What’s A “Zip” Of Weed? 


Simply put, a zip is a unit to measure weed, marijuana, or other things cannabis. Don’t feel bad if you are new and unfamiliar with slang terms. The cannabis world is full of slang terms of this kind, and so is pop culture. 

Even if you haven’t heard it from one of your fellow cannabis users or the dispensary, you can’t have missed it in the song of Wiz Khalifa. 

The word Zip really gets people going as they don’t understand what weed-buddies mean when they ask how much the zip of weed costs. A short trip to the pharmacy or dispensary can arouse these questions in your mind. Even weed enthusiasts don’t know about this slang term since it’s not as common.

Below is everything you need to know about the zip of weed and what it has to do with your little smoke trip.

What Does Zip Of Weed Mean? How Many Grams Does it Contain?

In the cannabis dictionary, zip means an ounce. This can be an ounce of cannabis or weed. An ounce equals 28 grams of weed – the maximum marijuana you can purchase in a day without a medical card.

Although it seems insignificant, the word ” ounce ” means a hefty amount in the world of stoners. A slight confusion that arises here is the usage of units. Grams is a base unit of the SI units, whereas ounce lies in the customary units,

This change of units causes difficulty in understanding the quantity while buying weed flowers. Similarly, the other terms canna-consumers use for a zip include O zone, Full zip, Z, and ounce.

Here is a quick insight into the breakdown of an ounce for the nerds:

1 ounce = 28 grams > One zip

Half ounce = 14 grams > Half

One fourth = Seven grams > One Quarter

One eighth = Three grams > Eighth

One fourteenth = Two grams > Dub sack

One twenty-eighth = 1 gram > a dime bag/ one gram

Where Did The Term Zip Come From?

Although its origins are not confirmed, it is said it originated from the Ziploc bag. Back then, people could only get so much from a dispensary. Before, weed was not legal in many states. Therefore, people used code words and weird slang to communicate with each other.

That’s because, with most states banning weed, weed and marijuana were taboo subjects, and people stayed away. Since there was no legalization, there was no official packaging.

So, retailers would pack them in a large zip or a full ounce in a large Ziploc bag. That’s when people started calling it zip for communication and ease. Similarly, other terms, such as dab, eighth, dime, etc., came onto the scene.

However, zip remains the gold standard even today. After cannabis regulation, it became the official legal limit of weed allowed to be kept in possession.

Another explanation could be the literal meaning of zipping. In the Urban Dictionary, the term means an ounce of weed. People most likely took the word literally for its meaning, so zip became common slang.

How Much Weed Is One Ounce/ Zip?

So, how much weed is too much weed? Somewhere around an ounce. 

Weed usually comes as cannabis strains packed in a Ziplock bag. Now, pre-rolls contain a half gram in them while some even fill it up to 1 gram. This depends upon the quantity you have.

So imagine, if one roll has 1 gram of weed, you will need 28 such rolls to make an entire ounce. Meaning an ounce is a huge business in the world of cannabis.

This is why most people prefer buying weed in small quantities, as it comes in a limited amount, and you save money. And if you are not a regular cannabis smoker, you can change the flavor later. However, you cannot do that with a zip.

That’s because an ounce is the maximum quantity you can buy weed in. Furthermore, you buy it in bulk, and most retailers give a bulk discount on larger quantities of zips.

How Long Does A Single Packet Of Zip Last?

As explained earlier, a single packet contains 29 grams of weed. So if you are a daily smoker, you can use the Zip up to 28 joints or 56 if you smoke once in a while or smoke half of a single gram. This number can go anywhere, depending upon your consumption.

You may finish it earlier if you like to roll more joints. Similarly, if you add in less – like half a gram, you will use the zip for longer.

How Much Does A Zip Of Weed Cost?

The price of a zipper differs from place to place. It’s usually based on the weed’s shape, quality, potency, and quantity. Usually, drugs and cannabis products are sold around an average rate of $140-$320.

However, the price can vary depending on where you bought it from, whether it is ground, a shortage of the product in the market, etc. The potency also determines a big factor in the price. The higher the potency, the higher the price; the lower the potency, the lower the price.

You might feel the price is way too much but remember you are purchasing cannabis in bulk here. It saves you money and time in the long run. Also, if the state you live in just recently legalized marijuana, you can expect the prices to be higher.

This is because there is no competition between vendors, and they can set high prices. The prices will decrease as the general public acknowledges the legalization of weed.

You can store the stash for as long as you want, but there’s a chance of the weed becoming soggy or dry while in storage. It might also lose its flavor and potency if kept longer than 3 months.

However, if anyone tries selling you zip for less than $130 at any point, you might want to check its quality. The weed may be laced, illegal, or the weed measurements have been tampered with, etc. Checking can save your life.

So, Is A Zip A Better Deal?

You might wonder if a zip makes a better deal than an eighth or quarter. Well, it all depends upon the cost per dose factor. Generally, buying weed in larger quantities helps you with more savings, similar to buying other things like food in bulk.

So, if you want to know whether a zip will choke up your savings or an eighth will do, consider these factors:

  • Light Smoker

Say you are a light smoker and smoke only one half-gram bowl daily. Consider buying an entire ounce or zip of weed; the cost will be around $200. And you would smoke 56 daily doses, which makes 28 grams enough for almost a two-month supply. 

Each half-gram dose will cost about $3.57, approximately $25 per week. For a one-month supply, it will be $107.14. 

Let’s tweak the situation a little and assume one weed zip is for $250 instead of $200. You would enjoy those 56 daily bowls for $4.45 per dose, which increases by roughly a dollar per day. Although some can afford a one dollar increase in their per-day supply to beef up their experience, saving money is better.

  • Moderate Smoker

What if we assume a smoker smokes more than half-gram per day? Usually, moderate smokers can easily smoke this much by making two 1-gram joints daily. In this situation, a zip would last at least two weeks. 

If you are getting a zip at $200, each one-gram joint will cost $7.14; on smoking two joints, the cost will be $14.28. It will roughly cost you $100 for one week’s supply. Additionally, if a zip is at $250, each one-gram joint will cost nearly $8.92.

  • Cost comparison With An Eighth

The prices of legal recreational marijuana range from $30 to $45 per eighth of an ounce. An eighth is generally rounded up to 3.5 grams at the dispensary level. So, if you buy an eighth for $40, a 1-gram joint will cost you $11.43. 

Compared to a $200 zip, the difference is $4.29 per joint. You will have to pay $60.04 weekly to smoke two joints daily. Thus, it will cost you over three grand every year. 

When purchasing an eighth, $5.71 per half-gram bowl will be the approximate cost for a light smoker. If each zip of weed comes at $250, you will save $456.25. Hence, a zip is a better bet as it is more economical than weed in smaller quantities. The best part is you save hundreds of dollars annually!

Other Weed Quantities

What if, at some point, you decide you don’t want a full ounce of weed anymore? Or you cannot afford it? Are there any alternatives? Of course, there are. You can consume weed on the go without going broke. 

Can I Use Dub Or Dime?

As explained earlier, dime bags and dub sacks are quantities of weed – only they are smaller. A big advantage a dime has over a zip is the price difference. You find dub and dime in a price range between $15-$25.

However, your location and supply greatly influence the amount and quality you will receive in this amount. This means the product you receive is relative to the money you can throw at it rather than its quality.

A dime bag is roughly equal to half a gram or 0.5 grams. This is the decent amount of weed used on average in a joint or roll. It makes smoking more cost-efficient. The small quantity doesn’t get too overwhelming and is enough to get you through the day.

As for a dub, you get one gram of weed packed into a small ziplock bag. This usually ranges at $25 in most legal states and can suffice you for over two joints if used carefully and economically.

If you plan on buying either of these, make sure to get your calculation right. Even some dispensaries take advantage of novice people in the cannabis industry. They may overcharge you – $50 for something that only costs $10. Hence, be vigilant.

Can I Use Half, Quarter, Or The Eighth Portion Too?

Yes, you can. But you need to be sure how many ounces or grams the product contains. A half ounce of marijuana is around 14 grams which can suffice you up to 20 joints or one month more or less.

Similarly, if you’re buying a quarter, you can get your hands on 10 joints throughout the week and additional days. Alternatively, an eighth of marijuana is inexpensive and only works for five joints. Therefore, it’s not an ideal option if you prefer long-term usage.

Do Dispensaries Offer Three-Quarters Marijuana?

As absurd as this sounds, no, they don’t. It makes sense for three-quarters to take up after half an ounce, but for reasons unknown, no dispensary has ever had this amount. You can buy quarters of all other quantities, and the price increases slightly with each amount you double.

Even the most experienced and enthusiastic stoners have no idea why three-quarters don’t exist in the span of marijuana. Three-quarters don’t usually exist, and arguing over such a matter is a waste of time and may cause problems between you and the vendor.

Can I Become An Expert At Recognizing An Ounce Of Weed?

Of course, you can. Practice makes perfect, and using your equipment with clear numbers is better for knowing the accurate measurement each time.

To become a zip weed expert, you might need a spoon, a food scale, several bowls for keeping aside the marijuana (transparent preferable), and a cannabis alternative.

A Gram Or Half A Gram

  • Make sure your food scale is set to grams. If not, then by default, it must be ounces. Although it is not as feasible to use, no worries, we’ll get to that too. Press a button on the food scale to reset it to the defaults.
  • Put a small amount of cannabis flower or marijuana on top of the scale until it reaches half a gram or 0.017 ounces. Take the marijuana off the scale and place it in one of the bowls leaving the food scale clean.
  • Now, press the button again to reset the scale. Add marijuana or cannabis until you reach one gram or 0.035 ounces. Add this substance to the second bowl. Now compare both bowls with the amount of marijuana in them.
  • A gram and half a gram are by far the most used and common units when making some measurements. Try to get your eye to adapt to the sight and picture in mind what these two quantities look like. We need to memorize their size and the space they consume.

Half Ounce, 2 Ounces And Others

  • Now, change the food scale to ounces and reset the scale. Add an eighth of the marijuana until you reach 0.125 ounces or 3.50 grams on the scale. Place it into the third bowl and reset your food scale.
  • Add more marijuana powder to increase the reading to a quarter or 0.25 ounces or 7 grams on the scale. Place it in the fourth bowl and again reset the scale to zero. Now, scoop in half an ounce or 14 grams of cannabis on the food scale.
  • Add it to your fifth bowl and rest the scale back to zero. Add in the zip one ounce or 28 grams of cannabis on the food scale and add it to your sixth bowl once the scale reaches the said value. Add twice the amount, i.e., 2 ounces or 56 grams of cannabis, on the food scale.
  • Add it to your last bowl and dust off your hands. Now stand aside and notice the differences and sizes of each. Continue this practice till you get adept at it.
  • You might think, why is this even important? Knowing the size of the product you’re purchasing without the help of any instrument makes life easier. And also saves you from scammers and fraudsters.
  • Once you think you’ve understood the sizes, try checking yourself. Put any random bowl on the scale and read the amount displayed on the scale. Take off the bowl and set the scale to zero.
  • Add a random amount of cannabis to the bowl and place it on the food scale. Take out the bowl’s weight on the food scale and tally the weight displayed with the one you observed.
  • That’s the amount in the bowl. If you did it right – you’ve learned the trick here.

Why Use These Terms?

Weed terms are more discreet when you are purchasing weed in public or in a headshop that is often overcrowded. These terms convey precise notes to the budtender without giving too much information on what you want and how much you want. 

Besides, using these terms is more in your favor if you are someone who does not want to open up about their weed consumption. Since not everybody knows these terms, they would not be able to guess what you are referring to.

Moreover, many manufacturers and brands sell weed products labeled with different terms. Because it is easy to determine the right order quantity, you must learn about these terms to make your first purchase. 

Imagine it’s your first time buying weed, and you unknowingly buy a zip of a potent strain that your body can’t handle yet. The money spent on an ounce of weed makes the situation ugly for a newbie.

Therefore, before you start scrolling the selections of different weed brands, you must know what a zip is, what eighth means, and so on. You can only buy the right amount of marijuana with a suitable potency. 

Furthermore, understanding these weed terms helps you to converse with other weed enthusiasts, as people prefer to use zip and eights over ounces or grams.  

Prefer Quality Over Quantity

When buying or growing weed, follow this general rule: go for quality, not quantity. Although quantity is crucial to calculate as it impacts the price factor, quality takes precedence over quantity. 

Moreover, you can compare quality with many more weed adjectives, including price, color, potency, aroma, and flavor. In all these comparisons, quality should always outweigh these factors. 

In short, overlooking the quality and prioritizing just weed quantity is not worth it. Regs and mids are sure a great way to save some bucks, but all at the expense of poor-quality products. Whether it is an extract, edible, or a joint, no matter how much you consume, the effects won’t be great if you overlook quality. 

Therefore, if you want an unforgettable cannabis experience, buy a high-quality zip of weed from top-notch brands only. The market is flooded with brands that manufacture premium-grade weed using world-class growing techniques. 

Moreover, you can even pick a brand that cultivates weed in your favorite strain and in a strictly regulated state to ensure safety. Hence, by choosing a reputable weed brand, you will be bound to experience infinitely better taste and aroma in every gram of weed.  

Legal Weed Possession

While some states have taken a bold step to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, others have strict laws even for its medical use. In states that have banned the open use of marijuana, some laws govern the possession, farming, and location of smoking it. 

Marijuana use for an intended purpose has age limitations, similar to alcohol. However, note that all these regulations range from one state to another without any federal administration. 

As far as federal laws are concerned, marijuana is still illegal. In recent years, some states have loosened their laws to set uniform regulations for recreational users. 

Fortunately, the gold standard that most states have come up with is an ounce or less of marijuana. Still, the amount of weed you can fairly possess without facing any penalty varies from state to state. 

While some states have allowed up to 3 ounces of weed, others restrict it to half an ounce only. For example, in Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts, Colorado, Nevada, and Washington, citizens over 21 years can possess up to one ounce of weed. 

On the flip side, Maine state laws allow a person above 21 to possess 2.5 ounces of weed at most. Presently, Maine is the only US state that has legalized 2 zips of weed possession without harsh punishment. 

Conclusion: How Much Is A Zip Of Weed?

In conclusion, a zip of weed is another term used for an ounce of weed. Besides zip, many other weed terms are in use. It is because of the quick and precise information about the weed quantity they deliver to the listeners.

Generally, these weed terms, including a zip, are important as states legalized marijuana based on possessable weed quantities. If you are curious about how long an ounce or zip will last, know that you could enjoy from a month to three months’ supply. This approximation may vary depending on how much weed you smoke daily. 

Also, a zip would cost around $100 to $350, and its possession is only legal in the states that have regulations for recreational marijuana. Also know more about what is CBN and best CBN strains.


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