticky trichomes, these cannabis strains are available in distinct colors. These strains feature a variety of hues, including indigo blue and bright green.  

Aroma and Flavor

Another distinguishing feature of exotic cannabis is its fragrance. The strong woodsy aroma of the Malawi Gold is one of the strain’s unique characteristics. Similarly, other exotic weed strains are named after their sweet, fruity aromas. Buds with a high terpene profile taste citrusy with undertones of pine. 


Initially, people considered rarely available strains as exotic. Nevertheless, the legalization of cannabis and the expansion of the cannabis industry has turned the tables. Due to the growing cannabis market, many strains are available in dispensaries. Thereby, they are quickly losing their exotic label.  

6 Exotic Weed Strains in Los Angeles

The number of exotic cannabis strains is dynamic depending on how readily available it is. Once the exotic weed strain shows up in dispensaries, you can no longer classify it as exotic. Nonetheless, here are some of the exotic strains available in Los Angeles.

  • Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is one of the premium strains in the cannabis industry. However, whether it is a pure strain is controversial. There are rumors that it is a hybrid, but others believe it is an authentic, pure indica strain.  

In 1996, the weed strain was introduced to the world, gaining popularity in the cannabis industry. Furthermore, this exotic strain has taken cannabis enthusiasts in Los Angeles by storm for its high potency that induces an effective high. 

During the early 1990s, Bubba Kush was the dominant strain in North American dispensaries. Regardless, over time it has become popular in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where customers can find it in several coffee shops. 

The plant has a high THC content of 15% to 22%. The color of this weed strain is dark green with shades of purple, which are present due to anthocyanin pigments activated by the cold temperatures where they are grown. Moreover, it is a resinous strain with a white trichomes coating that covers its leaves and is visible in the flowering stage.

Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor

The Bubba Kush strain has an uplifting aroma, resembling the fragrance of coffee and, at times, that of nuts. Additionally, users who smoke the strain identify shades of pines and earthiness, making it a high-quality experience. Furthermore, customers noted the spicy and sweet smell after smoking.

Like its taste, the bud has a nutty, coffee-like flavor. Also, it has inherited the spiciness of its predecessor, OG Kush, which makes its flavor a unique combination of pine and spice. Customers can sometimes enjoy the chocolatey and sweet flavors, leaving behind an aftertaste of a tootsie roll.

Visually, Bubba Kush does not have an appearance like typical buds. Instead, it has unique frosty green buds with purple undertones and orange-colored hairs projecting externally. Its water leaves appear green or deep purple color.

Uses and Effects

Bubba Kush is a muscle-relaxing agent. Only a few puffs can help relieve muscle tension. Additionally, the user experiences a pleasant, euphoric feeling. Its high potency is responsible for its relaxing effects that can induce sleep if you consume it in a larger dose.

Smokers experience a pleasant high that makes them forget the struggles and problems of their everyday life and eventually fall asleep after its consumption. Hence, this strain has a reputation for inducing a deep sleep among its users.

The most common side effect associated with this cannabis flower consumption is dryness of the mouth which is generally accompanied by dryness of the eyes and a feeling of dehydration. The highly potent effect of Indica might make you feel as if you cannot move, capturing you in a state of couchlock.

  • Snowcap

The origins of the Snowcap strains are mysterious and unknown. However, according to many speculations, it was probably created in California, most likely around the Humboldt area. Moreover, some people say it was introduced after Snow white with Haze. 

Currently, Snowcap is one of the popular brands in the cannabis industry and is widely known among weed enthusiasts over the world. The Snowcap strain has a few distinctive characteristics, which make it stand out among the other strains.

Despite Snowcap’s mysterious and questionable genetic origins, enthusiasts prefer to consume it on a large scale throughout the US. The effects of Snowcap are intense due to its strong effects and its distinct flavor and fragrance, making it a customer favorite.

Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor

When smoking, the clients taste its pine flavor with a mixture of citrus, which automatically transforms into a fruity blend. Upon exhalation, the menthol-like mint flavor of the strain refreshes the consumer, and its smoke gives a smooth kick to the lungs by producing a feeling of menthol chill inside.

The customer can smell the fresh citrus fragrance that may resemble a bowl of citrus fruits. Customers report that their mouths begin to water at this stage when the exceptionally delicious flavors of the Snowcap are yet to kick in. It has a strong smell that may persist even after the buds are removed from the vicinity.

At times its appearance resembles that of small pinecones, and its buds are often available in the shape of a minute Christmas tree, while they may not appear as green as one would assume. Instead, they are yellow with shades of green and orange pistils that you can see curling among the sugar leaves. 

Uses and Effects

Immediately after its consumption, the effects of Snowcap set in. Primarily, it affects the brain by producing a cerebral high. Cerebral high is the joy that leads to smiling, laughing, and giggling. In addition, it uplifts the mood, especially after a stressful day.

Gradually, the cerebral high begins to take over the rest of the body, kickstarting the feeling of an intense high. After that, the consumers start to feel warm sensations throughout their bodies.

Additionally, Snowcap has proven itself as an effective mood booster. It encourages people to improve their work ethic and motivates them to do better; this may be why people consume it early morning, which then assists them in spending their day productively. Snowcap is a preference for people who prioritize productivity in their life as it allows them to open their minds to different ideas and express their passion more openly.

  • Ice Cream Cake

The indica-dominant Ice Cream Cake strain of weed is proof of the successful results of the cross-breeding techniques. It bears the distinctive features of its parent strains. Rare and potent, the Ice Cream Cake strain delivers a sweet, creamy, delightful taste and a beautiful high to match. 

Showcasing the best characteristics of its parent cultivars, Wedding Cake and Gelato #33. It starts with a rapid onset and consumes experience an uplifting feeling along with a euphoric, cerebral rush.

Once this weed strain successfully guides the mind to a carefree state, it delivers a slow, gradual body high that relaxes the muscles and relieves their tension. Many consumers note that they feel as if they can not move, which means the exotic strain leaves them in a sedated state. People struggling with anxiety, pain, depression, and insomnia prefer this strain.

Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor

The Ice Cream Cake strain of weed does not only smell like sweet vanilla, but the users can sometimes feel hints of orange, lavender, and cinnamon. It may also have a light woody aroma due to the presence of pinene terpene.

This cannabis strain is famous for its exceptional flavors that the consumers’ tastebuds rejoice in. It carries a unique, sugary, sweet taste, similar to cookie dough, and has shades of vanilla ice cream flavor.

The appearance of the Ice Cream Cake strain is stunning due to its exotic genetics. Customers report that the exotic cannabis has green and purple hues and orange hairs. This weed strain is also frosted, similar to how you store ice creams in a freezer.

Uses and Effects

The Ice Cream Cake has a mild sedative effect. Therefore, it is fitting to consume it during the nighttime. Initially, the customer’s head feels normal. Eventually, it becomes effective, and the consumer’s body relaxes as their muscles lose tension. 

Ice Cream Cake is the best exotic strain for a late-night conversation with friends or watching something on TV before sleeping. Also, it suits medical patients suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, and depression.

  • Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake, or Triangular Mints #23, which is the parent strain of Ice Cream Cakes, is a hybrid Indica-dominant strain. With 25% THC, this strain is one of the most potent available on the market and packs a punch. Therefore, users with low THC tolerance should stay clear of this strain.

This cannabis strain is a cross between Animal Mints and Triangular Kush and has a high THC concentration. It is the perfect choice for people looking for a quality experience without an overbearing sweet flavor profile. The visually pleasing look of the flower differs from the bitter, sour flavor.

Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor

The Wedding Cake is one of the most visually appealing strains featuring various shades of green. In addition, some breeds are of light pink or purple colors. The buds have a white coating of crystalline trichomes and a layer of orange pistils.

The strain gets its name from the vanilla cake frosting scent. However, most users cannot initially detect the sweet scent of vanilla. Instead, they can sense an earthy smell with sweet undertones and a strong hint of citrus. 

This strain has a vast terpene profile as it features myrcene which produces the herbal note. Alongside, caryophyllene and limonene are also present and produce peppery and citrus notes, respectively.

Contrary to the perception users create by hearing the strain’s name, the Wedding Cake does not taste as sweet as you would expect. The smokers that consume Wedding Cake compare its taste to sourdough. The exotic cannabis strain has a sour taste with earthy, peppery undertones and a hint of sweetness.

Uses and Effects

The Wedding Cake strain gives consumers a euphoric feeling and helps them relax. It is the best strain to help you unwind after a tough week. In addition, the effects of the Wedding Cake on the consumers’ mind and body allows them to experience various effects within a session.

Initially, it allows the brain to focus and think acutely. Moving on, the user feels a pleasant heaviness and warmth engulfing their body. This strain enhances creativity and high-spirit in many consumers. Medical users use this strain of marijuana to help relieve symptoms associated with depression, pain, insomnia, and appetite loss.

  • Apple Fritter

Apple Fritter is a cannabis strain people hold in high regard despite its hazy background. It is a true hybrid with an even fifty-fifty balance between Indica and Sativa.

It is a dream come true for recreational marijuana users, given its low CBD and 25% THC content that promises a high of its own league. As per speculations, it is a cross between the Sour Apple and Animal Cookies fam. 

Apple Fritter produces an elating effect on the user’s mind. However, its consumption may lead to side effects like dry mouth, headache, and thirst. Despite its delicious flavor profile, Apple Fritter is not suitable for beginners because of its high THC concentration ranging between 22% and 32%. Due to its greater strength, even experienced users are mindful while consuming this cannabis strain.

Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor

The Apple Fritter is visually medium-sized and discreet as it has a dark, frosty appearance. The buds come in a spade-like shape, and they are olive green in color with vibrant purple undertones. In addition, fiery orange hairs and a white coating of trichomes surround the flower.

The plant has a captivating aroma, like its namesake pastry. While the dominant fragrance of Apple Fritter is of sour apples, there are herbal hints in its scent alongside undertones of juniper, cheese, and honey pie.

Likewise, its palate also matches the sweet taste of the baked pastry. While the taste profile is predominantly sour apple, there are hints of butter and cheese. Upon exhalation, you can savor a hint of vanilla. The sweet and sour work in harmony and enhance the flavor.

The terpene profiles of Apple Fritter include the mixture of phellandrene, which is responsible for the bud’s sweetness, with the citrusy undertones of apple and strawberry. Caryophyllene also has an understated effect as it works with limonene, giving the bud the hint of vanilla. Together, these terpenes have a complex flavor profile.

Uses and Effects

Although its appearance might deceive you, the THC kicks in within no time. Even after the first few puffs, customers feel euphoria wash over them and a wave of creativity ignite.

Apple Fritters are the best buds to help you eliminate negative thoughts from your mind. Once the high sets in, it relaxes the user’s mind. Initially, you will feel tingles which eventually progress and spread throughout the body.

These are the best marijuana flowers for nighttime consumption. Even though Apple Fritter does not induce a significant amount of soothing effect, customers usually prefer lying down and relishing the bliss. Therefore, it helps them lull into a deep, relaxing sleep. Apart from its euphoric experience, this cannabis has health benefits as well. It helps patients with pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

  • Gushers

Gushers, also known as Fruit Gushers or white Gushers, is an Indica-dominant hybrid. Breeders in Cookies Fam Genetics, California, bred a cross between the Triangle Kush and Gelato #41.

Unsurprisingly, the result was a sweet, fruity bud that can remind adults of their childhood candy and make them want to taste it again. To add to the hearty and delicious fragrance, the Gushers has a palate that goes well with its wholesome aroma.

This cannabis has a distinctive appearance, featuring bright colors that stand out. Nevertheless, you should not let the candy-like taste and smell undermine its psychedelic capabilities.

Gushers have a high range of THC content between 15-25%. Hence, it is best for newbies to be careful while trying this bud. Users report both feelings of euphoria and a high that relaxes the mind and the body. Hence, it is the perfect choice to ease off with at the end of the day.

Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor

The growing conditions have an impact on the appearance of this plant. The Gushers are teardrop or oval-shaped with an impressive dark green color. These buds are dense and are surrounded by pale hairs and trichomes. Sometimes, the bud has speckles of bright green undertones throughout the bud. However, most customers look forward to the aroma and taste of Gushers. 

Aromatically, the flower smells somewhat of herbal earthiness. However, the fragrance of tropical fruits and sour grapes remains dominant. Likewise, the taste palate is high-end and refines to that of sweet and sour tropical fruits. While grapes and berries dominate the taste profile, there are subtle hints of creamy richness throughout.

White Gushers have a rich terpene profile, including limonene, caryophyllene, and humulene. On the one hand, limonene enhances the fruity essence of the plant and boosts mood. In comparison, caryophyllene adds spiciness and humulene to the earthy essence.

Uses and Effects

Users prefer Gushers for pleasure, wellness, or recreational purposes. While Indica-dominant cannabis is not a good option for daytime consumption, Gushers is an exception. If you are looking for relief and don’t have work involving the cerebral part of your brain, you can rely on this exotic strain.

Also, people consume these buds to manage some health symptoms like chronic pain, nausea, and insomnia. The terpenes in Gushers give the buds an anti-inflammatory property as well.

Conclusion: What Makes Weed Exotic?

Exotic weeds are highly potent strains with a higher level of THC concentration. A few exotic genetics play a role in differentiating them from common cannabis in DNA genetics. They have more notable effects, a distinguishing appearance, scent, and taste.

While their appeal is undeniable, newbies should be wary of the dosage they consume, given its power-packed effects. Moreover, even seasoned users should be cautious while trying some of the stronger flower strains like sour diesel.

Over time, breeders have developed new cannabis strains by cross-fertilizing pre-existing unique species. As a consequence, they have been successful in creating unique and more powerful buds.

Online websites like Jungle Boys feature various species from which customers can easily order. However, marijuana loses its exotic status when it becomes readily available.

Other than satiating their curiosity, people also use this marijuana for medical purposes. Nevertheless, you should consult your physician before switching to alternative medicine to eliminate the chances of harmful medical interactions.

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